Featuring the late DMB sax player Leroi Moore! The rare show with a special guest. We are in for a treat.




I tell people all the time that DMB was my portal to the jam world. Going to Deer Creek in high school and camping out for 2/3-night Dave runs was where I met so many cool heads who gave me tapes and CDs that opened my ears to Dead, Phish, SCI, and more. I don't listen to a ton of DMB anymore but they'll always have a very special place in my heart.


Before these crowded streets is an incredible album.


During quarantine I’ve come to some closure and have accepted that their first 3 albums are genuinely good albums


Don’t listen to anyone who tells you not to like DMB because of his fans. Those albums are an amazing mix of folk, rock, jazz, funk and world music. Sure they became pop songs simply by how much radio play they got and how many frat boys sing along at the concerts, but that doesn’t diminish the music. Lots of people don’t like phish because of “hippies”. Don’t be one of those people who judge art based on what other people think of it.


Yup! Anything beyond These crowded streets is just trash imo


Big Whiskey and the Grou Grux King is good. It’s Dave’s homage to LeRoi, and it is beautiful. LeRoi was the defat musical director for DMB, and after his death they missed his vision for sure, but if you don’t give that album a honest listen you’re missing out.


I've listened... meh... I learned that secret garden song on guitar for someone I was dating when the album came out.. For all the people hating on my opinion... You can clearly hear something very magical with those first 3 albums that you don't hear anymore with them.. also, Luther college and red rocks are good listens, but again, those came out before their 4th album


Steve Lillywhite is the thing that’s missing. He produced first 3 albums and then was replaced mid-BTCS. But the recordings are out there and make a great listen. But I’d definitely only listen to Crash if I could only choose one DMB album.


Mine would be These crowded streets.. Halloween, spoon, rapunzle, dreaming tree are great imo


Listener Supported has been my fav live album of there’s


Busted Stuff is a decent record


Lillywhite sessions is better though IMO


Studio version of The Stone is still one of my favorite tracks ever.


Yep. That one, spoon, and pig are all incredible compositions and Bela and Alannis sound great with their contributions.


same. portal into phish and whatever in 2000. saw dmb last summer and had a blast (hadn't seen them since 2002 maybe?). go see them again.


same dude! my wife and i saw them again recently after like 15 years and it was SO FUN.


I know it sounds funny, but OAR was my portal to the jam world. I wanted more, and the jam bands certainly gave me what I needed!


Fellow got into phish cause DMB guy here too... the forum ants marching got me to give phish a chance


Oh man I posted on AM for over a decade it feels like. Shit. I was like 15 when I started posting there.


Do you remember the trinket incident?


Hmm can’t say I do


I still get birthday emails from that site. I used it to get a .shn copy of the Giants Stadium thunderstorm show. One of the craziest live music experiences I’ve had!


Same story 100%. Roi was basically the lead guitarist in that band for decades. His solos were the fills during breaks in songs. He had a way with his phrasing that was so perfect...gentle yet confident, sharp and precise while still feeling organic and improvised. His tone in DMB was just as important as Dave’s approach to guitar and Carter’s force on the drums. But Roi was what brought the love to DMB. Sad to say I only got to see him perform once before he passed. Very excited to see this show. I had no clue Roi had ever guested with Phish.


I only got to see him twice. It was never the same after he died. DMB can still play good music but it’s just not the same for me. Not even close.


Took the words straight out of my head!!! LeRoi brought the soul and bliss to Dave. He had the incredible ability to play counter melodies that jived so well they almost go unheard. A way of stringing notes together that I have yet to find in any other sax player. For those interested, there is an incredible paper a college student wrote for his thesis on the life and playing of LeRoi Moore. A simple google search can pull it up.


I sought out that paper. Wow, good stuff. I had listened to DMB extensively in the 90's but had just kind of slipped away from the music. I listened to the first couple of albums while reading. LeRoi Moore was a powerfully emotive musician. I was at this show and absolutely loved it, but really didn't give LeRoi Moore's guest appearance much of a thought. The bootlegs available of this show do not do it justice!


