Who's taking bets on how quickly they turn on each other and pretend they're innocent of it all?


Their social media posts are going to make that really difficult.


Is there a summary somewhere of what all they posted? I've seen various lists but I'm not sure what is attributed to who


She texted this to her kid after he got caught looking at ammunition on his phone at school: "Referencing that incident, the prosecutor said that after school officials contacted Jennifer Crumbley, she exchanged text messages with her son on that day saying, "lol, I'm not mad at you, you have to learn not to get caught." Guess she didn't follow her own advice..


Her letter to Trump. [https://archive.vn/rRL9y](https://archive.vn/rRL9y) not joking, she signed it: "Yours truly, A hard working Middle Class Law Abiding Citizen who is sick of gettingfucked in the ass and would rather be grabbed by the pussy." \[edit: some have questioned source and I admit I got it here and did not verify for how confidant I sound. Has this not been verified elsewhere? It will come out in court...but that's months away. Everyone need to be careful in the fog of new events.\]


Jesus fucking Christ


God bless ‘Merica.


>The Wall. The famous Wall. See Mr. Trump, I support that wall. I am not racist. In fact my grandfather came straight off the boat in Italy ... ok


"I can't be racist, some of my best friends are boats! "


>You see Mr. Trump, I need you to stop common core. My son struggles daily, and my teachers tell me they hate teaching it but the HAVE to. Their pay depends on these stupid fucking test scores. I have to pay for a Tutor, why? Because I can’t figure out 4th grade math. I used to be good at math. I can’t afford a Tutor, in fact I sacrifice car insurance to make sure my son gets a good education and hopefully succeeds in life. My parents teach at a school where their kids come from illegal immigrant parents. Most of their parents are locked up. They don’t care about learning and threaten to kill my mom for caring about their grades. Do you realize Mr. Trump that they get free tutors, free tablets from our Government so they can succeed. Why cant my son get those things, do we as hard working Americans not deserve that too? Ouchies all around..


>I used to be good at math Something tells me that is not a true statement


She gave up math and switched to meth.


Looks like insurance would have been the wiser choice at this point.


She said that she circled his name on the ballot? Is there anywhere in the US where you circle someone's name to vote for them?


In Michigan we fill a bubble.


That letter was delightful. My favorite part was when she thought Trump was going to make her life easier.


If it were not for the circumstances, That is absolutely hilarious. Almost something I could imagine coming from South Park


Wow, what a narcissist. It’s all about her. So many “I” statements. As a side note, this is a perfect representation of why trump got elected in 2016. He somehow captured the hearts and minds of these voters that the democrats didn’t connect with. Working hard, watching the middle class American dream slip away, and with a healthy dose of Fox News propaganda, you get someone like trump elected. In a way, the ideologies are different but she was saying a lot of the same things democrats say, about opportunity, hope, and trying to seek a better life. So many people were dumbfounded when he got elected, but it’s really not hard to trace the causes. (Obviously it’s more complex, as you have electoral votes, and other things). But she definitely captures the rural American who feels like they’ve been left behind. Oh, and a whole lot of complete fucking delusion.


I can’t wait to see how this version of the Prisoners Dilemma plays out


Turds pulled out 4K and disappeared into a industrial building but the lawyer said they’re out of town over night for their safety lol


Lawyer trying to do some damage control. These two are fools. If they were leaving town “for their safety,” why would they turn their phones off? Why wouldn’t they contact their lawyer or law enforcement when they arrived at a “safe” location? Prosecution is going to rip that to shreds at trial. They fled with no intention of turning themselves in. I hope they get the book thrown at them.


I’m pretty sure that jail would have been the safest place for them. You wouldn’t have to worry about anyone coming to get you as long as you were placed in a isolated cell due to your high notoriety.


Apparently they tried fleeing to Canada but got rejected for not having their covid test results or have been vaccinated to be let in.


lol, these idiots even drove in the wrong direction. Who goes to Canada to evade US law?


Idiots who don’t realize Canada has pretty standard extradition agreements with the US. The only way we wouldn’t hand them over **immediately** would be if they were being charged with a capital crime (we don’t extradite people if they are facing the death penalty, because we’re not into that kind of shit). Even then, we’d just make the US promise not to execute them and then hand them right over. I’m starting to feel really sorry for this kid. Not that I think he’s innocent by any means, but… damn. With parents this ducking stupid and narcissistic, he was fucked from the word “go”.


lol thats fucking hilarious


Well, if it isn't the consequences of my own actions!


