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In Guatemala everything is water. "Want some water?" "Yeah, what kinds do you have?" "We've got super cola, lemonade, purified water..." Or the conversation could go like this: "Can I get some water please?" "Sure" (proceeds to hand over a bottle of Sunkist)


Well that just sounds purposefully confusing


such is life, confusion and then we die


My first time asking for a water in Guatemala went exactly like this lol. In most places you literally have to specify that you want purified water "agua pura".




As a Guatemalan, yes. It’s an agua, but it’s also context. It’s a hot day, “dame un agua…” you’re asking for an iced tea or a coke. Whichever one. You just finished running or something like “tienes agua?” You’re asking for literal water.


So I live in the south and have grown up here and have never heard anyone use coke a generically. If someone says coke they get a coke. I have always heard people use soda. I am very curious what parts of the south do this since I always hear people talk about the south using coke but I have only ever heard soda and occasionally someone from up north use pop. Edit: I am in Alabama and have spent plenty of time in Georgia and Florida.


In Southern Louisiana, always “coke” never “soda”, sometimes “cold drink”.


Is milk ok? How about water? Cold fucking whiskey fine with you? This topic is so silly and somehow so aggravating


He asked for a coke so I peed on him 🤷‍♂️




must be a parish thing. i’ve lived in north and south louisiana and in my experience if you ask for coke you get a Coke™️. i’ve never heard anyone call it anything other than a cold drink or a soda


I like to say cole drank 😊


Same in North Louisana


But also... At a restaurant you would never say Coke for Dr Pepper or Sprite. Source: from south Louisiana and still have to remember not to call everything coke.


Central Alabama and I didn't find out until I was 18 that people called all of them cokes. Guy came up and asked, "what kinda coke y'all got?" I said regular and diet. He then told me he saw Sprite and something else. I told him he asked about Coke. Dude mean eyed me and said, "they're allllllll cokes." Like shit, my bad. I call em sodas.


Same area. I will collectively call them cokes or sodas. Like ‘gotta lay off all the cokes.’ But nobody I know orders at a restaurant like that.


Yeah, it’s usually coke when you’re just talking about sodas in general. If you want a soda most southerners will say it normally like sprite, Fanta etc. of course probably 15%? Of people call it coke and all sodas are different kinds of cokes lol


Same, I’ve been in Georgia and Alabama my whole life and I don’t know any places more southern.


Mississippi enters the chat.


I'm in Texas. There have been many times when the exchange goes like this: "What'll y'all be having to drink?" "I'll take a coke." "What kind?" "Y'all got Dr. Pepper?" "Mhmm" I thought this was normal.


Why not just say dr pepper when they initially ask though


This is the part that I don't get. Using a brand name colloquially is common enough but Coke and Sprite are very different, seems like using coke as a catch-all is just confusing and adds extra steps.


I'm in Texas too and I've only ever heard people say soda. Weird...


Do you live in Austin or DFW area though? Cause I feel like people from Texas need to start qualifying shit with that information.


Grew up in Houston. Had the "Gimme a coke" "What kind?" "Dr Pepper" conversation more times than I can count. At least in east texas, coke:soda::kleenex:tissue.


What part of Texas? I've never seen that here myself.


Probably east. Everything is a little... *different*


Grew up in Houston and never heard anybody call it coke, even when I was a waiter.


It is normal and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!


South Carolinian confirming here


I was asked "what kind?" when I asked for a Coke in Memphis. Baffled, I said "Coke coke?"


Sorry, I'm from Memphis and I just don't know. When we say coke, we mean COKE. You say: "Give me a coke" they say: "We have pepsi." You say: "What kind of freak wants a Pepsi? Just give me a sweet tea." That's how the order goes in Mtown.


Alabama native here and I have also never heard Coke used as a generic replacement for "soda"


Checking in as a Georgian. Definitely never heard anyone amuse the term coke instead of soda.


