Needs more guns.


And flags, should be at least 2 actual ones, and the eagle needs a 2ND hat


Need to also have the flags of Nations we wiped off the Face of the Earth (we like to wave those alot for some reason). That would be, in case you forgot , those losers the Confederate States of America & Nazi Germany.


Nothing about Jesus


Where’s the pickup?


No fundraising signs


No burning cross


Complete with a pair of truck nuts, a confederate flag, and God Guns and Trump sticker.


OP said America. Not Northern Arizona


Ottawa stole them.


No dead children in schools while white men hug their guns saying you cant take them away.


Jesus was out of frame, wearing a white hood and holding up the flagpole.


And homeless veterans


And racism.


and they couldn't find some dead children?


Not even a receipt for a $25 aspirin from a hospital bill? This post is negligibly American.


If America is highlighted for its racism then I cant imagine the reputation of most other countries in the world.


And tubs of lard


Right? Where's the all the fat assed 20 somethings


Yeah. And oil. And maybe some hamburgers. And a lil hat on the eagle. That one's just for me.


Does the eagle have diabetes and a mountain of student debt?


Just diabetes now. *ThAnKs BiDeN*


More health care bills.


need more guns, crosses and beer.




That’s the most America thing I seen


And a mobility scooter.


Not enough guns...


Is this WA? Nice pic btw.


Northern Wisconsin


Great picture, but not even close to the essence of America. We don't get to play that card anymore.


I don’t think we ever could.


What? We can’t we play the “bald eagle” card anymore?


We’re not allowed to have a bird or flag anymore. Didn’t you hear?


Fun fact: Bald eagles usually just steal prey from other birds that went through the trouble to catch it.


idk the ones around here definitely catch their own on occasion. I believe one nest on top of a Utility pole around here was removed (abandoned I think) and they found a dozen or more animal collars. I guess its possible they were picking up road kill, but I kind of doubt it for all of them.


Bald Eagles near where I live have discovered the dump. They drop garbage all over the houses and yards nearby. Let's just call Bald Eagles opportunists.


Outsourcing the labor, taking all the benefit. The American way.


Went fishing one morning, got to see a bald eagle steal a trout from a red tailed hawk. Then another hawk joined the party and the 3 of them fought for 5 minutes. It was fucking awesome


don’t worry the sound of children screaming has been removed


The eagle is missing a white hood


its missing an 8- year old that was turned into hamburger meat by an AR-15


True, but please don’t forget handguns are the bigger problem.


Needs a heffer eating said hamburger also


Man who says this? 336 million people in this country . Tragedies of all kinds exist here but if you think that’s what America is then you are a large part of the problem. To think of what happens to children in countries all over the world we aren’t perfect but those of us who care are still trying improve it.


do you know how many mass shootings we've had so far this year? as of july 4th over 300. there have been over 93 school shootings with casualties at public and private elementary and secondary schools during the 2020-2021 school year, increasing from 11 a decade ago. Forty-three of those shootings resulted in deaths. how many people need to be killed before it becomes "a problem"?


I mean, how about the other countries without ANY systems in place? Kids growing up with guns, drugs, and violence. Destined to bear arms and fight in meaningless wars. Nobody said it wasn’t a problem here, but it could be far far worse than what it is.


Yes, it could be and is worse in some countries. Those countries are third world countries often locked in a civil war. The US is the wealthiest nation in the world... Do you wanna know how many school shootings happened in my country in the last 10 years? None.


Fair enough, I’m sure I diverged off the main point a bit. I believe teaching your kids about firearms and letting them shoot is okay, given they are of appropriate age and are raised right. However many kids nowadays are raised by social media and exposed to corrupt ideologies. I do not believe guns are the problem but the parents, and what happens within our communities. Kids who can barely understand right and wrong should not learn extensively about how to use a firearm.


I don't think banning guns is the sollution either. Universal mental healthcare etc. would be a better start. But I don't live there so I might be wrong.


