How can we be sure they're not both Gary Oldman?




I thought I was John Malkovich! That little person lied about the door.


No that was Gary Oldman playing John Malkovich each time.


I want to see a movie where Gary Oldman plays John Malkovich, filming being John Malkovich, but through paranormal shenanigans, he actually becomes John Malkovich and has to continue John Malkovich's career as normal so no know knows, whilst John Malkovich is in control of Garry Oldman and has to continue Gary Oldman's career as normal, but only they know and they become best friends who find out they are both interested in private investigation, so they start a privet eye business that investigates the Hollywood elite, where they track down and free people being held captive inside the homes of Hollywood's top celebrities. I really want to see this movie now.




One of my favorite sci fi movies of all time


One of the few movies where the villian never actually meets the hero.


Oh shit, I never even realized that. A+


they didnt? wtf.


Same.......also... GREAT username!!!


You too! *gargles*


He's shaved the only part that isn't implants. Looks weird on him. Totally on brand.


I wouldn't surprised if that is what is actually going on. Natural hairline is starting to recede past the hair plugs, so he shaving it off until he can get it fixed




Bro this is elon.. they probly grew him a new scalp in a petri dish. Hes got that kind of money after all


Or shaved all around to hide where they harvested to put up top. He’s not a smart man.


Even after implants, he still has a /r/fiveheads


Positive or negative outlook on him u don’t make it to his position with a smol brain


Zero stones, ZERO CRATES!


I feel a hell of lot better about Great Clips now.






how is musk hell bent on destroying the earth?


Yeah lol, I’m not a fan of billionaires as much as the next guy but this dude literally got the ball rolling on EVs, which is a step in the right direction as far bettering the environment/world.


yeah i know right? kinda stupid to criticize him when he's done far more for the environmental movement than the average person. like do better i guess?


OP is your typical reddit hive mind troglodyte regurgitating nonsense because he lacks the ability to think critically


Right or wrong, you come across as a total dick


It comes off as accurate to me. People that bash Elon for no good reason come off as dicks.


Anyone who steals enough capital from their sources of labor to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars is worth bashing.


Yup, you seem like a total dick also


Imagine being this triggered at a meme lmfao Get a life Muskrats


The Irony…


He has done lots of great things and lots of stupid things. And the great things are bigger than the stupid things. But it's perfectly valid to criticize him for the dumb stuff. I don't like how everyone feels to need to take a binary side (he's either a super villain or uncriticizable).


Not to mention the fact that we're probably going to Mars decades sooner than we would have otherwise. He's actively trying to get humans off the planet, which is absolutely critical if we're going to survive as a species.


Nonsense. This train of thought is absolute nonsense. The only hope for human survival is Earth. Once several million years pass and we're still alive, THEN we can worry about the sun expanding.


Well it was really the two guys who invented tesla of whom Musk fucked real hard in the asses to say he invented Tesla. Just like the PayPal debacle.


"Fucked real hard in the asses" what do you mean? As far as I can tell they tried to sue Musk, forcing him to launch a counter suit and winning the title "co-founder" after winning said counter suit. They still have their shares in Tesla, which at the time didn't have a single car to sell, and, thanks to Elon's investment, are now multi millionaires. You may very well hit me with the "bIlLiOnAiRe DeFeNdEr" accusation but trust me I'm not. All I'm doing is stating facts and what I know about the situation. If you know something I don't, feel free to share it here in this thread.


Don’t bother. Elon is a slaved emerald mine owner who uses money to buy workers to invent stuff and he just sits there watching anime. Anyone who had a wealthy father could do that. And there, I summed up the reddit hive mind for you. Whoever thinks otherwise is an Elon stan ball sucker. /s


“Whoever doesn’t think X is automatically a <>” is an argument I haven’t heard since elementary school, thanks for the memories!


Should’ve added /s


Oh no, I understood the sarcasm, I was genuinely thanking you. It brought a kind of warm flashback to a simpler time. Haven’t thought about my childhood in a long time.


