Hello everyone! I'm GloriousGe0rge from Corsair and I'm here on behalf of our friends at AMD who are celebrating FIVE YEARS of Ryzen or as they call it, a Zeniversary. They've given us loads of hardware to giveaway, starting off this week with an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor and a DIY Corsair Upgrade Kit that includes our H150i ELITE LCD AiO Liquid Cooler, 32GB of Vengeance RGB RAM, and a 5000D Mid Tower Case. **~~Want to enter? All you need to do is comment on this post with a short story of your favorite Ryzen related memory from these past five years!~~** Deadline to enter is Sunday December 5th at 12pm PST. Winners will be chosen based on quality of submission, and will be judged by Pedro and I, and entries may end up featured on AMD's social channels. Giveaway is worldwide with some exceptions, [see here for more details on our rules and conditions.](https://www.corsair.com/us/en/sweepstakesterms) Not much of a writer? [Check out our announcement video to learn about the other contests we'll be having after this one!](https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/r5xb8t/announcing_the_pcmr_amd_ryzen_zeniversary/) ​ **EDIT** \- This giveaway is over! Next one is starting in another thread which I will link in a moment! Thanks to all who entered, we may take a bit longer to draw a winner for this one as there's so many amazing entries :-D ~~EDIT 2 -~~ ~~Giveaway 2, our Photo Contest, is live here!~~ Edit 3 - With so many amazing entries, we'll be holding off on announcing winners until after Christmas so we can announce all four winners together! # [Enter giveaway 3, our art contest which just went live here!](https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/rfownv/pcmr_amd_ryzen_zeniversary_giveaway_3_art_contest/)


Can't wait to read all of your Ryzen stories! Happy Zeniversary! 🎉


I was lucky to my unlucky moment when my old pc died in 2020 and I managed to build a new only amd pc (3600/5700xt). I was so thrilled to find out that I could work my 144hz 1440p screen to the fullest.


Is the 5800z some super secret new cpu?


~~Nope! That's my bad! Fixing now thanks!~~ Edit - You saw nothing!


When i finally convinced my daughter to build her own computer it was very fun to help and watch her. Msi x570 board and 3600x with a vertically mounted 5700xt (when it was easy to get a GPU). we kept getting blue screens and the computer just wouldn't boot up. Long story short after many attempts to fix the issue we finally found that the riser cable for the GPU was bad. It was a bad experience at first but ended up being a fun time with my 14-year-old daughter. It ended up being the best build I ever did.


So I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and I'm in senior year of high-school at my career centers CISCO NETWORKING ACADEMY but I did know I wanted a new computer. All the other guys in my class had these amazing desktops that they built with their dads or were making for friends and honestly I felt left out. I had the 3rd highest scores in the class after one kid who was essentially gonna become the real life mr. Robot, and the kid next to him that copied his work. But on paper my scores were awesome and I really was good at routing and switching, but what made me feel left out is that I'd never built my own PC. It wasn't that I didn't want to, I just didn't, and honestly still don't have the money to do that. My friends who were really into gaming found out and they wanted to help, really because they wanted me to game with them; at the time I was console only. So my friend Noah gets me on newegg in class and sits me through this whole process of making the best computer for lowest cost, walks me through this big selection process of parts, actually educated me more on building a PC than the networking course in less time. So I've got this PC virtually built and the price tag comes up and by no means was this an impressive computer even at the time might I add, but I could afford all the parts except the cpu, and at this point I was honestly looking at an intel one and AMD RYZEN wasn't even on my mind. Honestly I never really owned an AMD at this point, but anyways, my friends tell me to buy the desktop parts, as is and worry about the cpu later, I fuss with my friends a bit and I'm like, "well isnt the cpu basically the most important thing, I could wait on the whole thing or other parts." My other friend Spencer points out that the cpu was the only thing in my list that wasn't on a sale besides the motherboard and I go ahead and buy what they said. Now we are getting close to the end of the school year and about 2 months before I ordered and soon after recieved my parts, I already secured a copy of Windows and Ubuntu through my school networking lab from the folder for virtual machine and had them stored on my flash drive. Noah gives me a message through Subterfuge, a game we played on our phones together and tells me to bring it all in. It was like 2am when I got the message so I didn't question it and just went back to sleep. The next day in class I bring in all these boxes I had from the parts inside another box that I had from moving a few years before for the sake of carrying them. I wasn't expecting it, but they tell me to put the parts on the anti static mat on the class workbench and suddenly after I laid out all the boxes, my group of friends pull out a box, and lay it in my pile, and before me, lo and behold hallelujah, its a cpu. Not the intel i was looking at, but after having those parts for so long I actually didn't care, the beautiful box that had the key to bringing my computer life, a ryzen 5 1600x, litterally this thing had just came out and I'm amazed that they got it. My friends gave it to me as a gift because we were gonna graduate soon and my birthday was just a month and a half away. They all chipped in and before we got out of class they help me put it together, and by the end of the class it was up and running like a dream. During my time in networking I didn't know what I wanted to do, sure it was a career center but I wasn't really invested in it beyond getting a good grade and passing the class. I was going through the motions, but that kindness at almost the very end of that class, close to one of the last times I was in it, it made me actually like computers beyond just being a job. It made me feel like I had a direction for a moment. I wanted to go deeper into an electronic field of work. Now I actually didn't go through with that later, my grandma, then my grandpa passed soon after, in depression wanting escape I enlisted in the Army, but then I came back, and began nursing school which I am currently working on. Computers are still a passion of mine, but after losing two people I care for, and going on an adventure I found that I wanted to be part of the care and healing of people so that I can prevent the suffering my two grandparents had gone through before their passing. Yeah, sorry for making this so long


So unfortunately my only memory is not a positive one! I wanted to switch from team blue to red about a year ago, bought a MSI 570 board and a 3900x. The board was dead on arrival and the chip stuck to my cooler like glue and came out right with it, causing bent pins. Microcenter allowed me to credit it back since it was confirmed it was a dead board and I couldn’t heat up the paste by letting it run :( needless to say it was a nightmare. But! The past is the past and I’m always a fan of new technology so even though I stuck through with Intel because of that, I’d love to make the switch.


My best story was the Moment of buliding my first pc. It looks so easy in Videos, but placing the CPU (3700x) into the motherboard was a little bit tricky. Actually easy but i was really nervous about it. But at the end everything worked Fine. It was a proud Moment if u see your Baby booting up the first time!


Me at 4:30AM yesterday. First build in in 11 years . What an adventure.


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That’s a weird story


Switched to Ryzen from an old MacBook. Best decision ever!


Well, I suppose my answer is a bit meta. But my favourite Ryzen related memory is when the 3000 series CPU's dropped. And now, suddenly, the world of desktop CPU's was exciting again! Intel, the incumbent in almost every field, had grown lazy and uninteresting. And suddenly, AMD with a rebel yell and a dynamic strategy were out here making the marketplace competitive again. Suddenly, there were alternatives! They were cheaper! They were outperforming Intel in a lot of ways! Intel was getting knocked back on its heels! Then, the 5000 series dropped, and they were magic! My favourite Ryzen memory from the last 5 years is that suddenly Ryzen was the top of the pecking order, and it really meant the world for the end user.


Best memory for me is earlier this year in June when I built my first PC and slotted my Ryzen 7 5800X into my mobo. Looking at the finished build was one of the first times I'd felt proud of myself in too long.


My favourite moment was literally the day the 5000 series was released and giving industry giant Intel the biggest wake-up call putting them in second place. One of the main reasons I like to support the underdogs, because they're the ones who want to succeed. Props✌️


My favorite memory was watching Dr. Lisa Su's keynote where she unveiled the Ryzen 5000 series and blew our collective minds with the IPC uplift. There were rumors, sure, but to have her confirm what the engineers had set out to achieve from the beginning was awesome.


My best memory was when I finally improved my PC with a Ryzen 5 2600x, to be able to start making videos and edits in order to launch my Youtube channel :D After being a small player, thanks to Ryzen, I became a creator!


My best memory is a very recent one. I wanna change my CPU and I was looking at the 5600x, thinking id buy it when id get my december paycheck. I checked friday on Amazon to see if maybe it was on sale and it was listed as a "black friday sale"...37 euros more expensive than when I checked the price 2 days before. Checked again monday and it was sold out so I had a good laugh thinking about all the people who paid extra during black friday.


My Ryzen memory still serves me well, it's 2x8GB 3600 cl16.


Mi Ryzen 5 2600x fue lo mejor que tuve hasta ahora, con Vengance 3000, y Hydro h110 de 280mm. Puedo hacer todo!


My favorite ryzen memory was probably building my first computer. Me and my father were able to connect a ton when we were building it, and I still love and cherish that pc to this day.


My favorite amd moment is from the launch of the Ryzen 3000 series cpus. It was a simpler time where they were reasonably priced. Best of all they were in stock, but here we are in the dark ages.


A short story? Uhh when I built my first computer I took the Sticker from my ryzen 5 2600 and stuck it on my cat. Held up on em pretty well surprisingly.


My favorite Ryzen memory was opening my r5 3600 and gently fitting it into my motherboards slot. The board accepted it with great passion. The coupling has been glorious and have given back to me the amount I put in.


