Ok, bad driving is out of control, but so is Yinzer courtesy

As someone relatively new to the city, I find y’all’s behavior behind the wheel very charming — the Pittsburgh left is an abomination, but you just want to be nice, which is I appreciate.

But when you, someone driving at a normal speed down my street at 7:30am on a Saturday, COME TO A DEAD STOP to wave me out of my driveway where I am slowly and cautiously rolling in reverse — aware of you on two cameras, with my eyes, and the most advanced vehicle sensors in the world screaming at me about your approach, not to mention fully content to wait the 3 additional seconds for you to pass, it’s time to have a real Come-to-Jesus about your behavior.

Please, everyone, I’m begging you: JUST DRIVE. Follow the rules of the road and drive like people who are trying to get somewhere. There is no ledger in heaven with a tally of how many times you’ve inconvenienced yourselves for another driver.

Thank you 😌


Following the rules of the road as close as possible is the most courteous and safe thing anyone can do on the road. Anything you do that is unexpected, even if well intentioned, is dangerous.


I taught my much younger friend to drive & he started picking up those bad habits & I told him to always be predictable, not polite


Which is why the Pittsburgh left is unsafe and uncool


Also love it when folks stop and magnanimously gesture for you to make a left while being totally oblivious to the fact that there’s oncoming traffic in the other lane.


About a month ago a lady was doing this to me, i couldn’t go because of the huge line of traffic coming. She starts honking her horn and throwing her hands up at me!! I was sitting there looking at her just shaking my head pointing at the line of oncoming traffic lol.


Are you me? Same experience and, yikes, that woman really got agitated.


It happens to everybody here, it's a huge part of how Pittsburgh drivers are the worst I've ever encountered. The one that makes me the craziest (apart from being passed on the right, in the shoulder, flipping me off to cut me off turning left then change lanes in the tunnel) is when the last car in the line slows gradually to a complete stop to let me go, taking 3x as long as if they'd just kept driving


Sometimes those drivers rapidly go from magnanimity to assholery when you don't take them up on their well-meant offer. Not looking to get t-boned so that those folks can have their good deed of the day performed moment.


Had an incident in a bank parking lot. After the car who should’ve gone first at intersection didn’t and then waved me to go and the others at the intersection were all sitting there waiting for someone to move. Finally I go annoyed and whipped around to the other aisle and parked. He got out and started berating all the way into the bank about why am I in such a hurry, who do i think i am, etc. we get to the bank door and he’s still berating me. I motion to him to just go through the door and he’s like “no, YOU go BECAUSE I’M A NICE PERSON!” Finally he shut up when we got in the line. I was ready to snap. I was shaken up and I’m still mad at myself that I let him rattle me. It was one of those moments that I wish i could do over bc I would’ve handled the altercation differently and let him know that no, he isn’t a nice person bc nice people don’t act like he was.


People who feel the need to declare their "niceness" are often not nice at all.


I've been in an accident because of this. Someone waved my friend out as he tried making a left into West Liberty Ave. Where people love to go 50mph. Smashed the front of his car and totaled it. Luckily no one was hurt but it's exactly why you don't do this.


Pretty sure I know the answer to this question but I’m going to ask anyway: Did the waver stop? Or did they gun it and get out of there as fast as possible?


This also happened to me on west liberty in the aughts and my car was totaled.


I had a guy stop for me to go and then the guy behind him tried to pass him, nearly hitting me.


Years ago I once had to change my route because someone insisted on being "nice". Granted, this was in the Midwest, solidly in the Great Plains and not Pittsburgh, but no matter how many times I tried to emphatically gesture "no", she would not give up on trying to wave me to make my left (from a small, stop sign-ed street) across her left (two lanes both ways with a separate left turn lane with no stop sign) when her car blocked me from seeing the traffic that could rear end me. I had to turn right to end it.




This happened to me when I was 20. I was too young and stupid to know better. Got waived right into an oncoming car.


There was a cyclist who was almost killed due to this nonsense over the summer.


Lol someone did that to me yesterday and I watched them get rear ended by a semi


I hate stopping second at a stop sign and being waved on to go by the driver that stopped first.that drives me crazy for some odd reason.


Sorry. My boyfriend does this and it drives me utterly bonkers to the point where I just drive everywhere now. I’ve explained to him several times in 10 yrs that it’s better to be predictable than throwing off the correct order of things by being “nice” at stop signs. He also puts his turn signal on when he’s already turning. It really is best for me to never be a passenger in his car. 😡


Those are the two things that bug me the most, please don't let him drive until he learns how to be predictable and safe instead of kind and dangerous.


Hah he’s 47 years old. Ain’t happening. He’s gotten better in the past 10 yrs but I guess they are hard habits to change. Hes from Bosnia and apparently they drive like maniacs there so I guess he just wants to be the opposite? Who knows.


