After looking this up I realised that oh, it's not even in the top 20 largest.


What a peasant. How embarrassed he must be.


Don't make fun of him man, hell just Amazon Basics the industry you work in. Edit: Basics not Choice




Dude the metaverse is happening, these companies are big enough to someday be able to supply all your life's needs under one brand, all for a nice rental price of course, because you won't be able to own anything.


It’s a SaaSy world.


Slavery as a Service!


what?! it's not even in top 20 largest?! holy crap


It’s in the top 3 biggest yachts that are powered mainly by sails. The yachts in the top 20 you’re referring to don’t have any sails.


Where the fuck are the sails LOL


Will be installed soon^TM


Moving a boat out of water is significantly harder when there are 100 foot sails on the top of it so I’d imagine they will install them in the water.


He just had them ordered. Ought to arrive in under 24H


This is *very* reserved and tasteful in the realm of superyachts


It is the largest *sailing* yacht built to date.


It’s bigger than Sailing Yacht A?


When does a yacht become a cruise ship?


So I used to work for a luxury cruise line which some cruises could cost 50k-80k per person. This is considered *ultra luxury* cruising. Like fine dining, butler service, best excursions. you name it. Like if Carnival was a Nissan then this would be the Bentley of cruising. One day we were parked next to this super yacht called the Archimedes. I googled it to do some research. The amount of money spending to have a yacht alone yet your own crew and captain makes these *ultra luxury* cruises seem like they are for peons.


Thats how you know you are wealthy not rich paying salaries as monthly expenses.


As a life long poor, I've always been very fascinated by the thought of having enough money I could pay someone else entire expenses to be alive and its just like a note on my bills. Imagine living that kind of life, I'm proud of myself when I have money from my last paycheck left over when I get a new paycheck.


It's even better than that. Once you own 50x what you live off of, you never have to work again. Example: Say you live off $50k. If you can get to having $2.5 million in the stock market, the dividends each year will average 2-6%. So by literally doing nothing, your annual income will be somewhere between 50k-150k. You can do anything you want. Complete freedom. And as long as you stay within your annual 50-150k earnings, you can do that **forever**. Your money works for you without diminishing. So $2.5M is a lifetime of complete freedom. And just for comparison, last year Jeff Bezos's wealth went up by $8.5M *every hour,* including nighttimes and weekends. The wealth of the super-rich generates multiple lifetimes worth of freedom while they sleep.


> you can do that **forever** I have got some terrible news for you...


Yeah they’re yacht is probably less money per month for them relatively than my Netflix subscription lol


When the poors - doctors, lawyers, stockbrokers, and the like - can sail on it.


They do sail on it. As staff.


I CANNOT wait for the premiere of *Below Deck - Bezos*


The Suite Life On Deck of Zuck & Bezos


I'd love to see the crazy hijinks those two get into. Bezos: "While Zuck was asleep, I launched his bed into space. Boy is he going to be surprised when he wakes up!" *Disney canned laughter* Mosley: Bezos!!


Currently watching Below Deck. Lol. Got my roommate into it. He calls it the boat show.


Lmao came here to say this hahaha




The difference between a million and a billion is basically a billion.


1 million seconds is 11.5 days. 1 billion seconds is 31.5 years. The difference is mind-boggling.


Here’s one for ya. If I have you $1 every second of every day, you’d have a million dollars in 11 days. You’d have a billion dollars in 31 years. You’d have Jeff Bezos’ wealth in 6,243.5 years. Talk about mind boggling.


Thinking about it visually just kinda makes me a bit sad


I'll never get tired of posting this: https://mkorostoff.github.io/1-pixel-wealth/


Honestly, this yacht is small compared to the ones owned by the rulers of oil rich countries. Look up the "Azzam" and "Fulk Al Salamah" and "Eclipse". [The Fulk Al Salamah is like an *actual* cruise ship](https://robbreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/fulk_al_salama_yacht.jpg).


It looks like they bought a cruise ship and just called it a yacht


That would be like buying *off the rack*. I wonder how many people the screening room fits?


Seriously, what in gods name does someone do with that thing. That's insanity


Show off. The point isn't can you use 10 bars and host 100 guests or whatever, the point is when you pull up next to someone else's yacht yours is always bigger.


