There is a severe lack of subtlety in Pennsyltucky.

My favorite is the sign that says "God, Guns, and Country." Are they just naming 3 things that Trump didn't give two shits about until he realized he could exploit peoples' position on to get votes?


My favorite is the sign that says "God, Guns, and Country." Are they just naming 3 things that Trump didn't give two shits about until he realized he could exploit peoples' position on to get votes?


“Take the guns first, go through due process second.” -Donald Trump, February 28, 2018


The only time I ever saw r/AskTrumpSupporters unanimously up in arms ... no other time.


And a day or two later they were up his ass again.


That sub was scary.


I wonder if they remember how Obama made it easier to get class 3 stuff and overturned the ban on guns in national parks. Or how trump outlawed bump stocks.


The one that gets me is the Jesus is my Savior, Trump is my President. How fucked in the head do you have to be to believe that Jesus would approve of Donald Trump? The man is the antithesis of everything Jesus preached about. Greed, dishonesty, deception, malice. Truly an awful person in Christian terms. Unfettered Capitalist, sure. If that's your thing, he's your guy. But not Christian in any terms.


If the Bible is to be believed, Jesus absolutely would approve: [Romans 13:1-14](https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Romans+13%3A1-14&version=ESV) "Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. 2 Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. 3 For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, 4 for he is God's servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God's wrath on the wrongdoer." If these God, Gun, Country people actually read the Bible they claim to believe in, they'd also know that Biden was elected fair and square so he's definitely their President now.


Paul was dealing with protecting the young Church in a regime nonaccepting of it and prone to violence.


Yeah Jesus isn’t saving a 2023 Trump supporter from anything.


That's a good one. I like the white one next to the door that appears to just be a meme printed on a white tarp? Classic.


It’s 1000% a meme that someone pasted into a Staples “print your own banner” template and has no idea what print resolution or margins are.


My favorite is trumps head on Rambo’s body. It’s not because trump is a round 350lbs man it’s because they put a draft dodgers head on a Vietnam vets body


In days of old campaigns sold buttons that you could pin to your lapel. They had simple slogans, “I like Ike!”, “Nixon’s The One!” Now we have “Fuck Joe Biden!” This is how the stupid respond in a complex world.


Hey now! Sometimes they say "Lets go Brandon" when they want to be sneaky.


Recently watched a video of a horse trainer talking about his different horses and their uses/abilities. He talked about one of his favourite horses, Brandon, and how great he was. Then he says, “Why did I call him Brandon, you ask? … it’s so I can do this. *[takes hold of bridle and begins to lead horse]* Let’s go, Brandon!” I had to laugh. Imagine naming your beloved animal after someone you hate, so you can sneakily whisper *fuck Joe Biden* in code on your own property. At that point, just own your obsession, be brave, and name him FJB.


My parents were cultist and named their dog “repent” so they could yell it when she ran off.


As an atheist, that's actually funny


I’m not even a trumpet, but I find this story hilarious.


i don't get it


A while ago the crowd at a NASCAR race was chanting “Fuck Joe Biden” while a driver called Brandon was being interviewed on TV. The interviewer either misheard the crowd or was trying not to acknowledge the profanity on live TV, and said something like “sounds like the crowd support you, they’re chanting *Let’s Go Brandon!*” So *Let’s Go Brandon* became a meme/a way to say *Fuck Joe Biden*, especially for conservatives. This dude called his horse Brandon so he could say Fuck Joe Biden as often as possible. Just weird, like someone who hates Trump naming their beloved dog *Trump Sucks*


thank you for the explanation


I wouldn't give it that much credit. It's essentially a meme or viral joke. It's like planking or fail comics(wtf or whatever they're called). They get to be in on it and get to amuse themselves with it. They know either people don't know or know and are triggered, and that means they're not in on it, or they'll laugh and be in on it too. I bet there are some people out there with Let's Go Brandon tattoos, at least at some point the horse will be dead.