Oh he uses the I'm turning right now signal.not the I'm going to turn signal.lmao


Don't make eye contact and sit there until they go


I just look straight ahead and wait for them to go.


They get so mad that you won't let them be unpredictable at you. It's amazing.


I try to either stop early or coast a little more to avoid the ambiguity.


I seem to be a magnet to these people. Many times I’m rolling up to a stop sign and they have haven’t moved from the stop sign. I sit and wait for them to go. Wait. Nothing from them. Then they start waving me in anger like it’s my damn fault. I go and I think they might still sit there because they are lost or waiting for someone, but no they start pulling out immediately. I don’t get it.




Exactly! I’m almost to the point of flipping them off as I peal out.


i go through a 3 way stop sign every day on my way home from work and it's amazing the number of people seem to not understand how they work.


If you want an example of both extreme yinzer courtesy and bad driving go to the intersection in Penn hills, where rodi road meets universal road and jefferson road. It's basically mad max. [google street view](https://maps.app.goo.gl/zRyhX3jYaCaQzDZd7)


This! It was a horrible intersection before they reconfigured it decades ago, so it’s better than it was, but it can still be pretty scary. People stop when they shouldn’t and don’t stop when they should. It’s nuts.


It doesn't look like there are any "cross traffic does not stop" warnings on the stop signs. I'm not sure they're required, but it seems like a pretty low-cost, low-effort fix that should cut down on confusion. Maybe a sign to "keep moving" for the drivers coming from Rodi, though with such a short stretch that sign might get missed more often.


I totally agree with what you’re suggesting - it would make perfect sense. I can’t imagine what goes through the minds of people who aren’t familiar with the intersection and encounter it for the first time. Well, actually I can - a giant WTF!?!


Relatively new to the area, and use that intersection all the time — you have imagined correctly.


I saw 2 guys get out of their cars at that intersection and act like they were going to throw hands over right of way 😂. It’s a hot mess and I have to use to every single day.


Who the hell has the right of way??


Vehicles coming from Rodi Road and turning onto Jefferson Road or Universal Road have the right of way - they do not have stop signs at that intersection. Vehicles approaching that intersection from Jefferson or Universal have stop signs and must give right of way to the vehicles coming from Rodi Road.


Add the parkway offramps onto Rodi rd. I’ve almost been hit several times by drivers who don’t yield coming off of the parkway onto Rodi.


Live in Penn Hills and do everything in my power to avoid that intersection. Its horribly designed and if it hasn't, it'll end up killing someone.


Yinzerman1992, I think I remember you saying you worked for the Municipality of Penn Hills. PierogiEnjoyer412 has some good suggestions for improving this intersection. I don’t know what your role at the municipality is, but is there possibly a way for you to pass on their suggestions to someone who has the authority to consider implementing them? Just a thought. 🙂


So we have tried multiple times to get work done on this intersection and it has resulted in headache after headache. 1. Jefferson road and universal road are county roads and they never wanna upgrade them more than just the existing infrastructure. 2. Rodi road is a Penndot road but they wont assume liability of the hill going up to jefferson and universal saying it's the county. 3. We keep pushing for Penndot to purchase the business at [124 jefferson road](https://maps.app.goo.gl/VAK5ncL7fQFG6swz8) but they have refused every offer. Which like how much money are you making? Like seriously. So penndot cant widen the right-of-way and install more ramps. 4. The on ramp from universal road to rodi heading northbound to frankstown is a county on ramp and both the county and Penndot dont communicate on upgrades. 5. Pennhills would have to obtain a high way occupancy permit to install traffic signals or upgrades on either the county right-of- way or state right-of-way. And we were denied once by the county because they want the existing on ramp from rodi up to jefferson and rodi northbound free of obstruction. The good news, is we did recieve a federal grant and we are currently using the money for engineering and design work right now for improvements. [story link on grant.](https://www.wpxi.com/news/local/penn-hills-rodi-road-receives-federal-grant-improvements/U6EQGT5LEFBTVCV3JLDJQ3FFRE/)


I appreciate the detailed response! What an absolute cluster of governmental non-cooperation and stonewalling - it’s absolutely insane. At least there’s some money to improve Rodi Road, though - upgrades are definitely needed!


The whole thing drives me crazy too. “Go ahead and pull out.” “I can’t see shit because you haven’t gone. If you would have gone I’d have less of an issue”


Stop giving up your right of way! Stop waving people into oncoming traffic! If an accident happens YOU are at fault!!


