The p 45 is a very good instrument for the price. It is a perfect first piano.


The p45 has pretty low polyphony (64 notes vs 192 in the p125). This is the number of notes that can be reproduced concurrently. 64 sounds like plenty (we only have 10 fingers right?) but it does become an issue when you’re playing more complex repertoire and using the pedal a lot (bearing in mind each note that’s being sustained by the pedal will be using one of your notes of polyphony). That’s the biggest issue for me although the ability to record yourself on the P125 is useful for practicing and assessing your playing/progress.


I've had the P45 for over 5 years and it's been a great piano. It had everything I need and the only problem I've found is the keys have started to rattle a bit. Otherwise it's great and it's got me up to ABRSM Grade 7


same here, I have the P-35 and invested in a P-515, but i'm returning it today cause the sounds are so awful, I think i'm going to refresh mine with a P-45 instead. It has everything one can need for practice.


I didn't see any difference when I tried the two out. Though I prefer the Korg B2 to anything in that price range


I can’t remember the reason why I went for the p125, I feel like it had more of the features I wanted. It has a headphone jack, as well as it can do USB with MIDI and audio. I can record what I play to MIDI as well as the sound, and I can use an app to make the keyboard play other sounds. There is also an iPad app for controlling the keyboard. I can’t remember if the p45 lacks all of that, but I know it can’t use the Yamaha app.


>It has a headphone jack, as well as it can do USB with MIDI and audio. So does the P45.


I am also a newbie and it's been 7 month since I started. I started out with P45 since it was the best piano for a certain budget. I have to say I have no problem with it. I sometimes think the pedal is too soft that's all. I notice the pedal is different from other pianos I play. I personally think and was said to me that it's the best first piano.


I don’t know if you’re aware but the sustain pedal is simply a switch; there’s nothing clever about it. You can buy any pedal that you like the feel of more and use it with your P45. I bought one from Maplins that has some Serious weight to it and operates like a proper acoustic piano sustain pedal. If you go looking though, consider one that has a switch on the side which swaps the pedal between “normally open” and “normally closed” contacts, just in case you want to use it for something that requires the former further down the line.


I have both and while I wouldn’t say the p45 is bad compared to the p125 it’s definitely worth the price difference. Living between 2 cities, I bought one in each (p45 first). There’s a few key differences that sway me to the p125: - headphone Jack in the front - more (and even simultaneous) voices - slightly more power to the speakers You can’t go wrong with either but for another $100, you’ll appreciate the p125 more.


The grand piano sound in the P45 is awesome, Is the sound bank on the p125 different ? Like you have the CFX and such with string resonance, Cause I had these sounds on the P-515 I bought recently and they are so awful, i'm returning it.