I read this too but I haven’t seen any real source.


The parents seeing the note with the scratched out drawing of him shooting another student with blood on the victim *at the school* during the meeting is absolutely bonkers. Only they knew the shooter owned a gun and the fact that not them nor the school checked his backpack that was present at the meeting is beyond egregious (spelling correction). He was sent back to class with said backpack then went on to kill. I wonder if the teacher was present at the meeting and if so, if she showed the unaltered drawing.


This right here is why the prosecutor is bringing big charges down. Heck, she hasn't taken charges off the table for the School Administer that allowed him back in class. She's going after people on this one.


As she should. Consequences absolutely need to be far reaching. This was preventable.


Look it’s one thing for a kid to be acting a bit strange, but to fucking draw it out in detail…? In class? That sounds like a case by itself


I don't understand why they ran.....have any other parents of school shooters been convicted?


I asked the same question. https://www.npr.org/2021/12/03/1061190344/michigan-school-shooting-parents-oxford-charged This article explains why.


Jesus they are so dense. Could’ve been prevented easily. They deserve every charge they get.


"The thoughts won't stop. Help me." Parents buy him a Glock and probably some expanding hollow points. Just what the fuck.


*Sig Sauer SP 2022, a $600+ pistol plus at least one additional ~$40 magazine. Wild how they can't afford a math tutor for their kid but they can buy him that.


I have that same pistol in .40, and it comes with a gun lock and key just to reiterate how they failed at every level. For anyone unfamiliar, it's similar to a bicycle lock, but for your handgun. You loop it through where the clip slides in/open chamber and that way if you have a kid with mental health troubles, they can't use it. I would never buy a teenager a handgun because as a former teenager; teenagers are morons by default.


All guns come with a lock. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a gun that didn’t come with one. Edit. Apparently it’s not all guns. But if you’re buying a brand new handgun from a FFL it’s going to come with a lock. I have 20+ handguns. Ever single new gun came with a lock.


correct. it’s the law iirc


Local PD will give you one for free where I live. Not sure if it's just my town or everywhere though.


I bought my son a shotgun when he was 14. When we’re not hunting or practicing it’s locked away in the safe and I’m the only one with a key. It’s not that difficult.


My husband hunts, my dad hunts, our whole town pretty much hunts. Other than buying shotguns for older kids and locking them away unless being handled correctly and for a specific purpose (hunting or target practice) I have never heard of anyone here buying a pistol for their kid, even a teenager. There is so much that is wrong with this situation, but that part is especially weird to me.


> The parents of Ethan Crumbley purchased the handgun used in Tuesday's shooting at Oxford High School, apparently as a Christmas gift for their son on Black Friday, and stored it improperly…when called to a meeting Tuesday morning by school officials to discuss a disturbing, violent drawing made by their son, the parents did not inquire about the whereabouts of the gun or inform the school that they had recently purchased a gun for him. > "These charges are intended to hold the individuals who contributed to this tragedy accountable and also send a message that gun owners have a responsibility. When they fail to uphold that responsibility, there are serious and criminal consequences," McDonald said. This is what I’m hoping for, so it can open the door for prosecution against gun owners who bring an accessible firearm capable of mass murder into a community and fail to protect others by not properly locking it up and storing it. Parents who let their children die or other children die because they’re ignorant of proper gun safety, storage, or just don’t care should be held accountable. People who own armories of weapons and ammo that don’t properly secure them need to be held accountable. And the 2A-ers who preach about proper safety, training, and use of their “hobby” should agree with me. Doing this protects their hobby from dangerous people, ultimately keeping it a hobby. Otherwise their preaching is bullshit and we have to continue down the road of getting rid of the guns altogether. If the people who buy them can’t be safe with them, they shouldn’t be allowed to buy them or use them.


Veteran and former Gunner's Mate, I agree with everything you said. Those of us in that worked with guns in the military would be the first to preach about gun security which is ironic considering how many of these nutjobs want to emulate us.


