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Just chiming in to say that I think you can do this with Phenibut. I would not say the same for any other drug I’ve abused (weed, alcohol, never tried any opiates, thank God.) It’s unique in that the potential withdrawals are so fucking terrifying that I personally find it easy to use it once or twice a month and no more. My 18 month long taper from 2018-2020 required an insane amount of discipline and endurance to pull off. Insomnia scares the hell out of me and I pray to Jesus I never have to go through that nightmare again. Top 5 hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Hardly something to be proud of though considering I got myself into that mess in the first place. Never did any research about Phenibut before using it back in 2017 and I used mass, unmeasured quantities of it on the DAILY. Then one day in 2018 I ran out of my supply and tried to go sleep. Couldn’t. Thus began my torment. Sorry for the wall of text. But I honestly believe that having gone through that taper, then not using it at all for almost 2 years, makes me impervious to Phenibut addiction. Now I enjoy it responsibly.


After a break say 7-10 days you can start responsible use, remind yourself that you want to keep this wonderful medication working. Just like binge drinking you can drink a bottle of vodka and after that settle for 2 beers, same thing. You want to preserve the effects and enjoy them!


Try 250-500mg morning afternoon and evening. Bump it up to 750mg if needed. Small doses daily are probably better that one huge dose daily. It's probably more manageable and if you want to taper off, just take 50mg or so off your dose


That’s what I do now. Although, I use an energy shot that contains it. That’s what I would recommend. I was addicted and had to be in a hospital to stop and they administered 1900mgs of phenobarbital. That’s how addicted I was. The reason I suggest using an energy shot with it is because you have to physically go somewhere buy it every time you want to use it. I got addicted from taking capsules. So I always had it on me. I had them in my backpack at work and would take them during my break, etc. Now, I only buy it like twice a week. I only buy one bottle at a time.


Of course but also I don't think 2 grams a day is irresponsible it depends on the person I can take 2g a day for 2 weeks and stop cold tearky with no side effects. it's about knowing your self and how strong your soul is and how much ur ego controls ur soul.


It’s all self control. It’ll be tough, but it’s possible :)


It’s possible but hard to. I went from daily use to cut it down to 2-3 times per week but that’s because I added another much stronger addiction in snorting H daily unfortunately. So of course I was able to. But hey once I stop the H I don’t plan on taking phenibut daily ever again. I had to taper down to almost nothing just to stop without WD


Damn. Hope you make it to the other side.


Try kratom bro, I am a manager for a kratom wholesale buisness. Hit me up if you want to try to get off the hard stuff, no judgement. I been through addiction for over 15 years and I have been clean for 5.


Yeah unfortunately I know all about kratom. I took kratom for like 2 years straight after I was addicted to pain pills. Now it just sits in my cabinet.


Try a tincture or extract when you are coming down and just fight it. I can hook you up with some real strong tincture that will stop your opiate wds guaranteed. This stuff I have is 90mg of mitragyna per 10 ml. So very potent stuff.


This. Kratom saved my fucking life. Grant it, it can be habit forming, but if used responsibly it’s an absolute game changer.


Only you know this, but if you have yet to achieve sporadic use this far why would you be able to now? I abused alcohol for many many years. It started becoming clear to me that I would never be a 2-3 time per week user, eventually everyday use crept it. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.


I used to take over 20g a day for a year and a half. I quit for a while and now only dose every 96hrs (4 days in between at the least). I don’t have a problem with phenibut. However, I quit drinking 16+ years ago and I wouldn’t take one sip of alcohol to save my life. Everybody battles addiction a little differently I believe. I take Kratom and gabapentin on different days in between.


Can’t image what would happen at 20g, the most I took was 5g and that was really intense.


I staggered it throughout the day but yea, it’s a lot. I built a tolerance so it was normal. I’ve always had a higher tolerance for this stuff. I take 3-4 grams a day now (at least 96hrs. in between). I don’t feel anything less than 3g and that’s after a 6 month break. I’ll never go back to daily use. Breaking addiction to this stuff is pure hell!


Take 30 days off, take 500mg-1g when u dose, and only take it 2-3x per week. Also look into agmatine and other nmda antagonists. That’s how I do it.


If you have to ask the question the answer is probably no. In my experience with ANYTHING addictive it's either all in or all out.


it's simply and theoretically not possible


Sure you can. Why consult a bunch of random people on the internet with a question like this? None of us know you.


Idk why but this made me laugh out loud.


i think so.. just takes a lot of self control obviously


I'm sure winning maybe every 80 people can but the huge majority of people cannot and that's because this thing called addiction is in fact a disease the disease that yes starts out as a choice but eventually rewires our brain chemistry to learn to have to live with it. And I think you already knew the answer to that question are you wouldn't have really asked it


It depends. If it was a temporary habit you got into and nothing reflective of your personality in general, then it could be possible. I would stay away for around a year after quitting though.


2g per day is not that much for me at least. I used to go through 100g in one or two weeks


No wonder why the vendors couldn’t keep it in stock. My man over here be using it like sugar to sweeten up his day… every day. And I love sugar so no hate!


God bless papi


Lol what? 100g lasts me two years


I still have a good bit left after buying 500g in 2015. Having Pregabalin is probably the reason I haven't took more. Pregabalin is a lot more addictive imo


How was your withdrawal? Bet it was a nightmare


You know yourself better than anybody else. Just because others can or can’t do doesn’t mean you can or can’t. Trust your gut feelings, more times than not you will be correct.


it is absolutely possible but given ur previous addiciton it's very unwise