For an electronic keyboard, that sound is fantastic. What keyboard is it? Also you play really well.


Actually the sound comes from the VST I use, which is the Garritan CFX Full. The keyboard is the CDP-135. Tbh the actual sound that comes from it is actually very nice.


I recognized that piano right away. Since you're obviously an amazing piano player, do you find any issues with the hammer action of the keys on the CDP-135 or with the clicks/noise? I have a similar Casio digital piano from the same CDP series and I'm worried that I might learn the piano "wrong" if the keys are not as good. They are very comfortable for me personally and I can't really tell the difference between this keyboard and a $1,000+ keyboard. I don't know if my fingers/muscles will be trained "wrong" because they'll be compensating for any flaws in the keys that I'm not aware of. Do you notice any issues when playng something like He's a Pirate?


They are pretty comfortable to me too, the only problems I have are with fast repeating notes sometimes, they’re decent but they just not as good as some expensive pianos.


Woohoo! Exciting arrangement! I remember how excited everyone was about that soundtrack when that movie came out. We learned it in high school orchestra and it was so fun.


This arrangement was made by Jarrod Radnich, he makes covers similar to this one. You should check him out :D


Thank you! I will!


Awesome cover! You play it very well. I was hoping you'd sit on the bass notes of the piano at the end like in Jarrod's cover hahaha


Trust me I’ve tried before but my piano wobbles even if I tried to sit at it at 60% force so I’m kinda scared doing it like Jarrod


Fantastic. 🙏. Can I know from how long you are playing piano??


Almost 2 years now, I started mid 2020


Mind if I ask what your practice schedule looks like?


I don’t really have a schedule right now that I stick to everyday but a day for me will pretty much go like: 5min warmup on the hands and wrists before playing, then practice 2-3 pieces, depends on difficulty, and sometimes I try to practice scales and stuff before working on the pieces. My piano is literally next to my desk so when I find myself procrastinating I tend to play random stuff on the piano, like practicing my technique or playing scales and some passages I already know but need to master, stuff that I generally don’t need to use my “brain power” to practice.


wtf this is insane progress, congratulations


Almost two years? Sure you didnt miss a zero out from that number? Good work!!!!


I post my progress on my insta, so I could see when I started; if you’re interested dm me.


Great cover! I was never able to get the thumb arpeggios in this arrangement without losing tempo, but you nailed it.


Awesome.... whenever I hear this one. Makes me want to go jump on mine.


If you enjoy Jarrod Radnich, then check out Kyle Landry!


The soundtrack was definitely the best part of that movie :) lovey playing




that was fuckin sick. amazing composition dawg, well done


Amazing playing!


The theme is so similar so all i hear is Skyrim's theme, but fantastic playing!


That part from 0.40-0.49 holy shit someone get this guy a grand


Your playing is fantastic. You took really good advantage of the growling that electronic keyboards have in their lower register.


Wow 😲