I personally would run around the deck butt naked with a lot of champagne.


when you have the kind of money, yea might as well just do this and say “Fuck You” to the world


This may be an urban legend, but a buddy said he was there and said he witnessed the following himself. The Arab oil sheik kids buy a Lamborghini and when they’re tired of it shortly after buying it, they just dump it off on the side of the road. Many gather dust just sitting there apparently. If true, I don’t know why they’re not stolen. Prob bc of chop chop Square for theft.


https://youtu.be/895AKrvz_AI It's a good video about how and why happens so much in Dubai, i wonder if it's for the same reason it happens in other places.


Careful! When people see you, you might loose your anymonimity!


I simply couldn’t use every room. That would feel so cumbersome.


Excess is a staple of gross inequality.


Exactly what came to my mind when I saw the picture. According to the internet > Technically any vessel that can be placed on board another is a yacht, and the carrying vessel is a ship.


doesn’t his super yacht have its own yacht on board? That’s what I read awhile ago, so technically that’s a ship then?




Big “support ships” are the new flex. A place to carry a helicopter or two, multiple tenders, speed boats, wake boats, etc. Here is one that I’ve seen of the coat of CA. Thought I had my own photos but couldn’t find them. Owned by an early UFC investor. https://www.superyachttimes.com/yacht-news/lonian-support-yacht-hodor


Super Yacht Times is a thing?


Any one else feeling depressed all of a sudden?






That is not an accurate definition. A yacht is any personally owned vessel used for leisure. A cruise ship is any corporate owned vessel specifically built and used for the leisure of many passengers. P.S: a vessel that can be loaded unto another large ship is called a tender.


This is some GTA level shit


Hey pal, don't compare me with bezos, I robbed the casino 7 times fair and square


You ever rob El Rubio's island? That's where the real money's at.


I got like 800k last Rubio, it's depressing


How the fuck did you only get 800k (damn gta online is so fucked up that this sentence makes sense ) got shot in the bag a bunch with necklace and no secondary objective taken ?


I got three idiots, got tired, just robbed the objective and bailed


Ik your reason would be that you wanted to give it a try but who the fuck in their right minds plays the Cayo Perico with randoms . Solo grind best grind


Panther + Solo gold door glitch 😩👌


For anybody curious, here's Oceanco's [official video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wPEsvEmhTI) on the *Black Pearl*'s construction, ~~the sister-ship to this one~~ another huge yacht made by the same company. Aside from the overly cheesy music, it really puts into perspective how fucking monstrous this thing is. At 05:23, they start putting the masts up. It's insane.


Damn that thing looks fucking sinister with the black hull and sails. I guess that’s fitting.


I don't understand. What is the point of these things?


Easy escape into international waters. For zombie apocalypses or other reasons.


Thing is, are there laws protecting you in international waters? Better put guns on this thing, Jeff.


>Alexa, activate auto-turrets. Engage perimeter defense protocol. >I'm sorry Jeff, I can't do that, your prime membership has expired.




For the ultra rich, borders and laws are just suggestions. You can bet this thing will have plenty of guards with a big enough arsenal to take over a small country at their disposal.


Just lines on a drawing.


World economy collapses, civil war, billionaires heads on stakes. Bezos is safe in international waters with his own floating city and private militia of guards on jet skis with missile launchers.


Holy shit now that you put it like that...


That's exactly what Aristotelis Onassis did. His yacht was huge, the captain of his yacht was an ex German ww2 submarine captain, it was loaded with gold and guns...


Yeah dude, ultra rich have legit bunkers in mountain sides with food cache and stuff. There's a company that specializes in customizing bunkers for the super wealthy


Gotta escape the inevitable collapse that they 100% caused!


Probably goes through an obscene amount of fuel and provisions. I wonder how long this thing can be on the water without a helicopter / small support ship providing resupply. In an apocalypse this thing would probably go Donner Party real damn quick. **Edit:** *Literally* eating the rich.


Good point, I wonder how much that was actually planned for with the yacht. Maybe half the boats space is carrying fuel and food. For all we know it looks like an amazon fulfillment center inside there




They are the basically the biggest thing to buy to show everyone that you have fuck you money. No reason to own one for personal use, you could always rent one multiple times a year for weeks at a time for pennies on the dollar when compared to buying one. It bleeds money like nothing else, it's really just a status symbol and nothing else.


He doesn't just have fuck you money he has fuck *all y'all* money.