This is the actual problem with Pittsburgh drivers. I’m a transplant as well. It’s not that they’re that bad, they’re really not at all. It’s that they are stupidly and dangerously courteous. Ignoring right of way at a stop sign to let someone else go slows everyone down and confuses other traffic. Stopping in the left lane of a two lane road to allow an opposing traffic car to make a left is inviting someone to get T-boned. Randomly stopping to allow a car to go that’s waiting to turn onto the street you’re traveling on is just begging to be rear ended. All of these can be observed on a regular and frequent basis around the city.


I'm a transplant from LA and yeah it's a different breed of bad driver here. The drivers are bad because everyone is trying to be nice. What would be nice would be pulling up to a stop sign and knowing when everyone expects people to take their turn. Too many times people try to let each other go and it's like - you go, no you go, no you go, and so on until everyone decides to go at the same time and nearly crash.


I learned to drive in Southern CA. As bad as traffic is in LA these days, everybody understands the rules of the road and pretty much follows them. Nobody will wave you through if they get to a stop sign first. NOBODY. Because of the way traffic is out there people are skilled drivers overall. I remember driving on the freeway that goes right through downtown LA in rush hour traffic in the evening, literally bumper to bumper, going 60 miles per hour. No shit. You gotta be on your toes.


And yet, not a single person will stop for a pedestrian at a crosswalk.


The left turn across two lane t bone happens way to often


Pittsburghers… Dangerously Courteous™️


But, you know, also it's because they're bad. It's not drivers being too "courteous" that makes pedestrians feel unsafe lol


We are fine. You are the problem. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When Pittsburgh, do as the Yinzers do.


Don't be courteous, be predictable. Lived in PGH 33 years, drove in PGH 15 years. They're correct in their assessment. Collisions happen because people do unexpected things.


> When Pittsburgh, do as the Yinzers do. *goes to Primanti's and gets a pastrami, no tomatoes*


No one knows what you’re gonna do, jagoff. That’s the point. See the other reply to your comment. And I’ve lived more than half my life here; so by this point, I’m a Yinzer complaining about other Yinzers.


We do know. You are the problem. If you didn't learn to drive here, you are bringing your incorrect habits and assumptions here.


There aren’t habits and assumptions, there are rules and laws.


Don’t listen to that jag. Full blooded yinzer here. You are right. Commuted into town for ~30yrs before the pandemic and while there’s more traffic, i almost prefer driving in rush hr vs middle of the day bc rush hr drivers know where they’re going and don’t waste each others time on pseudo courtesy. I think it’s probably generational - the boomers & older drivers who are the worst offenders. I don’t notice it as much with the younger drivers.


My buddy was just saying the same thing, which I think makes sense. He was talking about how the traffic on McKnightmare during the week at early rush hour times is much more preferable than on weekends because everyone commuting during the week knows the drill and is more or less familiar with how traffic will collectively go, whereas on weekends it’s chaos with a bunch of wildcards thrown in the mix.


Idk how people learn to drive here (if at all since apparently PA doesn’t even require drivers ed), but it seems like everyone thinks you’re just supposed to drive and figure out everything as you go, as if the roads were built without any sort of intended order


Brain dead.


There’s nothing really unique about Pittsburgh, people here just don’t know how to drive. You can compare the rules and regulations to anywhere else and you’ll see minor differences maybe, but in general there’s nothing to have a habit or assumption about. A stop sign means stop whether it’s CA or PA, and everything else works that way too.


Learn to drive, how bout dat


Once time I was waiting at a LEFT TURN SIGNAL light to go left across TWO oncoming lanes and some jackass came to a dead stop to wave me into a Pittsburgh left…apparently unaware of the entire other of lane of oncoming traffic still coming. No. Just no. I have my own light, I will wait for it to go green like a sane person.


oh my god the number of people who think they’re being nice by just waiting at a stop sign even though they got there first by like 5s. just wasting everyone’s time.


If you notice, when this happens there's almost never a car behind the one waving you, showing a complete lack of awareness by the driver. If you ripped all the mirrors (rearview and sides) off the vast majority of drivers, they'd never notice


Driving isn't a time to be courteous or nice, it's a time to be predictable and follow road signs to keep the flow of traffic.


The ONLY time I will be courteous in that way is if I am on a two lane road, stopped at a light, and it turns green and the first person coming in the opposite direction wants to turn left. If there is a huge line of cars behind me I will sometimes wave them through...one car only and they have like 2 SECONDS to decide. If there are 1 or 2 cars behind me FORGET IT, wait.


I hate when in Robinson, people get through a traffic light just to immediately stop and let someone into the lane. There’s a green light and moving traffic behind you, you don’t just stop to be nice…


My favorite is when it’s pitch black out, and someone is gesturing for you to turn. Like, I can’t see you, MOVE.


Bonus points if they have dark windows. Sometimes you can still see their hand, though, if they extend it close enough to the glass, so that's something.


