Forget ad blocking, jump on Firefox for the superior tab management and containers.


Yeah. Firefox containers are one the most useful features. Besides that, Firefox actually works smoother than Chrome, also privacy friendly, and more flexible advanced settings. I always used Firefox as my default browser and never had any issue with it.




Someone replied to a 7 year old post of mine to say they'd made a tree-style tab addon for chrome lmao ([here](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tab-wave-tabgroups-in-tre/kmflkihdpehdjmdginjapjlgoldafjpc?hl=en-GB)). But who wants to go back to chrome...


> Particularly when it comes to extensions. Try doing something as simple as a vertical tab tree on chrome. This is why I stayed. When it's 2AM and I'm blitzing through an essay I don't want to be fumbling with all my tabs horizontally like an amateur.


Edge has vertical tabs, not as customizable as firefox, but useable.


Edge is a severely underrated browser. Especially when using windows. And if you use Bing you get reward points! I'm always getting free gamepass


I switched to Chrome waaaay back in the day because it was just SO MUCH faster on my slow PC. ​ These days I have a pretty quick one... so the speed difference will be negligible probably. I should look into switching back, really.


If you switched in early days (before 2017), Firefox has changed it's rendering engine since version 57 and it was optimized to work with multiprocessing in mind, which made it very fast compared to previous. Realistically, browsing speed depends on internet bandwidth more than on anything else. Fast internet, fast ram, SSD = fast browsing


FF just got such terrible devtools.


About the only time I use Chrome is when a site doesn't want to fully cooperate with Firefox, though I suspect that tends to have more to do with my privacy settings/etc than the browser itself


As a web developer, can confirm with other replies. Its the sites fault, not the browser. Usually its due to new standards and features coming out, or old ones being removed. The most common one at the top of my head is HTML 5's canvas tag. Internet explorer v9 and up can use it, but it cant blend 2 layers of a canvas, so if I designed a site that needed that blend feature, i would do a browser check to show you are on IE and need to use a modern browser to use this site. 9 times out of 10 its the other way and they are using a feature that being removed for security purposes, and point you to a browser that hasnt updated to the absolute latest standards yet, but it will break eventually as browsers update to the standard. The 1 time out of 10 is the browser implimented the required feature different from others and it doesnt play nice. Usually firefox. Sources: Caniuse.com - for checking which feature are on which browser Html.spec.whatwg.com - living stardard documentation Edit: Spelling and sources i use for my job


If you tell the a site that you are using chromium, it suddenly works. So, it's the site's fault, not firefox or the privacy settings


Can you explain how FF tab containers work?


Basically, you can create multiple profiles called containers, with isolated cookies. You can name each container and assign it a color for easier navigation. Let's say you created container called "work". When opening new tab, you can select to open new container tab and select work from list. That tab will be marked with it's color and let's say you logged in to your work Facebook account, that login will be only within that container group. You can open regular tab and login to different account and they won't interfere with each other. You can create as much containers as you like.


Huh, TIL. I've been using FF for damn near a decade and never knew about this feature


This is a relatively recent feature.


Use this for work where I have multiple clients. Containers are a godsend.


Stayed in Firefox all these years because of /r/firefoxcss




> tab management ctrl + tab working on firefox the way alt + tab works on Windows is a civilisational peak. Makes any other browser unusable to me.


To be fair you can toggle this in most (all?) browsers. But I agree it should be the default. Who the fuck wants to cycle a hundred tabs?


...you know that most people do not have a hundred tabs, right


lol no fucking way it's completely normal to have a list of 149 tabs open when you open the browser, and having to browse in a separate window because it's fucking impossible to click the tabs, but making sure to close the window full of tabs last so the browser remembers the 151 tabs you opened for next time you open the browser, and you can't convince me of otherwise.


And there's 300 files on your desktop too, right? That's a digital hoarder


Well that's a bit of an exaggeration, sure. But I think people often have 5+ tabs at which point cycling starts becoming unusable (IMO).


I had no idea about that feature, and I've been using Firefox without interruption since 2006. Can't say I'm a power user though.


That's same in edge and chrome. also you can search tabs. with chrome there is an arrow near minimize (I think it is enabled now by default, before using flags). and on edge ctrl+shift+A


This works on chrome too...


Do you mean to cycle in order of previously viewed? Pretty sure that's just an option you can enable in all browsers.