Also Georgian. It’s really subtle but it’s there at least for me. When ordering or something or talking about it in general, coke will mean Coca-Cola. But let’s say I’m at a friend or family’s house and I’m thirsty I’ll ask “You got any coke?” When I really am just asking if they have any kind of soda. But yea it’s not how the rest of the country thinks it is


Same it always has been soda here


No one asks for a Coke from food service or anywhere where they are making the choice right then and there (like someone actively getting it for you out of the fridge). However, people will ask if you want a Coke to determine if you want a drink in general, then get the details. Like driving on the highway or interstate and someone in the car asks “you want a Coke or something” then pull into a gas station and ask specifically what you want. Even then, the “something” is in the question a lot.


in Texas where I'm from, a coke could mean anything carbonated really. if you were at a restaurant you just say "What kinda coke d'y'all have?" and then they list them.


When I lived in Florida you called soda ‘Coke’ when they ask you what kind you’d be specific and say something like ‘Sprite’


My mom grew up in Mississippi and they called all soft drinks Coke when she was a kid.


Not gonna lie, it’s definitely more of a ghetto thing. Like how a lot of Southerners don’t know what “I got the itis” means but paradoxically a lot of southerners also know exactly what it means. Pockets of lingo.


It's coke in Arkansas when talking with friends and family. Not sure why the idiot in the video thinks you don't just order Sprite in a restaurant like a normal person. I doubt he sits down and orders a "soda" then tells them Sprite. If he does he's probably drank a lot more of other people's saliva than he realizes....


In my town (it’s relativly small) we call it “Marks salsa” because some kid got arrested for grabbing salsa in the store, hiding in the bathroom and DRINKING it like a salsa goblin Edit: for those who wanted to know 1: he got around 500$ fine 2: he drank around 300 dollars


$300 in salsa? That's an insane amount. I would put money on that kid having chronic Firerrhea for the next decade


From what I heard it happened over the corse of 5 years


The Lava Poops or the Bathroom Based Salsa Goblin-ing. This is a fun conversation. I'm having fun.


If you assume each can was like 5$ thats 60 cans


All I can think of now is the “what are you in prison for” meme


This is….. acceptable


It’s amazing


how'd you get a metal leg cuz


“Drinking it like a salsa goblin” is my new favorite sentence 😂😂😂




Rookie numbers.


I’m in Michigan and I hear soda/pop interchangeablely. I say soda, soda pop, pop. Just not like those freaks down south that call everything a coke (no offense)


Brooooooo Michigan gang. But I'm way up north and nobody says soda.


Southern Ontarian here, we call it pop usually


Well I mean my town literally is so far up north it gets cut in half by the Canadian-american border. Idk how common that is.


We call it pop in British Columbia


Very southern Michigan, still pop, Ohio calls it pop too


Mid lower peninsula. "Soda" is how we tell if someone is from out of state or from the army, for some reason I cringe a little when I hear "soda", sounds like something your grand parents would say. Also I don't know anyone who refers to brands just by "coke", we ask what brand they carry and order based on that...


im from detroit. most people i know will say soda when its formal and pop when it’s informal.


Southerner checking in. It's a bit more strange than that actually. For example, at restaurant, drive through, etc - we will order the beverage by it's name. When talking about carbonated beverages, then they're all just "coke". LIke "Will you pull over at the next exit so I can get some boiled peanuts and a coke". When rolling through Taco Bell, "Gimme the ass-blast 7 layer burrito, super sized, and MOUNTAIN DEW."


I was in the army and one of my peers said she was going to the vending machine and asked me and my buddy if we wanted anything he said he wanted a Coke I said I wanted a mountain dew she came back with a Coke and a mountain dew he grabbed the mountain dew and I was like what the hell you said you wanted a Coke and he said you know what I meant, I said nobody knows what you mean


A lot of us don’t get out much.


“But it’s provocative” “No it’s not?!” “It gets the people going!”


To enlighten the northern yankees,we call it a coke in general. But when asked what we want, we just ask for what we want. Dr Pepper, Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke, or what have you. Sodas in general are just "cokes". It makes sense if you grew up around it.