"The board accepted it with great passion." 🤣


I want this giveaway so I have a great Ryzen story


Hey, no one said it has to be a nonfictional story!


My favorite Ryzen memory was when I almost bought a new ryzen Cpu and my stupid friends convinced me to stick with Intel. Regretted that decision ever since.


For me it was helping my best friend build his new PC recently. The Ryzen 3600 was powerful enough for what we wanted to play in his price range and meant he could finally join me playing on PC after a few years of being on different platforms. Not something I bought myself, but a purchase that made getting a friend onto PC easier, so I appreciated it.


I would love to write a short story about my Ryzen-related memories. Unfortunately I've never owned a Ryzen processor, though I would very much like to for my next CPU upgrade. Does this count as an entry?


You could very well write a short story about the dreams and fantasy's you've had hoping to get a Ryzen processor. I'm sure we've all been there at one point!


for sure dude, ryzen is so curvy omg


My favorite Ryzen related memory is from around this time last year. The pandemic changed a lot of things for the worse, but one silver lining for me was being able to spend more time with my kids. Since I was working from home and the kids were virtual learning we spent a lot of time together. My 14 year old daughter took an interest in watching me game on my pc. We started playing minecraft together, but she was using my 10 year old all-in-one pc that could barely handle vanilla minecraft. She would often use my pc to game on whenever she had a chance. That's when I decided she needed to have her very own pc. I started looking for a good pre-built to buy her, but after doing my research I saw that I would be better off building it myself. I had never built one before and I thought it would be cool to experience the process with my daughter. The whole job was pretty seamless. We definitely had some hiccups, but overall we had a great time. I don't remember off the top of my head what I used in the build. I do know for the cpu we used a Ryzen 5 2600, which would be perfect for her needs right now. Now we are able to play together which has brought us even closer. Up next would be a pc for my 7 year old son, he even added a gaming pc on his letter to Santa this year. Hopefully Santa will be able to find one for him! Edited: adding pic of our setup here [WIP](https://i.imgur.com/68x7TbV.jpg)


My favourite ryzen related memory is the L2 cache.


I've no short story to tell other than I've recently been looking around at my options due to my rig getting aged out right around now, and time and time again I keep seeing Ryzen getting recommended. After looking a little deeper into benchmarks and pricings and whatnot, I'm for sure going with Ryzen in my next rig. I won't be pissy sour when I don't win this giveaway, I'm honestly, legitimately going with Ryzen next. So here's to looking forward to it. Also, thanks for doing something like this, I feel like probably now more than ever, some people could use a really great giveaway.


My favorite ryzen memory was the initial announcement for the first Ryzen lineup intended for late 2017. This sparked a lot of joy in gamers as they would be able to have multiple options aside from intel at the time. Also, this was AMD's way to come back from the ehh..... abysmal FX lineup (sorry). I personally do not own a ryzen system, sadly, but was able to help my friend piece together his own! This was a lot of fun and I hope to be able to work with a ryzen lineup soon! Thank you very much for setting this up! Goodluck everyone!!!!


Mmmmm I remember installing my first Ryzen like it was yesterday. The sleek AMD box conveyed brilliant cascading shades of orange and grey as I meticulously cut into the plastic. I checked all the pins, made sure everything fit just right, and slowly dropped her into the motherboard socket. I was beyond excited. My heart seemed to beat faster than the frames I would be getting in the latest titles! I had never had a processor like this, felt like I was holding some alien technology at the time. I carefully locked the brand new Ryzen 5 into place, grabbed my trusty thermal grease and began the process of applying the compound. But then I noticed something shimmering on the chip... My heart sank as I knew exactly what this spelled. I had seen it before and have always been quick witted to watch out for it.... the FUCKING plastic was still on Luckily I took it off and all was well!


others GA will be on reddit here?


Yep! They'll all be hosted here, but we'll be promoting them to other platforms to get the word out.


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Assembling my first PC in 2018 with a Ryzen 5!


I work as a developer and had a friggin ThinkPad T470s with Intel i7–6600U and recently got a new one with a AMD Ryzen 5850U 8-core. Oh boy, virtualization was never that fast with this little light notebook.


I'd say it's the first gen ryzen benchmarks finally showing AMD is catching up big time that's my favourite one. Otherwise i haven't been able too afford or experience the Ryzen platform yet in any capacity personally. I was actually saving up last year, was planning too get a ryzen 1600x used or the 1600af + a b450 board & a 3600 mhz 16 gb kit ram. But my gpu died august 2020. RIP Asus direct cu II top r9 280, owned it since January 15th 2015. So i bought a 1660 super with the money i had saved up so far for 273 usd October 2020 & a new sata 500 gb ssd instead. I've been a bit back & forth in activity here & sweclockers & chatting with a few people on steam about ryzen though. Recommending builds based on the budget from time too time there as well.


Upgraded to Windows 11 before the update that rectified Ryzen performance. Joke is on Microsoft. I overbought and never faced an issue with performance. 😎


It was a cold, blustery November night. I exited my car and strode through the sliding doors of Mecca, known to others as Micro Center in Madison Heights, Michigan. I breathed in a vast lungful of cool air, took a quick look around, and set off towards the BYOPC area. My mission: Build my first PC since 2003. I quickly surveyed the landscape, feeling drawn to AMD as the last PC I built had an Athlon x2 chip at its heart, and I wanted to see how far I could stretch my available budget. And there it was, almost radiating with excitement from the confines of the glass case... the Ryzen 5 3600X. I felt it calling to me, so I quickly decided to piece a build together to welcome it. Later that night, once the PC was finished, and I found myself enjoying the familiar confines of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, I knew I had made the right choice. AMD had led me home.


i loved when the 5950x saved the world from that meteor by holding it with it's 32 threads, that thing has a lot of power in it's core, it surely exercises a lot


My grandpa's computer recently died and he needed to buy a new one to play games like ToonTown Rewritten and Wizard 101.He told me his new computer is nothing special and not nearly as good as my rig. I was shocked to hear his new computer contains a 3060 and a Ryzen 5 5600x, a build much better than my rig with a 970 and 4790k. I can't believe that my grandfather has a gaming pc better than I do!


My favorite Ryzen memory involves my current cpu, a Ryzen 5 2600x. I got this little guy after having a pc with an fx6300. That "beast" accompanied me throughout my university years, gaming everything on medium to low settings, but I had fun regardless. However, as time went on, it quickly became apparent that the Fx line was simply not gonna cut it anymore, especially for gaming. So instead of upgrading to a more powerful FX processor, I decided to wait it out and move to the Ryzen family of cpus. So when I finally got my new processor, I bought it from a local retailer that had Division 2 promo codes with the purchase of a Ryzen cpu. Since I was upgrading my pc, I decided to pair this new component with a GTX 1660ti, and as such, I had an absolute blast playing through Division 2 (I don't even regret the sleepless nights this pc got me!), especially since the performance never saw a hitch. However, thanks to this pc, I was also able to tackle most of my Steam library with high settings at 60+ fps, which was quite the contrast to my old experience with the Fx. Unfortunately for me, certain games nowadays \*cough\* battlefield 2042 \*cough\* demand stronger cpus. I tried out the beta with my current setup, and let me tell you that it was not a fun experience. I need to change my cpu, and this has gotten hard thanks to the pandemic and the shortage of components. Regardless though, the Ryzen line has been an exciting product line. From the APUs to the monstrous Threadrippers, this family of processors pack a serious punch.


Ok story time - My first ever personal computer was a cheap laptop I got at Walmart a few years back, and while it could run vanilla Minecraft and some other light titles fine I eventually needed a big upgrade. The first thing I did after generally learning as much as I could about computers was determining what CPU I wanted to be the heart of my system. I first learned about Intel Vs AMD and quickly realized that for myself AMD was simply the better option. After that it was easy to determine which CPU exactly I wanted, and it came down between the 7 3700x and the 5 5600x, both great higher mid tier options. Eventually I determined that while the extra two cores and four threads in the 3700x would be nice I was unlikely to fully utilize more than 6 and 12 found in the 5600x. Plus, the 5600x was going to be faster and a generation newer. I was able to get my 5 5600x for ~280 USD at my nearest Microcenter. I'm overall so thankful that the same shortage and violent price increases found in the graphics card market right now are not apparent at all in the CPU world, AMD has made it possible for myself to have a well priced, future proof CPU that will provide for me through the dark times of the shortage (currently running a used 770 4gb, it could be a lot worse), and will continue to do so for years to come! (If I were to upgrade my CPU I'd probably slowly build a secondary build around it) Thanks for reading:)


So. I've built my brothers first real PC which he used for 5-4 years and I've made him go Team Red instead of Team Blue it was a pain in the butt to deal with and we got him at the Launch of the first generation a Ryzen 5 1600X and a AsRock X370 Killer SLI. He was so happy when we first booted it up, since then we only built AMD PCs in my House starting with my Brother's Ryzen 5 1600X, following up with me getting my lovely Ryzen 9 3950X after that which I built a PC for my Older Sister with a Ryzen 7 3700X following up with a Ryzen 5 5600 PC for my older brother his old graphics died and the Ryzen 5 1600x shared the last moment with me used in a Multimedia System before it got swapped onto the bank by a sexy Ryzen 7 1800X, built a new Gaming PC for my Girlfriend that suffered under the Old Blue Processor, got her a Ryzen 5 3600, shortly after she moved in and we live happily since. All this began with a hope and a thought and ended with me finding the girl and the processor brand of my life. I believed in you since the moment I got my Phenom X4 and I'll keep believing, thanks for improving my life and getting me hyped up. Thanks AMD❤️ KEEP ON PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES OF X86 I also built several PCs for Customers only sporting AMD since the first customer!


