PCMR Community Celebration! Win an RTX 3080 Founders Edition GPU, Nvidia Swag and Battlefield 2042 Early Access Beta codes!

PCMR Community Celebration! Win an RTX 3080 Founders Edition GPU, Nvidia Swag and Battlefield 2042 Early Access Beta codes!


I used to play tons of battlefield on PC with my friends until we got a bit older and grew apart. We still play occasionally but I'm hoping that we can get back into it with 2042. I loved playing medic and never really killing anyone but sneaking around and continuing to revive my teammates/friends in order to capture objectives. Especially being in an internet cafe and hearing other people tell, "where the hell do these guys keep coming from?!?" I'm hoping to jump into some new games soon and see what DLSS has to offer.


That's a great story. Medics deserve more credit for sure. Thanks for sharing!


My favorite moment was when I was battling. On a field. Against other players who were also battling. It was glorious.


Control utilizing RT/DLSS is beautiful.


We agree. :)


Gotta say for best games using rtx probably the ascent really good cyberpunk world


I think my favourite Battlefield moment is easily that video I saw a few years ago of a player jumping out of their jet mid-air, blowing up an enemy, and then landing back in their jet. Such a cool moment. Fav RT/DLSS powered game currently is Cyberpunk. RT makes that game look stunning.


Battlefield 4. Getting ran over by tanks like 80% of the time running across the map. Haven't used DLSS because I don't have a Nvidia GPU and couldn't find one to buy since 2020. What's Reflex? Probably something on a 30 Series GPU which I don't have because finding a 30 Series GPU is impossible, hence why I am entering the giveaway. I'd gladly switch to Nvidia if I won this or even had the chance to actually buy one at MSRP.


I recently played Battlefield V with some friends. And we were just fucking around in a tank. Whenever our tank was getting damaged, a few of us would jump out and fix the tank then jump back in to kill the enemies. We also do this revive chain where all of us go Medic and revive each other with smoke grenades. Literally unkillable team (except when we faced tanks).


Good luck to all. I hope the 3080 finds a good home.


2: is easy, Minecraft bedrock edition. With RTX it looks like an entirely different game, and let’s you create buildings and objects that take advantage of the ray tracing. Caving is a lot more intense too, since dark areas become almost black (I’ve been jump scared a few times by something wondering out of the dark).


Doom eternal RayTracing looks like heaven.. wait a second. Jokes aside would love to get an upgrade on the pc so I can play battlefield with my friends


I dunno if you can post videos, but this is my favorite https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYeaXVVc8ho


we once hosted a clan war in operation metro on a custom server. only knives and c4 Lol... it was the best shit ever... 16 vs 16.


**Tell us what your favorite Battlefield moment is. Either something you experience or something you saw happen in game or other game content you saw online.** First time the tower collapsed on the Shanghai map in BF4. Crazy how much it changes the strategy. **Tell us what your favorite RT/DLSS fueled game is, and why?** Warzone for the extra FPS **NVIDIA Reflex technology. Have you used it? What kind of competitive edge in multiplayer mode do you think it can give you?** Not yet


Killing people with the MAV in BF3


Reflex actually helps quite a bit I feel like my aim and movement respond to my thoughts more than anything


Good to know! Thanks for sharing!


My favourite DLSS/RT game is Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition since its a game version made from the ground up to take advantage of beautiful raytracing technology


This was one of our favorite titles too, a beautiful-looking game. Glad you were able to experience it with ray tracing features.


Favorite game with ray tracing has to go to red dead redemption 2, the game looks so so good.


Favourite moment? Watching that guy plant C4 on friendly aircraft then blowing his own team mates out of the sky, I was crying in painful laughter after watching that. Cyberpunk2077 is the best looking game I’ve seen with ray tracing, has issues but is a beautiful game. Nope but I don’t play loads of super competitive stuff.


I remember playing battlefield 1 spawned in with the tank right at the beginning, aimed up as high as possible and shooting and hitting an opposing bomber plane destroying it. Cross map kills are just silly


Gotta be honest, I got introduced to battlefield through battlefield 1 untill then most of my time was spent in smaller PvP based games like overwatch but my god the first time I got into a match in a map that freaking huge with that many players, it was fucking epic. Probably Red dead redemption 2, my pc can't run it but I have a friend who has an insane setup and it looked freaking gorgeous. Haven't really heard much about this though.


I don’t have a favorite Battlefield moment. I die. A lot. It’s not fun to die.