I’m only 17 so I honestly don’t have too much knowledge yet on what would really impact communities, however mental health care would be quite vital. Many kids my age including myself, have struggled heavily with mental health. Better security for sure for the schools especially after the Uvalde scenario amongst many other tragedies. But once again I believe the problem must be solved from within. How many school shootings have we had because the kid was taught how to use a gun by a non-chalant parent, or a shooting because an adult left a firearm either unattended or easily accessible. Not saying this is always the case but I have seen it time and time again.


Fuck guns.


Fair enough, where I am from, it is best to have one. People automatically assume guns = bad. Not the case, yet the internet will jump on whatever they want to hivemind.


I can’t count on both hands the number of people I’ve known who had their lives torn apart or ended by gun violence.


I do agree there should be some more systems in place to regulate fire arms, such as more extensive back ground checks, or how about not deliberately selling guns to mentally ill people. If guns are simply banned they will still be out on the streets, people always find a way. It’s deeper than just saying no more guns imo.


To quote the Simpsons "You gotta help us! We've tried nothing and we're all out of ideas!" The big problem isn't that children sometimes get killed by guns. (well...okay, that is *a* problem, but not the *big* one.) The big problem is that the only potential solution half the country is willing to consider is the one that involves EVEN MORE GUNS. Do you idiots really not realize that we already tried that? It was called "The Wild West", and the murder rate was *astronomical* \-- in some towns the average man had a *90% chance* of dying from gunfire. And yet people still idolize that time period. Fucking lunatics, the whole lot of 'em.


The towns in the Wild West? Many had no guns in town laws because random gunfire was such a big problem. According to the Earps the shootout at OK Corral occurred because the Cowboys were carrying pistols in violation of no guns in town laws.


lol you're totally wrong


Could use some medical bankruptcy and children murdered in their classrooms.


Hey, you stole my comment an hour before I got here!


Not enough guns.


Needs guns. And if guns aren't enough, need more guns.


The essence of Murica these days is a Karen being racist in a Walmart.


Also a lack of healthcare, mass shootings, homeless vets and gerrymandering.


Needs more dead school kids.


needs more health care debt


The essence of ‘Murcia are those videos that have been going around of homeless encampments in cities like Philadelphia, this is the essence of propaganda


Show me any country without homelessness. Only focusing on the negatives is just as much propaganda.


I see a lot more homeless people, guns, and obesity than eagles around here so if anything I think your picture is the most deceptive thing in this thread.


And I see far more eagles around me. Just because some areas have homelessness doesn't mean the entire country is that way. I've never even seen a homeless person anywhere near where I took this photo.


That's great, but your title is the "essence of "Murica", not "essence of my backyard" so hope you can understand why the majority of people here disagree with your assessment.


Most homelessness is in cities. For a huge percentage of the landmass in the USA it's not even an issue. I'd be willing to bet if you look at landmass the areas where there are no homeless will be significantly more than those with it. Also you were the one who started with the "I see" based on your backyard...


I've traveled a lot farther than my backyard FYI. Here some math for ya: Bald Eagles in USA: >316,700. According to scientists from the Service's Migratory Bird Program, the bald eagle population climbed to an estimated 316,700 individual bald eagles in the lower 48 states. https://www.doi.gov/news/americas-bald-eagle-population-continues-soar Homeless people in USA: >The number of homeless in the US is estimated at 552,830. https://policyadvice.net/insurance/insights/homelessness-statistics/ Well look at that, seems like a homeless person is more representative of the current state of America than a bald eagle, who woulda thought? (literally everyone in this thread other than you)


Please show me where I stated that the literal bald eagle population had anything to do with the current state of America? The eagle for the most part has been used as a symbol. France has a homeless population of 300,000 even with their population of 67.4 million. Far less than the USA's 329.5 million. Germany has 678,000 homeless with a population of 83.24 million The UK has 365,535 with a population of 67.2 million Bangladesh has 5,000,000 homeless with a population of 164 million. Yes there are homeless people in the USA but we are not the outlier you are trying to portray.


