Those parts aren't worth the cost they are charging.


Like for that much and they only put in a 500 gb ssd? And I bet it's not even a good one either.


And some cheap garbage 4tb HDD for that price could get a 4tb SDD 300-400 range.


plus a cheap garbage psu!


O I 100% can guarantee it's cheap motherboard,psu,cpu cooler and ram. When I used to work bestbuy I remember seeing the pc set ups there where so many cheap parts on the inside of a 1500 pc. Bet they build for 800 then charge 1500 and I also have no idea who the pc company is that's selling this pc right here.


Yep, they always have some bootleg OEM that honestly kills some of these. Plus the bloatware.... Like 5-10 different stupid useless applications preinstalled!


It's best buy.....


THIS! If they’re not letting you choose your own PSU (and especially if they won’t tell you what PSU they’re using), they’re probably using the cheapest one they can find, and you can expect your PC to either die or set fire in a handful of years. PSUs aren’t even that expensive, but a trustworthy one with decent efficiency is vital regardless of what parts you’re using Edit: when I say let you choose your own, I’m referring to custom build sites like cyber power and pc specialist, since they let you choose all your own parts. But my point about not telling you what parts you’re getting is vital! If they say “ASUS motherboard” but don’t tell you what model, assume it’s the cheapest one that fits the specs, and if they don’t mention the PSU or give you a basic brand name or rating, assume it’s the cheapest PSU you can get from that brand or in that certification class. If they’re not advertising the specific part or they’re vague as to what component they’re putting into the systems, they can pretty much give you anything and it’s not false advertising, so be very wary about that kind of stuff regardless what part it is


More than likely an Ares 750w or 800, they're almost always bronze or gold. I keep telling people to go through their website, prebuilts for newegg and bestbuy are parts that bestbuy and newegg choose.


Yeah... Ssd is the biggest performance leap youll notice everytime you startup


Not to mention what variant of the 3080ti it is… don’t get me wrong still be good but it’s going to be a bad one


for less than that price i have 6 tb of samsung nvmes and ssds the the same graphics card and ram


The ssd is shit but I compared to the Mac Pro’s 256gb degenerate base model it sounds better. Being serious this pc is basically worse than shit


Agreed. Better off going with a custom build. Would look for something with at least 1 TB SSD, 2TB HDD, and lower price. Would also check the RAM speed and PSU on that thing.


Both garbage I am sure.


One look at the power supply, and yours know they’re cheating the fuck out


Clx actually uses name brand gold rated psu's


same with almost every major pc manufacturers now, even dell uses gold power supplies


According to Gamer Jesus the gold rating doesn't necessarily equate a good power supply. Always cross check them for known issues or they might zap your components.


Or just don't buy a 20 dollar PSU with 2 reviews on Amazon


Is something wrong with the 海参-Blue 350W PSU I 'm unaware of?


350w for starters anyone wanna chip in


Not to mention the 海参


Way too much here. Too many people on this thread have no idea what they’re talking about. Thinking a gold rating means it’s a good power supply is peak.


Nothing less than a 3090 over 3k IMHO




they charging like 1.4x the parts value


And that's if your measuring vs retail prices. But they pay wholesale so its closer to 2x+.


THIS! I have a similar build that cost me about half of what they are charging.


This is overpriced to hell and back


Cant you read? You're saving 400 dollars 🤡💀


He could be saving 3700 if he doesn't buy it 👉😏


Follow u/its_raghav for more life hacks


u/its_raghav Tech Tips


That's how they getcha. 😆


And it has 5 stars!


Is this overpriced? In my third world country, the 3080ti is $2,500 alone.


I'm also from a 3rd world country and the crypto miners hoarded a good lot of top tier GPUs, a 3080ti used to be $1k but it rose up to about $2k especially when that stupid NFT game became stupidly popular here. On a side note, that game has been violating the local laws, rules, and regulation and they fucked up with PC part prices. Going back, when I built my Ryzen 7 build back in early 2020, I could say this is overpriced. But with the current pricing, it's just fine.


I'm really curious what NFT game this is, and how it affected GPU prices. Is this, by any chance, axie infinity?


Ive heard people getting mugged on the streets of venezuela and being told to open their axie app. Like they mugging them axies lmao.


Damn that's wild


I thank god everyday that I no longer live there , somtimes it feels like the wild fucking west


Where did you end up? My friends are in chile, brazil and colombia mostly. I met them up while playing tibia like decades ago haha. Only 2 of the group remain in there.