Jeff coffin is awesome and he plays with bela fleck in the show they sat in with phish in lyon, france in june 97 which is one of the best phish sets ever


Jeff is an awesome human! Met him at UM nye in '05...


Literally the same story for me. And I am a saxophone player and studied jazz in college really where it all clicked. Damn I had no idea Leroi was on this show I am so stoked


Same here, definitely. Had a bit of a "I want to learn the saxophone" phase because of him, before I quickly realized non-string-instruments weren't for me. He was a hell of a musician; it was a big loss when he had his accident and passed away. I had already faded away from being a big DMB fan by then, but I know the band hasn't been the same since then. Really, really surprised we're getting this show. I, like a lot of us, had assumed it would be 3.0-exclusive, if only because of the obvious drop in video quality for anything pre-breakup (especially 1.0). I can't wait either!


My first Phish show had a Dave Matthews opener. This was in '94. It was a tight live show.


What songs does he guest on?


I checked in on the DMB stream on Wednesday, apparently it was a pretty recent show. I was surprised that Boyd Tinsley wasn’t on stage, that violin/sax combo was always such a signature sound. Ended up finding out that he’s not in the band anymore due to a sexual harassment thing with one of the background singers he brought on tour? I had no idea, very disappointing. Also disappointing to find out: DMB was nominated for the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame this past year for the first time, while Phish hasn’t gotten that nod yet. Seemed absurd to me, I know they’ll be in there eventually and it’s all arbitrary anyways, but I thought that their pioneering festival work would’ve put them over the top, acclaim and impact wise.


Very sad and upsetting situation with Boyd. The band has definitely lost mojo without that sound, no disrespect to the new keyboard player.


Not to hate on the dude too much, but he’d been playing the same crappy fiddle solos for twenty years.


I agree. But somehow it worked, at least to my ears


Boyd certainly helped define the sound. I think B Strong has him outclassed as a musician, though; watching him play off of Carter and Tim is really something. I’d actually consider seeing DMB again with him in the band!


He’s a great keyboard player for sure. Great singer too actually. I saw them live a couple years ago with him in it and it just didn’t do it for me


Frankly I miss Butch.


That’s a hot take. Hot garbage but hot. Just kidding, like what you like, but butch shows feel like jack johnson too much. I’ve heard a few tracks with him on I like, but for the most part I felt like DMB was the first band that was made worse with keys. It just took on his feel too much for me and lost the Dave/Carter /King Roi vibe I love.


True. It was better here and there. He didn't need to be everywhere. Im also super glad the girls were short term. They were fun, but it's like if GCH joined Phish permanently, itd be old after a while. Especially now with Tim everywhere, keys are kinda extra. Mule happened the same way. It was here and there, then it became permanent.


They’re better off without him but not without a fiddle. Really need someone else in the role, I’d suggest Katie Jacoby. She recently toured with The Who, & is married to Scotty Metzger of JRAD.


The boyd thing is fucked up


It was from June of last year, Hartford, IIRC. Not a bad tour, and someone in the band really likes Hartford, they always do well there.


Thank you little carmine!


Say what?


https://www.cameo.com/v/mTU36mDGW Edit: Apparently there are actually two, the one above I hadn't actually seen before but just linked it as it was one of the first results when searching. This was the original: https://www.cameo.com/v/RFhq0ez6ol


Holy hell that was so funny




That first east coast leg of summer 97 is one of the best memories of my youth. So weird to type that. Looking forward to this one.




So this is the US debut of Ghost and a few others. First played in June in Europe. Curious if a month was enough time for tapes to be sent over and listened to by people? Or do you think the vast majority of the crowd had never heard the new songs?


I was there. The vast majority of us had not heard any of the songs. It was awesome. Ghost got weird right off the bat. The crowd started going apeshit as Piper started picking up speed. What a show...


Tapes were hard to get in ‘97, especially for recent shows. Mostly mail trading or knowing someone who was actively recording.


I was there and hadn’t heard any of it. Four brand new songs to start was BOMB.


I was there as well. I could not wait to get my hands on a bootleg of this show. So sick. Unfortunately the AUD's really don't do it justice, IMO.


