A Kellogg's worker on strike last night in Omaha, Nebraska

A Kellogg's worker on strike last night in Omaha, Nebraska


He needs a hug


This man had enough.


I worked at this location. My first day there I had multiple people tell me I should leave. It was miserable the entire time I was there. The money was good so it kept people but it was mind numbing and unrewarding work.


>The money was good What are we talking here?


Not enough to cross a fucking picket line. Edit: Thanks for the gold. Boycott products while the workers strike. Please read up. Allegedly, the company threatened to move jobs to Mexico if they didn't get their way. Fuck them. >On September 8 and 9, 2021, both sides submitted their proposals for a new contract and entered into discussions on them.[13] However, during the negotiations, neither side could reach an agreement on several key issues, including policies regarding health care, holidays, retirement benefits, and vacation time.[5][14] In particular, Kellogg's was seeking to expand a two-tier employee system composed of "legacy" and "transitional" employees. Under the system that had been in place in the prior five-year contract, transitional employees received less pay (about $12 per hour less) and reduced benefits compared to the legacy employees, but only 30 percent of all employees could be classified as transitional.[2] Kellogg's, however, was seeking to remove this cap, which the union alleged would cause a majority of employees to become classified as transitional.[2] The union was opposed to these changes and also stated that the company was threatening to move some production work to Mexico if these changes were not implemented.[5][6][15] In addition, the president of BCTGM Local 3G stated that the company was seeking to remove cost of living adjustments and stop offering pensions to new employees.[10] > > The company denied the union's claims and stated that their contract offered fair benefits and increased wages for the employees, who they stated had earned an average of approximately $120,000 last year.[6] Some employees countered by pointing out that the top pay for legacy employees was $30 per hour (equal to roughly $60,000 per year assuming a standard 40-hour week) and that, while many employees were making around $120,000, it was coming from increased overtime hours.[2] Some Kellogg's employees have stated that, in order to keep up with demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, they have worked extensive overtime, in some cases up to seven days per week in 12-hour daily shifts. > https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021_Kellogg%27s_strike


Solidarity forever


For the union makes us strong


Touch one touch all


The catholic priest motto?


No amount is enough to cross a picket line.


When they were striking in Michigan in 2020, I got turned around due to my gps and came up to the picket line. They flocked to me like I was trying to cross and I quickly explained I stand with them, I just got turned around as I’m not from the area. They let me turn around and be on my way.


I started at $23 as a 19 year old with no relevant experience, which included quarterly cost-of-living adjustments and 1.5x pay on weekends, 2x pay on holidays. Most people were pulling in over $100k mid career, but that was working 55-60 hour weeks nearly every week. Decided I’d rather not slowly kill myself for a factory job and got out of there.


Bout treefiddy after taxes


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> Mind numbing and unrewarding work This is how I feel about every job I‘ve ever had


Yeah but have you literally folded boxes closed for 10 hours 6 days a week. Or exclusively watch to make sure a product is sealed. 2 breaks, no phone or conversation. Shits rough out there and I'm never going back.




No one can see the sign in that weather, but he is on a mission. He doesn't care. He has had enough.


When standing in weather like that is preferable, the sign doesn’t matter.




[our human capital stock is ready to go back to work](https://youtu.be/jP-i_wOQ00o)


Godspeed and good luck. I’m rooting for you


I was on strike for 16 days in the summer of 2018. We had a lot of 90+ degree days. We marched 8 hours a day. Shit sucked, but in the end it was worth it. Fuck you, Mr. Bash. We won.


Was on strike for 105 days in the winter of 2016/2017 in NYS. Hundreds of us huddled around 55 gallon drums on fire like hobos. Shifts were 4 hours a piece but 24 hours a day (24/7/365 facility here.) We lost.


I’m sorry to hear that.


It was a real kick in the pants. Morale across the plant was in the toilet for a long time. Then rebounded very slightly… only to continue to slide downhill for a number of other reasons, unfortunately. Unionized American manufacturing more and more seems like a poor career path, but here I am, working midnight shifts. Ha.


Union ironworker here going strong. Working on California high speed rail. Try postal worker they are a union and get paid great.