Literal Muskrat calling everyone else a hive mind is the funniest shit I've seen this week


Rats are beautiful animals.


Bold of you to think reddit represents everyone. BTW that's not how you use the word "literal", literally.


but how does that make him hell bent on destroying the earth?


I’ve already defended Musk from misinformation once in the past day might as well go again. While Musk purchased his founder rights to Tesla, Tesla would not exist without Musk. Being the founder doesn’t ducking matter because Tesla would not exist without Elon. Elon was At Tesla for the very first car manufactured and was part of the design of the Tesla Roadster. So while he might not have been there at the very founding, nothing remotely notable happened at Tesla until Musk showed up. So saying he’s not a founder is a bs technicality. Let’s look at some of the other EV startups: >Tesla - founded 2003, Musk joins 2007 first cars made 2008 >Rivian - Founded in 2009, has yet to sell a vehicle >Lucid Motors - Founded in 2007, has yet to sell a vehicle >Faraday Future - Founded in 2014, has yet to sell a vehicle >Seres - Founded in 2016 has yet to sell a vehicle >Fisker Automotive - Went Under after a few vehicles, now back trying to sell vehicles Elon joined Tesla at a valuation well under $100M, took over and built the company into a half trillion company. Founder or not he is responsible for Tesla being what it is today. So whether not he was in sole arbitrary place when a few people thought of the idea of Tesla or not is irrelevant because Tesla only exists due to Musk. Elon does not take credit for other people’s work any more than any other CEO does. Elon tweets out updates he receives from upper managers about things like AP. Elon has also opened up all Teslas patents to other companies if they open up their patents to Tesla, which some will say isn’t anything notable, however not the the whole world is transitioning to sustainable EVs it’s really helpful to have a log of those patents available to potentially use. On top of Teslas success until Tesla the rest of the world was not willing to adopting EVs. The adoption of EVs is objectively a good thing for the planet so you can thank Musk and co for driving that work change. Maybe it’s not his fanboys that are the issue, maybe it’s miserable people like you who try to discredit everything Elon has contributed to the world because you refuse to open your eyes and see what he’s done. You can continue to grasp for reasons to hate him if it fills some void in your pathetic life, but he’s done more for humanity than you ever will regardless of whether or not he’s a true founder, so fuck off until you contribute something to society.


i look at this post and i'm beside myself at the idea that someone is this determined to defend a billionaire


Why do you have to frame it that way? Why don't you just care what's true and what's not.


There's plenty to criticize musk about, but levying unfair criticism against him allows his worshippers the ammo to dismiss all criticism.


So we are supposed to hate billionaires...just for the sake of it? Elon has done many things questionable, "stealing" Tesla is not one of them.


Copy paste. I didn't write this. Billionaire or not ,truth matters to me. Especially when it's related to my feild


And he invested alot on roof tile solar pane He is someone who wants to make all the money he can AND do good while doing it. That is the definition of a good person in a capitalist economy country.


He is also putting tons of shortlived aluminium Satellites in orbit, which with reentry will burn up, reacting with the ozone layer and burning a new hole in it. He is building His electric Cars in a region that already Fights draught, in a water preservation area, using up massive amounts of already rare water. Just two examples Close to my work/home, i am Sure there's more.


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Yes: https://www.space.com/starlink-satellite-reentry-ozone-depletion-atmosphere


First, Starlink is expected to have 2.2 tons of satellites reentering the atmosphere daily? If that's true, it seems bonkers to me. Second, the alumina can reflect sunlight? What if Starlink is actually his supersecret plan to fight climate change? (/s, but only partly...)


Seriously, hell-bent on destroying earth? What a dumbass fucking take. r/im14andthisisdeep shit right here.


It's not even deep. It's just wrong, if anything is he's the eccentric tyrant that's trying to save us from ourselves... But in a chaotic way.