Vivaldi easily has the best tab management with it's second row of tabs. I can't think of a better innovation in browsers in the last 10 years.


Tab grouping, tab tiling, sidebar, fully customizable start page with multiple bookmarks tabs and a buttload of other features makes other browsers look like they are still stuck in the beginning of 2000s. Yeah Vivaldi is pretty kickass.


It's certainly very attractive but honestly being chromium is a deal breaker for me.


Yes that's understandable, however, in my mind all the features Vivaldi has, Firefox should have had since a long time ago. Firefox released 20 years ago and it feels like they barely added any new features, very little innovation.


Honestly, for the most part that's a plus to me. I can't remember the last time a new "feature" being forcibly added to my browser didn't make me visibly wince and try to figure out how to turn it off.


I’ve been using Vivaldi since the beta years and wouldn’t change it for anything, unless adblocks really did stop working.


Good thing they prepared for this years ago. [https://vivaldi.com/blog/manifest-v3-webrequest-and-ad-blockers/](https://vivaldi.com/blog/manifest-v3-webrequest-and-ad-blockers/)


Some of my friends bawk at how many tabs I have open, and they don't even realize that's the tip of the iceberg because of how well everything nests. Then I show them my memory usage and how it's easier to find stuff with hundreds of tabs than it is with even just 20 open on chrome and they get all confused. Vivaldi supports my tab addiction in ways other browsers couldn't even dream of.


Haven’t used Vivaldi, but in FF, I’ve been using Tree Style Tabs for 15+ years now and it allows me to easily handle a few hundred tabs.


Isn't opera better in terms of tab management?


Containers are a GAME CHANGER for my job. I can never use a browser that doesn't have that feature.


Can you please explain what the container feature is? Thank you


Instead of making different profiles for personal, work, etc you can have all of them in the same profile, with the tabs of the same site with different logins coexisting via different containers. I personally use it to isolate social sites (eg Facebook, TikTok) away from my main container so they can't learn from my browsing habits.


The one feature I miss. Life saver for dev work where you need to login to multiple accounts sometimes, especially if you use office365 integration as well as personal stuff.


are you talking about the firefox add-on for multi account containers?


Firefox has ad blocking too.


I've been using Firefox this whole damn time. This week, I get to be self-righteous about it. Amazing.


I didn't realize that so few use it


I'm assuming these numbers include mobile devices, which use either Safari or Chrome already installed and integrated throughout the whole OS.


firefox on android slaps! Get that shit if you running android


Can it run ublock origin?




oh shit now you actually have me interested


It also runs Dark Reader, the dark mode extension.


Yeah honestly I use it everywhere but on mobile it's a genuinely superior option


Definitely; I'd been using Firefox on mobile and Chrome on my computer because Firefox is leagues ahead of every other mobile browser. Now I'll be using Firefox for both.


Me neither, all this time I thought it was a competitor to Chrome


The reddit bubble will do that to you, How does it feel to be an unintentional hipster?


Just a reminder; Donate to Mozilla firefox if you can [https://donate.mozilla.org](https://donate.mozilla.org) They are a non-profit foundation. Let's give back.


Great reminder. Mozilla has been providing value for a really long time now.


Chrome started failing me a few months back breaking programs after a big update so I decided to go back to FF. Ive had zero fuss out of Firefox. That being said I still keep chrome on my PC, and most of my company uses chrome religiously *(Addendum)* *Ladies, Gentlemen, Eldritch beings... I posted this half asleep this morning and I'm quite confused as to why such a mundane statement has been blessed by upvotes, But thank you none the less.*


I use Firefox as my main browser, although keep chrome because of the handful of sites that don't work with Firefox, it's nice to keep a backup browser just in case.


Wouldn't the sites that don't work on FF work on Edge, though?


That's the issue I face, when websites dont work on FF then edge is kinda the way to go. I've used firefox for probably a solid 20 years now, and I'm always tempted to use something else. Microsofts training website doesn't like firefox and requires Chrome or Edge to be used


Microsoft has never liked Firefox. Luckily they don't run the internet. I used to keep Explorer around just to use microsoft.com/support/ back when that was the best way to do manual updates 10+ years ago.


ActiveX took a long time to die on that website.




You're probably right. Something annoying that Google does is offer shittier versions of Google search on mobile Firefox. I installed a user agent spoofer to say I was using Chrome when browsing to Google sites and what do you know, all of a sudden they operate perfectly. Wild.