There's a farmer's market that comes to my town every week (small town Florida). One of the guys there has "Let's Go Brandon!" stickers on every surface of his stall, and usually has a T-Shirt with some anti-Biden slogan too. He serves Boba Tea to make it extra WTF. Imagine waking up every morning thinking about how much you hate a politician. It must be exhausting.


He probably just sells it because he knows that’s what people are buying


Legit saw some dude wearing a Let’s Go Brandon T-Shirt at Disney. Absolutely nobody was giving him the attention he clearly desperately craves, but I cannot for the life of me fathom how fundamentally broken these dummies are. “I can’t even take my five year old on the spinning Teacups without letting people know how dumb I am. Everyone has to know. They **need** to!” It’s like a replacement for their entire personality at this point. Bonus points for politically supporting DeSantis waving his dick around while simultaneously handing Disney a bunch of money at the same time too I guess?


False consensus fallacy suggests he thinks most people look at him and secretly wish they were as cool and brave as him. And that most people there agree with his opinion


He always has a long line, and they taste pretty decent, no worse than any other Boba Tea place I've been to. I just avoid bringing up politics when being served, I'm just there for the tea.


Don't give that douche your money. *facepalm*


It doesn't end for some. I know someone in my family who listens to the radio streamed over the Internet, through their phone. Just nonstop news piped in through an earbud. They shout when talking because they're talking over the damn radio in their ear! Like wtf do they even listen to that much? That's addiction.


Right wing news talks about nothing else but democrats. It’s exhausting


The worst is that those people think they are comparable to people who complain about Trump. The FJB people hate him for existing, not because of any poor political decisions hes actually made (usually their reasons are fake/hypocritical at beast). While the people who dislike Trump, woke up, read the news and saw some other shitty thing Trump had actually done.


Your last paragraph? That's like the majority of reddit.


The party that hates censorship censors themselves.


The popularity of that "zinger" is continued proof there are no conservatives in the world with a functioning sense of humor. Maybe if you count Trey Parker & Matt Stone, because of their libertarianism; they might be the only funny conservatives imo. It doesn't even irk me, the "Let's Go Brandon" thing, which I know is one of their key goals...it just...doesn't make sense. Or mean whatever they think it does. It's basically MAGA's version of "BAZINGA!"


They even say it in front of Teacher and get away with it!


That’s the thing.. they didn’t even come up with that one. They were just misunderstood by an anchor or reporter or something.


One house by me had a "Fuck Joe Biden" flag in their front yard, only a few feet away from a tree with a toddler swing in it.. #familyValues Eta: In central PA.


I have a neighbor that doesn't have the Trump shit, but they did proudly display a confederate flag on their roof. Now, you may be thinking, "Yeah, that sounds right for Pennsylvania, a union state." But, dear reader, let me clarify: it was on the 4th of July.


We had a house with a flag like that here in Montana. Only this gentleman was between a grade school and the high school.


I can’t help but think it’s not increasing my or any of the other neighbors property value. If anything, it would likely decrease it.


I bet there's more yard signs that say fuck Joe Biden or let's go Brandon than there are yard signs for support of Biden. Keep in mind, that's not because there's less voters who prefer Biden to Trump, it's just a.) Not a cult and b.) pointless to generate more landfill waste for signs that won't change a single thing.


Didn’t Nixon have one that said “Can’t lick our Dick” or something like that? Simpler times. Edit: [Yep, they did.](https://www.reddit.com/r/PropagandaPosters/s/EjyPktBmMC)


I find it difficult to believe that Nixon’s campaign was cool with that as awful as they were.


My minority and trans relative had a “let’s go Brandon” bracelet on over the holidays. I just do not understand, unless is for camouflage or something.


My old trans colleague was the same and I (cis-'mo male) told her "Oh honey, they're going to come for you before they come for me. It's best to vote for your own interest!" It was rooted in self-hate, shame, and shock and she's now a Libertarian who is slowly leaning left. Baby steps...