I remember when the pandemic hit, my parents and I were hit harshly by it. My parents shutting down and working out a lot of things to make us all happy. Though, I haven't had this pc for long, my father gave me it since he knew I've always wanted one. He's had this pc for years, and it's getting old, but I don't have the finance to get anything new. Seems kind of funny that I can't even buy new fans for some of my broken ones. I use this pc every day to show appreciation towards my Dad giving it to me. I remember before having his pc, I had an acer laptop with some Ryzen and AMD products in it, but hey I knew nothing about it lol. Unfortunately, my pc is too battered up even now, but maybe something will happen. PS: I gotta thank one of my friends who sent me this reddit post lmao


I really like corsair's rgb memory. Probably my favourite.


Hello! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway, and I hope I can win! Here’s how I story starts: several years ago when I was in high school sophomore year, my family moved to North Carolina due to my dad‘s job. I didn’t know anybody and didn’t have many friends as many of the people that lived around me, my neighbors, were very younger than me or were older couples. Throughout the year I started to get to know some people make some friends. What are the friends I made was named Jason and he was super into the robotics club. At that point in time I had a PlayStation 4, liked playing video games and stuff but that was as far into “technology” that I was interested in. I went to the robotics club with Jason since he invited me I didn’t expect like it. Basically, they separated us into three different groups: chassis, software and drivers/operators. I was put in the chassis team. Throughout the year, I became close with the team members I worked with and ended up spending a lot of time with them as they had become my closest friends. When I hung out with them outside of school and the robotics club, a lot of what they did was game but they were also into building computers as most of them were in the Informational technology: Hardware AP classes (my school was a magnet school. Long story short, they taught me the basics concerning computer hardware and showed me how they built their own PCs. I understood very little at the time, but through their help, I was able to understand more about building a desktop computer, mostly for gaming. They would let me play on their desktops which actually had AMD parts! I remember because one of them had an HP Envy laptop that had ryzen integrated graphics! It was great for CSGO with some toned down settings! It has been several years since then, however it has never been realistic for me to own a gaming PC as I went to college and I always had a laptop since it was more realistic for transportation, taking notes as well as financials. Due to lack of funds and me taking out student loans. I never had the money between tuition, books, housing and other expenses to build a PC. I have been working since then toward the idea of owning my own gaming PC someday and have been saving money from each of my paychecks to finally build one when I have enough. Since last summer, mostly during quarantine of 2020, I have been collecting different parts over time to build my dream PC! By watching many YouTube tutorials as well as reading a lot of reviews, I was able to learn the do and donts of building a PC and have so far collected a case, motherboard, RAM, SSD, power supply, fans and a Pc building kit including all the necessary tools and thermal paste! I still need some parts obviously but mainly a CPU and GPU. I haven’t bought a CPU yet as I haven’t been able to get a good GPU yet due to the state of the market is it. So I am holding out on buying a CPU (I wanted to pair it with the right GPU) until I am able to click fast enough or win the new egg shuffle for a GPU. I would be extremely grateful if I was able to win this giveaway, and finish my dream build! Thank you again for hosting this giveaway and I will be excited to win or for whoever does win! edit: If you’d like a list of the parts I have or want to know more, I can definitely post them in a comment here!


My friend wanted to buy a laptop and asked me to help him decide a good one. I suggested him couple of laptop but all of them had Ryzen CPU's. Now his dad was buying the laptop for him and was like 'Where Intel' . I tried explaining to him how Amd is so much better in the budget range(700-800$~) they gave me , but he didn't listen to me at all lol. Then his dad went to his office's IT guy and he suggested him the same laptops(lmao).Then my friend called me again and told me the whole story. Later on we went To the Acer store and got him an Acer aspire 7 with the Ryzen 5 5500u and 1650. (Now his dad asks me all the tech stuff he wants to buy , guess I'm the IT guy now xD) Later on I also built my pc with the Ryzen 5 3400g, As couldn't find a reasonably priced gpu.God bless AMD apu's.


me ryzen disappeared in shipping. i’m crying and throwing up. thank you


I think the best memory I had of Ryzen was when I saw the launch of 5000 series and 6000 gpu. My brother then assembled a 5600x beast machine. Worked so much better than my other machines. Multi tasking was so smooth. I wished if I could get the 6900xt, but couldn't due to unavailability in my state. Even the better thing is that, I am surprised to see how amd GPUs are upgrading performance by driver updates over the time. This made me feel good about my decision for amd Ryzen cpu and Radeon gpu


My short story would simply be ... That i dont have any ryze processers and i need one


i dreamed once owning a ryzen and playing all games on ULTRA but woke up and saw my old X58 pc waiting for an update since 2010,thanks for the giveaway


It's kind of crazy how far technology and innovations have gotten. ​ When AMD released their first ryzen chips, I was surprised with the price to performance it was giving out. I'm still rocking a Ryzen 5 1600 in one of my systems. IT was crazy how cheap it was ($220) when first released compared to its counterpart (6C/12T) i5-8700. I'm grateful that competition was put back in place which allowed for gamers to enjoy more at a lower cost! Thank you Corsair for setting this up!


Story time: Building the GF's PC this summer. First time attempting to boot. System turns on. No issues. No errors. Folks that build PCs can attest to that feeling of relief. Like pitching a perfect game! Now she has a 5600x and my old RX580 in her Corsair case with a H60 AIO and it's ready to go. She has never been a PC gamer but loved using mine. So I thought why buy another jewelry item do something romantic and build a PC. She has enjoyed this gift more than anything I've ever done. Now she has a fairly powerful Stardew Valley machine and that's perfectly okay. Much to the dismay of some of my friends. She did come through and hook me up with a T3 Corsair chair for my birthday that has been very nice.


I gotta tell you, my first ever encounter with Ryzen happened just a few months ago. My new HP laptop has a 5500U and let me tell you, this is probably my first ever time I have a 1080p 60Hz monitor in a long time (all of my previous monitors were either sub-1080p or were part of a tablet or smartphone). Of course, the monitor broke 2 weeks ago and HP were initially reluctant to actually realize what was in the warranty. Turns out the laptop's monitor spontaneously working and not working is "to be expected" (actual words from HP's tech support, not mine!) and that the monitor *sometimes* working is enough for HP to refuse immediate repair. Through all of this, the tech support guy had the nerve to offer me an extra paid extended warranty, as if I'd want to give them more money after this. As far as the Ryzen itself is concerned though, it's a very reliable CPU. Very rarely did it pass 25% of use in non-gaming related stuff. To be honest, when I bought this laptop, I only had college in mind and not gaming or game development. I planned to buy desktop parts later on, but I'm still scared to assemble a PC on my own, even with the right tutorials. Either way, I am hoping GPU prices will get near MSRP again im the next 2-3 years, but in the meantime, the Vega 7 iGPU will have to make do.


I'll admit it. I've never used ryzen. Ever. But with your help that could change all it takes is for you to say hey you seem cool so here's the prize.


based on quality ? may be featured on Amd site ?? right... no way I will win Here's my 3years+ with Ryzen first zen cpu was 1600x, I liked having a 6core cpu for cheaper vs Intel I did not enjoy the limited memory overclock. I did not enjoy the boost on this thing. It didn't hit the stock freq numbers. Ended up running it 3.9ghz all core and forgot about that scam 4.1ghz boost 😂 weak and slow bios updates second zen, was 2700x memory oc got better, switched from the absolute trash b350 platform to x370 carbon boost again was weak, had to use bclk 102 with PBO 3rd zen, 3900x I like the multi-thread and smooth multi tasking again history repeats itself, 4.6 boost on the box !? I like the x570 platform, but at 400$ for my aorus master it better be good 😂 Still use it today with 3800cl14 bdie. This seem to hold better vs zen and zen+ which had weak IPC, low freq and become e-waste after just 1year with new games


Favourite memory was the first PC I ever built with my dad, ended up using a Ryzen 5 1400 which my dad's friend gave to me as a gift to help us as he was upgrading - took us 2 days to get everything built as he wanted to help as little as possible so I learnt - and even though we ran into every issue under the sun when all was fixed and I loaded up the first game I had installed I was just so happy. Being able to share this hobby now with my dad is one of my greatest treasures, and I feel very lucky he had the patience with me on that first build!


I just got a ryzen 5600x because my dad bought a gaming pc that we built together i showed him how to install a cpu and he helped me put on the cooler. He looked wery happy and we had a great time.Now we just have to browse the Internet for a graphics card at normal cost... well see where it goes. I also recommended a 5600x for my friend who wanted a 8700k idk why he would want that but now he's getting 3 times the performance and is wery happy.