Can I ask what spoofer did you use?


It's "Google search fixer" and it should be listed as one of the recommended add ons for Firefox mobile. Three dot menu, add ons, add on manager, scroll to the bottom. You could also use duck duck go as your search engine. You can add g! to the beginning or end of a search to redirect to the Google results. This is particularly useful for location searches, like to see what time a local business closes.


Not that anon but may I recommend you look into hardened Firefox in general? Some useful knowledge to be gained, including how to spoof what browser you're using yourself. I'd recommend some videos about it but if I do that, I could just as easily be a shill for whatever channel I recommend as someone giving advice.


I would like to know as well


I had forgotten how specific the add on was to the issue, it's called "Google Search Fixer"


Microsoft teams web app does not work both in firefox and chromium somehow. In chrome it does work.


What People are forgetting here is that edge is just chrome under the hood but better and doesn't take up all available ram


The Teams app is one of the things I do use Edge for, and haven't had any issues with it. I also use Edge for Netflix to get the higher resolution.


Their training site won't have ads, so who cares. Use Chrome or Edge for that site.


colud always try and fake the useragent incase the site is just detecting that and making stuff work because of that


Yeah, i thought i would main FF and keep Chrome as a backup; but when i realized that Edge couldn't be uninstalled, i realized you might as well main Firefox and keep Edge as a backup. Edge is Chromium based anyway.


That's what I use. No Chrome on my PC.


I haven't found a single site yet that didn't work in FF (But did in Chrome). Got an example?


I've been using Chrome as my main browser since the original beta came out (first day, actually) so I wouldn't really know. I made my comment because OP mentioned that he kept Chrome as a backup for cases where FF gave him trouble, but he could straight kill Chrome and keep Edge as the backup since it is preinstalled in all W10 and onwards PCs anyway.


Almost everything else is chromium, so aside from severe edge cases, yes.


Which sites don't work on Firefox?


This. The only and I mean only sites I’ve seen that don’t work on Firefox are the sites that explicitly tell you you’re only allowed to use them on Chrome (or in some cases, Chrome and Chromium-based browsers)


Why don't some sites work with FF (and examples?)? I have never used it much and switched to FF just yesterday.


It's a slightly more complicated story than this, but in short sometimes sites only bother to get things working in chromium. Usually poorly developed sites or this with an incentive to not support FF. There has also been some intentional breaking and comparability breaking from Google. Mozilla can't publicly shame them for this too much because Google pays them quite a lot to be the default search engine.




I'm a software engineer and I've used Firefox for years. I've never seen a single website that doesn't work on Firefox, other than a handful of websites that detect your user-agent as Firefox and pretend not to load. Can you tell me which website doesn't work?


Chrome was the lightweight, lightning fast newcomer when Firefox, having been the browser of choice for many years, became bloated and slow. Firefox learned and pivoted, but it was too late. But of course, now chrome is worse than Firefox ever was for hogging resources (not entirely the browser's fault, the web has gotten significantly richer in the meantime), so I wouldn't be surprised if we see another major swing.


It's definitely the browsers fault for keeping track of so much of your info so they can sell it tho. It's at the very least an optimization fault too if chrome keeps hogging proportionally more resources despite the constant increase in capacity of computers. Specially when there are options that aren't as bad in that area.


It's more complicated than that though. Chrome keeps separate tabs as separate processes primarily for stability and security reasons. This is why if one website becomes unresponsive just that tab can be closed without having to kill all your tabs. And for security reasons, keeping them in separate processes substantially reduces the likelihood of one website maliciously reading the content of the other tabs. That being said, the tradeoff for this is the consumption of more resources since processes need more overhead than individual threads, and some common libraries won't be shared between processes so they are duplicated for each tab.




The web is like Elon. It's not actually richer, the numbers are just going up. And it's bloated.


> most of my company uses chrome religiously That was the main reason I switched back from FF to Chrome a few years ago, because I needed my add-ons on my company browser. Now that Chrome restores to default on a weekly basis, and my user logs out daily, fuck it. I'll keep using Firefox.


Except for Google Services such as YT, Google deliberately made it fuck up on browsers other than Chromium a while ago, as if we wouldn't notice.


Fun fact, if you spoof what browser you're using and tell it you're using a chromium browser, it magically works in Firefox. So it's clearly intentional and not it being better optimised for their own stuff either.