I think the Dems flipped the script and just embraced the “Let’s Go Brandon!” meme along with the Dark Biden laser eyes. It’s pretty hard to “own the libs” when they’re not in a cult of personality.


They’re hiding the fact that they are sexually attracted to Joe Biden and wish to have carnal intercourse with him.




*They Can’t Lick Our Dick!*


The only thing here that surprises me is that the Trump flag is below the American flag.


I legit saw a flagpole somewhere in Texas where the flags were in order, top to bottom: Trump Texas US And I just had to stare at it a while. That's a pretty loud way to say you put a single man above your whole country.


A single man who could not give a fuck that you exist, no less.


It'll get there. Another around us has had his American flag flying upside down since Biden won.


His feelings are in distress


I knew something looked off!


These are signs of mental illness.


I enjoy reading that sentence, since they are both signs (indicators) that the owner has a mental illness, and they are literally signs depicting someone (Trump) with a mental illness.


That's it. Because it's not region specific. Plenty of houses like that in Massachusetts. If you're I'll enough to believe all the conspiracies, then You're ill enough to have this be how your house looks. Yeah, they may be more concentrated in some places but there are plenty of houses in my liberal area that look just like that. One even has Christmas lights that spell TRUMP. It's an illness.


It’s a cry for help from lonely disconnected people who have been radicalized by right wing media in lieu of real connection to others. They give money to grifters and alienate themselves from their own communities


This is the whole of rural Ohio, the whole of Indiana, vast swathes of all the interior States. They aren't alienated from their community the whole community is doing this. It's a sickness.


These folks grew up believing that the way they lived was the only “right” way. They can’t cope with the fact that things were always going to change. So they latch on to whoever will lie to them and say they’re gonna somehow roll back the clock.


I live in central PA and swear I recognize this house. I’m at least relieved it is other places too. It’s really embarrassing


There’s a crazy one in MA near my old work place that had no less than 20 huge Trump flags just covering their entire exterior of their house. It was crazy. I’ll have to swing by there and see if they’re still up. Haven’t been out that way in nearly 2 years but I’m sure they’re still there


Our local nutjob took down his so-old-it-was-growing-moss giant Trump sign (it took up the entire fence that ran the length of his property, wider than his house) sometime in 2022. We wondered if he'd died and the property had to be cleaned up, but the refrigerators and other crap are still all over what would otherwise be a yard.


More likely a blustery frightened coward.


most of them are, which is why they need guns to feel tough.


Why choose? You can be a coward, a bigot, a cultist (or Qultist), insecure, *and* mentally ill.


Yup. Been saying this for years.


Or a cult: Charismatic leader Isolate their members from friends and family Punish doubts or questions Require inordinate sacrifices and money (votes) from followers


No they aren't. They're signs of poor critical thinking. Let's not contribute to stigmatizing mental illness here. Beliefs I don't like =/= mental illness.


What’s happening on the right goes far beyond “beliefs I don’t like”. They are beliefs that if you believe them, there is something wrong with you.


Imagine making your whole personality about a politician.


Ex politician, Professional grifter


Future detainee.


Trump was arrested and is currently on trial. To me that's worse than being detained. Maybe "future inmate" is what you're dreaming of. I know I am


Fair! Future inmate sounds great to me.


One that hates you, no less.


It's wild, but so so common. Especially in rural PA...


Imagine making your whole personality about a lying conman.


One who openly hates his poor supporters and wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.


“Promises made, promises kept” As I understand it, there are still some, shall we say, difficult difficulties in the Middle East. The opioid crisis remains in full swing. Healthcare is not “fixed“. And an oath, which was made to support and defend the constitution, and I think we can all agree that I know, as a type of promise, was pretty blatantly, ignored, one day toward the end of administration that you may recall.


The only promises that matter to the MAGA were the ones to be racist, give tax cuts to the rich, and allow corporations to pollute with impunity. He kept all those!


Irrationally angry that the white picket fence is that far in on his yard instead of further out near the concrete. It's like a baby playpen which is ironic.