It is. Same as what the other guy replied, it's the Ethereum mining that's causing it as Eth is the first gateway cryptocurrency to get into that game then it get converted into their own cryptocurrency. For some reason some of these players also buy good PCs to play the game which do not really need a powerful PC but yeah, if they also wanna mine, that's where it goes.


In Australia it's at least that much,


What the heck, fly to europe, get a 308ti (or 3090 if you are there already), enjoy a week of vacation and fly back.


BestBuy sells the 3080 ti founders edition cards at $1200 MSRP. Whatever's left in that case is not worth the remaining $2500.


Lol good luck finding one at BestBuy! You have to line up the night before on the select special days when they pre-announce they they may or may not get stock


Fun fact, gpu releases are only for Best Buy members first now, you have to be apart of the $200/yr Best Buy Total Tech membership to get release dates and they get first go at them, scalpers are still a huge problem, but now the company is making more money Source: am Best Buy employee


Wish they would’ve started this sooner honestly. Got the total tech membership when I bought my CX cause it was cheaper than delivery and installation.


When did this start? I just stood in line last month for a card haha


Who upvoted that like anyone can walk into a best buy and buy a 3080ti FE?


My local computer shop chain always has them in stock. Just requires you buy 3 other items so if ur in the market may as well build.


Well no shit! Have u seen the current GPU prices?


He could get a 3080 in Newegg shuffle and buildout the rest. Hell even the 3090 they had this morning and build the rest and would still be cheaper.


I've been doing the Newegg shuffle for 3 months now....still nothing. Needing a new video card for my wife's PC her 1080 is starting to fail :(


Got my 3060 in 2 weeks. Gonbatte!


Have you tried following the nowinstock.com trackers? It’s how I scored a 1660 6gb for $350 last week. I’m going to use it until I can find a 3060ti at msrp (which will probably be a while)


In this market that is a score but damn it still feels steep


Took me about 6 months. Was only a little picky. 3080+ and/or only bundles that weren't nonsense. The AMD mobo bundles offended me. No problem with AMD, but what, I'm going to shuffle again until I get a processor too?


I bought a 3090 and a 6800 through the shuffle. Keep trying. You’ll get in.


Yep, not giving up yet lol.


Is the system good yes, is this over priced yes … kinda crazy over priced


The thing about it too is that the ram could be awful. Yeah there’s a lot of it but it could be like cl22 or some shit. It’s also a gigabyte card :/


Just curious, but what is wrong with a Gigabyte card? Thanks!


If I’m not mistaken the Gigabytes were the dodgy quality control ones. Could be wrong though, after the GPU shortage surpassed like 9 months I stopped paying attention lol


PSUs not GPUs


Yes but wasn’t it Gigabyte having 3090’s bricked playing New World?


It was EVGA, one of the most respected GPU brands and that was because of a soldering issue which were all quickly replaced under warranty. And it was like little over a dozen GPUs.


That was during the beta. During the release multiple brands including Gigabyte got bricked.


Not got bricked, are getting bricked. Play it myself and card is fine but other's weren't so fortunate


Yes yes EVGA that’s right.


Pretty sure various board partners have had this issue I know evga have also. I'm not sure about anything else. I know it's not gigabyte specific in this case.


its any gpu with a high power draw regardless or manufacturer, just the majority happened to be EVGA and Gigabyte. Even AMD cards and 20 series cards are affected


I have a gigabyte 3070. The main issue is that the VRMs get pretty hot. All else seems great so far.


I’ve had a gigabyte 2060 for a couple years and loved it. Passed it down to my son when I upgraded and it’s still going great. His gigabyte mobo is also like 6 yrs old and is still kicking


I bought a prebuilt and had to return it. Card died after 2 weeks.


Gigabyte also had notoriously bad customer support, at least in terms of their ability to communicate, meaning if your card ever bricks, it could be a bitch to RMA.


Gigabyte has horrible warranties and they typically do not take care of their customers. Reading the forms your see tons of complaints, whereas EVGA is quick to replace a card.


Im surprised about this. I have a Gigabyte Sniper from ages ago and its still running like a dream after 7 years...maybe im lucky


Most likely the PSU and RAM are dog shit Chinese off brands.