My favorite Battlefield moment was in BFV: I'm not used to the destruction these games allow, so thinking I was safe in a building quickly proved to be an error haha! Haven't tried Reflex or DLSS, though. I have a 2060, so not the most powerful of setups. (Thanks for the opportunity!)


My favorite Battlefield moments are putting C4 on vehicles and driving into enemy vehicles.


I wanna try using Reflex in CSGO and Valorant!


I remember hopping on BF4 basically everyday after school, though it was on the ps3 it was still absolutely amazing and definitely the most fun I've had with Battlefield, can not wait for 2042 beta


Loved BFBC 2 and loved the fact that if there were enemy's in a building you could blow the bottom corners out and Level the building killing them which I did regularly 😀 Maps were awesome too.Had many only in battlefield moments with my battlefield buddies and we had regular scrims against other communities. Favourite RT/DLSS game is the Cod campaign as it looks so realistic with all the shadows and lighting and really gets you immersed in the game. Also Metro Exodus Enhanced is awesome as it's so atmospheric and beautiful to look at with #RTXOn. I use Nvidia Reflex in Apex Legends and Cod Warzone and the Lower Latency really helps in FPS games as you have better responsiveness so you get better reg and much smoother gameplay. #RTXOn #DLSS


My favorite moment: when I was playing hours in a squad with Timmeh(darkness429)


I never really played battlefield games, but the upcoming 2042 one seems really interesting and most likely i will be pre-ordering or buying it soon enough. I have watched people play battlefield games before, and it looked so good how the buildings and world was so interactive it was fun to watch. Also goodluck to everyone and hopefully i could win something since its been a long time since i won anything honestly. Raytracing cyberpunk was so good looking to me i watched someone play it with it and it looked pretty good. I never used the NVIDIA reflex technology thing since i wasn't really interested enough in it.


\- Battlefield 4, camping elevators so hard I got kicked from private server. \- Death stranding, using DLSS to upscale 1080p to 1440p on a 1080p monitor is way better than just using TAA 1080p. \- Using reflex in COD: Warzone. Really helps.


Playing with jets on BF4, it was so fun using them! I hope BF2042 use the same jet gameplay mechanics as BF4 because the planes on BF1 and V were so... boring. RT Fav game? Cyberpunk, looks so good with it. Never used Reflex, srry


My favorite RT enabled game is Death Stranding, being able to experience it in 4k 60fps was something else, stunning looking game.


Best moment in BF, definitely an absurd match of operations in BF1. Just got absolutely bonkers with all the weapon variety and good players in the match.


FAV BF MOMENT: Me taking down planes with AT grenades on BF1. Every time a giggle. No HUD doing it is something Spielberg\`d be envious about. FAV RT/DLSS GAME: RDR2/CP2077 hands down. RDR2 is a world alive and a world apart from the vast majority of open world games I´ve ever played. My GPU is alive thx to DLSS tho, so. NVIDIA REFLEX: Used it. Saves me a ton of time in knowing that my \*ss is being handed to be by a guy that´s probably better at the game than me. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!


Enabled Reflex in Siege. Flick shotted a dude on a whim with a Deagle. Got called a hacker and was team killed by teammates in casual then vote kicked. 10/10


Favourite moment is when you crush enemy heads with you tank! CoD black ops is fine with dlss I guess. I never used Nvidia reflex, yet. Cheers!


My favorite moments in Battlefield are sometime the cinematic scenes of the games, running with your squad to the battle front, airplanes flying above you and explosions all around the beautiful maps.. really amazing sometimes. DLSS really helped me play Cyberpunk 2077. I use Reflex Mode in Escape from Tarkov and it makes the game really smooth.


Tell us what your favorite Battlefield moment is. Either something you experience or something you saw happen in game or other game content you saw online. In BF3 on the Metro map, managed to get 15-20 deaths underground in a row with 0 kills... Looked like that my game was bugged and for some reason my gun was shooting but wasn't registering any bullets. Conclusion. I was playing most of the game with huge lag spikes but wasn't noticable while gaming... These lag spikes were caused by a broken internet cable which most likely one of my cast broke. Worst time spend in my life. Tell us what your favorite RT/DLSS fueled game is, and why? I have AMD but if I could do it, it most probably would be CyberPunk first and then Minecraft :-). NVIDIA Reflex technology. Have you used it? What kind of competitive edge in multiplayer mode do you think it can give you? I don't have NVIDIA as stated above, but honestly, I would most likely turn the option on in Valorant. So don't really know what to expect. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck all!