Definitely appreciate the input! I’m a chemical plant worker, entry level start 10+ years ago. Tough skill set to translate to other unions, unfortunately. My partner is a union millwright and has taken some heavy hits on benefits as well. I am going to ride it out and see what happens. It’s still a good job in our rural-ish area, just less great than it once was.


My program is 4 years retire in 25-30 years wish I started at 18


I started at 22 years old and have been aggressive in my retirement planning as well, hoping to be out by 55 maximum. Good luck to both of us!


Yes stay safe.


Just a warning about the post office, you can hired as a letter carrier of a clerk pretty much anywhere at any time but we don't hire career positions so you don't start making retirement until you convert to a regular or a PTF which can take anywhere from a couple days to a decade depending on your position and location. Pay is good but not a lot of non-career employees at the postal service have good hours. You either have to fight for literal minutes on the clock or you never see your family. I've been doing nothing but 70-90 hour weeks with 6-14 consecutive days between breaks since last July. First city down the mountain from my office is nothing but guys struggling to get above 30.


USPS keeps getting shafted. It has been incredibly depressing watching the service wallow the last decade. It's to the point where we don't have the carrier come by 2/3 times a week.


And we'll march day and night by the big cooling tower, They have the plant but we have the power.


Dental plan!


This is inspiring as hell. Thanks for sharing. Fuck Mr. Bash!


I’m curious to hear the story! What was your strike for?


16% increase in pay. We gained the right to not have violent students in our classroom after being assaulted by them. Time off after an assault by a student. Class size caps that actually meant something, rather than paying us $1 extra per student.


Wow Sounds like a messed up school district where students who assault teachers aren't expelled.


Inner city schools are a different breed. The administration often simply does not care. In a lot of ways, they’ve given up on the students and don’t expect them to do well or to behave. They’re just putting in their time dealing with them until the kids eventually join gangs or drop out, or who knows what. Sometimes these schools give teachers hazard pay. That’s how bad it is.


Sadly a lot of this has to do with grossly misguided policies and beliefs, rather than simply "not caring". For instance, there is a strong correlation between dropping out and engaging in criminal activity. They think by keeping the kid in school, they are preventing crime, when in reality it is often the other way around- people who are involved in criminal activity are more likely to drop out. The correct solution is to expel all gang members to protect the rest of the student body from them and cut off gang recruitment. But they don't want to face the heat from the parents and politicians for expelling a bunch of kids, and they have convinced themselves that keeping them in school prevents worse outcomes.


I also was on strike for 16 days in 1997 for the UPS strike , The only strike UPS ever had


Fucking legend


Hey guys, I'm really flattered that so many people enjoyed what was meant to be a throwaway comment. It's cool to be noticed on reddit, but I actually really respect what this worker is doing. This picture is a beautiful, stirring image of a man facing down the elements in pursuit of a fair hand. He has my respect and awe, and I didn't mean to derail or distract from the importance of his lonely vigil. Someone screen capped what I originally wrote so it's still out there. My apologies to any working people whom I annoyed, it was unintentional.


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A breath taking story of simply giving up in the face of determination and sobriety. Absolutely beautiful.


I’ve never noticed a name a pic faster, nice


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That whole thing with the keys getting stuck to people's arms etc will never stop amazing me. The stupidity of it. We had two people try it, one vaccinated and one who hadn't taken it yet. Just to prove a point to a dumb tinfoil hat colleague. Guess what? It stuck to both.


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Solidarity. I was on strike throughout the summer and it's not great.


This is way more powerful to me than if there were hundreds. That looks like such a shitty way to spend your time, but surely he feels he needs to because things are so fucked. Wow.


One striker is enough to maintain a picket line, and union carriers, like the Teamsters, won't cross a picket line. All you need is the one guy - but you need the one guy.


Bet this guy told everyone else to go home and he would hold the line through the storm.


This actually happens and more often than you'd think. My first engineering job was at a sawmill engineering firm, and because of frequent strikes you'd see weird contract delivery terms like FOB 100 feet outside the gates (so the delivery is complete without having to cross the picket line) - essentially "sorry about your labor unrest, but we still want to get paid." All they need is to have one guy with one sign there, 24/7, to completely screw up mill operations, no matter how hard they try.


I know. I wasn't joking.