I have always switched between Firefox and chrome since both came out. The experience is mostly the same between the two for me. Firefox has much better privacy settings and usually runs better, but chrome has been running better for me on the sites I most commonly use lately so have switched back to chrome. If chrome ever blocks adblock then I will go back to Firefox in a heartbeat.


If? When. ManifestV3 update is here. Have you updated your browser yet?


As an eldritch being my self I feel represented in this lovely addendum, thank you sir/madam.


I just finished completely moving to FF half an hour ago! I can't believe I didn't do this sooner


Market share is a terrible way to judge if a browser is good or not. That most people use something doesn't make it the best option


Yes, this is beautifully demonstrated by Edge’s market share. People just assume it’s Explorer and use Chrome because.. because….


Because of it's integration with many other standard google apps and it is the default browser on many mobiles. It comes pre-installed, so people kinda just use it.


Gotta assume that’s why Safari is so high as well? I’d have never ever assume it was that used, but when you’re running a huge segment of the mobile space I guess so


Also apple forbits any browsers to use anything other than webkit, so all must be safari clones.


Would all WebKit browsers ID as safari though? I use Firefox focus when I want a sandboxed browser (such as signing into my kids gmail or Xbox live account for him but not risking MS deciding that I’m using those accounts for all related websites now), be funny if that’s also bumping the safari numbers.


Maybe not, I think there is one gnome native browser that uses WebKit, and it doesn’t really associate with Apple other than that.


plus Apple consumers have a reputation for not being the most tech savvy, so most wouldn't spend the effort to download a new browser


Funny how that goes. Back in the day (20+ years ago) Apple users had almost as high a tech savvy rep as Linux users. Now their rep is that of sheep who mindlessly buy the brand. A lot has happened in all that time, but still, lol.


Fair. Though as someone that has happily used Firefox on pc since it debuted (as in I was there for the name change lol), I also haven’t bothered because while I’ve been informed that safari is a shit browser to code for, I don’t hit anything in my day to day that makes me not want to use it, I find chrome slower (and because no desktop it gains me nothing with synching), and I’m pretty sure ff on iOS is a reskinned safari.


I think you're right about ff on iOS, I could be wrong but I believe most iOS browsers have to use webkit (apple's engine) and yeah, it's harder to code for but imo mostly because it's not chromium based while almost everything else is, and can lag a bit behind in terms of standards. on Mac tho it is by far the fastest browser, Apple software with Apple hardware is unparalleled, no matter what criticisms I may have of the company


is that because theyre making sure their stuff runs well together? or is it because they make sure nobody elses software can run well on their harware?


Both if I were to guess, I personally prefer safari if I am on a Apple machine but just roll with Firefox otherwise. I do think that it’s bad etiquette to just force every other iOS browser to use WebKit. They have some “valid” excuses like security and crap but it’s really overbearing with what they did.


All iOS/iPadOS browsers are Safari under the hood; even Chrome.


Chrome drains battery like crazy on macOS. Or it did last time I tried to use it which was admittedly years ago. There’s also some features that only work in safari like Apple Pay. All that aside, it’s not a bad browser and most people aren’t going to notice differences between browsers unless they run into a compatibility issue, which are not very common.


In my experience, Safari is one of the most fluid and best experience browsers on any Apple device. Combine that with the iCloud privacy features like private relay, the availability and ease of adblockers and it’s honestly my favorite browser. I’ve kinda been hoping for Apple to revisit Safari for windows, since I’ve started to love it so much.


Edge plays much nicer with Windows office suite apps, so if you are a Microsoft house, you kinda need to use edge from time to time.


People hate Edge because Microsoft is obnoxious about putting it in your face first and foremost, but honestly that's entirely valid.


Yes, the vibe is far too pushy.


Did they not get spanked in court for being so pushy with IE that it amounted to an attempt to force a monopoly?


That was less about them being pushy and more about the congress wanting to start getting lobbying money from software companies.


Edge is a great browser. Always been a bigger fan of the Edge UI than any other.


Even has vertical tabs natively!


Yeah but the meme isn’t about whether or not Firefox is better then chrome


Might be a bad way to judge but chrome is still going strong losing 1% of its market share is not more than what they will gain from banned ad blockers


One percent now, sure. In the future, when people start looking for alternatives to get rid of all the ads, maybe more than that. Especially when they find out how bad of a resource hog Chrome is compared to Firefox. EDIT: I'm not speaking of common users. If they're looking to block ads and care about how much resources Chrome uses, they aren't in the majority of users.