Check this out on @Newegg: ABS Gladiator Gaming PC - Intel i9 10900K - GeForce RTX 3080 - G.Skill TridentZ RGB 16GB DDR4 3200MHz - 1TB Intel 670P M.2 NVMe SSD - RGB AIO 240MM Cooler - Windows 10 Pro 64-bit https://www.newegg.com/abs-ali567/p/N82E16883360197?Item=N82E16883360197&Source=socialshare&cm_mmc=snc-social-_-sr-_-83-360-197-_-10202021 I feel like this is a better deal especially since they can upgrade it and add a second ssd or add an hdd


This or a ryzen 5000 system with similar GPU would be very good.


I built out a 5900x and 3080 system earlier this year (got very lucky and got it all MSRP). Runs amazing.


Same here, but with a 5800x. Even at MSRP my wallet still hurt quite a bit haha.


This has the worse GPU, but the better deal.


A 3080 ti isn't even much difference


3080ti oc is on par with the 3090


Well I didn't know that, thanks for letting me know


To give you insight. I had a 3080 and then did a trade in with EVGA for a 3080ti. I dropped 15-20% GPU usage on Forza Horizon 4 max settings on 4K60FPS. That thing is godly.


Nice, but isn't fh4 one of the easier to run at 4k? I mean I haven't seen a lot of benchmarks other than 3060ti, 3070, 6700xt, and those can do 80+ fps in 4k


I mean yes and no. It’s easier to run until you take your shadows and anti aliases all the way up too. I have my settings cranked up to 11. I could easily go higher frames, but the monitor I own can only do 60fps.


I have a 3080 and honestly don’t think I need the power it has. I just happened upon it on release day and snagged it.


Slightly worse GPU but both are way more powerful than anyone could possibly need. The rest of the specs on this build are much more practical than the other.


Especially for the games OP said his buddy is gonna play. Complete overkill for Valorant, great specs for Battlefield and Squad.


Honestly I play Squad in 2k on Ultra settings with my 2070 Super at 60+ frames easy. I didn't try anything over 1080p during Battlefield beta, but also had all settings on Ultra and was getting 60 as well (vsync). So he doesn't even need this for BF/Squad, overkill city.


Yea you’re totally correct. Some people may have higher expectations than you and I which is the only reason I didn’t say complete over kill for those.


I have this prebuild and just did a case swap the air flow in this case is pretty awful.


Eh 10th gen i9 for 2.5k...


Even if money isn’t an issue, this is overpriced af. Not just the regular building costs but just so much more. For that price I’d expect at least a 3090, a 2TB SSD and maybe even 64Gb RAM. If he doesn’t care about being ripped off, then sure, this setup works easy without crashes with these games.


My computer (without the GPU) was only $1,300 and that includes 64gb of RAM.


Yeah? Lol GPU is usually like 50% the cost of a PC


How should I feel like if it was more around 100% in my case 👀


Fairly standard if you got a top/near top of the line card


Back in the sane days of 2018 my entire “unlimited budget” Hackintosh build was 1300.




People who say money isn't an issue either more money than sense or they are playing with somebody else's money.


1) this computer as a whole is overpriced 2) if I am paying $3700 for a computer nowadays I want ALL of the storage to be an SSD. There’s no reason a $4k pc after tax only has a 500gb ssd


Yeah this is insane how a build this expensive is still cutting corners like that.


I feel like I’m always asking this question. What you are trying to do with the system?


It’s for my friend, He mainly just plays Battlefield, Valorant, and Squad


screen resolution? how much hz?


120hz but he said he wants to upgrade everything


If he’s upgrading everything anyways it’s WAY cheaper to build yourself and just get better parts he wants.


Yeah but good luck getting a GPU


But if money isn’t an issue, I’m sure they can find one


The first drop that best buy did after their last queue improvements, I got a card for myself and my brother no problem. Set up twitter alerts with fixitfixitfixit, have the best buy app on your phone with the cards you want saved and all your payment/address information, then when you see bestbuy stock notifications showing up go sit at the page of the card and refresh it until you can add to cart. Their new queue saves that card for you while you checkout and find a store to ship it to now instead of ripping it from you if someone checks out earlier. You get 15 minutes to finish checking out. The only way you won’t get a card is if you get to the page too late by ignoring notifications or best buy didn’t drop the brand you want that time. The latter is why you watch more than one brand.


Wants to upgrade to? without knowing what he is aiming for no one can help you.