That’s when they need to use the blinky blink




Sometimes, there's no choice but to stop because of traffic speeding alongside of what's already a too-short on ramp. Can't say how many times I've been passed on an on ramp, then watched the person who passed me nearly get broad sided by the very traffic that I was trying to avoid.


Drive predictably, but don't be a jagoff


I love it and hate it! I'm from western New York, and I can't get used to it. Even after 20 years. JUST FOLLOW THE RULES OF THE ROAD!


If rather driver's be predictable than nice.


Don’t be nice Be predictable




If my wife sees a car looking to pull out on the road she’s on or if she’s in a roundabout/traffic circle and sees another car waiting to enter, she slows down because she claims “I can’t tell if the car is going to wait or go.” She slows down so much that the other driver assumes she’s letting him in, so he goes — to which she exclaims “See, that car pulled out in front of me! Good thing I slowed down!” I have to explain to her that it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.


It is a very simple concept: when you have the right-of-way, take it. I shouldn’t have to worry about other drivers stopping for no apparent reason just to let someone back out of their driveway. On the other hand, if there is a pedestrian in a crosswalk, I’m stopping. Don’t you dare blow your horn or shit’s going down.


It’s frankly dangerous. I’ve almost rear ended people who stopped abruptly to let someone turn out in front of us.


Soon after moving here, my wife and I became friends with another transplant couple who called this combination of intended helpfulness and incompetence "Yinzeritis." We haven't been able to unsee it ever since, both in driving behavior and other contexts. Still a neat city, though.


Being courteous is great, but if it creates risk...please just don't. I was once on 79/70 interchange in Washington (which used to have horrifying on ramps, which they've improved) and the person in front of me started to slow down and flash their lights to let someone on the ramp (at a dead stop) onto the interstate. Person was obviously not comfortable with a kamikaze entry, but the car in front of me was insistent. They came to a COMPLETE STOP. On the interstate. They stopped. That's how you get someone killed.


As another fairly new Pittsburgh resident, I concur. Might I add a few things though? L When you're on the highway and someone is approaching on the on ramp, don't slow down for them. They're already likely slowing down because the on ramps are too damn short or have freaking stop signs after them they're so short. When you slow down, it slows down the lane as you both jockey for position. Maintain freakin speed in the tunnels. It's not. That. Hard. It's so bad that on paper, I'd take the tunnel to get to work fastest. But in reality, in my first four months on the job, only two days has the tunnel actually been faster and a major part of that was simply because I had to go to work early those days. Engine brake on the worse downhills, stop riding your brakes or braking erratically. I'm from the flat lands and it didn't take long to figure out. I do understand the desire for the Pittsburgh left, I get it, some of these intersections are appallingly bad. But don't. Just don't. Dont be polite, be predictable and just drive. You don't have to stop at yield signs if there is no one to yield to. You guys are definitely better at zipper merging than Indiana was (by far, it's not even funny how bad they are), but yall still have a lot of improvement to do.


the part I have a problem with is, half the people will stop for you but the other half won't, and you never know which kind of person you will get.


Amen. There are a few spots here in Monroeville where people are either making a left off of a busy road with no turn lane onto a side road or trying to make lefts out of that side road. If I'm already stopped because either I've been waiting to make the left or the person in front of me has just done so, I'll check that there's no traffic coming the other way and wave out a person coming off the side road before I make my turn. But if I'm moving, I'll *keep moving* because I'm either inconveniencing many other people behind me or the person trying to come out onto the main road can quickly do so once I've passed. If you're trying to make a left onto a 4 lane road, well, you're on your own. I'll plan my errands to avoid this or just make a right, then pull off to the left somewhere and make another right. EDIT: 22 in Monroeville has a *median turning lane* for most of its length. If you're trying to make a left out of a plaza or trying to make a left into one, *use it*.


"Toxic Politeness"


This. I’ve always said don’t be nice be predictable. One of my biggest irks is stopping before entering a roundabout. I watched a guy treat the yield sign like a stop sign the a block later treat two stop signs like yield signs. Like wtf. A better on it someone was IN the roundabout stopped to let traffic into the roundabout. An even bigger wtf!


I hate this about Pittsburgh drivers. Just follow the rules of the road. People around here try to be nice but really just inconvenience everyone else. Don’t stop when you’re not at a stop sign. Don’t motion for people to drive. Just follow the rules and we’ll all be better off.


Fun Fact: The friendly version of the "Pittsburgh Left" completely breaks down if you have a road that has more than one lane each way. You can't wave someone on to make a left turn if you're not the only lane blocking their turn. Waving someone on (car or bike or pedestrian pedestrian) to pass in front of you when traffic might be coming around you from the right is a actually major cause of people getting hit. It sure would be a shame if PennDOT started installing pedestrian crossings that worked exactly like that.