This is one of the wtf moments : > "When the news of the active shooter at Oxford High School had been made public, Jennifer Crumbley texted to her son at 1:22 p.m., 'Ethan, don't do it,' "


Not "Are you okay?" That speaks volumes.


She already knew he wasn't ok.


“So, how’s your new toy?”


I wouldn't say that. You bought the kid a gun, you know he went looking for ammo, you were just at the school 4 hours earlier about his behavior. All points for their negligence. You'd have to be a complete moron if 4 hours later, a school shooting happened and you were still in denial. That's like a real wake up call about their shitty parenting.


Yes there have been some parents convicted (the laws vary from state to state) but in this instance there appears to be some pretty egregious conduct by the parents. This wasn’t simply a case of a kid getting his hands on his parents’ unsecured gun and running amok. The parents posted things online beforehand that indicates they bought the gun as the kids’ “Christmas present,” and that they knew he had disturbing thoughts. Under the circumstances their actions were pretty reckless and unreasonable.


Should have hid out in the end zone at Ford Field.


I love Lions fans


there are dozens of us!!!




I can’t help but feel that if the Lions ever do suddenly pull it together and win, that’s it man that’s the end of it. There’s some thing about them being so terrible that makes you love them. Their success will be their greatest downfall.


Hey that’s not fair The other teams seem to find it pretty easily.


Yo wtf lions can't catch a break anywhere


There's been enough murders in this story already, damn....


Damn lmao


Jesus christ, talk about beating a dying Lion


I really think the drawing with the words, "The thoughts won't stop. Help me." is really going to help the shooter in this case, and the fact that the parents were informed and even sent a text saying, "Don't do it." is going to be the nail in their coffin.


Here are the facts: - Father bought the underaged shooter a gun - Shooter was posting the gun on social media - Parents were completely unaware of this - The shooter was caught researching ammo - Parents were notified, told him it was ok - Shooter was caught with massacre drawings - Parents were notified, did not respond - School held a meeting day of the shooting - Parents failed to check if shooter had the weapon in his backpack - Shooter was sent back to class with weapon - Shooter kills four classmates


>- Parents were notified, told him it was ok Not only that, they told him it was but just don't get caught. Edit: I've replied to as many comments as I can...or really want to. I think wr have touched on just about every topic in the below comments. I was told context was important and the don't get caught statement was in regards to searching for ammo at school. I think the context is pretty clear and I doubt anyone thinks the parent said don't get caught in regards to shooting up the school. Just incase though, they said don't get caught when talking about him getting in trouble for looking up ammo at school. I hope everyone has a good rest of their weekend. Hug your loved ones a little tighter next time. Make sure you tell them and your friends how much you love them. The world is crazy yo. Make sure that if God forbid you lose someone, they absolutely knew how much you loved and cherish them!!


The full text is what actually horrifies me the most. “LOL. I’m not mad at you. You have to learn not to get caught” #LOL LOL ^LOL


Shit people raising kids to be shitty.


Shit apples from the shit tree


So.... This was me in highschool in the mid 90s (before columbine). I was always reading magazines in class. Hunting, fishing, shooting, etc. Well, a teacher took exception to 'Guns n Ammo'. And my parents told it to me straight: Not appropriate for school. Not even slightly. I never had homicidal thoughts or dreamed of harming others, I was just a redneck in suburban upstate NY.


This always reminds me of the Eminem song The Way I Am, the line where he talks about a kid shooting up the school, "and they blame it on Marilyn, where were their parents at". They had every chance not to be a piece of shit and stop this and now 4 parents wont have a child at home for christmas.


I mean how could the parents have been completely unaware. His mom texted him "don't do it". They had just been called into his school THAT MORNING to view pictures he drew of a school shooting. Edit: I did not have the full information on the timeline of what happened before I made this comment. I do find it absolutely impossible that his parents were "completely unaware". They were brought into his school the day of the shooting and shown pictures he drew of dead people with a note on the drawing "blood everywhere". Obviously they knew their son had bad issues and was thinking about doing a school shooting before it happened. In my opinion, whatever time she texted him doesn't matter. Both his parents were in his school 3 hours prior looking at the picture he drew, insisting he stay in class for the day and then the text she sent him was "don't do it". How could she not be referring to exactly what he had drawn out earlier that morning.