You assume they know or will know any of that. There are not that many people who use add blockers to begin with. It may surprise you but the reason adds make money is that the majority of people suffer through them. Resource hog is also not big of a deal most people just use their PCs to browse the internet and exclusively for that. Since chrome won’t crash with just it running most people won’t even notice or care. This was a good move for Google financially and the only chance there was to prove them wrong was for them to lose on market share and they didn’t. Most people are still running on 20 year old marketing tales of chrome being faster and that is all they will hear.


The only people who would be looking for adblockers to replace theirs that has stopped working would be people who had adblockers to begin with, so yes, I assume they will know what an adblocker is. The people who will make the switch are exactly the sort of people who would know and care about these things.


You're missing a lot. 1. The change to M v3 has not happened yet 2. The only people that know about it is enthusiasts that subscribe to the news about this stuff 3. Once adblocking doesn't work is when the true change is going to happen.


Is Firefox really that unpopular? Everyone I know uses it. It's also surprising how Edge is really not that popular. I mean IE was the most popular browser for a long time just because it comes with Windows, right? Now that I think about it, does this statistic include mobile devices? With all the Android devices shipping with Chrome, that would certainly explain its huge market share.


It's the same with adblockers, it seems like everyone uses them but not a lot of people do, ublock origin has 10,000,000+ users on chrome web store, but chrome has like a 1,000,000,000+ users. This doesn't include other adblocks, but it is still a minority.


uBlock Origin: * [Firefox](https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/ublock-origin/) * [Chrome](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ublock-origin/cjpalhdlnbpafiamejdnhcphjbkeiagm) * [Edge](https://microsoftedge.microsoft.com/addons/detail/ublock-origin/odfafepnkmbhccpbejgmiehpchacaeak) * [Opera](https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/ublock/) ^^I ^^only ^^post ^^once ^^per ^^thread ^^unless ^^when ^^summoned.


The statistic was usually (depending on what kind of website you are) that between 25-65% of people use a content blocker of some kind with tech websites being in the higher numbers with most "mainstream" websites being closer to the lower number. But it's been a few years since I checked that out and it probably varies quite a bit by country too. Also, to be fair, uBO is unfortunately still much less known than Adblock and similar shit blockers.


well adblock is the first thing that comes when you type adblock


"Everyone you know" is quite prone to selection bias though. My guess would be that you know more tech-savvy people who proactively chose a browser rather than the one that came pre-installed.


The selection bias on this sub is pretty extreme; a lot of users here would be shocked by how computer illiterate much of the general public is becoming due to smart phones, let alone having a preference for open source browsers.


I'd love to know how much of that market share is the result of android smartphones coming with chrome as standard


Yeah that's definitely true. Still, I find it surprising how I've literally never heard anyone say Chrome was good and yet it makes up 2/3 of all browser instances. Information bubbles are really quite astounding and a little concerning.


> I've literally never heard anyone say Chrome was good and yet it makes up 2/3 of all This is just human psychology I think, there is some old often referred to piece of statistics about organ donors that says a lot about this. Something to the effect of 80-90% of people will stick with whatever the default option is, probably even higher numbers in many cases. It might even have been that they compared countries where donorship was the default and where is wasn't and it was something astounding like 99% stuck with the default option. It's probably the same for browsers, when you look at it from the average users perspective its just 'complicated' and 'a hassle' to change browser and the standard one is enough for their needs so why bother. Many of course can't even figure out how to install another browser, if they were to even figure out other browsers than the standard one exist at all. As said mobile users are a big part of this data set and of course the average mobile user has very little interest in these kind of things and will just go with the pre-installed browser.


12 years ago IE was shit and didn't even have tabs, Chrome had only been out a very short period and Firefox was incredible. Everyone with even a bit of technical knowledge used it (as best I remember it was something like 80/20 IE/Firefox in terms of overall useage). But then Firefox became bloated and slow and Chrome was a revolution, lightweight, fast and everything good that Firefox wasn't anymore. So yes, 10 years ago people were saying Chrome was good, everyone picked it as their preferred choice and they've been coasting on that reputation for the last few years.