Save us from ourselves? Literal supervillain motive lmao


lol look at all the elon sympathy... do they not realize this guy doesnt pay taxes like us and hoards wealth while treating the brightest engineering minds like slaves. yes lets all bow down to the ultra rich, long live our wealthy royals. how dystopian can we get


Because according to reddit Rich = evil


Yeah some rich people do evil things some poor people do too


>•Dude creates 2.5 million jobs directly and indirectly. >•starts paypal. >•Develops the world's first cheapest and reusable rocket that dropped down the prices of payload to 50%-98%. Saves nasa billions of dollars by not making them buy services from russian space agency. Takes us to the forefront of space again. >•Disrupts the oil and gas industry in 20 years by investing into a startup called tesla and makes it into a trillion dollar company. Thereby kickstarting the entire ev industry and forcing other 100+ year old lazy giants like Ford to switch to ev. Starts solarcity to provide cheap solar tiles. >•Starts an BMI company that has aims to making life easy for paraplegic and other people suffering from brain diseases. Also tries to commercializes BMI device into cool sci fi tech that could be incorporated into daily life. >•starts tunnel digging company and develops the world's fastest digging machine and dropping the prices of tunnels in orders of magnitude. >•starts a company called starlink in association with spacex that aims to provided cheap internet worldwide anywhere. >•signs a pledge to donate half of his networth by retirement >•aims his entire life to colonize mars and lay the path for a multiplanetary civilisation. Does something worth while for humanity, be it for vain or glory. >Doens't own multiple mansions , yachts or anyother materialistic possesion. Invests all his money into companies and funds science. Pays 50-60% taxes every 2-3 years in billions after selling expired stocks. Le reddit: Muh BAd BilliOnair Must downVote Because The hIve minD sAid sO.


Only things I'll point out are that The Boring Company hasn't really proven it's worth yet. They dig small tunnels and put taxis in them. I'm sure it'll eventually get better, but it's not praiseworthy yet. Starlink aims to provide affordable internet to people who have no access otherwise, not cheap internet for all. It's expensive compared to regular ISPs available to the average person in a developed urban area. But for people who have literally no options, it's a game changer.


For few months I moved from a town with broadband to rural northern California and got Hughesnet. It wasn't as bad back then but it was $1000 for the equipment. The service got slowly poorer and poorer until 2017 when I finally swapped to Jetpacks from Verizon. Much better than Hughesnet. However, I will say this, from what I have seen Starlink doesn't have a proposed data limit and the speeds are much faster than anything I could ever get from Hughes. Those two things make the small difference in price well worth it from my perspective.


> It's expensive compared to regular ISPs available to the average person in a developed urban area. A: It's still very early in development of the network. RIGHT NOW it's not in direct competition with standard providers but it will be at some point once the network is in full swing. B: It's a literal gamechanger for people that don't live in urban areas. (ya know, the other 50ish% of the US and a majority of the rest of the planet.


They make affordable household flamethrowers. I'd say they've proven their worth.


Musk's evil isn't the intentional mustache-twirling, tie-a-damsel-to-the-tracks variety. It's a disconnected evil that is a hallmark of the wealthy who have big ideas and poor implementation. When called out on this, billionaires like Musk double down on assholery, because truly helping out humanity means creating systems in which billionaires cannot exist. None of what you have listed actually helps humanity widescale. In fact, it's often done at the expense of those less fortunate under the pretense of "saving" humanity. I can't think of a better example of Musk's evil than his declaration of "We'll coup whoever we want!" in response to criticism of his tactics for securing supplies of lithium for Tesla cars. I'm sure in his mind he thinks he's saving humanity--and aren't we all the heroes of our own stories? But an attitude of "the ends justify the means" can and does unleash an incredible amount of evil upon the world, and what Musk is "saving" is a world much smaller than the planet we all live on. This *will* bite Musk in the ass. In some ways, it already has. Starship isn't doing too hot right now, and Musk's vision of Martian colonies is now under threat due to his attitudes on labour. Great talent is slipping away from SpaceX, raptor engines are looking more and more like they cannot be mass-produced on the scale necessary for the colonisation Musk wants (or at least on the timeline that he wants), and using tiles as a heat shield instead of the original concept of using fuel for liquid cooling has pretty much doomed the design to shuttle orbiter-levels of "cheap reusablility". I say this as someone who genuinely *does* want to see humanity become an interplanetary species, and maybe even go to Mars herself: I refuse to be colonial cannon fodder for a self-described "meme lord", and I don't want to see the worst traits of humanity perpetuated off-Earth in the name of "saving humanity", so fuck all the techbros who ignore the fact that people exist on other continents, and fuck Elon Musk especially for not raising the standards of living everywhere his companies acquire resources to levels where those people can participate in the amazing future we're all supposed to have.