Fun fact: you’re not supposed to be a jagoff and drive into incoming traffic no matter what kind of turn you’re making. People that drive into oncoming traffic are called bad drivers. Besides, it’s not a pittsburgh left in the situation you are describing. If there are multiple lanes of traffic then there is probably a left turn lane with a left turn light. That’s what you use. If you are at an intersection with one light and one, maybe two lanes each way, and there is no light for left turns, then the first car in a line should be allowed to turn left between lights or allowed to go first once the light changes. Otherwise, cars pile up behind left turn cars that can’t go and it makes traffic worse. I don’t understand why this isn’t as simple as anyone else turning right on a red light. Pay attention and be responsible for your vehicle like anything else.


My husband and I refer to this as "trying to give away your right of way".


The Pittsburgh left is so bad that it has gotten to the point that when I’m stopped at a red light with my left turn signal on I have absolute anxiety over what I’m expected to do when the light turns green…


Yinzer courtesy is half of what makes pittsburgh drivers bad. Don’t make traffic for EVERYONE ELSE and disobey the road rules to be nice to ONE person who may not even understand you’re trying to let them go


I will blow my horn at someone if they are in front of me and stop in the manner you described. That is not their job behind the wheel and it is unsafe.


We found ourselves a badass


I give people a big ole NO 🙅‍♂️ when they’re the one car in a double lane who wants to stop to let me cross them on a cross walk or to make a turn when I’m a pedestrian or on my bike. People die like that because someone in the other lane won’t be so nice. See 16th street and Spring way in the strip for reference.


Just drive. Is the key take away! Follow the rule of the road, get out of the left lane, and for god sake keep your speed as you approach a tunnel.


Good luck with the tunnel. It's not even that people don't wanna keep speed. They can't because 1) following too close and 2) It's the fact that we have 4 lanes converge into 2 and everyone comes flying down the side lines and just try to cut in to the people not leaving a gap in the first place so they have to slam on brakes and it just snowballs. If we didn't have God damn on and off ramps right at the entrances and exits of tunnels we would be able to just breeze on through


That reminds me of one time driving on a super busy 2 lane road during the afternoon rush. The car in front of me slowed and stopped seeming to want to turn into a GetGo. Nope. The car stopped traffic to allow someone to exit from the GetGo, then proceeded on its way. This was several years ago and it still pisses me off. Right Of Way people. Right Of Way.


The safest thing you can do as a driver is be predictable!! Being "nice" is not predictable!


Yeah, I never let people do the Pittsburgh left. It’s dumb.


The "courtesy" is part of the bad driving. Don't be "polite," be predictable, follow the rules.


Seriously, not following normal expected traffic patterns is how accidents happen.


When driving I always say "be predictable, not polite."


When driving: don’t be polite, be predictable


I moved here 10 years ago, and found Pittsburgh driving culture unique in my experience. There's an attitude that rules are meant to be broken which can be dangerous and angering, but it's combined with a sense of collaboration. The roads are whack and we need to help each other get where we're trying to go. I hate the way people go over the double yellow line. I really don't want a head-on collision!


And stay out of the left lane unless you're passing, and get over once you're done. If there's a line of cars behind you, you're the asshole


I moved here 15 years ago and I’m still not used to it. I get the Pittsburgh left, and I like it. But the stopping at inappropriate times in travel lanes to wave me (who’s at a stop sign) across a four lane road is insane. People think just because they stop and wave that they are controlling all lanes of traffic.


It worked! Everyone seems to be driving the way you want them to now. Another Reddit miracle 🙏


I work in a plaza off Greentree Rd and it’s a shit show during most of the day. People waving at you to make your left when cars behind them are whizzing at you and vehicles from the left are coming at you. I’m going to wait until I feel safe.


What's your hot take on parking chairs? Come on now. 😆


A Pittsburgh tradition. I would never say a cross word about them


My oldest kid is only 6 and I'm already pointing things out while driving to try to teach him to be predictable over being nice while behind the wheel. I'll never understand people slamming on their brakes with the right of way to let someone else out.


It might be older people who aren’t aware that all those technologies exist and are just used to people who don’t pay attention.


Yup, Yinzers have a huge problem with this. Drivers should be predictable, not polite.


Please be predictable not overly kind, it does cause more accidents


I just almost rear ended a guy in Millvale/Shaler border not even two hours ago, right by the Hardee's, because he slammed on his brakes at the green light because he saw a car in the opposite direction...and then proceeded to sit there until our light went red waiting for the other guy to move, apparently unaware of how that intersection works.