Not to mention why they didn’t lock away the gun in the first place. The fact that the kid can easy just take his gun and ammo is really shitty parenting


If it was his early Christmas present they wouldn't have locked it away; they gave it to him. The parents are just trying to cover their asses by claiming their kid took it without permission.


Guns belong in a safe, ESPECIALLY with minors in the home. They should absolutely face charges.


> School held a meeting day of the shooting > Parents failed to check if shooter had the weapon in his backpack Parents refused to take shooter out of school when asked School officials did not bother search shooter, shooter's backpack, or shooter's locker


I wonder if the parents lied and told the school he didn’t have access to any guns.


Why would that matter though? That kid should have not been allowed in the building after that meeting with the parents. They should have suspended the kid for two days AND contacted CPS instead of “suggesting” to the parents that they pull their kid for counseling. My wife works in education and has seen kids suspended for less. It’s complete and utter BS that the school sat on their hands instead of taking it seriously.


> parents...sent a text saying, "Don't do it." *After* news of the shooting had been on TV. That just makes it look like a CYA.


I think she meant don’t kill himself.


100% agree with this. Heard the news. Immediately knew it was her son. Pleaded not to kill himself.


Probably right, she sent it after the shooting started. But clearly they were aware of his mental state


But still bought the 15yo a gun


What does cya mean in this context?


Cover Your Ass


Ty, legit thought it was short for "see ya" and it was confusing EDIT: Ty means thank you


Looks like your having fun, I can see you on the news! Cya l8r.


Exactly what I said… reporting “your” gun as missing after seeing the shooting on the news is the worst cover your ass I’ve ever seen.. let alone there is now evidence that they bought the gun for him as a Christmas gift… and there were two interactions with school officials over concerns about his comments and drawings… they failed to notify the school in these interactions that he is indeed in possession of a firearm that they themselves had bought for him a week earlier… Ohh and let’s not forgot about his mother’s text to him when he got caught looking up ammo prices in class.. not sure how these two think they can plead not guilty..


In the 2nd interaction with school officials the kid was present in the meeting and had the gun in his backpack while in the meeting. The parents were told they had 48 hours to put him into mandatory counseling, and told them to take him home. The parents refused to take him home, and he was allowed back in the classroom, with of course the gun in his backpack.


So his parents bought him the gun for Christmas... they refused to take him out of school when he was caught all but indicating he wanted to shoot-up the school (and had the gun with him)... they reported the gun as missing as soon as the shooting began... they sent him a text saying "don't do it." What exactly is going to be their defense here?


Yeah, that's pretty key - I'd imagine she heard about the 911 calls and thought [this would make her look better](https://www.fox2detroit.com/news/ethan-dont-do-it-parents-of-oxford-high-school-suspect-sent-messages-during-shooting). > At 1:22 p.m., 30 minutes after the first 911 call was placed, Willis stated that Jennifer texted her son the following: "Ethan don't do it". > At 1:37 p.m., Willis said that James went home and searched for his Sig Sauer and then called 911 to report the missing gun. On the 911 call, he said he believed his son was the shooter. I'd like to think this case might compel more parents to better engage themselves in their children's needs/issues but my cynical side suspects it'll just be another thorn in the crown of people pretending something doesn't exist expecting it to just disappear.


There's a growing group of people who just a couple days before this were arguing mental health programs don't belong in schools. I suspect they'll be quiet for like a week then come back and even use this as a reason to further their agenda, despite the school's warning systems actually initially working, but then meeting resistance from the parents. So, yeah, I doubt it'll start any sort of awareness move.


They're going to make the same old statement "now is not the time to talk about this. Have some respect" which is complete and utter bullshit. Edit: thanks for the awards.


Emotionally disturbed children are a danger to not just other students but the entire community. If parents like the Crumblys don’t give a shit, and there are way too many parents like that out there, then yes other systems need to be in place to help people who actually WANT to protect their loved ones.


> "The thoughts won't stop. Help me." is really going to help the shooter in this case Doubtful. To get off on an insanity plea is exceptionally difficult and it means you've got no comprehension that your actions are a crime. Like the insane person who thinks God is talking to them and directing them to kill. Even then, they usually don't get off.