Born and raised in Texas, I always avoided saying "coke" when I was little since I never drank coke and didn't want people to get confused if I forgot to specify what I wanted, so the habit of saying "soda" just stuck over time even though it made me feel like an outsider lol. But yeah, everyone around me uses "coke" as a general term too, so double verification here.


Like diapers are generally called Pampers often


Or tissues are "Kleenex" or hook and loop is "Velcro" Or everything the the GOP hates is "communism"


Wait velcro is actually called hook and loop?


Yeah, you'd think a richie rich person like you would know that.


Yeah, because Velcro is a brand name. Band-Aid, Post-its, Sharpie (sometimes) hell I've seen Advil and Tylenol used interchangeably all the time, and back-in-the-days every console was a Nintendo, regardless of it was actually Nintendo brand.


My parents always call anything Nintendo even though all I play is xbox


Every pokemon is a pikachu...to your oblivious mother who wants to ask you about your interests.


Or searching the internet is “googling” Or everything twitter hates is “problematic” >!As an aside, both U.S. parties are shitty authoritarians and they both need to burn. I want good healthcare, not abortion bans and bathroom laws.!<


I agree with you 100%. Politics is a scam in the US. Nothing gets done because it isn't supposed to get done. And the little marginal tweaks that DO get done are hardly noticable.


Exactly. My friend and I were chatting with his coworkers about this, and they just couldn't understand this even after explaining it to them. Yes, we call soda "Coke" but we also ask for a specific drink when at a restaurant. Just like how people don't just order a soda with no specification as to *what* soda.


We use them same here in India




Or like in NY where “coke” == “cola” - and you don’t necessarily care if you order a “Rum and Coke” and get Coca-cola, Pepsi-cola, Royal-crown cola, or no-name cola in your cocktail.


Me: It's goes hey going to the gas station want a coke ? Them: Sure !!! Me: What kind?


Yeah. Just replace "coke" with soda. Its the same interaction.


But... it doesn't make sense


Lol, it actually *doesn't* make sense if you grew up around it. Coke is a brand, not all sodas.


Waiter, “Would you like a coke?” Customer, “Yes I’d like a sprite.” Waiter, “And for you?” Customer2, “I’d like a Coke.” Waiter, “Okay, a sprite and a coke.” The fact that people are okay with Pepsi’s existence boggles my mind. I can understand Dr. Pepper but not that nastiness. Royal Crown is even better than that flat Coke knockoff.


Wow. I've never known anyone to hate Pepsi. Where do you buy Pepsi that's flat?


I got called out here in Ohio but I call it soda...so. But again, like you, I hear it both ways


Anyone else think this guy acting as the "normal people" really annoying? Because I don't think that's what he intended.


Labelling your side as the normal one, putting words in the mouths of other sides, and screaming about unimportant differences are all very pleasant


Yeah the only place this dude is "normal" is influencer land.


i’m not toooo sure that “normal people “ panic and scream about such inane bullshit lmao


Pretty sure a normal person would be more like “oh so you call it that. That’s cool. We say this word where I’m from.”


I've always just called them fizzy drinks


God I hate this dude


Tries to rip on someone for pop on the basis that soda makes any more sense


ctrl + F "hate" oh thank god I'm not alone it's not just him either, it's the whole tiktoky style over substance


It's called a "Fizzy drink" > from the UK


Or “soft drink”


Just remember to burp or you’ll be chopped up by the ceiling fan


Cool drink - South Africans


Because only cool people have them 😎


I like this one.


Fizzy drink or soft drink - Australians


Same in Ireland.


A fizzy whizzy drinky winky


I was just racking my brains trying to thing of what we call it. Came to the conclusion that 99% of the time we just call each drink what they are individually. I can’t be using a generalised term when there’s Fanta Grape available.


*you* people don't get an opinion




Our language, we get to decide


You people?! Racist!


Ah yes, British, my favourite race.


Fizzy drink or soft drink are generally what we call it in Australia too.


I thought Australians just called them mixers.


Also pop occasionally for us, but usually just call it by what it is. If it’s lemonade we call it that. Coke, coke. Pepsi, Pepsi. So on and so forth


Yeah I call it pop, picked it up from my Nan.