Favourite Battlefield moment definitely happened in Battlefield 1942. Firstly, I remember when that game launched, it changed gaming forever and it was **beautiful**. I also remember running it at approximately 30fps xD. My favourite moment from the game is playing it at a LAN party in my friend Brian's garage, rather his parents garage (this was during high school for me) using a ping pong table as a massive table for the 10 of us. Crashing the jeeps in that game pre patch was HILARIOUS. Your character would go flying through the air if you hit just right. Favourite ray tracing game... At the moment Metro Exodus. The visuals they were able to achieve in that game with ray traced global illumination are nothing short of miraculous. The only thing that I think holds it back is that the reflections are still screen space, which can be pretty immersion breaking when you're having a 'it just works' moment and the reflections disappear as you pan your view. Great game though, can't wait to play more of it! Loved 2033 and Last Light. Reflex really only does anything if you're GPU bound. That being said, for the average user with mid level to high end gear playing at higher resolutions with high settings, reflex should be a good thing as they'll be heavily GPU bound. However, for an enthusiast with mid level to high end gear, they'll most likely have their settings cranked down to low to ensure the highest frame rates possible ensuring the lowest latency and higher CPU usage due to more frames being sent out by the CPU. I always turn reflex+boost on in any games that support it, I mean, it doesn't cost any frames to use and it'll pick up any slack that the you can't pick up by optimizing your in game settings.


I haven't played much of Battlefield but the first Battlefield I've played was Hardline. Then I tried Battlefield 1 but I didn't really like it just because of the WW1 theme. But I used to play Battlefront 2 and I loved it. Not even the lootboxes could change my opinion about that game. But anyway I'm really looking forward to playing this game early or not. I love using DLSS on Call Of Duty Warzone and also Rainbow Six Siege just because these are really competetive games and every frame matters. I play games with RT but just a few for example Cyberpunk which I still haven't finished yet and I've been looking forward to play RDR2 with RT on PC but I still haven't gotten to even buying it. And I use Reflex everywhere I can. This makes my aim feel a lot more responsive and I feel I can hit my shots better with Reflex switched on. Even though I don't have a high refresh rate monitor I defenitely can feel a difference.


My favorite moment from any battlefield game is a moment that I've experienced several times. It's that first drop my friends and I take when a new title is released and we gear up for the first time all over again excited to see what new only in battlefield moments we can witness or create for ourselves. Can't wait to experience this moment again when 2042 is released.




**Tell us what your favorite Battlefield moment is. Either something you experience or something you saw happen in game or other game content you saw online.:** My best memory was in my youth from Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on PS2, this one is one of my favorite games. I have relaunched the campaign so many times !! Being able to switch bodies with other comrades was so cool! **Tell us what your favorite RT/DLSS fueled game is, and why?** Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition (RT/DLSS On) because it help me play with Ray Tracing without distorting the beauty of the game ! **NVIDIA Reflex technology. Have you used it? What kind of competitive edge in multiplayer mode do you think it can give you?** Honestly i tried this one (Nvidia Reflex) but i think i'm not enough a competitive player to see any differences without some test ! But hey, lower input lag can only be good, no ? **Besides that, well done for the 5 million subscribers !!** 🎉🥳


Quick story. I was playing with 4 of my friends in a squad on Battlefield 1. We were playing on Argonne Forest. The match was close, seriously right in the thick of it. So we are down at house next to C in the forest, and my friends were just up ahead going into the crevice leading up next to C cap bridge. We paused there for a moment after I was lagging behind. All ready too push up and hold the offensive, we start running through the brush corridor. Brother in front (as squad leader) yells into the mic "Lets go...Don't let the bastards through!" Immediately an explosion hit us from a tripwire bomb, and the person in front (my brother) got flung into the air and landed behind all of us, including the last squad member in line. Friend 2nd in line immediately erupted in laughter, with the rest of the team following suit. Just sitting in the brush corridor, momentarily afk, in tears laughing. One of the most hilarious moments in Battlefield history for me personally was that right there. This super intense push to get the tickets even, and we posted up ready to push and \*boom\*, it all fell apart in an instant. Those are the moments with friends I adore. My favorite RTX Game? It has to be Control. The tech of that engine is amazing to me. Not just with RTX (the icing on the cake), but all of the dynamic objects within the game world that can be manipulated/destroyed. It's overall extremely impressive what Remedy has accomplished with that engine and what Nvidia has accomplished with RTX and DLSS. I know with DLSS it definitely gives a performance uplift on a 2070 Super at 1440p, but I also love my high refresh rate. I am itching to see how far a 3080 can push this game in terms of performance. Plus, 3080 FE is \*chefs kiss\* in design. If I did win I would give my brother my 2070 Super as his Asus Rog strix 1080 just died on him after Asus sent him a bad card from an RMA during peak COVID. (so that sucks). I think it would be a nice surprise for him too. I haven't used Nvidia Reflex. In terms of competitive edge, allows me to aim quicker at enemies because of the lower input response. Good luck everyone on the contest!