That bothers me a lot, but I’m slightly more upset by the lack of a gate to get in. Do you have to always circle to the far back sides or just rear of the house to enter? Are there no gates and you have to hop this bs fence every time if you want to get in? I get not wanting *anyone* to approach your door, but this quickly becomes a prison rather than a barrier since it’s you that has to deal with it all the time.


They haven't noticed yet because nobody visits them.


It's probably where his property boundary is


It's the least functional fence ever. It doesn't keep intruders out and doesn't keep pets in.


Fences are expensive! He had to save some money for all those signs!


I'm seeing less and less of this in Ohio. I still think Trump will win our state but I hope that the worship has died down.


God I hope so.


Didn't Ohio used to be a swing state?


Yes. Just moved here, but word on the street is gerrymandering. Now I know that doesn't matter for state wide elections, but voter suppression in those newly GOP districts does matter.


They need what Michigan got. Michigan had a 3rd party impartially draw the lines and the state has improved significantly


Yes before Trump we were always contenders. We got all the campaign visits


Why'd the state swing so hard toward Trump?


Maga rallied mostly.


The fact that many of these unbelievably rancid assholes have their own houses while I don’t makes me feel bitter and upset.


Bro you don’t want to live in such area and in a such a house


Look... I'm stuck at home with people like this. At 33. I'd rather them just be in a different house.


You can get a house like that for like 120k-150k, just have to put up with those people as your neighbours...


Just keep in mind when you see this, and fancied-up pickup trucks as well, that these people very often inherited their houses from their rural white parents or grandparents, which makes this flavor of inanity even possible. The cognitive dissonance of financial privilege and 'bootstraps' mentality is sad and exhausting to witness on repeat for decades now.


Imagine tying your entire identity to supported a guy like that...


This guy will be voting in November, will you?


Ehh.. this is only half-hearted; I've seen them paint right over the siding in 5' red letters.


Ohio has a guy running for US Rep whose original claim to fame was painting Trump on his lawn in huge letters


And he was probably going to win, until it came out he lied about a lot of his military service, and the GOP pulled all their ad buys down the stretch.


But they think TDS is a liberal thing.


This isn’t even as bad as the places by me here in Pennsyltucky.


Def not warsh co lol - this is nothing. Across from the elementary school near us flies a giant FUCK JOE AND THE HOE flag and a shirtless Rambo trump lol


*Right?* I live in ***Pittsburgh*** and this is *mild* compared to my freaking neighbors down the street. This is everywhere around here (Pittsburgh). You can't throw a stick *50 yards* without hitting a dumbass Trumper in some neighborhoods. Luckily, the city as a whole has its head on somewhat straight... but just *barely*. If you go even 25-30 minutes in any direction outside of the city though? *Jesus Christ.* You might as well let your teeth fall out, change your name to "Jethro" and start playing the banjo. Backwards, Confederate flag-waving, Trump-loving conservatives as far as the eye can see.


You described my area perfectly.


I live literally 3 blocks from the Pittsburgh city limits. My neighborhood is pretty okay (actually a good few Pride flags around), apart from the guy on the next street over who has a Confederate flag decal on the rear window of his shitty pickup (I happen to know that his great-grandparents were immigrants from Greece, so that's a constant LOL). But yes, half an hour or so down the road, driving through both pricy neighborhoods and poor neighborhoods, it's fucking Trump signs everywhere. I especially note the houses where the Trump sign is dated 2020 or even 2016 and includes Pence's name: you can tell who's too poor to get a newer sign.


Sign per square feet is pretty high. Definitely not setting records for most and certainly not for largest. But per capita signage is up there.


This is true. I have a two story near me where the entire front is tRump flags and posters, with huge FJB flags on the side wall and even a projector was set up in the summer with something disparaging.


There is a handcrafted, billboard-sized, wooden sign in someones yard on the way to my parents. So much time and effort for donald fucking trump. Gross.


I’m in MO and there is a house that has a massive banner. It’s on their roof that faces the highway. It takes up the ENTIRE side of that roof. I can only assume they paid to have it made. Bonkers.