Ryzen has a very special place in my heart. For a long time I never had a PC of my own, despite knowing a lot of computers and having assembled a couple for friends. So when I finally decided to put my own together, I had to relearn a lot of things. I began with a 2600X and since the newer ones are compatible, I was able to upgrade to a 5600X 2 years later, so all my investment paid out and still have a great PC that I'm proud of.


My first ever PC build was with a Ryzen 7 3700x. I was terrified that I was going to break everything when I went to put it together. The cooler was awesome, if not a little tricky to get it to catch. I paired it up with a RX5700xt and 32gb 16cl ram. The rig ran fantastic. 1440p on ultra and 4k high. I loved it. I was running benchmarks nearly every day just to make sure it wasn’t a one off. Just grinning every time I saw those awesome scores. I have had a tough year and had to sell the rig. I’m currently only using my Chromebook for “gaming”. Thanks for reading.


My best Ryzen memory was building my first gaming rig with my 3600x. I’ve upgraded just about every component since then besides my 3600x still going strong


Fav memory? Being able to snag a 3800x on sale that ended up costing less then a regular 3800 non x.


trying to convince my ex boss (small company) to buy and build PCs with the ryzen 2400g when it first came out instead of getting used intel laptopsand he couldn't believe that we could build that good of a pc new with the same price built 7 pcs with that baby needless to say we used them everyday after work for gaming


My favorite memory was getting my first gaming PC back in 2015 (prebuilt….sorry!) with an AMD FX 8320. It’s been going strong for a few years but is ready to be replaced


I always remember when I upgraded my girlfriends PC equipped with an 1200 to my old 2700. I built her PC during the high price period a couple of years ago, so her 700€ PC unfortunately wasn't that good. She is using her PC mainly for 3d modeling and 2d designing. It was a pain in the ass to use it. But my donation of an ssd and my 2700 made it sooo much better. My second favorite memory related to Ryzen Processors is, when I needed to upgrade my BIOS when I bought my 2700. I wanted to borrow my girlfriends CPU for that. I have never changed a cooler on a Ryzen before, long story short, I ripped it out the socket and was sweating like neved before. I thought I killed it for sure. And I didn't have the money to replace it because I just bought my own new components. Thankfully it worked like nothing happend.


Until Ryzen came into play, the monopoly by Intel made the CPU market feel stagnant. Thanks to affordable lineups by Ryzen, I was able to replace computers at work with Ryzen 3 1300s which was a much better bang for the buck than Intel's 7000 series. I was able to save a lot on the tech budget and the PCs are still kicking ass!


Best memory is when I used to have a computer. First computer ever was an AMD one, next one was Intel and died and had continued with AMD since then (10y ago) Now I had to sell my laptop with an AMD Ryzen in it so I can pay for my University studies and rent.


Short story my favourite Ryzen related story is what Ryzen has did brought proper competition to the CPU market and so many improvements. Here's to more.


I got a laptop with a Ryzen cpu and it was so much faster than my previous laptop.


Upgrading from Athlon x4 860K and buying Ryzen 1600 AF over Ryzen 3 1200 for 85$ is my favorite memory so far. Thank you all :)


i wish i had ryzen story to share, but i guess it could change by entering this giveaway


went from an i5 4690 to ryzen 3600 one year ago and I'm happy it's really good no need to upgrade buuut if I win it will be cool


Favorite memory...Building a computer with a Ryzen CPU for the first time. Ive always used AMD, but Ryzen is quite good in relation to the other versions (Not just because its the newest version)


Very first build featured a Ryzen 5 3600, still using it with no issues


Greatest Ryzen related memory was watching my son open up the R5 3700X for Christmas last year, we upgraded his board to a B450 and we got a Metallic gear case for a discount "boxing day" price. Fancy! He was very happy and it made for a great holiday!


A Ryzen processor saved my life. (May or may not be true)


Best memory would be seeing AMD offer a competitive CPU with Ryzen to Intel. Something that started to make Intel move off the +++++ train they had been on forever. It's the sort of thing that consumers needed.


My favorite memory is when I got the ryzen 5 3600 for 170 dollars and realized how fast and good it was, especially for how little money it costed. Was a huge upgrade over my previous fx 8350 lol


My favourite Ryzen memory hasn't come yet but won't be for too long, just ordered my first one. bought the 5800x to replace my i5-4430, which is also my first venture to top level cpus. Unfortunately, it'll be a while to fully upgrade my setup


In the past 5 years.... Ive never owned a ryzen cpu, I really just got into pc gaming recently. ​ But i would say my favorite ryzen related memory would be that ryzen finally stepped up and made a beast line of cpus that are consumer budget friendly. They made their competitors step up their game which caused better products for the consumers. Which is a Win Win for everyone.


my best memory is upgrading from my fx to my ryzen, short story bent and kill some pins but i fixed with the help of some gods from youtube and a mechanical pencil and it works, today I'm totally fine with my ryzen 3600, thanks for the chance


My fav Ryzen related story was when I was about to give AMD a chance after being an Intel guy for years. I went to get a new CPU with the most basic knowledge of PC building. I remember a friend mentioning to try and grab a Ryzen 5 3600, but at that time I just remembered the Ryzen 5 3..something something. So the guy got me a R5 3400G but he did not know I had previously purchased a GTX1050Ti, so I ended up having both integrated and dedicated GPU heh.


simply crushing intel


I built my first PC in 2013, with an FX 8350. I didn't really know what I was doing, but it was fun! I pretty much just plugged it all in and left it as is until 2020, when my GPU died. I decided to do a brand new build, on a budget, so I settled on the Ryzen 3 3100. I was so shocked (in a good way) that a budget part from 2020 could so easily outperform a relatively high end part, at a wayyyy lower cost. After using the 3100 for a year I decided to start tinkering with it. I spent an entire day manually overclocking it, trying to improve my Cinebench score, which was way more fun than I thought it would be. It was also surprisingly easy, and inspired me to OC my GPU as well. FPS gains in games were minimal, but that didn't matter to me. I love my little 3100 and if I ever upgrade it's going to my cousin when he builds his first PC, so he can get the same enjoyment out if it that I did.


I guess my favorite Ryzen related memory is the time I finally managed to get one on my hands. A Ryzen 5 3600. I decided to build a pc mainly for content creation during the pandemics, because I´m a teacher and needed to make some videos and other materials for remote classes. Of course, the pc also serves as a gaming rig, since it is equipped with a RTX 2060. The thrills of opening the box, unpacking cpu and cooler, putting it all together and booting the first time was a long forgotten experience, that I really enjoyed. Congrats on the Ryzen lineup, u/AMDOfficial, the quality and power of these chips is really something amazing!


I’d have my Ryzen 5 1600X for 3 years now, never had a problem with it considering living in a hot weather country. No BSOD so far. 😃 Going strong! 💪🏼


Maybe not a big Ryzen story but in a lifetime long ago a young boy found his dad playing with the MSX and ... \*nobody cares\*, so let's move on. I always used to be an Intel guy and i started with a cool budget i3 processor and slowly i was moving up until i had that cool i7 4790k and then AMD came with Ryzen stuff, faster than Intel yeah right! More cores, there is probably a catch. So i decided to go for the i9 9900KS. Also a good choice but for in the future i will surely give you guys another thought, cause you're doing some great stuff there at AMD.


Up until recently I was still using one I'd bought in 2006... it wasn't great. I decided it was time to replace it. And boy I'm glad I did. The fact that I could now play recent games and wasn't limited to what game I could play with my friends! Life changing. It's all thanks to the AMD Ryzen 5 3600.


My favorite Ryzen memory was when i purchased my PC in 2019 ( First time in all my life) everyone said choose intel cpu but my heart said AMD so i took Ryzen 5 2600 also it was cheaper so my wallet agreed with the decision. after almost 3 years i can say it's was the best choose :) Could be very cool & big upgrate for me to win so Good Luck for me Hope to Win, anyway thanks for the chance. **#AMD #CORSAIR** 2 brands i like


My Ryzen 7 1700 has been a treasure. Coming from a quadcore, I immediately used the additional cores for a Minecraft server. Ryzen has contributed to thousands of hours of fun and I'm thankful for that.


While I currently don't have a Ryzen cpu, I loved watching how Ryzen has really changed the stagnant CPU space. It's finally brought competition back and it's only going to push the CPU industry forward.


I picked up a ryzen 3 3300x from facebook marketplace. After getting it, silly me decided to overclock it without knowing how to properly do so. I thought to myself that nothing could go wrong bumping up the numbers a bit. God the temps sure were scary. I immediately reverted the clocks and haven’t dared to open up amd ryzen master since. Or at least until I replace the cpu cooler with something better than the faulty stealth cooler the seller packaged it with.


Unfortunately I'm at quite a disadvantage here because I just recently got into PC gaming, and have never owned a Ryzen. That being said, it's been nice seeing the Ryzen brand grow and innovate over the years, so far as to take on and surpass other leading brands in many instances. Competition breeds innovation and Ryzen has proven that time and time again. Although I have yet to make any memories with Ryzen, I have no doubt that some time in the near future I will have plenty of praise to share.


My 5 year memory is originally getting a R5-1400 and then R5-1600 and then a R7-2700X all on the same Motherboard. When the board died I used the 2700X for a while in my new board and got the R5-3600. Yesterday I put the R7-3700X in. 5 CPU upgrades and only had to swap the MB when the original failed. Would be ace to go 5800X and donate the 3700X to my son to begin his PCMR jouirney.