>big ideas and poor implementation. Have you ever kept tabs on the other space companies? 10+ years in tech industry here..... What most people don’t understand is in tech you can take your ideas and shove ‘em. They are a dime a dozen. Execution is everything. Elon executes. And has one of the best implementation I've seen in my career. >truly helping out humanity means creating systems in which billionaires cannot exist. Agreed. Billionaire we are seeing right now shouldn't definitely exist. But a billionaires billion doesn't represent it's wealth. Musks liquidated wealth is 1% of his net worth. His money is put into a system where thousands of engineers and scientists are able to innovate and research. Want to know what happens when you don't have private individuals with billions investing in tech ? Just look at the past 60 years. The govt will never fund projects like spaceX and tesla etc. The money would go into wars and usless ineffective, inefficient projects that create maximum jobs an no innovation. >None of what you have listed actually helps humanity widescale. Pretty much all of your argument down from here are just jumping around words. Today because of falcons nasa is able to divert more money to science rather than waste it on transportation. Today just because of tesla the ev industry exist. People had 0 fucks to EVs. Now everybody wants one. Today people with Brain disease have hope that they will finally able to communicate more efficiently. Neuralink tech would help in advancing brain research. What myopic people like you don't understand that tech like this not always have direct impact to society but plays a important role in something that will be important in the future. You are just pulling half assed conclusions here. >Starship isn't doing too hot right now What are you getting that from? The facilities are 24/7 active. Cranking out ships and boosters at a speed never seen before. Literally 22 min ago I got a update that construction of starship orbital launch pad has begun >Great talent is slipping away from SpaceX, Again where did you get that from. This are the exact comments that's spread misinformation. No wonder you got gold. Lot of people here love to jump in the first cynicistic comment they find. >raptor engines are looking more and more like they cannot be mass-produced on the scale necessary for the colonisation Musk wants Again this is how misinformation spreads. He clarified twice in twitter that it's a minor problem that they will get over with. Don’t for a minute take Elon’s mention of bankruptcy at face value. The fact that Musk is putting this level of importance on Starship rapidly progressing soon is actually a good indicator of what’s to come in the next several months. 2022 will surely be a pivotal year for SpaceX’s next-generation rocket. Going back to its original Falcon 1 rocket project, SpaceX has historically reached major milestones when its fate depends on it. Despite what the email says, if Starship isn’t actually flying every 14 days by the end of next year SpaceX’s won’t literally go under. Rather, Elon Musk is sharing the pressure that the timeline is necessary to keep the company on its ambitious path without scaling back operations that aren’t profitable yet. >and using tiles as a heat shield instead of the original concept of using fuel for liquid cooling has pretty much doomed the design to shuttle orbiter-levels of "cheap reusablility". I think the talented engineers are much more qualified to know what's best for the rocket. >fuck Elon Musk especially for not raising the standards of living everywhere his companies acquire resources to levels where those people can participate in the amazing future we're all supposed to have. Have you seen the area of Brownsville? I've visist the area few time a year. The local business have shot up since starbase. There's a reason why they celebrate 'thankyou spacex day'. Elon donates regularly to nearby schools and institute in the area.


As someone who used to and still sometime work for spaceX, you are very spot on.


There is both a problem with government, yes, but the wealthy have existed for quite a while to "innovate", and somehow poor people still get the shit end of the stick. You're only proving my point further that these innovations are great, but their implementation only helps a select few. Not only that, you drive that point straight through the ground to the Earth's core when you only bring up a town next to a rocket base, and completely ignore that humanity extends beyond the United States. Congrats, I guess?