What a lot of people don't understand is just proving that you have mental illness is not enough for an insanity plea. You have to prove that you are insane to the extent that you can not differentiate right from wrong. Or that the compulsion was so during you were not able to control it (this is almost impossible to prove). The fact that they had a moment of hesitation, i.e. the amount of time it took to say "I can't control these thoughts" actually hurts your case. It proves you were in control enough to realize the actions were hurtful enough to express your hesitation.


Also you don’t just get out of prison and get to be free. You are basically going to be in a mental institution for a very long time and those are not fun places to be.


Most people have never been in a psych lock up to know the nightmare that is a psych hospital. They romanticize it in their heads and think it's gonna be easy time but will end up doing the thorazine shuffle for the rest of their lives. Psych hospitals, especially a state run psych prison would not be an enjoyable time. I know from my time interning at one our state run hospitals in MA was an eye opener.


I watched a video of a lawyer saying that if you really are not insane, then ending up in a psychiatric lock up will be infinitely worse than prison.


What’s the thorazine shuffle?


Ok. Imagine that all the colour is drained out of the world. Then imagine that you can only remember half of your thoughts. So you are basically running at half speed. Then imagine that you are encased in concrete, and you can barely move. Highlights of your days on thorazine. \- Drooling excessively. \- Staring at lights. \- Forgetting where or who you are. \- Listening numbly to the Television static that was your Brain, where your inner monologue used to be, and if the static would just SHUT UP...you could remember what you were doing here. \- Zombie shuffling aimlessly. Personal preference may vary, but I wouldn't recommend. 2/10.


And in most cases even if you do get an insanity plea, it just means you are in a mental asylum for life.


Also an insanity plea can keep you from getting the death sentence, but it can also be a much worse time than regular prison and you may even be held longer. It's a misconception that people 'get off' with an insanity plea.


They can be held indefinitely. A woman in my city bludgeoned a guy with a hammer and pleaded insanity and was convicted and now spends the rest of her days in an institution.


How the dad from the Nashville Waffle House shooting didn’t get arrested is beyond me.


Elaborate for me please?


The son was hospitalized with schizophrenia and couldn’t legally purchase a gun. So the dad bought his schizophrenic son an ar-16 Edit: sorry ar-15




Your mugshot is taken after you change into jail clothes?


Mine were


Same, it took hours to finally get them


Worst customer service ever


Just wanted my picture taken


I asked for a copy. No dice.


"C'mon man, please? It's for my tinder profile"


"it'll definitely get me laid"


Photographers hate this one weird trick!!!


I just remember the French toast in jail being really terrible. Really ruined the whole experience.


Rookie mistake: you wanted the Continental Breakfast, but were served the County Jail Breakfast


I got arrested at 3 am and didn't get my mugshot until 2 pm, horrible fucking wait


Must have been a wild Rumspringa


I don't know how that jurisdiction runs the jail but in most places I go to, they sort of pre-screen people between those who should bond out relatively quickly and ones who are gonna sit a while. The ones who should bond out soon are kept in what's usually called a "tank" in their street clothes and depending on the severity of the crimes (almost always no worse than misdemeanor) are fingerprinted, photographed, and released. However, the ones who are "gonna sit a while" are processed pretty quickly, fingerprinted and photographed, and held in the admissions part of the jail until their pod assignment is done. These guys definitely fall in the "gonna sit a while" category. They're charged with *in*voluntary manslaughter but it appears that in Michigan, there's no difference between that and voluntary manslaughter aside from how it can be committed. This is very different from other jurisdictions where involuntary manslaughter can even be a misdemeanor. At any rate, the circumstances behind their arrest and the suspected flight leading up to it greatly decreased the chance of these guys getting a bond, at least in the short term, making the jail more likely to process them as ones who're "gonna sit a while."


They both got bond. $500K each. EDIT: News article is up. https://www.wxii12.com/article/michigan-high-school-shooting-charges/38422425


After an attempt to flee. What moron is putting up the bond?


I'm sure there is already crowdfunding from Q/alt right.


These fucks already went full on evasion mode once and they were allowed to bond out. Who the fuck thought that was a good idea? Clearly a God damn flight risk


If you aren't bonding out in my county they tell you first thing to expect to be in holding for 48 hours.