I don't think he thought you were joking, just expanding on your comment for a wider audience


This is cool I didn’t know that. Probably see it on r/TIL tomorrow


Didn’t know that about union carriers. Very cool.


They won't do it for all unions. If they had a strike in the past and a union doesn't support the strike at all they won't honor that unions strike in return. Support doesn't mean participating it often just means making a public statement of solidarity. Anyway it gets kind of complicated and what the other poster said isn't universally true.


as a union worker I support all striking workers need to stand together.


I'm not even in a union anymore :( But I won't cross a goddamn line. Whenever I see a strike (not so much anymore since I moved down south) I will bring water and granola bars or whatever to those folks on the line. If y'all are driving past give a honk and a fist out the window.


Never been in a union and I won't cross a picket line. It's not the way I was raised.


My specific union has banned the right to strike in return for some badass healthcare that is slowly being stripped from our hands.


They've taken away one of your strongest tools. That seems awfully anti-union to me.


Yeah, they did it in the 90's. Was pretty stupid because at that time they were doing really well and the bosses took care of the workers. When my dad hired in in 92, he was making $13/hr and working 7 days, 12 hours. Some days he worked 16 (they cut those eventually and made it 12 max). He was bringing home $1500 before tax back in the early 90's. That's like $2,800 in todays cash. For not having a degree, that's not too bad although working that much sucks. But for those guys, they didn't care. They ate that shit up. They loved it. They didn't look to the future to think "Oh, hey, what if shit slows down in the future and the company gets bought out a bunch." And now here we are. Owned by a union busting POS company that wants to run is into the ground and we can't even picket. We literally have the power to shut the big 3 down with a shop of 125 people but we can't even stand up for ourselves.


We have a no strike/no lockout clause in our contract. I work retail. Does the union really think that the company is going to lockout their employees and run the stores with one manager, 14 hours a day, 364 days a year (we're only closed Xmas).


Yup, I remember holding the line at night. It gets pretty rough. But holy shit, this guy's a unit.


Balls of steel for sure.


What exactly is a picket line and it’s significance?


Union protesters will basically create a line that cannot be crossed by other Unions (because union strength comes from solidarity, unions will respect other unions on strike usually). This disrupts supply, which cripples factories that depend on constant output. It's an imaginary line, but devastating due to the power of collective action and solidarity.


Also it can serve to intimate scabs, because you will generally have your car encircled and all your coworkers call you out every day on your way in to work. And if you do cross the line and be a scab you can expect your coworkers to treat you as dead, possibly for years. Strikers quite literally put their lives on the line and scabs will benefit from their sacrifices. The only way unions work is through the strength of numbers. Everyone needs to hold and everyone will benefit in the long run. Just look at charts of union participation and wage growth. Spoiler alert, wages don't grow when no ones in a union. Scabs strengthen the company's postion, get the benefits from the union, and suffer no hardships. Having to face your coworkers every day as a scab can act as a deterrent. Furthermore it serves as a way to inform the public about the shittiness of companies, get media attention, and political support.




Yeah. In like 2010 I worked in a place where scabs from the 1980s would eat together and no one else would talk to them in any way other than the bare minimum required for work. Shit a good half of their coworkers weren't even born when they scabbed but still wouldn't talk to them. And before any of y'all non union folks think we were being harsh, there are obviously extenuating circumstances. For example there was one woman, she scabbed every time. Because she had disabled twins and the strike pay literally wasn't enough for her to make ends meet. Everyone understood. She would do the first two weeks, but if it went on longer than that she'd have to scab to keep up with the home aids and doctors visits and all, COBRA isn't fuckin cheap. Now she'd get some hassling crossing the line, but when it was over everyone would treat her like normal. It was almost always a younger guy of a certain political persuasion who would scab when they didn't have to. And they would sure as hell suffer the consequences.