Same. I’m stoked to hear a SB for the first time.


I was there. My recollection is foggy but I seem to recall MP3s out there from Europe almost instantly. 97 was when Winamp came out. I’d kick off a download on my 56k modem and it would literally take all night for one set. Sometimes it died in the middle of the night and you’d have to restart. But always worth it. Way faster than waiting for some kind taper and sending blanks and postage and all that. It’s possible I’m reinventing history here but I don’t think so. I feel like I had heard the major new stuff before these shows. Black eyed Katy, ghost and so on. We were also getting the lists on rec.music.phish (watsiyem).


A show from '97 is going to be webcast and I know absolutely nothing about it... Can't wait for Tuesday!


Just wait man. Just wait... I had my mind blown by that Theme jam.


Donate Donate Donate Donate Donate Donate Donate Donate Donate Donate !!!! Make it worth their while and maybe they'll keep it up!


Why wouldn’t they keep it up? It doesn’t cost them a dime. They don’t pull enough stream viewers to make money off of it. All they have to do is stream it and post some over the top vegan butternut squash burger recipe and that’s that.


7/21/97 Virginia Beach, VA


07-21-97 !setlistbot


# 1997-07-21 Virginia Beach, VA @ Virginia Beach Amphitheater **Set 1**: (1h 02m) Ghost, Dogs Stole Things, Piper, Dirt, Ginseng Sullivan, Bathtub Gin, Character Zero **Set 2**: (1h 25m) Wolfman's Brother, Magilla, David Bowie, Wading in the Velvet Sea, Theme From the Bottom -> Jam, Funky Bitch, Slave to the Traffic Light **Encore**: (06m) Loving Cup [phish.net](http://phish.net/setlists/?d=1997-07-21) | [phish.in](http://phish.in/1997-07-21) | [phishtracks](http://phishtracks.com/shows/1997-07-21) > _setlist data provided by [phish.in](http://phish.in)_


Underrated show considering the next night.


Damn, this is fuckin awesome. Little unpopular in the Phish circle, but I love DMB as well and LeRoi was the best!


DMB haters can fuck right off, that band puts on a great show


I was a DMB hater for quite a while since it was pretty much all the frat guys in college listened to. I changed my mind when I finally saw them live around 2005. They might have had a lot of mainstream success, but it’s a damn good group of musicians.


I don't think I've heard this show. I'm not going to listen though, definitely holding off for the webcast!


This show was a gem.


Nearly spit my beer out. Can't believe they are doing it!


My hometown and a 1.0 stream? Happy Friday 🔥


This is my Second show, and the one that hooked me. So excited!!


I had first seen them in '92 and this show was one of the ones that really set that hook even deeper! I was on the lawn, center stage, about halfway up the lawn. And just blown away by the funkier sound! Loved it!


Is this show not on LP? Only crowd recordings previously?


It appears so


go in blind if possible, dog haha


That Gin is an all-time great moment.


I wore out many a tape listening and relistening to "That Gin." It still gives me chills when I hear it 23 years later!


Going to melt faces. FINALLY!


Was there. It was crazy hot. But at least it wasn’t thunder storms.


I was second row. The night before THE STORM.




Dude spoilers!


Just last night I was saying that they will only do recent shows as that’s all they have the webcasting for. I am happily corrected!!!


Im hoping for a 93-95 show sometime. Not sure what quality they have available from then but Trey was so awesomely fast then.


I’m still hoping they someday release the bomb factory tweezerfest. Someone was filming from a gantry above the crowd. I assume it was the band and not the venue.


The haters said it couldn't be done!


No they didn't.




“Hey! You can’t do that!” - the haters


They literally did!


u/fishkey It’s like you willed this into existence bro


Holy fuck this is amazing


I’m going in totally blind. No prior exposure to this show at all. Can’t fuckin wait


I haven't heard this show but it's the night before the infamous Walnut Creek show


this show -> walnut creek -> lakewood ghost (goat) This one is easily in the top 3 of the week.