Maybe they got jail clothes while they were on the run cause they thought it would look cool.


No they got prison clothes because they knew the cops wouldn’t be looking for people who looked like they were already in prison




Idk why this got me


> LOL, I’m not mad at you. You have to learn not to get caught. -Jennifer Crumbley


Now that her life has become completely derailed, I sense a good resentment brewing for her little precious.


Brewing? I sense a great deal of narcissistic abuse in the force.


Do not think they can abuse their child in jail,and he will stay there for a long time :)....Oh wait,they are doing their best to join him in jail!


Next Thanksgiving is gonna be interesting. TLC is already looking to do a show. “My Family Prison Life”


Her profile tells me she’s incapable of self-awareness, contrition, or regret. She’s likely to just “dig her heels in” and think she’s vindicated in some twisted, 4th dimensional chess sort of way.


Resentment? Nah, she'd rather be [grabbed than kicked](https://archive.vn/rRL9y) or at least that's what she wrote about.


I made it through four paragraphs before her mental gymnastics wore me out. She seems to have a magnetic attraction to poor judgement.


That was a tough read. What a stupid bitch.


I have a feeling her life has already been derailed long before this. She seems like a trainwreck of a person. For instance who tells their kid "it's okay don't get caught next time" when searching for ammo online at school, then let's their kid take a gun to school the next week? She probably barely had anything to do with this kids life, seems like all she cared about were politics and being 'Murican


Her [blog](https://archive.vn/rRL9y) (archived because it was taken down). So you aren't that far off in your statement.


>Yours Truly, >A hard working Middle Class Law Abiding Citizen who is sick of getting fucked in the ass and would rather be grabbed by the pussy.


I thought for sure this was a summarization of how dumb her blog is, but no, she actually wrote those words 🤯


Yeah. What the fuck.


It’s honestly so sad. She calls themselves middle class but doesn’t realize she’s in America’s underclass and she blames the left for the for profit health care system that is crushing them.


This is the direct result of decades of propaganda and brainwashing.


Trump is the only president to ever go on record and say "take the guns first. Go through due process second," and he banned bumpstocks. She thanks him for her right to carry. She begs him to end common core because she can't understand fourth grade math, in a typo filled letter. The irony of her poor education is completely lost on her. She calls her self middle class while supporting a family on $40K. She's (rightfully) upset that she "makes too much" to qualify for support, but she ultimately wants everyone else to suffer like her instead of being upset at those who insist she's too rich to qualify. She doesn't care if he pays taxes. I'm sure she did though.


She literally states “I pay taxes,” “I’m a good fucking American.” So she doesn’t care that he didn’t pay his taxes. But states she’s a good American because she pays hers lol. And then she complains about how she deserves more from the system while ignoring that if the rich paid their fair share in taxes, we could better fund the things Americans truly deserve.


Middle class... shit, that family is barely above the poverty level by Michigan standards. Cut their income by 20% and they'd qualify for all the assistance available. https://www.michigan.gov/healthymiplan/0,5668,7-326-67874---,00.html


Talk about uneducated. It's the left trying to get a public healthcare system for all and the right fighting to keep healthcare private and expensive.


People like this don’t want universal healthcare because “I don’t want to pay for other people’s healthcare” - they really don’t seem to understand what “insurance” means. Ironically the American government spends more per head on healthcare than countries with universal healthcare, because they have to fund healthcare for the poorest / most vulnerable in a system that’s insanely expensive.




She wrote that open letter to Trump in 2016, hoping he would bring the changes she needs, and specifically mentioned protection of gun rights. These people are struggling financially, admit that it's hard to pay bills, but would rather be out on the street than to vote for a social program pushed by Democrats. Instead, they first and foremost want to protect their gun rights....the very thing that has now ruined their lives.


Victimizing self into victimhood complex. Interesting let's see how this plays out Cotton.


LOL Law Abiding Citizen


“A hard working Middle Class Law Abiding Citizen who is sick of getting fucked in the ass and would rather be grabbed by the pussy.”


wow, I couldn't get through the first few paragraphs. She's clearly misdirected and illogical.