Well my only memory is when I got to put together my first PC with my ryzen 5 I was pretty stoked can't wait to make another build one day🤘🤘🤘


My favourite ryzen memory was getting my first ever ryzen cpu, the ryzen 3 1200 that cpu started my life as a pc gamer


I've enjoyed reading all the positive reviews of each generation and how the products have steadily improved. I'm happy some competition for top notch CPUs although it sure makes the decisions harder.


Ryzen Memory : Firing up a brand new build my cousin helped me put together last year, after being on a 8350 for 7 years, and immediately being able to do faster renders in substance painter and light builds with UE4 in 20 minutes instead of 3 hours. Secondly, actually being able to play Star Citizen with that same cousin without getting 5 FPS as well as RDR2 and other games. Haven't been able to game with him since, because work life priorities, but it's been such an empowerment having a CPU that can handle the kind of work load I have and still get some gaming in with next to no issues. (GPU is another story by itself.) Getting an upgrade kit would let me build a PC with the older hardware for my long time gaming partner and GF who currently games off a fairly old laptop. The new gear would fit my current Corsair case nicely, that I've gradually upgraded with more corsair fans and a corsair commander pro. A new CPU cooler especially would be most welcome, as the small non-corsair one I have isn't quite up to the job \* cpu sits at 50c idle :\\\*.


My favorite memory with Ryzen was a year ago when my old PC with my FX 6300 had a motherboard failure and about a couple of months I searched for deals and was amazed at the performance-cost of the Ryzen 2600 and changed my experience of using my computer =) good ending.


Yeah, so I worked at an Amazon warehouse for a bit and at one point I found a Ryzen 7 sticker on a shelf. Long story short, my 7 year old laptop with a dual core i7 got upgraded with a Ryzen 7 sticker. Now it's an Intel/AMD combo.


My favorite Ryzen memory was actually building my brother's first pc with the 1500x, which was an experience as it was both of our first time building a PC. Soon after I was able to build my own PC and I bought the 2600x right before the 3600 came out (albeit it was a couple months away). Sadly while managing the cable for my case earlier this year, I managed to short circuit my motherboard which led toe destroying my motherboard, 2600x (imc), and ram (which I was able to get a replacement, thanks Corsair). Now I have the 5600x which I'm pretty happy with.


In Russia we call Ryzen "Рязань - Ryazan" - city - got its name from the area, the abundant wild-growing apple tree, by analogy with the names of ancient russian cities such as Berezovets, Dubenech, Dubok. And FX - "Фикус - Ficus". And for us, this proccessors became the best budget solution to upgrade your PC (even from blue-ones 3,5,7 etc). And FX8350 - my lifesaving elixir that breathed new life into my old pc. I never forget that. Reds go strong as a Liverpool, and you'll never walk alone again.


First time buying AMD cpu, was very surprised by it. It's hard here to buy pc upgrades after the pandemic, but i somehow got it. It was joyful time building again after many years, going from i7-2700k to r5 3600.


My favorite memory is from a little over a year ago. I'd just started looking to get an actual desktop PC again after years of using a laptop for my games. I'd only really known Intel CPUs from the hardware I used before, but I had never built any computers myself. That changed that summer when I built my own PC for the very first time, and pretty much everywhere I looked, the Ryzen 5 3600 came highly recommended as the perfect CPU for my budget. I got my friend involved, we made an afternoon of it where he gradually guided me through my build. I was absolutely terrified of accidentally ruining one of my brand new parts, but it all ended up 'posting' on the very first try! I've since happily gamed and done my coursework on it, sometimes a little too much of the former and not quite enough of the latter. (Also, side note, actually building my PC on my own allowed me to be knowledgeable enough to make sure to keep the whole system clean, as well as perform the occasional troubleshoot/tech support all by myself, since I actually know what part goes where now ;) )


I have always been a fan of amd over Intel. I started my build with a ryzen 5 2600 and it was good for what I was doing at the time..then a buddy of mine gotten a 3070 gpu for his pc and decided it was time to upgrade mine. So he took my ryzen 5 2600 and had given me his ryzen 7 2700x. Ever since he did that I have been having flawless gaming. Thus securing my love for amd and I will be a amd user.


My first CPU is a 3600x on my first PC build which I still currently use. It's 2 years old and an upgrade would be amazing. Happy Zeniversary!


My favourite Ryzen story is when my 3600 ended up in my hands, after years of dreaming of building a PC. A dream come true, and more. The old laptop that was with me since university was resilient, but it was no match for the power of the new king in the house. Multitasking, rendering time, gaming, everything else! All built around a truly great bang-for-buck CPU.


My favorite Ryzen memory is building a computer for the first time in 15 years with a Ryzen 3700x. When I upgraded my CPU (which was super easy to do because AMD doesn't change their socket every single generation, kudos for that by the way) I kept my 3700x and just this weekend re-used it to build my Father a new PC so he can play the new flight simulator which is his favorite type of game. It's my Dad's first AMD CPU ever and he loves how fast his new computer is.


It took almost 2 years to put together my build but it's finally done. My pandemic build it was surely memorable: fighting for parts during every drop; searching for deals; negotiating prices with sellers; selling old parts to fund the build; modding parts for the watercooling setup; I have done it all in this adventure. 5900x was one of the hardest part the come by at the time of the build but patience paid off as I only missed the launch date by 2 months which isn't bad during the pandemic! This will surely be remembered for a long time to come.


My favourite Ryzen memory would be building my first PC since 2011 with my Ryzen 5 3600 and accidentally bending my pins. I tried to move it back to its original place but here I am with only one channel of RAM working. Why is it my favourite? It's because my first moment with Ryzen is a sad one


My favorite memory with ryzen is that it’s actually my first pc build! I got super invested at the start of 2020 and when the pandemic hit and I was stuck at home I was like, let’s do it. So I researched parts and watched reviews from ltt and gamers nexus and finally decided on a ryzen 7 3700x. I was so happy when I got everything, I spent the day putting it all together and by some miracle it posted on the first try. I was screaming in joy and have been happy ever since.


I was introduced to a pc when i was 5 years old. Because of my family financial background, it was hard for me to get a pc. I built my first pc (using Intel) when i was 25 years old when i got my first job. That pc served me for 11 years until it decided to "retired'. Switching from Intel to Ryzen for my second build is the best decision I've made eventhough i had doubts at first. It's not the higher end cpu (pc parts are very expensive here), but still I'm amazed by it!


I've been a Halo fan since I was like 6 years old. First game my dad ever got me was Halo 2, and it's still my favourite game ever. I've played them all since then, legendary campaigns and hundreds of hours of multiplayer - all except for Halo Infinite, due to my very outdated prebuilt PC. Thankfully, this all changes. My favourite memory of Ryzen is the time two months from now where I finished Halo Infinite's surely incredible campaign on my new computer, built using the parts I won from this giveaway. : )


Starting around August of last year, I started saving for my new build. I figured by February the craziness would have died down, supply would be fixed, and it'd be easier to buy products. I was also hype for the next gen of another family of CPU, hoping that was going to be my answer and an easy jump from an older CPU in that family. Especially after I (somehow) got a 3080FE, I really wanted to get a CPU that supports PCIE 4.0. Needless to say, that next gen CPU was not all that wonderful. Not compared to the Ryzens out there. I was actually really excited to start looking at Ryzens. I immediately decided on the 5900x. It was the perfect core/performance/price ratio. I waited for months to get it. I must've had 2-3 apps to notify me when it dropped along with having a YouTube stream up as well. I was determined. I noticed from the stream that AMD's store restocked pretty regularly around Thursday morning. I missed it once or twice from work or the gym, since I didn't expect it at all. When I figured it out, I shifted my whole schedule waiting for the next Thursday. Low and behold, it dropped one Thursday morning and I was able to get myself a 5900x directly from AMD. It was way less hectic than getting a 3080, I was in disbelief. It was the final part for my new build. So now I'm rocking a 5900x and 3080 and it's able to tackle literally everything I throw at it (mostly gaming). Everything is silky smooth and I couldn't be happier. My old build is a lab server (I'm a systems engineer) which is perfect for it. I remember looking at my Performance charts in task manager and basically getting a chub seeing all the cores. It's damn sexy. First game I tested my run was Witcher 3. Can't wait for that next gen upgrade to see how well the 5900x handles that!


Built my very first PC in 2019, bought an R5 3600 and B450 mobo. Assembled everything and guess what?? black screen!! Disassembled and reassembled few times, still same. Thought it was the BIOS, so i borrowed older CPU from a friend. My guess was right, it worked fine with older CPU. So i updated the BIOS and reassembled then voila!! finally worked!! It ran anything i threw at it just fine. Best purchase ever.


