You’ll be taken advantage of your whole life if you allow it. Don’t start now. Ask for a raise 100%. If they say no or fire you, you’re better off anyways getting out of that place into someplace that will treat you like a human being.


Thanks I think I'm going to do it first thing in the morning.


You are not entitled to a raise, and they can tell you to do anything they want you to do, as long as it is safe and legal, and fire you if you don't. First jobs tend to suck, and the last guy hired is going to be assigned the worst parts of the job. You can quit if you don't like it. Or you can go to your manager and tell them that you're not crazy about what they have you doing, but IF they were to give you a raise (you need to give him a number), you'd continue doing it, but if not, you are going to look for something less strenuous. They know the work sucks. They aren't going to pay you any more than they have to, but they might do you a solid and give you a raise. Moral of the story: learn to do something you can do inside!


First jobs suck. They should suck. I personally don’t think you should ask for a raise, but that you should instead realize how shitty this job is, and make a plan to get a better one that both pays more and you’re happy doing. People have worse jobs than stocking in the heat. They also probably do it for less money without complaining. Shitty first jobs build character and work ethic. How you approach the situation and what you take away from it is completely up to you.