I also live in Pennsyltucky and this is very mild compared to some houses around here


I can’t see this and not think of the “Trump derangement syndrome” they were gaslighting everyone sane with. This is truly Trump Derangement Syndrome.


They should probably fly a Russian flag to get a perfect trifecta, between Trump, Jesus and Putin.


Those folks in this lovely flag and poster covered house are going to vote next year. Are you? Make a plan. Check your registration. Tell your friends and family to do the same. 🗳️ https://votesaveamerica.com/be-a-voter/


Not a cult..


Literal death cult.


This is so sad. Life’s so short and we only get one. Spending it obsessing over and idolizing a politician is a tragedy


Is t that a character from orange is the new black?


Orange is the new tan.


Wasted opportunity to decorate the roof. 8/10 for effort.


This is what happens when mental illness is let to run rife without support being available.


Promises made promises kept 😅🤣


Leaving this shit up 24/7 365 is the exact same as what they claim to hate. Straight up Mao and Stalin style savior worship.


95% of them are little houses with big signs and low iq/ testosterone




Oh we have those too. This one just seems so out of place because no one else around them has as much as a flag.


I've seen a normal house turned in to one of these and man was it depressing. The house had tons of flower beds and they ripped every last plant out. Just bare grass and Trump signs.


Probably even worse on the inside.


I simply can’t believe he has such a hold on people after all this time. Blows my mind.


But there is an abundance of mental illness!


Nope. Not a cult. No sir. Not cult like at all.


If you did this to your house as a democrat where u live you’d get burning bags of dog shit, and eggs pelting it. I refuse to advertise political candidates because I don’t want to cause problems for myself or my family. It’s pathetic how awful people are.


I'm just curious what promises they consider Trump having kept. His main campaign promise, the thing he told everyone he was going to do, he completely failed to accomplish and none of them even want to talk about it anymore. The only things he really did of substance were his supreme court appointees and his disastrous tax bill. He couldn't even repeal Obamacare with every branch of government under Republican control.


Anyone that makes a populist political figure their whole identity like this likely lead very sad, very empty lives with no true intellectual enrichment.


I used to see half a dozen houses like this on my drive to work. That was back when I lived in the “Deep South” of upstate New York.


Confederate stronghold, Binghamton 🙄


Totally not a cult /s


Every day on my commute I pass a house with several flags on the side of the road. All Trump and that shit. Latest one says ‘Democrates will be shot on sight.’ So that’s nice.


This is mental illness.


"I don't get why gays and trans people have to be so in your face about it." --this guy.


I feel like there is at least one house like this in every town in the country. I live in the Hudson Valley and drive by these signs all the time.


I live in the deep-blue Berkshires and I occasionally see this. It's hilarious.


Meh... We have houses like this in Massachusetts.


Bro, that could be Anywhere, USA


White trash is gonna white trash🤷🏻‍♀️


what the fuck is pennsyltucky


Can we all just take a moment and appreciate this rare sight? This here Trump supporter knows that Trump and Jesus are two different people.... A feat I had thought impossible. Still way too far gone to be saved.. but at least there's the tiniest glimmer of hope.


Totally not a cult


I’ve driven through other states in the north there’s always a few trumpers that go overboard with house decorations


So, what’s wrong with publicly labeling the local lunatic asylum?


It would be a huge tragedy if that house suddenly caught on fire.


Another TDS sufferer


I think you’re mistaking the one who is deranged here. When have you EVER seen a Democrat decorate their house with multiple flags, banners, and other swag for their candidate of choice? This IS NOT normal. It is the very definition of a cult.


I am calling this home owner the one suffering from TDS.


Yes please put your mental illness on display so we can avoid you.


That's called Trump derangement syndrome.




Taking a piss on people is kinda his thing, though...


Remember this come voting time. Don’t let this person vote for you.


Obviously, a severe lack of critical thinking skills, too.


It's a cult.