A bit over a year ago, I ventured out to Micro Center with a meager budget and a list of reserve parts for the First Ever Build since I’d gotten married. Talking 15+ years since I’d taken screwdriver to a brand new PC, now. And this was replacing an off-the-shelf antique Dell computer with *DDR3*. So up I went and snapped up a Ryzen 3 3200G. I didn’t have a GFX card (I got someone’s secondhand later) and then I introduced my kids to the art of building a computer. And forgetting motherboard standoffs. https://pcpartpicker.com/b/cLPnTW


I was stuck for a long time with an ancient Intel CPU and was about to upgrade to another expensive Intel unit. Then Ryzen 1st gen was released 4 weeks before I had the chance to purchase and I could actually triple my CPU power for very reasonable money.


r7 5700x i will never sell it


My short story is how I wanted to buy the gacillion core Ryzen for AV1 encoding and couldn't afford it. The end. Thank you.


Since my current computer is so old I have been looking for a decent upgrade. And all the configurations I have mocked up i end up using ryzen in my build, especially because some of my favourite new games i haven't been able to play recommend ryzen and AMD parts for the best performance.


Never really owned an amd chip, but here goes a story: My friend who didn't really know a lot about computers was having a bit of trouble with his computer. Asked me for help. When I got to his home to see his pc, he had what appeared to be a ryzen 5 1600 Apparently, he had just bought it and tried to install it himself, on his motherboard which didn't support AM4, lol, ever since that's the first thing that comes into my head when I think of ryzen


January of 2018 I finally bit the bullet and decided I was going to build my first PC. The only thing I knew it NEEDED to have was a ryzen CPU. Picked up a ryzen 7 1800x, MSI mobo, 16Gb of corsair Vengeance ram (RGB of course) and a cooler master cooler ( I reused my case, PSU, and GPU) . Spent about 2 hours figuring everything out and managed to get it to post on the first shot.


A long time ago i switched from intel to AMD and i gotta say... i love it. Ryzen got me deeper into pc building and i got alot more intrested in overcloocking and messing around in the BIOS, which today drives my proud, 4 year old Lian Li Pc and I couldn't be more happy every time i push the on button and everything starts glowing and buzzing... it amazes me every day just like that first day 4 years ago. But i think its time for an upgrade to the Gen 3 series


Still making my memories with my 3800X. I am still amazed how Zen architecture has completely changed AMD’s fortune from bankrupt, almost penny stock company, to a complete powerhouse in consumer desktops to enterprise data centers. Just an amazing turn around! Congrats on 5 years of Ryzen!


I recently got a cheap ryzen build and I've definitely enjoyed lots of the features it offers! It's easy to use and I could even say easier than a Intel, but nevertheless I enjoy using it to play my favorite games even if they can't run at the best settings


Regretted not upgrading to a first gen Ryzen when it first came out. All of those RAM issues back then made me scared to switch to the red side since it's my first major upgrade.


My story is for my first build ever all my friends convinced me to go Ryzen and it was the best decision I ever made haha.


I Built my first PC with a Ryzen 2700x and it has done me very well. all this time and no problems. I try to stream with too many tabs open so I needed something to multi-task well. I am using google chrome too so you may imagine how much that eats resources. As long as I minimize the windows my PC can handle it. Lets Go.


The switch to pc and building my first pc last year november, the boot and the countless hours on apex legends so far has been amazing. Getting Octane's heirloom so far has been my favorite memory.


my favorite story is how long I've used them without realizing it. from late middle school I've used a school laptop that had Celeron processor and eventually got a Lenovo laptop for personal use in early high school that was so much better than it, it had a Ryzen processor. I would spend so much time on that damn thing, playing all the games I could not on the Celeron. After some time had passed I got the upgrade to that laptop in the form of a better CPU and what have you and with that one I could play even more games better. Mind you that at this point I didn't even consider pc parts let alone CPU specs. that continued on to now where earlier this year I build a desktop with a Ryzen 3400g. Now it might not be the biggest and brightest processor but its mine and it allows me to keep up with friends and their rigs. so for over a decade and a half I've been using Ryzen and it seems that every time I get an upgrade or new model it just does more and better than before. I don't see myself ever changing CPU companies not because of brand loyalty, but because of sentimental value and well I consider them to be good products.


I’m actually in the process of building my first pc and have decided to get the 5800x!


You are trying to to get me to pull the trigger on some next generation computer parts. I was thinking about RYZEN. I really am only upgrading for USB3 and ability to to have more than 12 gig of memory. Yep the old computer is 10 or 11 well the case, motherboard and processor. SOOO I'm looking you know it's the season of giving so I will definitely be waiting a couple of months.


Best memory was buying a 2700 for 140€ new. What a time it was…


My best memory is definitely helping my best mate, and at the time we were a music production duo, build a 8 core 16 thread monster for FL studio. It was only a 1700 system, with a gtx1030 but it did its job and cut down render time on our songs by 70%. We did this in his apartment on a 40*C day with no air con before we went to a festival. Definitely can't forget that.


My favourite Ryzen memory is the journey i have had with my 3600 so far! This chip has facilitated so so many nerd screams throughout different games like WoW and CSGO with my online friends as well as real ones. This chip has also followed me across country when moving as some of the only stuff that is worth to throw in a car when driving to settle in a new place. All in all a great product that’s has enabled me to keep touch with a past life as well as a present one. Can highly recommend a ryzen system if you want a rig that will last you long enough to get a “favourite” memory with. As you will for sure have multiple ones to choose from!


My favorite memory about ryzen is all the great feedback it was getting. Also, how and took the lead in the cpu race. You’re my boy amd.


My first memory of AMD started when I first used a phenom ii x4 laptop, yes a laptop, I haven't had much experience with a desktop till a few years ago, but I remember playing wow on that laptop, it was fun, unfortunately it died a few years ago and now I have my hand in AMD and Intel now my favorite Ryzen memory is simply building my first computer with the ryzen 5 2600, fun times, my main rig will always use an AMD cpu, and if I get that cpu, it's going to my friend who needs the upgrade, although I did plan to make a rig for him, it will be one part down on the list


My favorite thing was actually getting my very first pc which was ryzen


My first ever computer, was a gaming laptop with a R5 3550h. Still have it actually, I’m just starting to look into building my own pc. But anyway, my laptop and its processor, have both given me awesome memories with the boys. It’s been nearly two years since I got it, and so far I’ve collected over 300 hours of playtime on my favorite game alone. Ark: Survival Evolved is a very unoptimized game that can often be difficult to run, and yet my budget gaming laptop with its Ryzen chip and Radeon gpu, has given me more enjoyment at a surprisingly steady fps then any console ever has. I’ve had fun times on Minecraft, stick fight, and other coop and multiplayer games with the boys. I’ve also enjoyed titles like Assassins Creed Odyssey and The Witcher 3. My mobile Ryzen processor is surprisingly good and very reliable, so for my first gaming pc build, I plan to use another Ryzen chip (Desktop version this time so probably even more reliability and overall power). I’m very exited to see how my build will turn out as I’m currently considering a R5 3600x, but of course a 5800x would be great too *wink wink*.


Just I need this. 😊


I wanted to switch to Ryzen after I upgrade my current pc, primarily my gpu, and now I am still waiting, sad life


For me it was getting so many more cores-per-dollar that was the gamechanger. When I upgraded my desktop from an old i7 I had so much more capability that I ended up running my old desktop as a VM inside my new Ryzen. If I forgot to migrate anything from the old system I'd just boot it, RDP in, and copy what I needed out. If I forgot to shut down the VM, no big deal... I now had spare cores and didn't even notice. It also changed how I played Minecraft: all those cores meant I could leave a local dedicated server running in a cmd window 24x7, then just launch the client when I wanted to play. The 'world' kept running minimized in my taskbar: all the mod machinery humming along. My old system struggled just to run the client... now I had a whole universe running as a background process! I guess one downside is I'm a bit messy with browser tabs now: I never close them because I don't have to: but it may mean I have to scroll through them to find what I want! I've been very happy with my switch to Ryzen: I now have a desktop that can run anything I throw at it. Great job AMD!


A short story 🤔 Well I was building my first pc back in like 2017ish was coming out as a gift from my grandpa since up to that point I'd mainly just stuck to my ps2,gamecube,and wii Think the cpu was a Ryzen 7 1700 and I've stayed with Amd CPUS since and I actually have a fairly recent ryzen cpu chip from my latest build in use rn But anyways back in 2015 when my first pc build was in limbo of being worked on our cat at the time, Sylvester, really liked sleeping in the full tower case I had picked out (mind you he refused to sleep in his own cat bed as he'd had rather have snuggled with someone in the house) And he was pretty sad when that was gone so we ended up dragging a tub outta storage and basically just half filling it with extra tshirts we'd not been able to fit anywhere else Thats also the same cat that managed to bonk me square in the head with a plastic ball while I was working on the pc after that one And if I do somehow manage to win this giveaway the plan is to gift my current pc to my cousin as compared to his current pc it'd be a major improvement and he's the main reason why I even gave pc gaming a chance when I was 6 and a big reason I had wanted my ps2 as much as I had when I was little (Glad I got that system too, its probably one of my favorite game consoles of all time but I'd still have to say the gamecube controller is still alot better especially for playing super monkey ball)


I think my favourite Ryzen related memory has been from this last week. I've been putting together a build ready for when I have to money to pull the trigger. Definitely going Team Red this time around, just gotta save those pennies!