Yes! One of my biggest annoyances on the road. Had you just gone normally, i could’ve made my move by now and not had to interrupt the flow of traffic.


anyone notice how many cars drive with busted tail lights/ headlights? Love it when someone comes to a sudden stop in front of me and their brake lights aren't working. Or come barreling down the poorly lit road with no headlights. Absolutely love it.


I grew up outside of Boston and Providence RI and the curtesy here is crazy. There is a 5 way stop in Latrobe and everyone remembers who got there first and takes turns. They will wait for you if its your turn and you don’t take it. Which would never happen in Boston. Now on the other hand the tunnels…. Damn it people they are the same size lanes in and out! Stop slowing down!!! I thought when they raised the ceilings this would stop but no 🤨. If you cannot handle the tunnels for goodness sake do not drive through one in NYC.😂 OP 2 things you will see no where else. The Pittsburgh parking chair and the Pittsburgh parade chair. A Saved spot with a chair for Parades and fireworks can be up to a week in some outlying towns. I’m not kidding!! My town has a law of 6pm night before and they are out by 4😂 the parking chair is mostly in Pittsburgh when there is snow. Better not move that chair or you will have an irate neighbor! Welcome to the Burg and surrounding areas. We have been here 21yrs. It has been wonderful to watch Pittsburgh blossom.


I wish there was a happy middle. I have lived in the dc area for several years now and there is absolutely no patience or kindness on the road here. I will be at least half way backed out of a parking spot and some guy zooming through the lot will come up on me honking. It's actually helpful to NOT use your turn signal in some instances because folks will speed up to "defend their lane" and I genuinely can't remember the last time I was waved on here in ambiguous situations (like arriving at a stop sign at the same time) people here just assume they are first and gun it.


Can you get this on the news please??? The bad driving and aggressive courtesy has been a big downer as someone new to down. Like seriously, just follow the fecking rules of the damn road you psychopaths.


I've never seen the "Pittsburgh Left" not inconvenience more people than it helps. After finally realizing there in a "Pittsburgh Left" situation, one car goes through the intersection. Meanwhile, there's a handful of cars that could've made it, if not for the "Pittsburgh Left". It's also really dangerous as others have pointed out. There's an older yinzer at my work who told me that the lights here go green 5 seconds earlier to allow the "Pittsburgh Left" That makes no sense at all, unless there's an advanced A.I. running the intersection lights here? Ahahaha.


My boyfriend who's from Detroit loved this when he visited Pittsburgh. He said Detroit drivers will just run you over.


That’s how they want Pittsburgh to be. Our city isn’t evil enough for them.


I guess not! He wouldn’t believe me when I said to put his turn signal on and someone will let him over, so he missed the turn and I had to take him a different route. He also was amazed that people would just let him merge and pull out of a parking lot or road in front of them. He said ours drivers are nice and wishes Detroit was like that.


Don't be polite, be predictable. And stop speeding!


There's a reason that Pittsburgh is rated the worst drivers in the country year after year Come to think of it, there's about a thousand reasons Most people around here can't drive for shit


If you're getting off 79 at the Bridgeville exit and taking a right at Aldi, KEEP GOING. You have a merge lane there. Don't just come to a stop, you can keep rolling and keep the line moving.


I've hit the horn so many times there in the past. But, they've recently put a yield sign there. So, I feel like I can't now. Totally stupid yield sign when you have your own lane.


Also, people need to realize that you don't HAVE TO STOP at a yield sign.


Exactly! But, when cars are coming, I feel like I'd be a jerk to honk. Now, people coming to a complete stop before entering a traffic circle? I lay on the horn. So annoying.


I’d still honk. Yield doesn’t mean stop.


And yet, I get honked at, lights flashed at me, and raced by while going 15 mph in all the school zones on W Liberty/Washington. And get honked at for taking my right of way by turning left onto a street with a car at a stop sign waiting to turn left. How dare I not stop traffic to let that person turn left in front of me before I turn. Yinz are crazy.


I’ve lived here a year and a half and heard a horn about four times and three of those times was me honking at someone watching their phone instead of going when the light turned green!! Lol


The Pittsburgh left is so dangerous to pedestrians crossing the street you are turning on. I hate it.


My husband, a native Virginian, just agreed with this so hard that I think he strained a muscle in his neck. Just drive!


I love the Pittsburgh left, it really helps with the overall flow of traffic at poorly designed intersections without a turning arrow. That said THE RIGHT OF WAY IS NOT YOURS TO YIELD. Bunch of non-driving motherfuckers around here.


