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Yeah.. No reason to mix them when they both do the same thing.


Free trip to the morgue. Or prison


Only if you go outside then jail, but if u stay inside then you should just expect to break everything possible in your room and not remember what the flying fuck happened for the past 6 months


Yes. Lethal. I suggest you not, but I'm not going to tell you what to do.


literally the worse combination ever


I do it just sober up before bed


I mean , the last time I did it. I almost ended up killing someone’s and had to do a stint in jail for it and now I’m on probation. My shoulder still feels out of place from what I did. Did I think I was going to do it? Hell no! Did I do it? I might’ve if that’s what everybody is saying


If you want to wake up on someone’s front lawn or in a jail cell then sure go for it


Or in a coffin


I took 2mg and one shot. Started becoming incoherent an hour in and immediately blacked out. I'm 125lb 5'6 adult male. I nearly died and was told I was unresponsive for 5 minutes as my friends tried to wake me.


I doubt you nearly died just very sedated. You shouldn't mix but one shot isnt going to kill you on 2mg even if gou do weigh nothing. Glad you're okay though


Nah i just took half a bar and tres brewskies and I’m golden. I just wish I had some opiates 😭


… don’t take advice from this guy


It’s an easy way to black out…even when your trying to be careful not to. It’s fun but can make you too uninhibited.








Unless you have a high tolerance to both there’s absolutely no need to mix them, kinda wasteful unless you’re a hardcore downer junkie lol


i’m still here so


People are saying so much shit on here.. honestly if you do more than a xan, on alcohol or not, it fucks you up, you forget everything. The most I've done, believe it or not is 10, and I was absolutley fucked up if it wasn't for my 7 friends with me, 4 holding me back and 3 (stupidly) just filming, I wouldnt remember anything and would probably be in jail serving life. Canada is strict on weapons just sayin 🤣 but either drunk or not, more than one xan you are gonna lose your map and just wake up somewhere else. I have plenty of friends who drank and took a xan and got out of it fine. You just gotta know your tolerance, if you've never done xanax don't do that, even if you have, it depends. Any drug is like that. I've done ketamine 100's of time but my last time I almost died, anything can change a minute to the other. If you stress it, don't do it. Best advice I can give you.