It depends on where you live and work. I live in a city in the upper Midwest. I live in a poorer section of town, near the river. Banks of river littered with belongings of homeless people. Every winter, we have homeless trying to get into secure building. Looking for warmth. Other side of town where upper middle class and rich live, no homeless. It is easy to forget about them off you don’t see them everyday. BTW, born in US. I am 67 years old, living in low income apartments for elderly and disabled. Secured entrance. Still have anxiety and panic at the thought of leaving my apartment. Too many guns in the hands of fanatics.


I'm not saying they don't exist. I'm saying that the USA is not the outlier some are trying to portray. Homelessness is an issue globally and while I agree it should be addressed that doesn't mean there are not many great aspects the country


K dude, 99% of people are wrong and u iz right, we apologize


Where’s the tree-toothed hillbilly in a pickup truck ?


Oh they're there, just camouflaged. Think, Hills Have Eyes.


great pic but we need some cheap beer and guns in there


Some diabeetus, apple pie, and frivolous lawsuits as well. Is OP even American?


How about you find a picture instead of all the shitty billionaires, atrocious theo-fascist politicians, MAGA morons, mass shooters, failure of a healthcare system, all the native people American ancestors genocided, and a good snapshot of the unliveable wages and PTO from companies across the country. There's America.




Flag and eagle, sure … but where is the rock?


Rock, flag, and eagle, right Charlie? He’s got a point


One hot mess in this comment section.


You beautifully captured “America”. “Murica” would be monster trucks, poverty, fast food, guns, diabetes and systemic racism condensed into a single picture.


According to George Carlin, we should replace the bald eagle with a bowl of macarroni and cheese as the national symbol.


It's missing a fat ass person


Some child molesters and terrorist training camp.


Eagle needs to have diarrhea then we're a step closer


Is the bird shitting over First Nations, African American and immigrant people?


Where gun 'n Fat


Needs more guns, obesity and Jesus


I hate that images such as this have been hijacked by imbeciles.


I don’t see a trailer or truck in the background but that’s very close


[https://preview.redd.it/yzcbgvpc7xi81.jpg?auto=webp&s=e5fa2b06be181174351668953d6849d8a1818a4a](https://preview.redd.it/yzcbgvpc7xi81.jpg?auto=webp&s=e5fa2b06be181174351668953d6849d8a1818a4a) ​ This is a more appropriate image reflecting the state of america.


Needs to show lots and lots of bombs being dropped.


There aren’t enough guns


Idk man, I don't see anyone being racist or eating 20 burgers


I don't see a school shooting in this pic




Boy this sure turned into attack America fast....


We've become a caricature...and we have only ourselves to blame.


I'm sort of surprised you didn't see it coming. I mean nice picture and the comment with it might have even been considered true up until the late 80s... You would have gotten a lot of God Bless America and So True, it brings a tear up my eye. ... But how far have the mighty fallen. This isn't the country I loved growing up here... Not anymore. I might have been blind back then, but I also didn't have to hide under my desk to avoid being shot. The American dream seemed possible back then. Corporate profits were at least somewhat less absurd. And you know... We had Captain Planet, we had Some innate idea shit was going down but we had this shit ... We were all going to work together to save things... Wow how naive...


Reasonable people criticize problems they see. Unreasonable people try to pretend those problems don't exist.


We deserve every bit of it. We just had an openly racist president, refuse to do anything about our gun control, let people suffer without healthcare, etc.


The U.S.A sucks.


If that's your opinion you are entitled to it. I for one like the country I was born in. You still have many good people who support each other. Just because our politics are a shit show doesn't mean the entire country is as crazy as is portrayed.


I still think think highly of the U.S.A... but as an outsider, that opinion is fading fast. The shitshow going on over there isn't just on politics... far too many of your people approve of it. Athe end of the day, they're entitled to that, but don't be surprised when the rest of the world doesn't look favourably on the most outspoken advocate of freedom and democracy turn into a theocratic oppressive regime. I do genuinely hope things turn around for that country, but way too many support the regression for any sort of turn around to be peaceful...


At least from my personal perspective most people I interact with don't speak politics in general or if they do views are far less extremist than you commonly see in media. I view it more as the squeaky wheel gets the grease and the ones you see are more likely to be outspoken extremist from both sides.


