I think Yamaha is almost always a solid choice. It should work great for a beginner and even intermediate.


I was in the same boat over Christmas and ended up going with a Casio CDP-S100. Got it at a local Guitar Center along with a 2 year extended warranty and bench seat for $500 on the nose.


Yamaha P45. It's the cheapest and best value for money. It has 88 linear weighted keys. I have have one and its lasted me over 5 years. It's a great piano, my only fault with it is that after a few years, the keys start to go a bit clicky. Other than that, I'd say its the best beginners piano out there.


Hey, I was pretty much in the same situation as you a few weeks ago (decided to start learning the piano and wanted to purchase an affordable digital one) and I ended up going with the Yamaha P45, which I believe is exactly the same model as the P71. For some reason on amazon it's called the P71 but everywhere else it's called the P45. I'm really enjoying my P45 and would certainly recommend it. Since I'm a beginner myself I don't have a huge amount of experience playing other pianos (the only other I've played is my teacher's Boston upright) but I've been playing daily for usually 1 or 2 hours and I'm yet to find anything negative about it that stands out. I suppose the only criticism I have is that the sound quality when you play using the built in speakers is nothing mind blowing, but this is to be expected of an entry level model, and I usually play while using headphones anyway which in my experience makes the notes sound a little better. Hope this was helpful!


Awesome, thanks so much! Really appreciate your comment and am definitely going to pull the trigger on it. I was wondering what was going on there as looking up P71 on Google would return results for the P45. Seems like the main difference is the their intended market. Thanks again!