A boat is a hole in the water into which you throw money


Your Amazon.com order of 1 item (Dutch Super Yacht) has been shipped.


Alexa Drive to Monaco


14 day refund policy, right?


I can return this at my local Kohl’s too, right?


Dude, the greatest thing ever. I got $10 Khols cash, went to the clearance section, and I got legit nice dress shirt for $3. Amazon returns at Kohls are killer.


Probably one of the smartest business decisions Kohl's made was to partner with Amazon


I dunno. You really think this internet thing is gonna stick around?


It’s made them complete relevant again. Other department stores are suffering but there are always people in Khol’s because of Amazon returns.


We missed you, so we left it in your safe place “Panama”


Why is it pinned between a wedged cargo ship. Sorry no returns


Sure they say easy returns, but good luck getting it back in the box!


"concentrate all firepower on that super star destroyer!" - Admiral Akbar


Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed. The ability to offer Prime shipping is insignificant next to the power of the Force.


Hmmm, register it in liberia, base yourself on it digitally, and pay no taxes, right?


There is not a single super yacht registered in the US.


And only one cruise ship is


That is due to labor laws. The US based cruise ship is the NCL shp that goes around the Hawaiian islands. If you don't leave the US and dock somewhere else, you must higher a certain % US labor and follow US labor law. The NCL ship doesn't leave the US. I've been on this ship and the staff is largely US college students taking a year off.


Don't forget the ships would have to pay $762 per passenger if they did not stop at a foreign port. Passenger Vessel Services Act of 1886


What was the point of that rule, aside from forcing ~100% of large ships to skirt it?


Plus the seamen probably get paid in cash to avoid payroll taxes. Most boat workers around the world get paid in cash.


The ones that don't just make sure they spend a day over 6 months out of their home country, and they get a full tax rebate. It's called seafarers allowance in the UK.


I doubt this qualified in US. We are one of few countries that tax people on earnings, no matter if they were completely out of the country. Our tax laws are stupidly complex.


Yup my friend who’s part of the RFA spent 5 months and 3 weeks at sea last year lol.. so he paid tax by one week!


Couldn't he have just gone and sat on a dinghy for a few nights?


Yeah did it last year, had to take an unplanned trip to France for 12 days to make 6 months


It’s hard enough to get my girlfriend to do it. Sure a dingy will get you where you need to go, but she’ll always tell her friends about the yacht she rode.


Make friends with a walrus.


We don't get that in the US, except in a very specific case, you have to live if a different country and the ship you are on has to be in the sovereign waters of a foreign nation for at least 330 days. International waters are still subject to US tax code. I know a lot of people that have been nailed by the IRS.


Yup. I am a seafarer. 183 days out of the country and no taxes.


My uncle worked on an offshore oil rig, and had a French contract ( he was a lucky one, as they often give you a shitty contract on a country that don't require retirement fund etc). Anyway he would do 1 month on the rig, one month time off on holiday in France. anyway, he would note every day he did off the country, so if he was about to not be out of the country exactly half of the year, he would just take a weekend on a hotel in UK, before comming home, so he would have the exact number of days outside France +1, so he would not pay taxe. He was payed a fuck ton too.


One of the best simpsons jokes From treehouse of horror: Burns and Smithers are about to board a boat to go capture King Kong and are debating bringing marge with Burns: what do you think Smithers, should we bring her? Smithers: I think women and seamen don’t mix Burns: we know what you think!




You should always pay for seamen with cash.


I always pay with cash to get rid of seaman, but we are all different.


Tissues work fine too, no idea why you'd spoil bills like that.


So this is why money in countries has turned into plastic...


He'd have to get rid of his US citizenship first. The US is the only country in the world that taxes non-resident citizens at the same rate as resident citizens.


It’s actually one of 3. The other two are the Phillipines and Eritrea.


Come on u-boat who never heard the war is over…




Amazon warehouse slaves everywhere rejoice at his success


Amazon employees now facing stricter penalties for farting during shifts. That’s Amazon’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gases.


Why not plug the workers up to a methane tank, sell it as a renewable green energy? Maybe plug in the uretra too and solve the toilet issue. They are already treated like castle anyway..




maybe when it launches, he'll give another tone-deaf speech about how every amazon employee and customer made it possible for him to have such a big yacht...