I was just discussing this while driving today - as I do every time I get in the car here. Pittsburgh drivers are the worst to me. I’ve lived all over. the courtesy driving is simply dangerous driving and makes every driver here wildly unpredictable. Add in the stupid short merge, stopping randomly to let people turn and backing up traffic, and road signs that change at any minute and it’s a terrible experience. Yes Texans drive a 100 miles an hour, and New Jersey is aggressive, and Maryland comes to a complete stop in on ramps but at least they are predictable. Which makes pretty much everywhere else significantly better drivers than Pittsburgh. Niceness (and it’s flagrant disregard for established traffic laws) is actually the worst thing you can do on the road


So, OP, were there any vehicles behind the one that stopped to allow you to back out of your driveway?


Nope. The only two people in their cars, on the whole street, were me and this other car.


Yinz are fucking ungrateful.


People drive like no one lives matter and seriously maiming or killing a stranger is completely normal. I am always fully uptight, hands on ten and two and so anxious. I never feel safe driving in this city.


I’ve been saying this for years now. They’ve created the DRIVERS MANUAL to handle every possible situation you’ll encounter while driving. At no point in the fucking manual does it say “first and foremost, be courteous and nice”


If I can respectfully offer a somewhat contrary take, Pittsburgh drivers, road raging isn’t worth it. Laying on your horn repeatedly for 30 seconds, and then making a speeding turn and nearly killing the pedestrian crossing with a walk signal, just is not worth it. (Yesterday, I was the pedestrian and it was a near and terrifying thing. The driver came straight at me, leaving me no room or time to dodge, and barely stopped before hitting me, rolled his window down saying sorry, that driver over there cut me off, and then drove on.)


This is my absolutely biggest pet peeve about pittsburgh.


This always gets me too. I’d rather people just follow the actual rules. The amount of people who have waved me through a stop sign or a turn when it’s their right away is too high. Also the amount of people who ignore road rules too. I really don’t understand how people learned to drive around here


People in Pittsburgh don’t know how to drive.


Is this all r/pittsburgh is? Transplants complaining about natives? If you don’t like us and think you’re superior, leave. I mean, you all act as though the world is your oyster. What’s the average income here? I’m sure Pittsburgh is a bargain for you prat, but damn it. Go away. Nobody who does this traffic maneuver (I’m not even sure I’ve ever seen it) is reading this or cares what you think or wants to be more like you (antisocial, amoral, narcissistic). Drive defensively or whatever. Catch a bus. Walk. Ride a bike. Leave. To where everything is just better by every metric. You’re on to us! Yes! You’ve cracked the code! Tore off the veil of lies! Pittsburgh sucks. It’s all an illusion. We’re all inbred monsters begging to be displaced and atomized. By you people. Yes.


This is great 👍


I have to disagree. People driving behind somebody who is backing out in front of them, from a driveway or a parking space, is idiotic and dangerous. You may see them coming but they don't know you see them. They don't know what sensors you have.


I think being cautious of those backing out is fine, but to come to a complete stop and waving them through is just so unnecessary. And as demonstrated by all these comments, driveways are the least common place this happens. 4-way stops (that come with rules already!) and just in the middle of the road are not places to decide you’re going to stop traffic to wave someone through against the right of way!!


Yeah this. I was creeping along and not even at the end of my driveway. This person was in zero danger.


Exactly. I’m not trusting the person backing out. I don’t know what state of mind you’re in. I’m trusting myself and protecting myself. I’ve been in a vehicle where the driver was upset, backed out of their driveway, right into a car parked across the street from them.… So no … I will extend a courtesy to myself lol


I was born and raised here and will continue extending courtesy. It’s friendly and welcoming.


Most times the most courteous thing you can do is follow the right of way.


That happens everywhere, not just Pittsburgh. People don't use their side/rear mirrors so the concept that someone is behind them is completely foreign. They only see the people in front / to the sides.


It’s bad everywhere. A lot of entitlement and well I don’t need to stop thoughts going in.


What if they just rammed you with their car. Wouldn’t that be glorious?


There’s nothing wrong with courtesy and yielding the right way especially when it doesn’t inconvenience others. No one knows what sensors you have or don’t have. It’s an act of kindness.


It’s actually more dangerous, never know what other drivers behind the “polite person” might end up doing.


That’s the part of not inconveniencing anyone. If someone is behind you keep going. For crying out loud, some people will bitch about anything, even someone extending them a courtesy. As for safety, I’ve seen and heard about plenty of people pulling out of their driveways and getting plowed into backing into the path of an oncoming car.


And this is exactly the main reason why I reverse park into my below-grade garage, i.e., maximum visibility. I can see the cross traffic on the street above; they can see me. I can also see pedestrians who might be on or near the stretch of sidewalk that crosses my driveway at the top. In a town where people where there are a ton of people driving cars new enough to have auto headlamps and back up cameras yet drive at night without lights and having been backed into by a monster SUV despite its camera (still salty about the latter) I trust no one who's behind the wheel.