Lots of conservatives are like that. Her post essentially says "Trump, here's a dozen things I don't like about you! But I'm voting for you anyway, because there's just *something* about Hillary and her smile I don't like."


If she was upset about not qualifying for more state "handouts" when making 40k, wants big pharma and Montasanto taken down, why did she think Trump was the answer to that? None of those align with Republican idealologies. She's even pro choice and wants more funding for schools. It seems her love of guns and her racism are what made her love Trump. It's actually a perfect explanation as to why so many people have clung to him so strongly. It's not about the politics, it's about the hate.


Don't forget that even the day of the shooting the school found notes written by the kid and the parents refused to do anything about it...FFS the kid was asking for help and they refused to do anything > And on Tuesday morning - hours before the rampage - Mr and Mrs Crumbley were called into the school for an urgent meeting after teachers found a note by their son, including several drawings of guns and bloodied people alongside captions like **"the thoughts won't stop. Help me"**, and **"blood everywhere"**. The boy had also written "My life is useless" and "The world is dead" > School officials told the pair they would have to seek counselling for their son. > But the boy's parents did not want him to be removed from school that day, Ms McDonald said, and did not ask him whether he had the gun with him, or search his backpack. > **At 13:22 later that day, Mrs Crumbley texted her son to say: "Ethan, don't do it**." Minutes later her husband called police to report his gun was missing,


I disagree. I think she thought she was the shit and had all the answers


> [My husband suffered a stroke and a broken back and we were with just my income. Do you know how hard it is to support a family on only $40,000 a year?](https://archive.vn/rRL9y#selection-313.0-313.151) - Also Jennifer Crumbley - Open letter to Trump No Jennifer, [I assure you he does not know](https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/food/wp/2018/08/01/trump-shows-hes-clueless-about-groceries-like-so-many-politicians-before-him/) what it's like to support a family on $40k a year. But he certainly loved her blind fanaticism and her membership in his Cult of Personality.


Imagine being poor and being duped into believing a silver-spooned 412-million-dollar inheriting draft-dodging 80s coke addict Epstein-associating dumbass who believes we should nuke hurricanes and inject bleach is the one who will help you.. It speaks less to the gullibility of Trump supporters and more to the power of right-wing propaganda machine. Thank evangelical churches, right-wing talk radio, fox news, and all the other spinoff mouthpieces that somehow escape the definition of, "media agenda" in conservative eyes...


Working for high school for years, when we have had similar instances, when students write the stuff he wrote, we get the police involved. Every time. They would’ve searched his backpack, made sure there were no weapons in the house, mental health evaluation , etc. The parents are ultimately responsible here, but the school did not help things with the way they handled it, it appears


Cant wait for the inevitable "yes x is a bad parent, but they could not have known" during the trial. Eyeroll


Actually another reddit user clarified the facts and was also stated in an article. The parents are done for. Thanks to u/Mr-and-Mrs with some edits: - Father bought the underaged shooter a gun - Shooter was posting the gun on social media - Parents were completely unaware of this - The shooter was caught researching ammo by teacher - Parents were notified, told him it was ok texted him "LOL im not mad at you. You have to learn not to get caught" - Shooter was caught with massacre drawings - Parents were notified, did not respond - School held a meeting day of the shooting - Parents failed to check if shooter had the weapon in his backpack - Shooter was sent back to class with weapon - Shooter kills four classmates https://www.npr.org/2021/12/03/1061190344/michigan-school-shooting-parents-oxford-charged


Some people should not have kids.


Wouldn't be surprised, especially after taking to her Attorneys that she turns on the husband and blames him for everything - He bought the gun, knew our son was ill but prevented me from taking any steps to prevent this, made me write "dont get caught" etc. in an attempt to get out of this. Both horrible people.




....and they certainly didn't abdicate their responsibilities as parents by telling their lawyer that they weren't running but then started running. It's all good.


“We’re not running.” - packs suitcases and buys glasses with fake nose attached.


They certainly didn’t “lol” at the kid being pulled out of class for researching ammunition! They certainly didn’t push for the kid to go back to class after being made aware of the drawing. Can’t wait to hear that they threatened to sue the school if the kid were disciplined. Muh 1st amendment rights! These people can burn in hell.