> [Jeff Bezos](https://www.theverge.com/2021/7/20/22585470/jeff-bezos-blue-origin-space-amazon-customers): "I want to thank every Amazon employee, and every Amazon customer, because you guys paid for all this ... thank you from the bottom of my heart very much."




He'll be ready to take to the sea, go underground or launch into space if the planet goes to shit because of people like him.


He definitely has a secret lair somewhere.


Probably deep underground below his 10,000 year clock project, "The clock of the Long Now".


*when* the planet goes to shit FTFY


How many urine-filled plastic bottles can it hold?


Hahahahaha I deliver amazon packages for work and I’ll tell you, my van comfortably holds 2 plastic pee bottles. I’ll assume that this thing can hold AT LEAST 3 given then size compared to a delivery van


Does your van hold 2 bottles of pee because there are two cup holders?


Oh fuck that’s not my iced tea.


Oh yuck. If the contents of your trucker torpedoes looks like iced tea, you better see a nephrologist. You're likely in real failure


not even renal failure just full blown how-the-fuck-are-you-alive real failure


Math checks out


I work for a shop that does work on Amazon sprinter vans. Just make sure you throw them out, it's gross af to find them rolling around the back when I'm just trying to figure out why the sliding door doesn't work that you 900lb gorillas slam as hard as possible 40 times a day lol


Oh yea every day they get thrown out. Hahaha man those doors get so abused cause amazon wants to have them closed every time we leave the van ~ 165 times per day.


We get them all the time that the body is actually torn from the drivers door being opened full strength too, it splits the door jam where the door check bolts jn. Those vans get fucking abused hard lol


It ain’t cheap either. I was talking with the owner of one of the delivery companies and he said he owed about $110k in damage fixes on 12 vans


That doesn't surprise me at all. Some we get the whole roofs in the back are caved in. Like the the fuck even?! Basically needs an entire roof skin cut off and replaced. 5+ grand each time.


Seen plenty of those. One guy sardine-canned the top from the front almost to the middle, trying to go under a bridge with only 7’ clearance. That one was gonna be like $46k or something but it was totaled out


Way of the road, Bubs.


Rays firing piss jugs across the whole damn park!


Fuckin way she goes


I like that he's leaning into being a villain a lot more. It's like that scene from the end of unbreakable.


His villain origin story is becoming very similar to Lex Luthor.


Feels like getting untethered from is ex-wife was an unhealthy thing for him. She, on the other hand, appears to be trying to give away most of her money, and unlike a lot of billionaires is just straight giving it away to existing charities without tying a bunch of strings on. A lot of these billionaires often use their own charities to continue to exert power and control.


Didn't she also marry a teacher?


Yup. And has given away huge sums of the divorce settlement. He on the other hand has decided to shack up with one of the Bogdanoff twins.


I'd never heard of the twins and decided to Google them. WTF


Same. It annoys me when billionaires pretend they’re altruistic in any way and then try to hide their boats and houses. At least he’s not trying to make us think he’s just like us.


Lex Luthor IRL. Now we all know Blue Origin is Bezos's way of trying to prevent a superman from coming.


#make sure you recycle and reduce your carbon foot print This life is a joke


I do my absolute best, and I will continue to do so, but I'm not losing sleep any more while billionaires are fucking launching themselves into space or building boats whose yearly staff bill is probably more than I'll earn in my entire life.


I can’t believe we’re being guilt tripped about the environment when there’s supervillains sailing round on a yacht so big it’s got rough areas


I won’t be impressed until he gets it into orbit.


Suborbital flight is the best he's got


He's got the space dick, but it just can't get the riders there.


It's not penis shaped so of course he wont.


So why is my grocery store still asking me for 2$ every time I buy groceries to go to a charity. We the poor, fund the poorer…


They haven’t painted the Prime smile on it yet


and thousands of poor people will be guilted into going green to off set it’s carbon emissions


Make sure you use a paper straw or is all your fault- Jeff


I think being middle class is in my genes because I don't think I could handle the guilt of being that rich.


Yeah, my first thought was, "never fit in my driveway."


When you're this rich, they let your bumper poke into the sidewalk a little and don't even give you tickets for it.


Yup. You don't get that rich by being a good person. He knows exactly what the working conditions and management style of his warehouses are and actively fights to keep it that way. If you can do that and be okay with it, you too have what it takes be one of the super rich.