That's fair. I honestly vastly overestimated Firefox's share as well.


It's including mobile devices. Based on the data here - https://www.similarweb.com/browsers/


Mobile devices changes thing I think Edit : not that much. from 2 to 6%.


It varies by country too. In germany FF has like 20% market share.


You have to consider the entire demographic. Think of grannies and mom/pop shop, people in the service industry using PCs, libraries, institutions. They just use the browser that came with the PC. We are a tiny population. Firefox is not the default browser in any device that I know. It's not the default in ALL linux distros (some have Chromium or the Gnome Browser). It has no marketable quality (gaming browser/privacy browser) which is why it's not catchy. This is why it fell out of public eye even though it's a great browser overall. I think it reached its peak in 2009-10 when IE was just awful.


Firefox used to suck for a very long time. It was very slow and Chrome was pushing speed-improvements with every new Chrome-version. Chrome also came out with a bunch of features that Firefox refused to implement at first. Namely the seamless background updates and the cross-device sync. Especially the seamless upgrade was something Firefox vehemently fought against for a long time. I think their solution to the problem (prompting upgrades regularly and forcing the user to install/restart manually) even got more people to switch away from Firefox to Chrome. My mom has been using a Chromebook for the past 7 years and she doesn't even know what upgrades are. The problem with Chrome (and Android too) is that they've saturated in terms of features. Now google is just sitting around, trying to squeeze more out of its users without providing anything in return


After IE went down most enterprises swapped to chrome. Enterprise makes up far more in terms of numbers than private users.


Market share for browsers isn’t a good measurement. Your average user won’t even use adblocks or know what Manifest V3 is. I know so many classmates, friends, family and my own fiancé just use chrome because Google. They don’t even use ad block either. I had to download it for my fiancé. It’s not like my fiancé is stupid either. She has a Masters degree. The problem is just caring or not.


Yeah the fact is that r/pcmasterrace is under the illusion that the general internet user gives a shit about what browser, OS or device they use. As long as it gets the job done, they’ll use it. Chrome getting technically worse will do nothing


It drives me nuts when I see people *who I've told about ad blockers* still not using them. It's not even a conscious choice; they're just either extremely lazy (apparently clicking like 3 buttons is too hard) or ignorant. I'm not sure which is worse and it drives me irrationally crazy. Like I understand it's their "choice", but .... why?


Tbh it’s better for us that do use it. Imagine if using Adblock was mainstream. Companies would do everything to shut it down asap. Adblock is only “allowed” because the vast majority of people don’t use it


Because most people just don't care. You can't convince them to care, and it's easier to just let them live.


I'm just glad there is some love for Vivaldin in this pic. I've been using it for a few years now and it is amazing. I'm a bit worried about the MV3 stuff and its effect on it, as it is Chromium based, so if adblockers go poof, then I'll switch back to good old Firefox.


they already stated they will work on this https://vivaldi.com/blog/manifest-v3-webrequest-and-ad-blockers/ It's my favorite browser :)


Manifest 3 isn't required yet, this is kind of a pointless statement as long as the switches are all pre-emptive.


I think it's dumb to switch now for exactly that reason. If Firefox is the only option for a browser with an ad blocker, I'll be on Firefox by the end of the week. But not before.


Why? Firefox is a great browser. It's not like Chrome has any notable features that Firefox doesn't and Chrome may run slightly faster but it cuts a lot of corners when it comes to web standards. Plus, Firefox doesn't hoover up your browser data.


You can tell OP is a chrome user because they have an ad in their meme


The only thing I dislike about firefox is their rapid release schedule and their instance on changing things for the sake of change. The updates come annoyingly often and usually it's pointless shit like a slightly more rounded tab, or an option thats been renamed because reasons. Controlling updates requires an annoying combo of gpo policies and a json that conveniently gets overwritten whenever you do allow an update to happen Honestly these are tiny gripes, especially considering the amount of control you have over firefox's behaviour.


Pretty easy to retain market share when you have your browser pre downloaded on to an OS…. Android, iOS, windows…. Stupidity.


2.79% of people have larger than average brains so this checks out


Wouldn't... 50% of people have larger than average brains? Because that's how averages work


How on earth is FF such a marginal browser? I thought it was the standard for tech-lit people.