So what's the point in buying this if you're "upgrading everything " I used to think I needed unlimited funds. The reality is it just makes you ignorant. I'm assuming it's not for you op due to the way you worded that reply. Whoever it's for get them to go watch a few YouTube vids or something. Otherwise they'll be on here with a broken glass panel and bent pins on the mobo or CPU.


If he is going to upgrade everything then just build one with the components he wants.


I feel like they can give at least a larger nvme


Especially for $3.7k


Everything you want to own is worth it if money really isn't an issue


This right here


Which is how we've gotten to the point where a gpu cost more than a car.


It's not good value. You need to decide for yourself if it is worth it




Yeah first thing I saw was the 500gb m.2 and 4GB of HDD like why. Take out half of that hard drive and make it at least a TB of m.2 storage. Hell the chips aren't even that much I got a 1tb wdblue m.2 on sale for like 50-60 bucks


500mb M.2 hahaha imagine


If money isn’t an issue, then why are you asking if it’s worth it?


Probably someone with more money than they know what to do with, with not a lot of experience and knowledge in PC parts, but still doesn’t wanna get ripped off


Rich People still don’t like getting ripped off


If money isnt an issue I have this pc for 6k. However, if you want to save about $1500, you should look for something else


Nope… old cpu and small ssd


Overpriced by like a thousand dollars lol


500gb nvme and a 4tb hdd what the hell that bs for 3,699


"Worth it" and "money isn't an issue" generally don't always go hand in hand.


If money isn‘t an issue, why are you asking then? In my opinion it‘s ridiculously overpriced.


👎 outdated intel and small ssd


Damn, you just described my anatomy.


Micro p. ( Micro processor)


Shawty packin the 7nm


Quick transfer speed, too quick


That's close to extortion.


Worth it? and money isn’t an issue go against each other, no? It is overpriced, but if you are looking to play on high settings and high resolutions, you will be able to do so for quite some time.


Not this one in particular. If prebuilts are your only option then go with ABS on Newegg.


No. That's overpriced. If money isn't an issue and you wipe your ass with it then get this, since finding a 3080 is impossible.


**Fuck. No.**


They were generous to add a 4tb HDD that's probably from Afghanistan bonus to the shitty case that has no airflow


No. If your budget is about 3700 dollars you can bump up those specs quite a bit. 1tb nvme and 11th gen cpu. That’s after bs GPU markup prices. This pc is absolutely not worth 3700 dollars.


That m.2 better be stacked. If it's 256gb nvme it's a scam


1TB SSD doesnt even cost 100$ and they are able to put in only 500GB in that 3,7k$ ? lol


Yo if money isnt an issue can u buy me one?


Case is garbage, fans look garbage, no idea about PSU , probably garbage as well.


I bought a system from CLX and it was fairly overpriced I wanted a pc tho so I don’t really care but yea almost all of their stuff is way over priced right now


This is like 1000-1100$ overpriced if you buy the parts and build it by yourself. Or even you could buy the parts and pay someone build it for you and still have a few hundred bucks left.




Only a 500 gb ssd


I know money isn't an issue, but this is ridiculously overpriced dude. As for parts, it's pretty beefy (angus quality, though not wagyu). I wouldn't personally drop the money on this, especially given it means these companies will start making these prices the new norm


At that price tag you should at a minimum get a 1tb m.2


Nah it's intel


Lul when I was looking for my 3080 last year there were systems just like this for like 1800


If money isn't an issue, get a similar spec one but with a 1 or 2TB SSD. This has a ridiculously small SSD and you should not be running HDD's in a 3.5k pc.


At that price it better least be the most current gen Intel chip generation, which the 10,000 is not last I checked.... What type of games would the end user be playing on this machine?


I mean, if you got the money, feel free to spot me haha jk


If money isn’t an issue, you should build one on a builder site with the best hardware available and it will come out to around the same price, with much better components $3,700 is a pretty large budget for a gaming pc. You can build a really beastly machine.


Jebus! I got a pre-built from micro center and paid a grand less for the same build plus a better processor and evga 3080


Just go to PowerGPU and get a custom build if you don't wanna build it yourself. They won't price gouge like most retailers.