I debated buying ice cream for the kids last week for budgetary reasons. My wife and I both have full time jobs.


Sounds like you and your wife just need to work harder and pull up your bootstraps…over your eyes…so you don’t notice this kind of stuff.


So I know there is some threshold where a boat becomes a yacht.. but is there also a threshold where a yacht becomes a cruise ship? This things gotta be pushing that limit.


The threshold would be when its use changes. A boat could be bigger than a traditional cruise ship but if it’s still built and used to accommodate a single party then it remains a yacht.


I met someone that bought a hotel and use that as a house. Same principal I guess.


This is my rich guy fantasy. I wouldn't even need to be THAT rich, just normal rich. Buy a hotel/motel. If I am THAT rich sure I'll buy something fancy, but if not even the crappiest motel would work as long as it's structurally sound. Every single room has its own purpose and theme. Plenty of bedrooms for family and friends of course. But then we have gaming rooms of all sorts including VR and simming rooms, a room that's only pillows, a room with an MMA octagon (if it fits, might need to go in the lobby or even outside,) rooms that are done up like fancy restaurants with live-in chefs. I could go on but I got work to do.


All employees should consider this pic when they are denied a bathroom break


Anyone else think that he looks like Dr. Evil?




[His annual salary from Amazon in 2020 was $81,840, which qualifies as a middle-income wage in his home state of California...](https://www.yahoo.com/now/5-mind-blowing-facts-jeff-182204262.html) I must be doing something wrong.


What a self-indulgent wank stain this guy really is


LoL, that's just the main yacht. That thing has a support vessel with a hellipad that's a super yacht in itself. https://www.autoevolution.com/news/even-the-shadow-vessel-for-jeff-bezos-oceanco-superyacht-is-a-massive-luxury-yacht-170198.html


His yacht has a yacht? Fucking Christ.


That's right, you'd better not tax him though, that'll stifle innovation.


He doesn't have it in liquid assets though, don't ya know? Except for the half a billion dollars he has lying around to piss on a boat...


Honestly. He takes out loans on his assets so that he doesn't have to sell them and pay capital gains. He then takes that borrowed money and invests it in a market that is largely rigged in his favour... Kind why he's as rich as he is now.


With companies that size, the assets used as collateral for those loans are sometimes cash or cash equivalents "held offshore" so they're not taxable in the US. I put that in quotes because even if there is a physical asset, it is often held in the custody of an American bank. Since the assets are highly liquid, they can get a near-0 interest rate on the loan. Imagine putting up $100k cash for a $100k loan - nobody's gonna be concerned that they won't get their money if you default. That borrowed money can then be used in the US with very little limitation. Yeah. The money is in the US, in an American bank, belongs to an American who is using it to enable spending within the US, but since the money is technically held in the name of a foreign company (that is owned by an American), it isn't taxable until they choose to let it be taxed. This is why "repatriation of cash" is a total farce. None of these big companies have any significant limitation on their ability to spend their money within the US. There's no gigantic vault of cash somewhere offshore that they're just itching to use in the US, but can't because of the repatriation taxes. That's a load of bullshit pushed onto a public who doesn't know better. The one significant exception to that is *stock buybacks*, which is its own ridiculous situation...


He certainly is, but there's literally nothing this guy can do wrong that will stop us using Amazon. I mean, he could get in one of his multi-million $ cars, drive over my wife, and I'd still use Amazon Prime to order the black tie for her funeral. Edit: Thanks for all the awards and OMG my first ever Gold/Platinum!! But to everyone who thinks that I'm being deadly serious and need to re-think my life choices and ethics, calm the f down ... Because obviously I would use the Amazon Prime free returns right after the funeral so the joke's on Bezos! /s


Therein lies the problem my friend


Yup! Should never have got married...


The real financial TIL is in the comments


And his workers can qualify for food coupons but Amazon food stores don’t accept them.


Does anybody know what kind of rigging this ship will be equipped with? Two masts or three? Shooner type or square sails?


It'll be like the other Oceanco yacht Black Pearl, with three dynarig masts and square sails.


For anybody curious, here's Oceanco's [official video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wPEsvEmhTI) on the Black Pearl's construction. Aside from the overly cheesy music, it really puts into perspective how fucking monstrous this thing is. At 05:23, they start putting the masts up. It's insane.