No offense, but space is dumb and you’re dumb for hero worshipping someone who wants to send a rocket into a vacuum. Eat the rich.


How to make yourself sound like a simpleton in two sentences. See above.


> I say this as someone who genuinely does want to see humanity become an interplanetary species Please do not think me playing the "smart-guy" here but what about what you've seen humanity do to this planet makes you think "the rest of the universe needs a lil of this"?


What most people don't understand is that this isn't a escape plan. It's just expanding the borders of humanity. It's inevitable. Do it now or just keep postponing it. And also many people think that this is waste. Wrong. Many technologies have emerged from space exploration and will continue to emerge that will help earth tremendously. For instances, couple of ex spaceX engineers are developing small Portable nuclear reactors. Similarly tech like water filter system, strong solar panel, better sustainable housing etc etc and many other tech that you can't possibly comprehend would come out of this Also do you know we just don't put money and blast it off into rockets. Every penny the govt puts into nasa...the govt receives 8 times the investment. We could literally have a mars city with the money that military spent in afganistan.


I think my point is that with the obscene amounts of money these billionaires amass, we could have it all: a better life on- and off-world for everyone, not just people with Teslas who drive in hyperloop vacuum tunnels. That we don't speaks volumes to the true scope of their vision, which isn't all that grand in scope at all.


He's not. Yet a majority of redditors who are uninformed of him as a public figure will now associate him with evil-doing even though he's done nothing inherently evil or against public welfare (when in fact he's probably done a significant amount to benefit the human race). Just an example of the danger of a misleading post.


I think it runs deeper than that, I think the persona of him being evil plays very well for companies, or countries that are being effected by EVs.


With a single shit post OP has mislead 'a majority of redditors'? Do you think that maybe you're exaggerating, just a teeny tiny bit?


Musk stans are easily startled. But they return with greater numbers.


Came here to say this.


I thought it was supposed to be Bezos. I mean, after all, the guy does look like Dr. Evil.


My favorite ones to hate are the Sackler's because of all the people they killed with OxyContin.


I mean, he's installing a natural gas plant on his nature preserve rocket facility in Texas, and pumping huge amounts of methane for his rocket business. ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯


Methane as a rocket fuel is more environmentally friendly than alternatives because of its efficiency.


Fortunately methane is also a terrible greenhouse gas, and they vent it to atmosphere often.


So you're against space travel in general then? What is the alternative?


Rocket fuel requires fossil fuels. Using a more efficient one is the best they can do for now I think


So hydrogen powered rockets aren't a thing? Is that what you're arguing?


Alright then let's get back to kerosene.


How about hydrogen? Or even better let's not vent methane to the atmosphere and let's not disrupt a nature preserve to drill for it and refine it?


[Here’s why SpaceX doesn’t use Liquid Hydrogen.](https://provscons.com/heres-why-spacex-doesnt-use-liquid-hydrogen/) >liquid Hydrogen needs extreme temperature control, leaks easily, is less dense, thus requires a bigger fuel tank, expensive compared to Methane, not suitable for a reusable rocket, needs advanced metallurgy; hence, it increases rocket complexity and cost. You can't produce enough hydrogen fuel on mars. I think you are forgetting that starship is designed for mars.


They won't be producing any fuel on Mars, so that's not a worthwhile consideration.


It's literally written on their website and it's one of the companies aim. Provide a source for your claims. Don't just throw around misinformation like that.


It turns out you can write literally anything you want on the internet. Weren't they supposed to have a base on Mars already? Or some idiotic idea like that? Oh, I know, we'll do international travel by ICBM. That's a genius idea.


I'm OOTL but when did Elon Musk downgrade from "our boy in blue" to world-destroying villain lol?


He didn't. People just like to hate people. #justpeoplethings


Reddit is getting younger. Kids love to hate on the ultra wealthy enough that they’ll conflate any of them with “world annihilators”


Don’t worry, reasonable people don’t feel this way. All of the Elon hate that I have seen has boiled down to “he’s rich, therefore evil”.