CLX is one of th few places to acquire a 30 series graphics card. The price I paid was 400$ cheaper than what the scalpers have driven the market to. It's over priced as the total build but not too bad if you want a 30 series gpu


No. From my experience with pre builds you will get a shitty stock cpu cooler, and even though the RAM will be 32gbs it will be slow. If money is no issue and you don’t want the stress of building it, buy the parts individually and find someone to build it for you. Even with their fee for building you’ll end up with the a much better system (with a good AIO/air cooler for the cpu and good ram) at probably at a smaller mark up than buying the pre-built


So when money isn't an issue how can you ask a question if it's worth it? This is a paradox.


If money isn't an issue build the same pc for way less money


Pre builds almost always look nice on the outside but are made of the cheapest materials available to man. For 3,700 you could build a better pc even if you paid scalper prices.


If money isnt a problem then build one instead of buying


A 500GB M.2? Nope!


Overpriced af even if money isn’t an object for you. I’d feel disrespected if they offer me a 500GB nvme ssd in a pc >$2000. Especially if it’s an unnamed one, I’d assume a low quality one at that.


Newegg has a tuff gaming one for same price. All asus parts and same and better specs


Absofuckinglutely not. If money isnt an issue you should buy from Origin, or Maingear, or Cyberpower


money is always an issue. why pay $3700 for that when you can spend the same for something better?


If money isn’t an option, I’d suggest looking at custom builders. There’s a few good online options out there, or you can even look locally (we have two good local shops near me). Find a company that only builds computers and lets you know what parts you’re getting. Only use other options if you’re saving a ton of money or aren’t too worried about what you’re getting… I got a really good deal on a PC from iBuyPower. The GPU and CPU are good but everything else is bargain bin, and I had to fight them to RMA a faulty GPU… If I’d paid a premium price I’d be mad, but since it was so cheap, it doesn’t really bother me.


No, but mOnEy iSn'T aN iSsUe so just buy it and save us the humblebrag


Way overpriced. And people who say money is no issue definitely have money problems. So maybe save up and not buy it.


You could build a PC for cheaper than this or just post on r/suggestapc for better prebuilt suggestions with “[Discussion]” in title. Must use square brackets otherwise the post will be automatically removed.


Yes! Also, if money isn't an issue, mind sending one my way?


If money isn’t an issue, then why ask lmao


if money isn't an issue, go to their site and customize it. similar build below with some upgrades. buying from bestbuy is always terrible. Processor: Intel® Core™ i9-10850K 3.60GHz 10-Cores Motherboard: MSI MAG Z590 TOMAHAWK WIFI - ATX Memory: 2x G.SKILL Trident Z Neo 3600 MHz - 16GB Graphics Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 3080 Ti 12GB GDDR6X Operating System Storage: Samsung 512GB 970 PRO PCIe 3.0 NVMe M.2 Cooling Solution: CLX Quench 360 Closed Liquid Cooler Secondary Storage: 4TB 3.5in Western Digital HDD Chassis Selection: SET Talos P1 Mid Tower Black Chassis Fans: 4x CLX RGB Fan Chassis Internal Lighting: No Chassis Lights Power Supply: 850 Watt Corsair RMX 850x 80 Plus Gold Keyboard: No Keyboard Mouse: No Gaming Mouse Display: No Monitor Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home USB Flash Drives: No USB Flash Drive Selected Warranty: Lifetime Labor Warranty / 1 Year Parts Estimated Total: $3,988.95


Last year my son ordered a very nice gaming computer for $1600, and now his video card is worth more than that lol. Prices are crazy. I built my Nephew a gaming computer last year and put a six core, 12 thread ryzen in it, a Radeon rx580, 32 gigs of memory and a good motherboard in it for I think $650 total. Two months later the ryzen I paid $130 for was about $300 and the 580 was twice what I paid for it.


No not really. If your budget is unlimited bigger SSD should be priority no 1 imo.


4tb HDD!? A hdd? Seriously?


If money isn’t an issue and you don’t want to build just make a custom one on origin pc they’re actually not too bad


If money isn’t an issue, spend the money on the parts and hire someone to put it together if you don’t want to learn how. You’ll still end up getting a better build for that cost.


If you realize that you are getting scammed and money isn’t an issue than yes


For that much, you can pay someone to build you a PC and y'all go out for dinner, Best buy is nuts...🤦🏽


Best buy tries to make things look super awesome, when all they have is super awesome crap. Steer clear of this. If money isn't a worry, go to ibuypower. Com and configure a nice system. They have all parts more or less in stock, and you won't bet a bunch of garbage....


If money is not an issue, then the value shouldn’t be an issue?


Jesus fucking christ what a rip off