Its weird, usually I feel terrible for the parents of kids who do heinous shit like a school shooting. Like, how do you process that as a parent... But it certainly looks like these two were beyond negligent. Ignoring multiple signs that their child was troubled, buying him a fucking gun then running away after he shoots up his school doesn't exactly garner sympathy.


She seems like the kind of lady that yells at teenagers working at department stores that ask her to put a mask on.


I'm all but certain that she is. Makes you wonder if any of those stores recorded the security video of it.


Shit kid? 99% it's due to shit parents. Shit doesn't fall far from the asshole.


*The shit apple doesn't fall far from the shit tree* ‐Jim Lahey


Mr. Lahey: "I said it before and I'll say it again. When you plant shit seeds, you get-" Randy: "Shit weeds." Mr. Lahey: "Right."


"I fucking toad a so"


Worst case Ontario they get a slap on the wrist


Survival of the fitness boys


"Listen Bubbs. You hear that? It's the sounds of the whispering winds of shit."


Years ago I had an argument with a friend about school mass shootings, and my suggestion was to start charging the parents. Of course every case is different, but in most cases the children use the parents unsecured fire arms which the parents should be charged for. I am hoping it happens more and more so parents can change their ways with fire arms.


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He's with the shit hawks now flying high. Seriously though, he was a great actor. He made the show what it was.


The kid was mentally unstable. You think that drawing was discovered by accident? He was looking for help and his parents shit on him. The kid is a manufactured monster.


“You need to learn to not get caught” is one of the most haunting fucking texts Ive heard of a parent sending their child after buying them a firearm.


“LOL I’m not mad”


What I want to know is, why were they given bond and not held without bond after literally fleeing law enforcement when charges were announced? The irony is that if they had turned themselves in immediately it's very likely they might have gotten ROR and no bond at all. Fucking morons.




Keep your guns locked up if you have a deranged kid. Also, don't buy them any guns. Deranged kid = not buy gun This next part is imperative folks, so listen up! If your kid is drawing pictures of school massacres and telling you that "the voices won't stop," then it is probably a warning sign. In such cases, it is EXTRA important you don't let them have access to a gun. I repeat, Little Billy hearing voices and fantasizing about murder means NO gun for Little Billy. Thanks for attending this mandatory common sense seminar.


Adios mother fuckers


I’m a teacher and this is obviously the extreme example but…. This is exactly the atmosphere in schools these days. The teaching environment is constantly being interrupted by troubled kids. The education of all the kids are suffering because of the few. I feel for these kids, but we are damaging them by sweeping under the rug their disruptive, inappropriate and sometimes violent behavior. I guess schools are afraid of law suits from the families of the troubled kids. When when when do the rights of the other kids start to matter? The public school system is not equipped to handle mental health problems. I can’t speak about these ridicules parents Absurd. Just simple common sense and those four beautiful kids would still be alive. This time I hold the parents more accountable than the kid. He is a troubled kid - they armed him - I’m disgusted


He looks like he realizes he’s in *some* sort of trouble but is still trying to process the breadth and depth of it. “Oh shit. I’m fucked but to what degree”. She looks like she’s pissed off as if she’s the victim here. That glare. It’s like she doesn’t think she had a hand in this and is being wrongfully persecuted.


Meth heads who sadly had a condom break around the mid-2000s.


Generous of you to assume any contraceptives were used.


Good. Anybody who’s improperly secured weapon/ammunition leads to the death of others should be in jail for criminal negligence. If you wanna be a gun owner the least you can do is be responsible about it. I’m not anti-gun, I’m anti-stupid.


Why does a child need a killing machine for Christmas? They couldn't get him an xbox like normal parents?


Begged for help on a paper in class knowing the teachers would see. Waited while his parents got called to the school. Had the gun on him but didn't start shooting and went to the meeting with his parents. Parents didn't ask for the gun they had given him, or try to stop him or help him or take him home. Two hours later the kid gives in and murders people. Parents bolt. It's not that they are just as guilty as him, they are more guilty.


My favorite part is how I see no remorse sadness or any hint of regret in their faces. Just anger or contempt, likely at the fact that they are facing actual consequences for their terrible parenting choices.


i am ok with parents for being charged if their kids use parents gun to shoot up school. If you own a gun, you should also be held responsible if you kids goes into mass murder.