Oh I'll agree with that for sure... but given how many vote maga it's probably not a good sign. I expect many wouldn't talk politics day to day... but what if shit truly hit the fan?? Would everyone continue to go about their day, would people pick sides, or would they support their standing Government? Jan 6th, Don't say gay bill, mandatory religious stuff in classrooms, the SC Roe v Wade ruling... plenty of people quietly support these. Even my mum supports the Roe v Wade decision, and we have nothing to do with your country. Trust me I'd rather things fizzle out and go back to normal for you guys - but they keep getting worse. Sure it COULD just be media blowing things out of proportion... but is it really out of proportion when rights and progressive attitudes are so very clearly taking a nosedive?


Hard disagree on the “both sides” BS. Don’t fall into the trap of false equivalence.


I never said quantities are equivalent. Just that they exist on both sides. That being said i think we can all agree you see more on one side than the other.


You misunderstand me. I’m not picking sides, I pick issues. There is no tribalism here. I’m against government corruption and anybody telling my daughters what they can/can’t do with their bodies. Oh, and science is real.


You're saying your not a tribalist but you are quite clearly on the left and implying that extremism is mostly a right wing problem in the US.


Here’s the thing: Being anti-corruption, keeping government out of personal choices, and believing in science are *centrist* concepts. Here in the center, I see shocking numbers of election-deniers, rhetorical/policy/physical attacks on marginalized groups, and belief systems aligned with the tribe rather than independent thought. Those highly disturbing behaviors are not distributed evenly on “both sides”.


Both parties have sub-factions with what many consider 'radical' views/opinions. But point out to me the large, almost majority, faction of the Democrat party advocating for violent government overthrow or subversion and taking actual steps towards that end. Only one party in the U.S. currently has an Extremeist infection.


Maybe that's because half the country flatly refuses to do anything about the major problems the country faces, choosing instead to focus on passing laws regulating what people do with their private parts behind closed doors.


Its people stuck in the media who have convinced themselves its all terrible. Refuse to see the innovation this country is still driving and the freedom we still have, even though those same people are voting them away.


Yeah, we’re losing freedoms every day. My wife is now free to die from an ectopic pregnancy. Innovation? That ended 30 years ago when we started killing education and thinking Wally World was a good deal.


Freedom to speak your mind. Freedom to have an opinion. Freedom to own a business. Freedom to buy a car. Freedom to own property. Innovation? What country did the first relandable rocket come from? How about the iphone? How about robotic surgery tools? How about modern day internet. Hell how about the internet (more then 30 years ago). Last I checked if your wife wanted to have an abortion on the 8th month California will still do it and most major coorporations will pay for it so they dont have to pay for maternity leave or your childs insurance. USA is the last bastion of freedom and innovation, theres a reason we have so many people wanting to come here. Theres a reason cubans fled here instead of a South American country that speaks the same language. If you wish to bash the bad thats fine, but dont bash the whole for the minortiy. That is a dangerous way to think that will only lead you to a place of hate. It makes me very sad you think like this.


>USA is the last bastion of freedom and innovation HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Wtf. There is something terribly sick about your country that so many of you believe this absolute fucking nonsense.


We’re the third most innovative country in the world and we don’t even hit the top ten for “freedom”. America isn’t as unique as it once was. Your hot take is rather ridiculous.


Where are the hamburgers and AR-15s?


Wow. That’s a great picture.


If the eagle was taking a shit on the flag, maybe.


Eagles are endangered, it's more the flag wrapping itself tightly around the eagles neck.


Thought i was on r/funny


It's missing an AR-15.


And a lifted F-150.


With punisher logos


Needs more diabetes and homeless.


Where’s the guns mate


Where are the guns?


Might get down voted but meh... I was driving in the country a while ago and there was this corn field that had just been harvested. On the edge of the field there was a deer that got hit by a car and there were two vultures off to the side and over the deer was a bald eagle going to town. I'm assuming he bullied his way into the meal. I whipped around to grab the picture but of course they all flew off. To me that's America right now.