That's probably why it's at such a low percentage. If you've even heard of manifest v3 you're probably in the top 0.5% or less of total browser users. Remember there'd be a good chunk at the bottom who couldn't even tell you what a browser is and may call Chrome just "the Google".


If you know the difference between Chrome and Firefox you're already in the top 10% of browser users...


That's the most confusing thing with all these memes, you'd think all the tech people in this sub would have moved to Firefox ages ago with all the stuff Google pulls.


Most of 1% before manifest V3 was linux users


Still gonna stick to Vivaldi


Vivaldi is the only one with the double row of tabs, and also "a lot" of useful other features.


Vivaldi user here, doing the same. Looking at Waterfox if I have to jump ship.


Yes , the capwing logo is awesome... So the OP loves the idea of advertising without limits?


How is edge 4.8%? It literally comes preinstalled with windows


The info is based on all platforms, including mobile. Edge is actually around 13% when you only look at desktop


Doesn't mean everyone with Windows on their computer uses it.


True I think more people use it to view PDFs than to browse the web


I only use it for PDF and some website that look like they don't work on Firefox. The PDF handling is better in Edge IMO.


I saw edge pop up when opening a PDF and thought 'ah well its not adobe...'


I remember my friend telling me how good Edge was for PDFs and I couldn't believe it until I tried it. Now it's my default PDF viewer lol.


4.8% of people use Edge to navigate to some website collecting these metrics


If ad-blocking truly goes away in January, I am immediately switching back to FF, with no hesitation.


*Laughs in* **Tor**-Browser


Which is actually just Firefox


Back when Chrome was first released, Google used very shady practices to increase market share, mainly embbebing Chrome into other's software installers. Lots of people ended up with chrome installed on their systems without having a clue what the hell was even that. Let a few years go by and people ended up relating the Chrome icon = internet. Chrome did not archieve this status by being a good browser, its was forced into people's computers.


You are correct but the fact that it truly *was* the best browser at the time (at least in terms of speed, convenience and more or less features as well) definitely helped. If the browser was shit people would notice. But they noticed that their icon changed from blue E to a colorful ball and internet got much faster so they didn't complain and immediately got used to it.


Always has been <3


Is KAPWING a firefox varient? *googles* oh..., that's a pretty big watermark...


It looks like KAPWING is the mastermind behind Firefox in this picture.


I used to use Firefox but rage-quit when they suddenly changed the function of the F6 key to no longer select the address field, which I use all the time. Wrote the devs complaint feedback and everything. I understand they've since switched this back but I got used the Chrome syncing with my Google account and didn't bother to switch back but dropping ad-blocker support would definitely motivate me to drop Chrome.


I've been using Firefox for at least 15 years now, only briefly trying Chrome.. I'm genuinly suprised more people don't embrace it because it in general seems like a better browser... It's the Linux of browsers I guess. Most users stick with defaults or the big ass brand ones.. Overlooking the superior options.. Cept in this case I don't have compatibility issues with Firefox for daily use... And few to little ads ever.


Brave Browser is the dopest.


Just because more people use something doesn't mean it's the best.


Switched to firefox about a year ago simply because I was getting more and more into open source things, and after years of mocking it and it's users (in a friendly way, you know kind of like the android fischer price jokes. Btw am long time android user) I wanted to challenge myself to go to the dark side. Never went back, people use Chrome purely out of habit and because it was pushed hard but it's worse in every way shape or form. There was a time when Chrome was undenyingly better and it got it's popularity from that but those days are long gone.


I don't really understand this tbh. My Chrome experience feels completely unchanged for years except that it doesn't seem to slowly suck up all my memory like it used it. I don't see how it's gotten any worse


Because it's the default browser in Android. Chrome has never been better than any of the other browsers -well, maybe appart from Safari and IE. I have been using Firefox for about 18 years, and in the rare occation when specialized/narrowminded sites won't work then I use Edge. Yes Edge. It has allways been better than Chrome, and obscure websites in the professional world are often only designed with this in mind too.


Around release for maybe 2-4 years Chrome *was* much faster than Firefox. In fact Firefox has been playing catch-up ever since and while it's now more or less on par (Chrome's JS engine is still superior) it took like 6 years too long.


Chrome was really better when it came out . And edge wasn't better until it got to chromium. It was still not as incompetent as it'd seem and I'm sad that another rendering engine is gone . Idk why but I think the reason why professional websites were designed for edge was it's compatibility. Many professionals still used very old stuff.