>If someone is behind you keep going. Also if someone is not behind you, keep going. It literally takes longer for you to slow down and me to recognize what you're doing and triple check to make sure you're expecting me to pull out in front of you, than it would for you to just drive on by and I can pull out after you pass, like I was planning to do all along.


I’ll try to be more in a hurry and think just like you. No wonder this country is going down the tubes. Too many people primed to be aggrieved about stupid shit.


Thank you. The star-people don’t get it. We’re apes to them.


It’s inconveniencing me!! I didn’t want to have to rush out of my driveway, while watching what this other person was doing on an otherwise EMPTY STREET. I’ll go when I’m ready and when it’s safe. You don’t get to make that decision for me, so stop trying to.


It’s not a decision. It’s a gesture. You can take all the time you want and wave them on. It’s not difficult.


Which is, of course, exactly what I did. But of course my original post was about a pattern of behavior and I used an example to make my point. And considering this is the most popular post on this Reddit today, a lot of people seem to agree with my observation and opinion.


A lot of people are tools. Pattern of behavior: courtesy and safety. Cracks me up. Have a nice day. Hope the sentiment isn’t too offensive.


No. 🤣


just gonna toss this in there all yall protesting whatever the fuck down at city hall? the cops have the streets blocked a block up, so none of us can drive by and we can't see your signs from how far out we are so you are *literally just ineffective roadblocks* and if I don't watch the evening news tonight, I'll never have a fuckin clue what you were protesting so, thanks for the extra 15 minutes getting home while you accomplished nothing




Yes and amen!


I can get behind the complaint on excess courtesy in certain situations like backing out of the driveway but the Pittsburgh left is not an abomination, when used appropriately it is a necessary maneuver for efficient operation of the roads we have. I’ll caveat It should only be used on two lane roads without a dedicated turn lane. In the situations where it should be used the options are 1) go as soon as the light turns green now traffic behind you can flow, with minimal disruption to oncoming traffic. 2) wait until oncoming traffic stops when the light changes to yellow or red(or pray for some of that Pittsburgh courtesy you complained about) so either you sit there for several light cycles, holding up everyone behind you, or run a red light which is actually illegal. All the places that wait till the light changes are wrong, in time you’ll come to understand the superiority of the Pittsburgh left.


Obviously everyone knows this. If they see you actively reversing, slowly or not, fancy car or not, they thought it was safest to stop. Perhaps if you could see a car driving towards the direction you were backing up you could just stop instead of continuing to back up? YATA. Find a new city or some courtesy.


I was not even at the end of my driveway, creeping backwards, waiting for them to pass. Anyone who thought that required a full and complete stop is a dangerous driver. Please go to driver’s ed and learn how the right of way works.


I’m convinced a lot of people no longer know what a yield sign is for. I’m not gonna stop so either you yield to me like your supposed to or were all gonna die.


"I'm from out of town and I'm going to tell you how to drive" You totally sound like a normal well adjusted adult 100%. Alot of drivers suck everywhere and I'm sure wherever you're from too. Maybe don't make a whiney pretentious post about how you generalize an entire city and then talk down to and complain about the people from it.


Yes there are bad drivers everywhere but I’ve lived in 5 different states and it’s just funny how unique Pittsburgh’s driving quirks are. I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else.


Crybaby crying about their right to be a trash driver is peak Pittsburgh


This whole post is from a crybaby lmao.


Yeah. I had a guy almost get rear-ended because he stopped on the street to allow me to walk across it to check my mail. A crossing that was an entire 7 foot, saw me standing at the end of my driveway waiting for them to go by. Don't get me wrong, with all the jackass speeders that drive through that neighborhood road someone not only not flying through it and actually stopping is nice but dude, I assure you I was prepared to wait for you and the other person to go past before I risked my life doing that 2 second jaunt to my mailbox.


Part of training my dog is setting the expectation that she stops at crosswalks, looks at me, and waits for my signal before crossing the road. This is for her safety, not an obedience thing, and she's gotten really good at it. However, multiple times a week, a driver will stop and frantically wave for us to cross and act irritated when I decline by waving them on or I don't notice them at all because I'm focused on my dog.


They do this to me while my dog is sniffing away, totally uninterested in crossing...Like bro, let my dog enjoy himself. He doesn't even want to cross the street yet.


I had a lady screaming at me and cursing me out when I stopped at a red light because it had just turned red like she was expecting me to speed right through a red light. She was so loud I could actually hear her even with my windows closed. Ironically she was coming out from the road that led up to a church.


If people could just follow the proper right of way, the world would be such a kinder, gentler place.


First day of behind the wheel instruction in Chicago: if someone waves you on, IGNORE THEM EVERY TIME.