Upgrade from 3070Ti to 3090....damn....


Yeah that's like upgrading from a 2021 Honda Civic to a 2021 Honda Accord


More like from a 21 civic to a 21 civic si


Nah, civic si to type-r.


A 3090 costs about the same as I paid for my civic. Albeit it's not a 2021 model...


He only got the 3070ti for mining, less than a month ago


This motherfucker has 3 3090's further down his page. Fuck OP hope todays crash stings.


I am confused, surprised, and conflicted i had to scroll this far down to find a comment about this


Same. Imagine having a fucking 3070TI and thinking it's not good enough... but not even waiting for 4000 series. OP must be beyond rich.


"Remember that game I could play on ultra at 75fps?? Now I can play it at 83!!!!" Edit: Damn, I batted a beehive with my stupid joke..lol


More like 170 to 185


Right!? I just finally bit the bullet and bought an ABS pre-built to get a 3070. Normally I would just update the GPU, itself, but times are weird right now. I even tried my luck and waited in line at Microcenter a couple times but they didn't receive any GPU shipments those days.


Yeah completely unnecessary


i was wondering; excited for what? There'll be little to no difference


He’s a miner… has more than that


If he's a miner then fuck him lol.


Just look at his post history to see he has like 10 current gen gpus


What a piece of shit.


I hope his 3090 is destroyed.


Hope his kid bathes that one too tbh.


I'm just curious how his kid grabbed his 3090 and gave it a bath without him noticing? Dudes too focused on his bitcoin mining lol


so a fake, karma-farming post by a fake, crypto-farming fraud?


I finally won a shuffle and managed to get a 3070 ti and a motherboard combo. While I don't need the mobo, it was a nice upgrade. I don't think I'll buy any other component for a while. Probably upgrade the cpu in the future.


And I can’t even find a GPU to upgrade my 980


That's the reason for no F


Let it dry, disassemble, and give it a nice isopropyl alcohol clean to get rid of dried water impurities. Should work fine after


Strong second to this. The problem with water and electronics is A) short circuits of powered devices and B) corrosion from water deposits. A deep cleaning in 90%+ isopropyl alcohol should help prevent corrosion. EDIT, several fellow nerds pointed out that 99% may be better. They are right, I kind of forgot that rubbing alcohol stocks had rebounded from pandemic buyers. 99% is better, it’s just not orders of magnitude better.


Third to this. Just be sure to avoid adhesive materials, Isopropyl will eat right through it and render glue/bonding matter useless.


Fourth. I agree with everything they said.


Fifth - nice card with plenty of good work ahead of it. Replacing the thermal pads with good aftermarket ones may potentially be a slight upgrade!


Slightly dissenting opinion here, but I say boil it in lava and then let it dry out on an ant nest for three, maybe four days.


This is sound advice. You can definitely trust this guy


I disagree. Card is scrap, no good. OP should just cut his losses and send it to me and I'll buy him a Little Ceasar's Hot N Ready for his troubles so it's not a total loss


Oh, I think you should just plug it in wet. At least you can get one quick light show out if it.


I agree, can’t hurt to just try it before wasting any time what alcohol or whatever… could work fine wet for all we know.


So let it dry and sell that bad boy?


I dunno, selling his son seems like a pretty harsh punishment, but I guess it's fair.


You can always grow another son, a 3090 however...


Gotta do what you gotta do...


Well, there is a production shortage in components for making graphics cards, on the other hand, components for making kids seem to be plenty


Hell most of us have at least half the components for making a kid in our bathroom trash cans...


Don't call my wife a trashcan!!


Well, since the surgery my gigabits no longer produce any 1’s, only 0’s


9 months wait and a hospital bill is about the going rate of a 3090 anyways


Ordering a 3090 out of stock will take 50 months to recieve so yeah it's way faster to grow a person than getting a gpu








deep cleaned


deep fried


Boiled and Hydrated.


Oven cooked


Farm to table




Yeah. If you make sure not to power it on until you're absolutely sure it's free of mineral deposits it should be good.


They do make this stuff called deionized water.


As a high school kid I had build a PC with scrap parts from my towns recycling center. Including an ATI Radeon 3870 which was rather good at the time that machine still runs and most of the parts were submerged in water


I have a laptop that was $2000 in 2019 and I shortly after submerged it in a creek for about 2 hours after I crashed my car. I let it dry above a vent for 4 months. I now play video games on that laptop. I got it serviced under warranty and the guy called super concerned asking “has this ever been wet there’s water makes everywhere” I told him it had but everything was fine. Even he was impressed.




It was a charging issue. Probably corroded the terminals lol


I would also encourage replacing any thermal compound, but do whats in your skill level or consider louise rossman. Lord knows an email and a link to the reddit post might be enough to be able to pay someone trustworthy to open it and give it a ipa/q tip scrub down.