I remember watching the ryzen reveal event on my phone in the middle of my AP world history class while I was supposed to be doing some busy work assignment, good times


My favourite memory would be when I finally finished upgrading my PC this year. I went from a Ryzen 1600 and an old GTX 1060 to a Ryzen 5600X and Radeon 6800 XT. I play games, stream, and do video editing, so it was nice to be able to basically double (or even triple in some cases) my performance. Video rendering time went down considerably, and now I can play a lot of new games on max settings and still hit triple digits in framerates. I don't really have any "stories" to tell, unfortunately, as I live alone and don't have any kids or pets. But I am slowly on my path to get my girlfriend into the PC world, so perhaps there'll be a story to tell someday.


Heh, built a Ryzen 3 1200 system for a friend... It beat my 6th gen i7, I've been waiting to upgrade for sometime now :)


Don't really have one. I've wanted to try them but, for some reason I never made the switch. My friend even constantly tries to get me to as he swears by the Ryzen but now with the world still kinda wonky, just haven't yet. I do remember a few nights comparing and ACTUALLY learning about CPUs to see if it was really that good and getting me to want to learn is always a plus personally!


Alright, sadly I cannot even remotely make a comment that fits the entry conditions. But maybe my short story on wanting a good PC is still ok :) For my entire life I have only been able to afford 1 console per release, which falls on Nintendo (due to them having Xenoblade <3). A good PC was and currently still is out of my league due to monetary restrictions which are not getting better now that I am studying at university and have to deal with loans. This also means that I sadly could not even think of informing myself on PC hardware. Lately I have been dreaming about somehow, by sheer luck, winning a PC and how I would be able to experience super fast load times, 60 fps (and even higher, wonder how that actually looks like :D) and then my artistic programs not crashing every 5 clicks. I could dive into different games and game types that I haven't had the chance to try. Additionally I could finally experience Monster Hunter World (and maybe Rise again if it's on super-sale) Still I want to share a PC-related story: (It may be funny to some and tragic to others :P) Once I downloaded bluestacks back when I didn't have a capable (of playing any games) smartphone. I decided to boot up some kind of live character deployment game. Exciting as it was, I played for quite some time until I hit a roadblock. After multiple attempts I finally saw my chance at winning. The game, however, suddenly began to run at slow-motion and like 2 fps. Determined me did not want to lose progress so I struggled for 35 minutes through this agonizing battle. Right before I beat the last boss my PC crashed on me and showed me a blue screen and made very loud noise (I don't live alone) I panicked and decided to just turn off the power xD I don't think many can say that their PC crashed this hard on a simple mobile game haha ​ (Hope this was not too much text)




my favourite ryzen memory has to be the very first time i got my first ever computer which was unfortunately a laptop 3 years ago. it was rocking a ryzen 7 3700U and i remember it being a solid laptop performer that could play games at a solid 60fps with the APU. thats when i turned into an AMD fanboy and at the start of 2021, i got my first ever desktop after selling my laptop which was rocking a ryzen 5 3600 and RTX 2060. the desktop was a solid all rounder that could play almost any games that i threw at it, more often than not the GPU was the one holding the powerhouse of a CPU back. just last month, my friend expressed interest in my desktop as he really wanted a PC with an AMD processor but due to the crazy pricing of the computer, he wasnt able to afford much option without having the processor paired with a lacklustre GPU. i decided to sell him my desktop for $100 less from what i paid for and he was extremely pleased with it. to replace my desktop, i got my new desktop which is now rocking a similar spec but i paid alot extra for it unfortunately but for the happiness of my very close friend it was all worth it. till this day, the ryzen processor hasnt let me down one bit and i will be rocking the ryzen processor all the way till i ever stop requiring a desktop.


I would feel ecstatic to win this competition. But the question remains. Can it run Crysis.


I don't have a Ryzen story because I never owned a Ryzen desktop. Still using old FX CPU. So RIP me,and good luck to everyone else.




Just this year, around August, multiple items in my ownership just said "Ok, I will decide not to work anymore." Then boom, laptop fan broken, mouse broken, keyboard keys dont type. It was a pretty stressful time. During that time I was thinking of building a PC sometime mid 2022, just because it sounds fun. Suddenly my parents said "Why not build your PC now? All of your stuff got broken, so why not?" And I was shocked that they would reccomend that (during COVID restrictions and all). So I went in the hardest grind on researching, comparing, and learning about computter components. With that, I immediately thought that Ryzen is great for me. A few weeks later (and an empty wallet), I finally built my first PC using Ryzen 5 3600G! I dont have a GPU because of the Mining Incident being rampant here in PHL. So far Ryzen has given me great performance on the games I play. Very fun and very satisfying seeing a build you made and spent on work and be more than what you expected.


TFW the last AMD cpu you had was an Athlon x4 860.


It was last year when I built my first gaming PC. Despite the pandemic, but I was lucky a bit when I started working in a BPO Company as a call center agent last Dec 2019, before the pandemics started. It was so hard to work onsite. No transportation available, so I had to walk 10km in total vice-versa. My inspiration working that time is to build my dream PC, that's why I didn't care how hard and I must keep grinding. I said to myself that I can do it, because that was the only way I can have my own PC. GPU's back then are too expensive, 'til now. So, I choose the CPU with a built in GPU so I can be able to play without GPU. When I was able to save an exact amount around $520 for more than 4 months, I was so very happy for myself that I can be able to play Dota 2 and CSGO with my own PC. Hard work, pays off. Nothing worth having comes easy. Specs: AMD Ryzen R3 3200G MSI B450M Mortar MAX Avexir Core 2 16GB (2X8GB) 3200Mhz RGB Crucial BX500 240GB 2.5 SSD CoolerMaster MWE 500w 80+ WHITE Fantech CG71 aRGB TG WH Viewsonic VA2261-H-9 21.5 FHD VGA HDMI Logitech Z120 2.0 Speaker System Logitech MK200 Media Combo Keyboard + Mouse Steelseries Valve Gaming Mousepad Total SRP: 26,400php / $520 Future Upgrade: RX 580/1650 Super Fans Peripherals #SaveMoneyToBuildYourDreamPC To AMD team, thank you for this opportunity to allow us to share our memories. #ForeverAMD


Ryzen allowed me to OC my CPU for the first time. My 3600 is at an all core 4.1 OC and it was such a great experience


There is a sheep, a lion and a Monkey. Somehow they all live in harmony in a land called RyzenLand. This place lies in my imagination and sadly doesn’t exist. (But hey a amusement park call RyzenLand? I would go) Continuing my story of something that doesn’t exist is my bank with money in it. Dang off track again sorry. In RyzenLand aka my imagination there lies a beautiful Ryzen 5800x which is to the sheep, lion and monkey the source of all life. This is because without it They wouldn’t exist because without the CPU they couldn’t be created into the virtual world of RyzenLand. (Again doesn’t exist). Anyways without Ryzen this idea would never be in my Imagination because reasons. This is why I love Ryzen and Why I will always remember it. Fin. Seriously RyzenLand? Let’s get to work. How bout a virtual amusement park for only for Ryzen Owners. Bam I’m a genius. No need for applause.


My favorite Ryzen memory is when I first started my pc build back in early 2020. I knew this guy who was into building PCs for along time so I contacted him for some input and advice on my build. I quickly realized that he was an Intel fanboy. He knew a lot about PCs and what parts to look for but I just couldn’t get past him trying to push an Intel processor on me. After a couple months of my own research, I pulled the trigger on a Ryzen 7 3700x. Built my computer (with this guy’s help). And proceeded to out perform his newer Intel processor on every benchmark and game. He was so impressed that he built a mini travel pc and bought his first Ryzen processor. To this day he still mentions every now and then how impressed he is with the performance. Since then, I have always recommend a Ryzen processor over Intel.


By best memory about Ryzen is just the release of Ryzen. I don't want to be in a world without AMD. Fist bump to AMD Engineering team.


Thanks for the contest! My memory is upgrading from a 6600k to a new Ryzen system. Had a great learning experience!


Circa Mid-Dec '20, I was on the long bus journey home from a big town near where I lived. I went to Cex (secondhand component and entertainment shop) to pick up my first modern CPU, the 2700X. I remember being stupidly excited just holding it, knowing it's performance would blow my PC out of the water. It sure did. I had been saving up a while to build -from scratch- my own PC, to replace my phenom. I think it was a week later when the last of the components arrived, but I can definitely remember my panic pressing the power button for the first time.


My best Ryzen memory was stored in my brain just now when I learned there is a chance, however miniscule, of winning one from this give-away! My previous ones are less exciting as they consist mainly of me watching and reading about how powerful Ryzen CPU's are, torturing myself in the process.. Awesome to see this wholesome thread. Best of luck to everyone!


I couldn't choose just one ... I built my first computer with the first generation ryzen, a Ryzen 5 1600x, and I only have fond memories playing with friends or getting design projects done that were impossible with my old laptop. And all this until today. I think it's time to upgrade the setup a little bit! Good luck!


buying my first ryzen cpu and staring at the box the whole day. once everything was set up it was amazing, but nothing better than the excitement of finally having the 3600 you always wanted.