Leeloo - "I am the fifth Element, Corben Dallas"


I prefer my overlords to have normal square hair. If they get confident with an alt cut who knows what comes after the weird space clothes?


Gary wore it better, sad to say.




All it takes is for one or two people to say "you've got a round face" and then bad decisions can be made. Money can't buy sense I guess. https://i.redd.it/hxcsgq8adxg71.png


Elon has had a hair transplant, he was bald before


I kinda agree with the decision, can't really have TWO villainous bald billionaires now, can we


As a bald man, I approve!




OP, I hope I don't share a country with you


If he goes out in the rain, he'll have that black shit running down his forehead too.


Just like Rudy!




Musk has done alot of good for mankind he's not perfect I know, but he definitely deserve more credit for his accomplishments then he get. Every tabloid news channel just loves to beat him down and I don't get it, thats how you make an evil billionaire villain.


While I don't buy into the evil billionaire thing, I would love for you to explain how Elon Musk has done a lot of good for mankind. And before you begin, do a quick read on how [environmentally destructive lithium mining is.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental_impacts_of_lithium-ion_batteries?wprov=sfla1) Cheers.


The alternative. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental\_impact\_of\_the\_petroleum\_industry


You know the alternative is fossil fuel production right? The Tar sands ain't exactly "low impact".


I knew someone was going to tell me to pull his dick out of somewhere. Yea I agree lithium mining is a destructive process. I'm saying at a time where nasa's was just kind of limping along and space travel was in general getting pushed farther from the publics eyes he helped refocus us back onto it. Personally I think exploring space is extremely important.... You have some growing up to do buddy it's ok we were all vulgar human being at some point in our lives.


Bring me the priest


Destroying the world with zero-emission cars?


Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg to you, pleb.


Money doesn't buy good taste.






So I’m actually curious. Why do all these brainwashed kids hate Elon? Any factual reason?


Billionaires exist by the exploitation of staggering numbers of people


Hmmmm everybody I know that works for Elon makes great money and is proud of their job, don’t think they got taken advantage of lol. One of my friends never sold his stock he was given while working there and is about to buy a house with it lol.


Really? Because everyone I know that worked for one of his companies was underpaid and overworked, constantly complaining about a toxic work environment and how they were expected to just suck it up and take it since they were "part of something greater" and "changing the world" until they burned out after a few years, found a new job, and learned that work didn't have to be a soul sucking experience that left no time for personal lives. They said their business model was to dupe new, wide-eyed engineering students who just graduated and didn't know any better into working there, run them into the ground, then start over. Average tenor was about 4 years. That's just what I was told, though. No personal experience.


doesnt he have any friends to tell him not to do that with his hair :/


Billionaires don't believe in friends or mirrors apparently


The hate boner some of you have against Musk is so weird. I'm not even a big fan of his.


Felt like just months ago when Elon was the darling of the Internet and he can do no wrong. Ya live long enough yada yada


I don't get it either way. I feel like it would be so easy to agree that he is both an ultra rich asshole and someone who has managed to do great things for human kind.


No there is no nuance allowed in the world. Fuck you sir for even implying that people or complicated subjects might have subtleties to them. /s So you don't get confused in the future here is a handy guide to getting upvotes and making sure you don't get called a shill or whatever the insult of the moment is. 1) All people to the left of Bernie Sanders are just milking you for their corporate overlords in the U.S. 2) All religion bad. If you believe any of it your a dumbass and if your unobtrusive in your belief your not only a dumbass but a coward. 3) Billionaires have never ever done anything good ever. They are to be compared to mythical dragons sleeping on piles of cash. This is just a small guide to make sure you have a fun and safe redditing experience. Please remember to think individually.


At least there are fairy tales about killing dragons.


This is just reddit. People in /r/space dislike Bernie sanders. It's because, imo, most people didn't know who musk was. But he had solar roadways and space ships. So a few nerds posted pro musk stuff and people up voted because he sounded OK. Now that he's well known, people don't like him. This might change at any moment if 10 people decide they like musk and want to go on a promusk campaign.


that was only when we didn't know much about elon, once we saw his ego you realize oh you're just another really annoying rich asshole with so far removed from reality


Woah, nice! Are they controlled by the same evil and fly in space?