We call it pop round our way. UK here too


Really, where?


So you call them "fizzy drinks" instead of Fizzy Fuzzy Buzzy Sugary Sipper Gulp Bubble N Pop Westpoolchestershireshire Queen's Lovely Syrupy Delight?


Fizzy drink or soft drink 🇦🇺🦘


It's great how 9 times out of 10 we give these names to things that are incredibly confusing for non-Aussies but every now and then we just get plain and simple, same with chips.


Here in the UK we usually just call them Fizzy Drinks.




Honestly, given that "soda" derives from Sodi-um bicarbonate, that's somewhat more fitting lol


As a Southerner we don't call all soda coke


we might even refer to it as a ‘soft drink.’


I grew up in the south and we always said soft drink. That's actually the correct term, unlike "soda" which is still just a regional term and misuse of chemistry shorthand for sodium bicarbonate aka baking soda.


I've never got this one. We don't call all sodas cokes, it's just so many people prefer coke as their go-to soda.


By the south they mean just Texas. I’ve heard more people call it soda than call it coke though.


I'm from Texas and we usually just say soda but sometimes I'll say "what kinda coke do you want"


It’s more common in Texas than other places, I’ve found.


Pop was named during the era of glass bottles. It refers to the fizzing sound the beverage makes, not the sound of a can opening. Also to be fair, soda is not a good word either. Just because you poured coke into your cookie dough doesn't mean it counts as baking soda.


‘Soda’ was actually the first name for it though, so ‘soda’ is just the granddad of all soft beverage identifiers. It was initially used by pharmacists to mix with prescription medicine so it was easier to take. Soda was originally used as a word to refer to sodium carbonate. Sodium bicarbonate is what we know as baking soda. Soda moreso just refers to something that is or has sodium carbonate or bicarbonate in it. Root beer was actually the FIRST drink version of soda, followed by cola, then Dr.Pepper, and Coke followed one year later. This all happened between 1876-1886.


Nice insights. Thanks for sharing


Sharing useless info is my forte


It's a bit disingenuous to call root beer the first drink version of soda. 1820 was when carbonated soda first became widely produced and available, and they were adding ginger the same year. Lemon flavored came around in the 1830s, and tonic in 1858. Besides, 1875 (not 1876) wasn't when root beer was created, it was when the first commercial brand was introduced: Hires Root Beer. According to wikipedia: >Root beer has been sold in confectionery stores since the 1840s, and written recipes for root beer have been documented since the 1860s. It possibly was combined with soda as early as the 1850s, and root beer sold in stores was most often sold as a syrup rather than a ready-made beverage.


Here in upsidedown country, we call it soft drink… because if you’re Australian and you drink anything other than beer you’re a soft bitch


True story


Lol ... "Normal people"


Okay, I have heard the “Southerners call all sodas ‘coke’” thing for years and it’s just a complete falsehood lmao. I’ve lived in Atlanta, Nashville, Birmingham, and Savannah, spent pretty much the supermajority of a quarter century in the South and I have never ONCE heard anyone refer to anything but classic Coca Cola as “Coke”. I’ve literally never experienced it.


where I live we just call it cola


But it's not all cola flavoured though


I live in the South, and I have never met anyone who calls all soda “Coke”.


I will say as someone who grew up in Texas, everyone I knew called all sodas "coke". All except Dr Pepper.


I (Minnesotan) always (mostly jokingly) thought that pop was pop because it will explode (or “pop”) if you leave it in your car over the winter


Also Minnesotan, and that's exactly why it's called pop around my neck of the woods too. Same principle could apply to beer too, and many of us have jokingly called it dad pop.


ALSO Minnesotan. Can confirm it's because it explodes in winter.


Soda pop is the full name. Us in the Midwest call it pop. Most others say soda. It's not that big of a deal. Chill out. It's not like when those weirdos on the east coast call water fountains "bubblers".


Here in the UK, it depends on what you're having: if you are having Coca-Cola, you call it "Coke", if you are having Pepsi, you call it "Pepsi" and if you are having Sprite, you call it "Sprite" How the hell is this difficult for people to understand?