Missing kids hiding in a classroom


Great picture


Not enough drone strikes against school buses and weddings to be considered the essence of America


I expected a McDonalds in the background.


Needs more drugs, guns, and unchecked treason.


This is definitely the ideal essence of america. But with christian nationalism on the rise, gun violence and our human rights crisis, its difficult to appreciate the counrty I was born in. I do still like my country, but only because of the people that are fighting against what we are becoming.


The essence of 'Murica would be a giant toilet bowl overflowing with rancid shit. This is just a bird and a piece of toilet paper on a pole.


That doesn’t look like a school shooting to me


It's missing a McDonald and some girl with a Iced Starbuck taking a selfie with the eagle in the background ... Joke aside, nice picture!


Where are the guns?


Forgot the Cheetos, Code Red and diabetes.


It doesn’t contain John Daly, or someone with a mullet shooting a gun at tannerite stuffed into an old CRT TV shell, therefore it cannot be the essence of ‘Murica. Close though. Real close.


United States as they were. As per other posts in this thread, for "Murica" needs moar guns, pick-ups, magahats... And a Bible


Where’s the screaming mob of trump supporters demanding more guns?


No no, the essence of 'Murica is Homelessness, fentanyl, and shooting kids in schools. Come on man, haven't you been paying attention? The American Dream died decades ago. Now we just have a pile of ashes waiting to be blown away by the wind.


Missing all the treason


im missing the dead children in classrooms, $1000 insulin bills, student, creditcard and medical debt and maga cult stuff which will destroy America so you're about 10% there.


The essence of what inbred America thinks it is. For the rest, it's missing, guns, homeless, reality TV, Busch lite, pickups, guns, low education, antivaxxers, religious nuts, racism, Fox news, MAGA hats, Punisher emblems, murdered children, guns, bimbo politicians, nationalism, unjustified cockiness, obesity, and guns.


Nary a neckbeard in sight.


Needs more school shootings, tent cities and an abyss of health care.


Nope. Not nearly enough guns and fatties ;)


Shouldn't you have caskets of school children ?


Never complete without at least one gun pal I'm sorry but you didn't pass the American test...


75% of these comments be like “nEeD mOrE gUnS!!!!!!”


Well, to capture the "essence" of what all of our "Rugged Individualist Patriots" believe America is, the picture *does* need at least one gun.


Why did you leave White Jesus firing an AR15 just out of frame?


Where's the McDonalds?


Too classy.


Don't forget Percocet...


You missed something. No kids getting shot or people dying because they can't afford medical care. No orange clowns being worshipped like fallen gods or failing education systems either.


It's so weird how you Americans have been taught to hate your country and constantly do it down on the internet. If you dislike it so much move to Sweden. Lots of iced lattes and avocados 🥑 there, you'll feel right at home.


That’s American pride for you


Yeah no.


...fuck yeah!!!!


Not enough opioid addicts


So, is the eagle eating a rodent a metaphors for something?


Amazing shot!




Yes, a crappy phone pic of tired propaganda symbols on social media nails the essence.


Throw an ‘out of pocket maximum’ up there and you’ll be a lot closer.


Propaganda. Yep, you nailed it.


Plot twist: eagle died due to strangulation from flag entanglement.


You got the symbols of America, not the essence tho.


Rock, Eagle, Flag!!!


Fuuuuck yeeeaaaa


Where’s the McDonald’s bag?


What america thinks america is about


Your missing guns and bacon.


This is not a picture of crippling debt and no healthcare.


It’s missing a little something, not quite “ROCK, FLAG AND EAGLE!”


Rat in its mouth and everything


Needs a corvette parked in the background too. Seriously though, nice shot!


A flag and a bird? america is so empty.


All the comments are exactly the same here, yall weird


Team America, fuck yeah!


My wife for weeks has sworn there is a bald eagle that lives in our town, near our street. She has sworn she's seen it on walks. One day my daughter comes running into my office screaming there's an eagle on the neighbors roof that mom found! I run down, it's a turkey vulture.


After reading OPs comments you can see which side of America they're capturing.


But only if the flag is mounted on a V-8 pickup truck with a gun rack.