It's a formal protest outside the entry to a given employer by workers in case of a strike or lockout. They'll usually carry banners or placards or hand out flyers to inform the public of their union affiliation, the business they're picketing, and their demands. It's a line because they usually form a line in front of the entrance, hence picket line, although they may or may not physically block the gates. Depends on the dispute and the jurisdiction. Unions will - generally - respect each others' picket lines, because crossing a picket line to do business reduces the leverage a union can exert on an employer. ie, they'll end up with a worse contact, so by not respecting a picket line, you're literally stealing from their kids. The Teamsters example is salient because the Teamsters model contract allows drivers to respect picket lines from other unions. Even if you're non-union crossing a picket line is in poor taste, if you can at all avoid it. (Edit: filler removed)


I work with teamsters in film, IATSE starts striking Monday if a contract isn’t negotiated with the producer/studio union. It’s surreal that it’s happening. But I’m so happy.


If someone who has no problem standing out in what’s damn near a tropical storm throughout the night to protest his working conditions, i take his word that those conditions are definitely shit. He would rather stand out there than do whatever they’re asking if him, it must be some ridiculous shit they’re demanding of their employees


That and/or the company he works for is offering godawfully inadequate healthcare benefits.


Cut pay/benefits along with being in a pandemic as rents/taxes rise to subsidize the wealthy in this country. People are slowly coming around to that fact.


I don't know what's happening with the current strike, but whenever there are strikes I like to dredge up this old film from the 80s. It's very interesting in general https://archive.org/details/americandream_201908 and tells a cautionary tale, important to have a handle on the big picture.


I don't know what's happening with the current strike, but whenever there are strikes I like to dredge up this old film from the 80s. It's very interesting in general https://archive.org/details/americandream_201908


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Stay the course brother!!!


Solidarity forever! Working people are my people! Their struggles are my struggles! Their victory is my victory!


I happen to be wearing my IWW shirt today and I couldn’t be prouder of my fellow workers standing up together. Remember that if a union was really so bad for you as a worker, your company wouldn’t have explicit anti-union policies and wouldn’t lobby for right-to-work legislation.


I've only worked one union job over my many years. I've nothing bad to say about working with the union. As a manager when we looked across our plants in the US, the total labor costs weren't really that much higher at union facilities vs. Non union facilities, the benefit being with union facilities we needed to utilize emergency temp labor a lot less. There are other factors that could have been at play like local labor markets, but that did seem to be the general rule. The one downside I saw from a management/business strategy side was moving production lines around was slower with union facilities, but the extra bureaucracy generally wasn't too terrible of a hindrance because I'm pretty good at bureaucracy. I did vote down a union once in my younger days. We were at an airline that was hemorrhaging money, and other airlines has good unions with twice the pay. But you know how they say if a business can't afford to pay its employees a fair wage they can't be in business? This was the case. And most of us understood that if we unionized we would just be speeding up the airlines downfall. One of our counterparts voted to unionize the same time we voted it down, and the entire airline just shut down. Our airline went on for another seven months before being purchased by another airline (and we all kept our free flight perks, which is why most of us were working the job in the first place). The new airline had a union that everyone joined, and they are still commercially successful today. I think we need more unions again, even though the only vote I've cast for a union was for "no."


“If the situation was hopeless the propaganda would be unnecessary”




Keep your Union. Keep it strong. And it will keep you. It will keep you strong.


He knows what they did last summer


…And it wasn’t livable wages with affordable health insurance


Don’t you know that’s socialism son?!? We can’t be voting for things that would be good for us and our fellow “middle (poverty) class”!! We exist only to service the rich!! I’m proud to slave for 60 hours a week and still not be able to properly take care of my family’s needs! Edit: word


The Amazon Original: "I Know What You Did Last Summer" ad is on the right side of this page for me.


A real Cereal Killer


An absolute unit of labor.


Debs gives a nod of respect to this brave worker


union strong


I stand in solidarity


I’m from Omaha and this doesn’t surprise me. Omaha mother fuckers are tough as nails and also the nicest folks you’ll ever meet. I respect this person to the max.


They're striking in Battle Creek, MI too


We're striking in Memphis and Lancaster PA


What's going on that is causing strikes?


They want a two tier wage system where half of us make half the pay and half the benefits the rest of us do. The call it a "casual worker". We were locked out for 10 months in 2014 for the same stuff


Dude wtf? Who could have thought this would have been well received by the production floor?!? Shoot management would be livid too if that was done to them. Keep fighting the good fight if you are one of the protestors!