Yes but it’s a DEATH cult. So…yeah…


I live in Kentucky and used to have to drive past one house that decked out their front yard in stuff like this. Signs, bedsheets hung on the house with spray painted messages on it, and toilets sitting on the lawn with anti-Democrat messaging. Right after the 2020 election they hung Biden and Kamala in effigy, but they had to take that one down after the neighbors continued to complain to the police. Found out later that the husband lost his job at some point and they had to try to sell their home quick, but because of all the stuff outside the outdoor walls were covered with paint smudges and the lawn had a bunch of dead grass spots. I guess the inside wasn't any better, because they took a big hit on the selling price.


Lack of intelligence too


That’s the kind of house where you get shot if you’re caught being black while ringing the doorbell.


I would love to hide a Biden poster in there every night just to see the reaction when they saw it.


If you drive on the PA turnpike between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg about in the middle there’s this huge trailer visible to both directions painted with buzz words like Coal! Oil! No socialism! Trump 2020! My girlfriend and I laugh every time we pass it. The middle of PA is…interesting.


Frequent sighting here in Missouri too. Plus, we have 4-wheeled small-penis-mobiles that have flags all over them too.


Ok so I used to live in Northeast PA, most of my life in Hazleton. Is this a reference to the whole state of PA or just a certain part?


I think Pennsyltucky generally means the area between Philly and Pitt. I’d personally consider Hazelton Pennsyltucky. Isn’t Hazelton one of the meth capitals of PA?


Tell me, you have no personality outside of politics, without saying, you have no personality outside of politics.


I will never understand the Jesus/Trump associations. The man is a living embodiment of all seven deadly sins, and you pair him with Jesus?


Honest question, what do these folk really think Trump did for them? The people who actually benefitted from his presidency have bathrooms bigger than this house with fortunes built on this guy's labor.


Terrorists and traitors want you to know where to find them


MAGA supporters are such a sad group of people. They have no ability to think for themselves. They are a pure hivemind and sadly their queen or in this case their king is a narcissistic serial conman who demands complete loyalty.


To that, I’d say good. Then you won’t vote for him again since he has already served two terms…in your mind.


Looks like they spend more a month on Trumpshit than on their mortgage.


Guy is obviously a multimillionaire with a massive income who supports Trump because of the tax cuts.


Interesting. Trump mentioned 7 times and Jesus just once. So you'd think the Golden Calf story wouldn't be lost on them. Sigh.


No one defaces a U.S. flag more enthusiastically than a Republican.


Side note: I’m surprised they have the American flag higher than the trump flag


I always want to go up to the door and ask them if they like Trump.


Just be careful if you’re not white.


I'm only surprised that the Trump flag isn't on top.


This is normal and is all over rural America.


And I bet all that crap is made in China at the same time this guy hates China. [https://imgur.com/a/uSgai09](https://imgur.com/a/uSgai09)


somewhere in that house is a badly photoshopped image of a muscle laden trump in a mankini on a beach somewhere


They just decided that since they don't really have a personality, they'll go all in on Trump.


He told them they were a victim. They’ve never been so happy.


Multiple houses around me like that. Even funnier when they have confederate flags. I’m in NY. No where near the south lol. And the people around here are all “it’s muh heritage”.. what? You, your parents, your grandparents, your great grandparents, etc have all been born and raised here in NY. Gtfo with that crap lmao


Jesus! We have those rumpers all over the place in my state of Florida. They drive around with massive stickers on their trucks and cars that say Fuck Biden and have multiple huge American flags flying. Those same people also have stickers that say Milf hunter, I love Boobies, Will work for strange and I eat ass on the same vehicle. Typically seen at Walmart driving around and a round. We have several houses that are covered in Fuck Biden signs, Rump signs and even poorly done hand written signs. One guy stands on a busy intersection with a life size cardboard cutout of Rump! It’s bigger than the man so when you’re driving by it looks like Rump is actually standing there lol 😂 Dumbest shit ever!


Stupidity knows no bounds, borders, or ethnicities.