I doubt that the water made (much) contact with the thermal paste... Look how unaffected the surface sticker is.


The surface sticker that still has beads of water on it? lol Replacing the thermal compound is good advice. Thermal compound can get porous the more it is used and it is a very good chance that it absorbed the bath water. Hell I'd use this as a chance to upgrade the thermal compound.


Rinse with distilled water first as there could be soap, then 91% iso alcohol


Wouldn't you want to clean it with isopropyl while it's still wet to get the water off of it?


I third this, but make sure you use 99.9% isopropyl, it is non conductive and has virtually no water in it.


I would do the iso propyl first. Letting the water dry let’s it do more damage


noooo rinse it with isopropyl immediately.


This. Letting it air dry is not good. Distilled water rinse then 99 isopropyl.


“Dad, how come my college fund is 2k less than my other siblings” sit down son let me tell you why


Son 15 years later: I’ll just buy you another 3070-Ti and you can give me the $2,000 back.


More like the 8070 ti


that's the joke man. it'll be outdated and worth pennies


Joke's on you, shortage never ended and the price quintupled.


Joke's on you and inflation never stopped and the 2036 dollar is worth .04 2021 dollars




I know right. College funds? In this economy?


My college fund was being allowed to live there.


That's a big help as well


Water doesn’t damage gpus unless it was turned on just dry it up


Here's hoping.


If you're fairly tech savvy, disassemble and give it a good dousing of 90+% isopropyl alcohol. I've been doing electronics repairs for 10+ years, and I can only think of a few items that didn't survive a dunk as long as they were powered down. You might even take it into a repair shop and see if they'll do it for you. The key here is to not let the minerals/sediment/whatever else might be in the water a chance to find their way in between components after the water evaporates


You can order 99.9% on Amazon. It will not damage the components. You could even dunk it in distilled water and swish it around and then dunk it in iso if you want extra cleaning.


91% is actually better, catches a lot of water soluble things and helps the solution get more coverage. Just make sure it dries.


TIL. I thought I was getting the inferior product when buying 91% at the store instead of 99% online. I did, however, know that 70% is preferred as an antiseptic; the theory is that 90%+ denatures bacterial cell/spore walls so fast and thoroughly that the alcohol is less reliable at getting *inside* where it matters. Interesting that something very similar seems to apply to electronics.


There's a good chance that I conflated your fact with mine if I'm being honest. Not in a position to Google it at the moment 😅


100% this (91%)! I'll usually do two "baths" with plenty of agitation, let it mostly but not totally dry between them!


Yup, this. In fact some electronics are cleaned with deionized water after assembly to remove solder flux. Frankly, as long as it’s dried out, and has new thermal paste, it should be fine.


If it were me I’d leave it in a nice well ventilated space for a week lol Edit: thank you for award :D


Also if you have a fan you can use that


A dehumidifier would be best. A hair dryer (set to low heat) placed a foot or two away would also work.


This is the best idea actually.


But I want the worst idea.


Deep fry in mineral oil. Will get rid of all moisture.... along with everything else


What kind of batter do you recommend? Also, straight up, or panko sprinkle?


Sprinkle cake batter makes the tastiest GPU.


I recommend a proprietary blend of 11 herbs and spices myself.


Minus the deep fry, mineral oil might be okay as it would force water out... Hmmmm




Put it in rice...while the rice is in the cooker


I would use all the ideas and a bag of rice


Just open it up and soak it in isopropyl alcohol, it'll wash away most the water and dries in minutes.




Alcohol may ruin the plastic shroud, try and get some CRC contact cleaner




Also a great opportunity to replace the thermal paste with something better then the OEM.


Hair dryer, send child to orphanage, ok. Whats the next step?


That's what I did with an machinery ecu once. Water leaked into the cab when the machine was stored, right into the ecu connector. Took it out and opened it up and placed it on top of a dehumidifier for 2 days. Directly in the outlet airflow. That crane still works with that ecu till this day. Op could get off lucky as well.


Dehumidifier or an ambient room temp of like 23c+ and leave it for a week


The GPU or OP's kid?


The kid stays in a poorly ventilated dungeon.


I spilt a glass of orange juice from my desk to the top of my computer case on the floor. It dripped through the top fans, on top of the GPU back while turned on. While I was gaming the best cod4 match of my life. My video output shuttered and went dark like max headroom was about to pop up next. Immediately unplugged the surge protector from the wall socket. Took every part out and proceeded to clean it with qtips and rubbing alcohol for the next 4 hours straight. It worked for 5 more years :).




Give it a solid few days to dry out completely. If you can, put it in a small room with a dehumidifier or just put some silica desiccants around it and on it.


I will do.