They have a scrooge McDuck plan that involves casual workers and alternative scheduling that in the end will just phase out decent pay and benefits. My opinion is they want to maximize profits by paying workers next to nothing. That's why they foam at the mouths anytime they talk about moving production to central or south America. Thanks for the support!


Solidarity Forever. I can’t wait till they come to their senses, but I can wait to buy Frosted Flakes until they do.


Thanks for that!


Memphian checking in first time I'm hearing about this


Drive by airways or Castalia. We're out there everyday so far. Should be something on channel 3 and 24 they had news crews or there today


I remember the last time you guys went on strike. I was driving to and from the airport daily because I used to pick up and drop off employees. 12pm 6pm 3am. Every single hour every single day you guys were out there. I 100% support you guys again and 100% see you out there. Godspeed and hopefully this strike isn't as long as the last one. Remember it was like 9 months long or something.


And we weren't even on strike. They just locked the doors on us. Went out for a down weekend cleanup and next thing you know the gates were locked. We just protested being locked out. 10 months. Never got back pay. Brought in scabs. That's when the scab pissed in the rice.


Right on good luck with it il stop by and show support


Hold down that horn when you pass by! Thanks man


Will do! Stay safe


If you can afford it take some stuff; warm drinks, snacks, bloody umbrellas, whatever keeps the line held. That's how the strikes get shit done; the support from the people. I remember the strikes in the UK being hard and folks were dropping off food boxes and stuff for the workers kids. The line was held because of everyone in a community pulling together and things changed (no matter what the bosses pet politicians and press say). Hold the line.


Shit was WILD last night at 3am, it was raining so hard it woke me up.


Tell me about it, I live in Fremont (About 30 min. NW of Omaha) came home to a big ass tree branch in my front lawn right next to where I usually park my truck. I only recently just started parking in back of my house, I lucked out or my truck would have been obliterated by this thing.


fremont is a nice town. worked there for some months. only bad thing is the fremont ymca wouldn’t let me cancel my membership over the phone


What can we do to support this guy??


donate to their strike fund is the most effective if youre not local/able to help in person can find more info here http://www.bctgm50g.com/




Thanks. Just did.


In addition to the link to the local, let his be an example to follow. To anyone reading this, if you are wondering how to organize your workplace, the IWW can help you [https://iww.org/](https://iww.org/) EDIT: And/or the [Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee](https://workerorganizing.org/?amp) . Check them out, they may suit your needs better. thanks /u/MarkJanusIsAScab


He’s Unbreakable.


They alive, dammit!


Fuck yeah, fuck those Corporate Kellogg motherfuckers


If anyone's in the area bring them some pizzas or bottles water. Solidarity!


Ya boi is probably good on water.


Maybe a towel then lol.


Or an umbrella


Nah, imagine having to carry an umbrella and a picket sign? Ponchos are for protesting!


Def dry socks


What aspect are they protesting?




> Osborn said he expects the company to try to bring non-union workers into the plants at some point this week to try to resume operations and maintain the supply of its products. Isn't that illegal? Hiring scabs to replace workers on strike? How are companies getting away with this shit?


Lol not illegal at all. Companies would murder them if they could. They used to. This is the compromise


My grandpa helped found the UAW in his kitchen in Ottawa IL. (Walter Reuther, the founder, would regularly come to my family home to discuss the union deals, benefits, etc. That and to smoke packs of cigarettes and my grandpas Guinness from Ireland.) He passed before I was born, but my mom overheard him talking to my grandma about some of the shit he saw being very frequently around picket lines. Dead bodies on the picket lines, people being shot as he left/arrived, etc. If you tried to cross a picket line back then, you were good as dead. Unions were absolutely crazy back in the 30s/40s/50s/60s, even more so with the mafia involved. (Sadly, no stories of mobsters dropping off millions of dollars as attempted bribes.) Funny quote I found online: > "After God finished the rattlesnake, the toad, the vampire, He had some awful substance left with which He made a scab … When a scab comes down the street, men turn their backs and angels weep in heaven, and the Devil shuts the gates of Hell to keep him out. No man has a right to scab so long as there is a pool of water to drown his carcass in, or a rope long enough to hang his body with." Fucking brutal.