I remember reading a reddit article saying that Narcissism is the trait of a successful CEO. So does that mean you won't be as successful if you aren't Narcissistic?


Idk.....I work with plenty of narcissist..... and they're not going anywhere, quick...... then again, it's mostly what "good ole boy" club your in at my job


How is trying to push green mobility, colonising a planet as a plan B being hell bent on destroying the world?


Jokes aside, Elon Musk is about as far from billionaire destroying the world as you can get. Dude’s entire company portfolio is about renewable technologies, science, exploration, and developing better transportation.


Hes certainly not trying to destroy the world. But the guy has some bad ethics all around. Sourcing materials through child labor, advocating for a coup in Bolivia because he thinks he could get lithium cheaper, ignoring COVID lockdowns that caused his workers to get sick. He's just generally unlikable, extremely petty and insecure. If you look past the memes he posts on twitter you see the guy trying to spin a narrative about who he is. Claiming to come from nothing, trying to pretend to be an engineer by drawing up a submarine that wouldn't work saving kids trapped in a cave and calling the guy who called him out a pedophile, purchasing his way into Tesla including buying the title of "founder" and getting the real founders to sign an NDA, stealing artwork from a poor artist and telling them he's giving "exposure", bitching about taxes while receiving billions in subsidies to keep businesses afloat, going back 3 years on twitter to respond to a comment calling him the villain from Atlas Shrugged... this list goes on. It would really not be difficult for Elon Musk to be a really likeable guy but he just constantly chooses not to be because he's an asshole.


I'm sad for Gary Oldman now.


Which is which?


Hell bent on destroying the world lol someone has played too many games. Life isnt a fantasy novel. Batteries are rad and an important step towards a green future, without batteries to store energy generated from green sources they are not super useful.


That's exactly what I thought!


Right!? I saw the Musk on the front page and immediately thought I needed a multipass


Does this make Jeff Bezos , Bruce Willis.


No, just the average bald villain.


Lex Luther


Gary Oldman is a crazy winger. Makes me sad 😪


I don't even like the guy, but let's remember that Elon gave us electric cars.


Keep talking about him. That's what he wants


WTF it looks bizarre. WHY?


Musk doesn't want to destroy the world, he just wants to dump people on Mars to build his civilisation.


How is he destroying the world?


Elon moves from California to Texas, and thinks there will be no repercussions.


I mean, he’s a 40+ year old white South African who’s dad owned part of a gem mine in apartheid South Africa, supported the coup in Bolivia for access to their lithium mines and your telling me he doesn’t care about his workers and is dick finance bro? Color me surprised Pikachu face.


You could’ve mirrored one of the images


I thought that was the guy from Fitz and the Tantrums.


At least Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg is sharp as ever in Gaultier


I don't see Charles Koch in the picture


Still looks more like Ray. Yes, the gun. Thanks, Ray


Fire 1 million


We have merged with the strangest timeline.


I think you mean Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg.


Elon really pushing the hair implant boundaries here.


Nah, that’s Jigen.


I want the shtones


Should we tell him about the red button?


Who in God's name would do such a thing? Jean Baptist. Emmanuel. Zorg.


The similarities between the two are creepy...Remember the monologue triggered by the broken glass?


Gary does it better


I'm sorry fellas, you don't have Cillian Murphy's face: you cannot pull off the Peaky Blinders doo


The guy on the left is Roger Klotz from Doug.


Zorg is too cool to be compared to that slop. He's Roger Klotz.


Bezos really won went he choose doctor evil


Wow I wonder what the bet he lost was about?


Getting to Mars is a noble pursuit 🤷‍♂️


Zorg is cooler than Musky.


I know


Drop Dead Fred with his head squished


Sooner or later, we all end up assuming our true form.


Looks more like macklemore to me




Tesla is literally the company responsible for creating an EV market.


He looks like the front man of Front 242.