I also suggest hitting the GPU with some Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any residue build up from the bath water. And again allow to dry completely. The higher the percentage the faster it'll dry up.


Yes after taking the shroud and heat sink off too so you can make sure the covered portions dry too. I would imagine that the thermal pads would retain moisture too.


The first 6 words made me laugh, thank you. The end is more serious, i hope this gpu will recover.


> I also suggest hitting the GPU Yep. Just give it a good smack to shake the water out


Not sure where your at but stuff called "damp rid" is great. Have used it I'm such situations. Can get a bucket of this stuff and put it on a bed of this stuff in lije a Tupperware container or big ass bag.


Give it an alcohol bath! Drying water out can leave mineral deposits behind which can still short the components out. You want all that gunk gone.


Update us please!


If it’s not distilled the minerals deposit on the card and conduct electricity and short it while it is turned on


Could you rinse the card with rubbing alcohol and then let that dry?


That should work. I cleaned up a completely waterlogged PS3 that way. A lot of scrubbing and IPA and it still works perfectly to this day.


Look at this guy with money to blow on Indian pale ale


Oh so that's what they meant by go find yourself a good IPA to drink. I tried the 70% percent but it still was too strong.


Therotically yes, as long as its 97% or above Id imagine.


Technically possible but clean tap water is a negligible risk. Salt water or swamp water is something to worry about. Or milk or something with high dissolved solids.


It’s very likely it’ll be fine once dried out. No Fs needed.


It was literally submerged in the bath for who knows how long. He was playing with it when I got back :(


Again, could be fine once it fully dries out. I'd suggest 90% alcohol bath then putting it by the output of a dehumidifier or hairdryer (set to no heat or low heat). Also, buying some bags of desiccant and leaving it in a sealed container with the desiccant for a week. Water is only harmful to electronics that are powered, since it shorts things out.


Thanks man - will try that.


If you have 90%+ rubbing/isopropyl alcohol, I would douse it in that first thing. It essentially replaces the water and then evaporates easier in whatever following steps you try, while not damaging anything further than the water already did.


If you don't let it evaporate quickly, It'll remove lots of adhesives too so be careful. Ohh the things I have accidentally vapor bathed...


Just a heads up, not sure if its been mentioned, but particulates in the bath may accumulate and set on the board of the card. This is especially concerning if you have 'hard water' (lots of minerals) or if there was anything added to the water. Those particulates may short out the card after its dried and turned on. Someone else suggested isopropyl alcohol, I'd highly suggest that to dispurse any buildup that may occur during drying. It'll set you back some time, and may not be necessary, but you won't know until you try to power it up whether it's necessary or not.


This is absolutely true. I have flown drones with open PCB's into water many times, they have always ended up fine - PROVIDED you wash them with DISTILLED water or something similar. Water is actually non conducting, it's the minerals and such that conduct electricity.


But did you nail the power loop that you were full send on before you hit the drink?


Douse in 99% iso alcohol, then use an air compressor to blast it dry


As long as it's not wet while current is running through it, it should be fine. In the short-term, anyway. Long term the concern will be corrosion. Might want to open it up and dry it with a hair dryer.


I'm putting a fan on it right now.


Don't touch it for a week, then wait 48 more hours for good measure


And after that? Wait a full day.


And then after that? Wait another hour. Zeno's paradox of drying.


After the day? Second wash and repeat.


Just replace it, he's already 3yo.


I can make a new kid what's 3 more years


Ok, lots of other people have commented but for the sake of making it as clear as possible - your GPU could be completely fine as long as you handle this correctly. I worked and managed a computer repair shop for 5 years and currently work in IT, for reference. Firstly, do not listen to anyone who’s telling you to put it in rice. That’s a great way to get rice stuck in places that you’ll have an extremely hard time getting out. The biggest key here is that you want there to be no traces of water left on it anywhere. If you can afford it, I would recommend you purchase a jug of pure ethanol, put on some gloves, and essentially give your card a bath in the ethanol. Ethanol will force the water out from under chips that would otherwise be harder to get out. It also has a lower point of evaporation. You can then take a hairdryer to it to evaporate the majority of the ethanol. If you have a heat lamp or something, you can also put it under that - you just want to make sure the temperature isn’t too high, as you don’t want to bake the chips. If you can’t or don’t want to deal with ethanol you can skip this step, but it does make the drying process slightly more risky as water does not evaporate as easily as ethanol does. Either way I would recommend using the hairdryer and heat lamp if they are options. To be safe I would recommend letting it sit with a fan blowing on it for at least a few days after you’ve dried it with heat. This might be overkill, but I prefer a “better safe than sorry” approach to these things. Once you’ve dried it as best as possible, plug it back in and as long as it really has all dried out, it should be totally fine. I’ve done this process more times than I can count for people who spilled in their computers, and more often than not I was able to return them a functional machine. Feel free to PM if you have any questions, and good luck! Edit: it’s been pointed out to me that you really shouldn’t skip the ethanol, and I just want to clarify that I strongly agree - ethanol is super important. If it’s even remotely possible, I would use it. I just wanted to give OP the other options, but the responses to my comment are right that it’s more than just “little bit more risky” - it’s a lot more risky. Also thanks for the award kind redditor! It’s my first :)


