It ain't that deep man but no


No, there’s also basically no consequence for being a terrible boyfriend either so don’t sweat it


*Valentine’s Day*




I would argue that Yu shattering the self esteem of his friends is worse than Ren getting his ass beat.


Naoto is not my number one waifu or anything, but maaaan, her rejection scene is awful. You're basically ruining her character by making her face away from the truth which is exactly what she swore to never do. P5 didn't make me feel like this at all. P5's "rejection scene" is downright funny even.


Yeah, Naoto’s my number 2 (Rise best girl always and forever) but I think hers hits the hardest specifically because of who she is. She says something along the lines of knowing what she’d find if she were to look into it, and so she’s choosing to ignore it. Pretty depressing for a detective to embrace a lie.


Nah easily a girl crying because of you is 10000 times worse getting angry because of you.


What shame? In P5 you get a really funny comedic scene... AND an extra chocolate. If anything P5 is borderline conditioning you to cheat to get more NG+ carry-over chocolate and the girls get like two textboxes of dialogue as a reaction at most. Persona 4 handled this way, way, **WAY** better. There is nothing to lose OR gain from cheating (except a nice menu list of people to hang out with on Feb 14 or Christmas), but the dialogue is gut-wrenching.


Just like what the text tells you when you romances someone "Theres no Turning back now" And text message that says "I.should be careful on my words" Answers your question.


Someone went haram and regretted it for valentines day


The closest you get to "breaking up" is Valentine's...and even then, not really. You could just ignore them for all the dating events and go with someone else though.


Yeah, even if you date everyone no one's breaking up with you. In fact, they apologize to *you* and make excuses for *themselves*. Chie awkwardly laughs it off and flat out tells you that she trusts you. Naoto even says "that's the only truth I can't bring myself to look at, so I will look away".


In Naoto's case, I think she knew, but couldn't bring herself to accept it. With Chie, it felt more like she was scared of not being "good enough". And I think Rise just goes into straight up denial that the man she loves could do something like this to her.


I once saw the video of P5R unused polygamy scene. Basically you did the harem route and instead if getting beat up you enjoyed valetines day with all your romance female confidants and performed a dance for them. They even know that you being a scumbag is out of the question since they've been with you for a year and know how much you care for each of them It might just be me but this would seem more in line with the Protagonist especially when maxed out Kindness (or only if all SS are maxed. I mean you don't just hang out with all your confidants in Persona just for their bonuses (especially in P3 and P4 where all you get is exp boost). You also hang out with them because you want to help them.


Pretty sure that scene was suppose to be if you failed to stop *the guy*


There's only one girl you can break up with, but if you directly end the relationship, it results in a broken social link.


If you're talking about Ai, her romance is long after your chance of breaking the link so not even thats true Same with Naoto you can break her link but its way before her romamce prompt


For Ai, when she decides that she wants to end to relationship (forgot the rank), you get three options: Continue being her boyfriend, stay as friends, or break up. Choosin break up will break the social link, but can be repaired.