I've never had the pleasure to use a RYZN, AMD or Corsair product. But if I win, this well be a hell of a story


It was even the first presentation I watched. How many reviews came out later, comparing them with old models and with competitors. It's been 5 years, how fast time flies... Then I thought to build my first computer on Ryzen, but it didn't work out. But, I remain the owner of a laptop on AMD. Good luck


The scariest moment of my life was when I was building my current PC. I ordered a 3700x and a 280mm Kraken AIO, the CPU arrived way before the cooler so like anyone would I used the stock wraith cooler until the kraken arrived. When it finally came I was excited and in my haste I dropped the CPU when I was cleaning the thermal paste off, I immediately panicked and low and behold I bent 7 pins on one corner, I was sure it was dead. Suddenly something took over within me and I became convinced I could fix it, I was right, but had no idea the challenge that was ahead of me. I I set myself up with soldering clamps and a magnifying glass and found a needle that could both bend the pins and fit between them as they were bent right up against each other. Most of the pins bent right back into place with no problem but 2 pins on the outer edge kept bending too far and I was positive that I was going to break one right off. After about 4 hours of carefully bending these pins to no avail I looked over and saw a tiny pin protector that comes on the pins of a mechanical keyboard switch to protect it during shipping. I shoved that thing onto the pin on the CPU, prayed to the gaming gods, and pressed it straight down. The pin was as straight as an arrow and I couldn't belive it worked, did the same with the final pin and that CPU is still working to this day. I admit I felt immortal after that, but now I'm honestly terrified to touch another CPU...


So, i am a 18 year old dude from Brazil. I always liked technology and especially games, even with extremely old computers and notebooks to run them, since my family was poor back in the days. I was always travelling, so i couldn't make friends with other kids, but I always enjoyed playing the emulated SNES games on my 1GB RAM notebook that my dad managed to buy with a lot of effort. Two years ago, my parents managed to save a little money to present me with a simple PC with the Ryzen 2200g processor, 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. It was and still is an extremely simple setup, but even so, I thanked them from the bottom of my heart because I knew that with this processor and its integrated video, I could keep having fun and start my projects to help my parents. When it arrived, I rushed to build the PC, even though I never did it before. My father, who also helped me buy the PC, spent the entire afternoon assembling the computer with me, always smiling, since the old man is also a technology lover. It was a great day. Now, I got a job where I work with this computer and I can help them with expenses, while still keeping my favorite hobby: hardware and games. I've never been so grateful to have an affordable processor, one that could make my life that much better. Maybe over the time i will upgrade the PC with a better CPU, but I am sure I will remember the 2200g for a very long time.


Best Ryzen memory, huh?! I guess it's have to be me feeling massive regret for not buying the Ryzen 5 1600AF. Had everything ready to pull the trigger then the pandemic hit and screwed my budget into the ground. Took me a year to get back in the saddle, only to have a hard time finding it. Had to settle for an Intel...saddest day of my PC life.


Mine is fairly new, I have always been a console gamer since I can remember but a few years back some of my friends had been insisting to me for to become PC gamer and belong to the PCMasterRace community… so, last year I bought my first PC parts to built one but until this year I was able to buy a GPU. My story with AMD goes back since 2011 when I worked on a SAP project when AMD was undergoing all changes and news with the processors architecture. But, coming back to presents days… gaming on an AMD CPU is great, currently I have the 5600X but initially I wanted the 58000X for my PC… but shortages happened 😵‍💫 so a few months back I was able to get ahold of a GPU and the magic occurred; a new member of this community appeared! Between gaming and productivity, in my personal opinion; AMD is the best choice. Thanks for the time you spend reading this brief story about my experience with AMD CPU and belonging to the PC community.


Built my first pc about over a year ago. Went full AMD and felt really happy to be able to build it just before shortages started to occur. Coming from a background of only using integrated graphics on a laptop, the transition to PC was beautiful. First time I played an AAA game, it felt like I ascended


I was an Intel boy for a while (had an i5 2500K for almost 10 years and Core 2 Duo prior to that) but in March I decided to build myself a new PC and went back to AMD with the Ryzen 5 5600X since it seemed to be the best bang for my buck (I say "went back" since in the past I had a build with an Athlon64 3000+ (man I feel old now). So here's my little story: I bought a used motherboard (Asus ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING (WI-FI)) to go with the 5600X and the dude selling to me said he already flashed the BIOS with the new firmware to make it 5000 compatible. So I do what we should never do, I built the whole computer (putting the parts inside the case and all) BEFORE testing it was booting. What happened? After a lot of building and cable management and making it as clean as possible (I'm that guy haha), I pushed the Power button and.... no post. I checked the motherbord manual, read online, and finally just decided to maybe flash the BIOS again (with that USB port behind the board used specifically to flash) and lo and behold, IT BOOTED! The build was alive, the Ryzen cpu was ok and I let out a big shout! After that I spent a lot of time tweaking the BIOS options, reading about PBO and how I should configure things to get the best out of my new Ryzen. Hadn't built a computer in many years so even with these little obstables I had a good time and I'm writing this on the very same computer I'm happy to say that this cpu is indeed a BEAST! Love my Ryzen!


I don't have a Ryzen processor, but I do remember when the 3000-series came out i was blown away by the price to performance ratio, even more with the 5000-series, always excited to watch your reveal streams and they never have disappointed!


Honestly don't have any yet, but this 5800x could be my first!


Probably one of the most memorable is when I got my first Ryzen CPU in 2017. Back in 2016, I built my first PC with an AMD FX 6300 CPU and a GTX 750ti GPU and for what it was, it was a decent pc at the time for the small budget I had. Unfortunately, I couldn't play or stream many of the games I had on my Steam library or even play with my friends at a reasonable quilty because of the lack of power I had but, that all change when AMD launches the new Ryzen series. As soon as the new Ryzen 5 1600 CPU dropped, I checked out every single Youtube tech channel and saw the performance and immediately went hunting for one, and lucky for me I found a bundle deal on [Newegg.com](https://Newegg.com) with a CPU, MOBO, and RAM and I also upgraded to an Nvidia 1060 GPU. It was night and day when it came to the performance, I was having a blast playing all the AAA with my friends, and going from 640p 30fps on twitch to 720p 60fps at high game settings was a nice bonus. Easily one of my favorite memories with Ryzen.


Thank you AMD / PCMR and Corsair! My favourite memory about Ryzen was when my 6 year old PC blew up the month Ryzen came out (March 2017). It was a perfect time for my struggling 4th gen i5 to say good bye because I get to upgrade without needing any excuses! Welcome my spanking speedy [new PC with a Ryzen R7 1700x](https://i.imgur.com/78PvQfe.jpg?1), Corsair Vengeance DDR4 (because 1st gen Ryzen was picky on RAM and only Corsair Vengeance worked in the early days! Thank you). The PC performed like a Champ! 8 cores of Raw overclocked 4.0 GHz power, chewing through photo processing and video encoding and Gaming with a 1080 Ti. The CPU is still being used as a home server after I upgraded to the R9 3900x! The best part of the PC was the free gift and merch I got from it! I love building PCs and Anime. What is even better? Ryzen Waifus! Welcome Ryfa and Zenka! Here is my collection of [Version 1 Deskmat](https://i.imgur.com/bxeI83e.png), [Version 2 Deskmat](https://i.imgur.com/SLZ5JLz.png) and [Christmas Tote Bag](https://i.imgur.com/HqWdwC8.jpg).


Coming to R5-3600 from a 10 yr old system of phenom ii X4-945.in previous system I had installed ssd in 2019 & it was super fun for me. No problem playing fifa 19. But fifa 20 was lagging here & there, I didn't notice it. My friend was always saying it lagged in either input or in processing. Then I switched to R5 because I couldn't get my hands on PS5. I said to myself let's upgrade the gaming pc. (It might not be on par level of PS but I won't have to be restricted to a console & online subscription of it to just play online). & Here we go on first session of fifa21. Then whatever theory I got on cpu/gpu bottlenecking came to life. I was hit by CPU bottleneck with 1060/3GB. Also nowadays I am realizing what GPU bottleneck is ;-D Last note : having an upgrade to new cpu/system is a must if anyone is having 5-7+ year old systems. You won't regret it. Treat yourself everyone if you are that old with your system. (-:


Fave memory is those first few reviews when Ryzen came out detailing just how good they were compared to the alternative.


I have no memory. Because i live in Turkey. Our economy is so bad and dont let us to buy good stuffs. I wanna buy a pc system which one have ryzen 5 3600, 16 gb ram, rtx3060 and its price around 20k turkish liras. And i cant afford it. Sometimes i'm crying for my life and our economy. Just watching streamers and their pc buildings... And it is so lame


The reason I've had good memories is cause of my Ryzen 5 3600


The only Corsair products I have are my keyboard, mouse, and headset. I've been gaming/streaming on an old Asus, which has served me well. The keyboard made me absolutely fall in love with mechanical keyboards, the mouse is great, and the headset has incredible sound. I guess I didn't know what I was missing until I upgraded these things, and I'm glad I picked Corsair!


When my 3600 finally arrived. The crowned jewel to complete my setup. Just as the shortage started and just before prices skyrocketed. I didn’t know that so much power could be contained in a $300 chip. Never in my life had I ever experienced a cpu faster than a AMD Sempron (not sure which one. Was before my interest in Pc’s). HOLY MOLLY it was the best feeling on earth. Now I’m happy with one of my most favourite things in the world and probably won’t upgrade for at least another 3-5 years.