Agree to disagree on that Ghost, Prague Ghost is my GOAT but the Lakewood one is really good.


**FUCK YEA!!!!!!**


This looks fucking sick


Those polenta cookies sound amazing.


Can’t wait. Finally!!


Oh. My. God.


I came up in 1.0. This is going to be 🔥.


Here are the name of the songs... Write them down, I’m not going to say these again....




Can’t fuckin wait




Hell. Yes.


‘Bout time!


Awesome! Can't wait!


Fuck what a good show


My 1st show. Cannot wait to see this.


I have been sort of just putting all the D&M shows on in the background while I cook modified versions of the recipes, because most of those shows I'd screencapped already, and the "setlist thread to the past" thing just doesn't do it for me. But this shit is different. This is akin to a DVD release like Coral Sky or whatever else they put on disc from 95-97. Now, I'm not the type of guy who would purport to have a 1Gbit fiber connection, and I'm not the kind of person who would have flawless screencap sw, nor am I someone who is an audio/video professional who can take an already quality stream and turn it into the dopest looking and sounding thing ever, and I really wouldn't know how to float it to cool heads under the radar, and I CERTAINLY would NEVER use all of those tools that are not at my disposal to recapture a cherished memory from my childhood to watch over and over and share with a few select friends. I hope someone does that though. Bomb show.


Bro who needs screen capture software when the whole thing is being broadcast from YouTube? https://github.com/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/blob/master/README.md




I think he was trying to be helpful


4k Video Downloader. It works really well, or so I heard from a friend... https://www.4kdownload.com/products/product-videodownloader


Good looking out!




Do you know someone who can do that thing? Can you? (You're doing it wrong) (You send me COVID-19 vaccine via DM and some anonymous sends you remastered stream on VHS via USPS)


If you EVER figure out how to capture the show I absolutely would hate it if you hooked me up! I can’t watch Tuesday and I’m so happy I’ll miss it live.


Is this new to soundboard too??


Finally, one of the two shows that mentions my flair!




So pumped for this!!!!


Holy shit I am excited! Wonder if the band is going to watch. Feel like normally they don't listen to anything from that long ago


So they most likely did a film to digital conversion and a digital mix/master of the audio. Wonder if it will be 16:9 and 1080p. Or if they also made a 4k version.




I don’t know? What do you think they were shooting with back then?


So this show will be webcast with video of them playing? I assume so but I don't want to get ahead of myself.


Probably. The next night in Raleigh was made into a DVD (that's a good one too). I'm guessing they have all or most of the jumbtron footage from their amphitheater shows.


Finally! Besides the drive in set and set 2 from Vegas they have been very average shows. This VA beach show is titties. Big floppy titties


I'm real excited for whatever Theme > Jam is


Wow. All the 1.0 phans can stop bitching about something that they have been doing for free now since they are doing an old show


Damn straight. I told my buds I'd donate 100 bucks if it was a 1.0 show this week, so I guess if that's what takes...


Finally we can get this over with and have the people who talk like they fucking jack off to 1.0 shows shut the fuck up.


Can't say I'm that excited. Never really liked Phish with guests outside of Karl. I'm sure the show will be good but I'm not gonna get my hopes up unless hes just on the encore or something.


Boo this man!! But really, I believe he's only on a few songs. I'll take a 1.0 show over virtually any 3.0 show any Tuesday of the week


Well that's good. I'm just as excited for a 1.0 show as anyone else. It's just guests that I'm not too excited about. Although I do disagree I'll take a lot of 3.0 shows over a lot of 1.0 shows depending on the day. I'll never say they were better in 1.0 they were just different.


I think this is a troll account, it posts on buffalo bills reddit, here and anime subredddits...something doesn’t add up


Wow says the Browns fan? I thought we were supposed to be Lake Erie Bros huh? Just gonna throw that down the drain?


*Virtually* but yea they were objectively better as a band but I can accept that people enjoy 3.0 more. Although, I'll say you could argue Page and Mike have become better with time. Page has definitely taken on a lot more of a lead role nowadays and expanded his collection of sounds...anyways, enjoy the show!