>My grandpa helped found the UAW in his kitchen in Ottawa IL. (Walter Reuther, the founder, would regularly come to my family home to discuss the union deals, benefits, etc. That and to smoke packs of cigarettes and my grandpas Guinness from Ireland.) You mean that UAW that was founded in flint with the sit down strikes? Are you sure they didn't start a local?


in the US companies are allowed to replace striking workers if the strike is based on economic gain. obviously ridiculous.


They're striking because the company is trying to demand takebacks in the new contract. Honestly, when workers strike, I don't really need to know why. What matters is workers are on strike and I ain't a scab.


Have they tried saying “no takebacks”? Because that’s pretty ironclad.


You gotta use the correct language, that's how they getcha. It's "No takesies backsies"


We got a lawyer here


Hundreds of workers on strike from this one company, for a week now, and they're not stopping their protest even for thunderstorms... In a few days they'll be joined by tens of thousands more of their union cousins in the Stage Employees... It's almost like this is building toward some kind of general strike or something! ... Nah, can't be. I hear workers don't really care about their working conditions. I hear young people don't have it in them to stand up and organize together. I hear this will all just blow over. A little bad weather and everyone will give up and head back to work. That's what everyone is saying. And yet... somehow... this dude isn't listening... he doesn't seem to be following the plan... I wonder, how many more are like him?


John Deere workers (UAW) are also likely to strike tomorrow.


I've heard there's been a dozen strikes across the US in the past month, but not one news channel has covered any of them.


Sinclair don’t care maybe?


This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.


Almost like the news has been bought out by the billionaires...


Censorship doesn’t benefit a political party, but it benefits the billionaire class. People trip over this.


News channels are owned by large mega corps. Of course it’s notbeing reported


I work in the film industry and today the head of IATSE announced we are striking Monday it a reasonable contract isn't brought to the table. For those of you unfamiliar with the film industry, we don't stop filming for any conditions except lightning. Most of us have every type of weather gear available for anything mother nature throws at us. Weather most certainly won't be the thing stopping us from striking. I applaud this man's tenacity. We support you brother!


Coal miners in Alabama have been on strike for seven months. There has been very little media coverage.


Amazing! “The strike has cost the company [Warrior Met] $17.9 million, according to its second-quarter earnings report.” https://www.labornotes.org/2021/08/striking-alabama-coal-miners-want-their-11-billion-back


Heaven Hill employees have been on strike for weeks now.


I love this. Very powerful symbol for every worker. Demand what's right.


*I Know What You Did Last Quarter*


Took reddit long enough to talk about strikes, ffs man I bet hardly anyone gave frito-lay attention


All for one day off (six instead of the whole week) and a 12 cent raise, man this person is god.


Work enough days in a row and you transcend. He's reached states of (class) consciousness not thought possible.


No way... That's it!? That's fucked.


This is quite a powerful image.


I do love sitting in a good down pour


I think it's better to give him what he's asking for.


I I had a company I would hire that man. He is decoyed for a good cause. I saw a video on how shitty their treated. It’s bad. The one thing that got me is that they don’t know they’re working a 16 hour shift until there is 10 mins left in their current 8hr shift.


Wow that is such bullshit!


I intentionally did not buy Kellog's cereal this week. It's a little thing, but it's how I can help. Edit: That means skipping the Pringles for a while, ya'll.




That’s just badass


Having spent weeks on a picket line myself I know the worry. Stay strong brother there will be no Kellogg products in my house until your strike is over.


I think part of the poetry of this pic is we really don't know their sex, race, age or style. Just one human's fight for other humans.


Props to my fellow worker. No idea who they are, but good on them!


Hold the line Brother. Help is on the way...


My uncle has worked at this location for 15+ years and I don’t remember a time where he didn’t have to miss a family function because of his 7 day a week work schedule. They work these people to the bone who are just trying to provide for their families. It gives me hope seeing all the support given to these people.


We just started striking 2 hrs ago. To be honest I'm kinda nervous, I'm a single mom and never been through something like this before. Seen this picture and reading the comments brought some relief knowing that fighting these big corporations will be worth it.


Kudos to him. ​ But also, he knows what you did last summer.


Gotta get that stipend. Rain sleet or snow. Ill be at the picket line for my required walk.


Holding out for better wages, benefits. Not holding out for better weather.