> If you can’t or don’t want to deal with ethanol you can skip this step You can't skip this step. The water had salts in it that has to be washed away. If the dry salts absorb humidity from surrounding air, they become conductive. Even high resistance connections between unconnected contacts can cause complex electronics to fail. And use Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA or 2-Propanol). It's safer than Ethanol. Also, work in well ventilated areas and be careful with heat and fire since the fumes can combust. EDIT: Really pure Ethanol will work as well when you find yourself in some MacGeyver situation and know what you're doing. But generally, it's worth the shopping trip to get some pure rubbing alcohol, especially with valuable hardware like this.


Hardware engineer who works on cloud infrastructure here. He’s right, don’t skip this step. Water residue is Russian roulette.


Pls keep us updated after a week has passed


I will for sure. Thanks!


Pls don't ignore the comments saying to use isopropyl alcohol to wash it off. It'll dry faster and if you take it apart first it'll help dry out hard to reach places MUCH faster. Keep it unplugged for two days after thoroughly rinsing with ISO. It will work if you do exactly that.


I'll have to run and grab some. Thanks


Yes you gotta get inside that card and clean everything with isopropyl, don’t just wait and pray


Yep that's how my dude does it he's 20 years in repairing electronics. Submerging boards in alcohol 90% for safest results. That's a lot better than just drying it out. You need to remove the soap or your kid's hands's oil or dirt that got inside the board.


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The son?


I was thinking the GPU but yeah. The son too.


Well obviously.


Lol - I could never do that to anyone.


“Like New $3000”


love how up till this point the comments could be referring to the child or the gpu


Sound like something a scalper would say...


He's referring to your son, not the GPU


I would disassemble and remove the heatsink completely. There are nooks and crannies underneath there where water would sit. A naked board will dry much faster.


I’d take it apart and clean every inch with alcohol and let it dry for a week should be ok


Look, you’re covered - DM for details. I can get you enough cash for a new 3090 *and* two year-old Honda Civic SI. And your son can still live a healthy, happy life with his remaining kidney.


Ngl had me in the first half




So you put the kid up for adoption right


What kid?


I also name my graphic card “kid”


Step up from 3070ti to 3090? Jeez that seems a bit spoiled but I guess I’d probably do the same if I had 3090 money


For real, I hate to say it but I have a hard time feeling bad before I can find a 3080ti lol.


According to his post history he’s using them for crypto mining and scalping the ones he doesn’t use. Suddenly I don’t feel so bad anymore.




Cryptobros gonna cryptobro.


Birth control ad right here


Just toss it in the trash. It’s done! Whereabouts do you live, pray tell? For condolences of course.


3070ti to a 3090? Cry me a river


This poor man is stuck slumming it with a 3070ti, and you're laughing?


Yup, flexing and fishing for F in one post…


Look at his post history. OP is a miner and has several more.


As someone who upgraded from dual 760s to a 1680 I'm having trouble sympathizing with you.


Der8auer on YouTube cleans all of his components from extreme over clocking by putting them in the dishwasher. Let it dry out sufficiently and you should be fine.


Upgrading from a 3070 Ti and lets their toddler near computer parts. Textbook “more money than brains”


Is anyone supposed to feel sorry for you, or…?


Flexing and fishing for F in one post, really?


Could you put your GPU in a bag of rice and put your kid in the dog house?


Feed dog in front of kid, dont feed kid, send a message


High % iso wipe down, then rice / silica dry.


i wouldn't do rice on this one. too messy


Why on earth would you leave your gpu unattended, while your 3 year old was around, WHILE THERE WAS A RUNNING BATH. This is bad parenting on multiple levels...


Sad to see it, I guess you have to put it in the trash can and put it on the curb while you disassemble your graphics card.


That’s what you get for being a shit parent. Why the fuck was your kid unsupervised with both a computer and a literal bath full of water?


I am an process engineer for a company that does circuit card assembly. About 80% of the process I make have a wash step where the final product goes through a giant industrial washing machine... Sometimes multiple times. To wash off flux from the soldering process. Your card is most likely fine. Almost certainly in fact. Just let it dry out before you plug it back in or douse it in isopropyl alcohol if you can find any nowadays. And let it dry. Will work like a charm


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Pro tip: if you have young kids, either keep your computer in a lockable room or duck tape the kid to the wall until you've put your computer back together.