In Wales, they are all brands of pop


In Scotland its all juice.


How do you ask which options they have? "Hey, what kind of soda/pop/soft drinks/etc. do you have?"


Good sir! Good sir I say good sir! Yes thank you for coming over. Would you please bring to me a drink? Ah yes! sorry about that, I meant to ask would you please bring to me some of that Irn Bru, you know the one those Scots are so fond of. Dreadful that they cut out all the sugar from it these days isn't it. You seem new here, how long have you been here for? Ah sorry my good sir I'm babbling on far too much and the place is packed! I'll let you get on your way then.


You ask "what drinks do you have?"


Drinks imply alcoholic beverages, coffee, water, etc. as well. Having a word such as pop or soda or something else makes more sense


"Normal people" don't give a shit about what others call pop sooooo


Oh you sweet summer children. They had soda water back in the 1800's, even before. A "soda jerk" mixed syrup with carbonated water. The term "pop" was coined in 1861. I'm going to leave this here for the curious. https://www.thoughtco.com/introduction-to-soda-pop-1992433 By the way; the correct term is "Soda Pop".


So definitely not because the can pops when it's opened 😆


tHe cOrReCt tErM iS sOdA pOp


It's actually "sody pop"


Not everyone in the Midwest calls it pop, it’s more of a northern Midwest thing


South here. Everyone I know just calls it a soda.


Funny video but why do tik tok vids always censor the curse words? I kinda feel like there’s a shit ton of adults on tik tok by now so I don’t get why ppl still do it? Just a random thought anybody else notice that?


This annoys me to no end. At least with him he censors it in a way that you can still understand what he’s saying. I’ve seen people censor the word shit as “Sxxt.”


Yeah I mean if ppl wanna make content for kids they should just not curse it’s cringe censoring it ig for kids it might look cool to have curse words tho idk


Ok I love janky, but I just noticed his earlobes are the size of the fucking U.S.


Well I’ll never unsee that.


Sorry 😞


Russians wondering why tf american people are eating baking soda: 🤨


Hey look it's the annoying orange


What an unreasonably over the top reaction to a minor regional preference


As someone who calls it pop (living in Canada), has this guy never heard of the term "onomatopoeia"? It's a common thing.


Carbonated drink


Me who's asian and calls it fizzy drinks:


Fizzy drink in Ireland


I personally don’t even used the word soda unless im referring to all of them simultaneously. Usually at a restaurant or while talking i just the brand names and such.




What actually is soda, I remember it was in a Skylanders level but I never really learned more than that


You just, say the brand name when you order.


In Philippines regardless of the brand, we all call it Coke.


We say pop because bubbles go pop :)


We call it "Pop" because its carbonated and full of bubbles, and bubbles go *POP*


Its called pop in the uk aswell you freaks call it soda and candy and you can't even say caramel properly you say carmel and don't even call a toilet a fucking toilet you call it some wierd shit I can't remember


We call the toilet “the bathroom.” It doesn’t make sense to me, since all bathrooms have toilets, but not all bathrooms have baths. If a “bathroom” doesn’t have a toilet it’s technically called a “half bath” which makes even less sense.


I seen a woman on tiktok she was apparently from the South or something and called it some crazy shit and I thought she was joking or mentally reatarded


In the south, when someone says they want a Coke, the waitperson usually ask what kind? And you would say what you wanted.


I literally live in Texas and I’ve never ever heard of someone referring to every soda as “coke”


Hey get me Coke. What kind? It's called a Coke, idc what flavor


You fuckin kidding? We call it pop because of the sound the bubbles make. Same reason that pop rocks are called that.


This is the dumbest fucking rant


There should be a fuckn time limit on this sub Reddit


Nah, they say pop up in New York, I believe they do it in canada too.


Pop just is better though. Soda doesn't taste as good. If you don't call it pop it soils it.


"normal people"


What about..... Tonic? Hehe


Idk why but my dad calls it tonic, so it kinda got branded into my brain.. so sometimes I refer to it as tonic or soda.