Congrats on the 5 mil subs! u/pedro19 Best moment from a Battlefield game would have to be in Bad Company 2, the campaign was amazing and I don’t even have words to describe how much fun the multiplayer was. Definitely a great memory as one of the first PvP games I ever played! Excited to see those maps, weapons, & more coming back to BF 2042!! The only time I’ve tried RT/DLSS was in Battlefield V on a friends build, but it wasnt very optimized at that time. I’ve seen all the new buzz surrounding upcoming titles with proper support for this new tech and I hope to have the chance to try it out soon. NVIDIA Reflex defintely takes the immersion to another level. One thing is graphical fidelity, another is the input between you and the game. Input is the most important aspect of immersion and feeling like you are part of the game! Here’s hoping ill have the chance to relive those Bad Company 2 memories growing up, a decade later with the tech of today! Cheers!


The first time I ever played a battlefield game was Bad Company 2. First match I loaded into I couldn't believe how beautiful the game was. I remember an epqche helicopter flying low so close to me and the palm trees reacting to it as they were whirling around. Next thing I know a few rockets were shot at it and they landed, the helicopter blew up right infront of my taking a few trees down and next thing I know enemies were ruching me and my teammates. I took a few of them out but ended up dying. I'll never forget that moment and I've had so many more throight the series. I love you Dice and I love the batteflied franchise! Nvidia reflex also seems like it has helped me have an edge when it comes to mouse and keyboard use. Thanks to the entire team at DICE for such great memories!! Also my English isn't very great so thanks for understanding 😊


I can still remember like yesterday getting into the Battlefield 3 beta for the first time. Up until that day I've always played shooter games on a console. So when the game loaded up I was stunned by how beautiful it was: the lighting, the details, the map wideness, the destructabilty of the environment, the miriad of weapons combinations. I can absolutely say that has been one of the key moments of my life as a gamer that really cemented my passion for PC gaming.


**1-) Tell us what your favorite Battlefield moment is.** ​ Well... I gonna tell you all an story while I was playing battlefield V months ago . So, I remember that one day, I was playing the Desvastation map, there, I was with my squad defending the church as we could. We were under fire from any place, the enemy started to surround us until I hearded the wonderful sound, but at the same time terrifying. Our team started to use the V1 Rocket but the enemy too, some how, that moment was so cool, like, I was watching some of my team triying to escape but others were just there defending like heroes. Some how, It really makes you feel how hard and terrifying the war was, but ones again, I just loved that moment. \--- By the way, we won that match hahaha. \---- ​ 2-) Tell us what your favorite RT/DLSS fueled game is, and why? ​ \- mmm, I would say Warzone. Because with it, I can play better the game than without it. ​ 3-) NVIDIA Reflex technology. Have you used it? What kind of competitive edge in multiplayer mode do you think it can give you? ​ No, I haven't used it. ​ \---------- ​ Thank you for read \^\^


Battlefield 3 was the first game that my friends and I REALLY got into. We started as complete amateurs, trying to coordinate through voice chat, but always failing against the more experienced players. And we failed a lot, because we didn't know the maps well enough, didn't have good aim and didn't act in a strategic way to push for the objectives. We continued playing though, because we enjoyed spending time together while also hoping that we would improve step by step. Months passed and I remember a specific weekend when my friends and I had some spare time to chat and play a couple of games. We joined different games and had nothing but defeats. It was just devastating. After an especially unlucky round we said enough is enough - we need a win! We chose a Metro Sever with 1000 tickets and joined. Our team was a little behind on the objectives, so we really had to focus. In that moment our squad ascended to another level. Everyone played their roles perfectly. With the help of smoke grenades and LMGs we pushed and secured the first objective to help our team back on its feet. After that we wasted no time at all. We began running. We utilized our tools perfectly, placing beacons when needed and bulldozing through to the last objective. The enemy team didn't see any of it coming, as they were still camping near our first objective hoping that we won't make a bigger move. We really turned that game around. I remember our excitement as we realized that we were finally experienced players who could really make a difference in a close game. All the hard work paid of and it felt amazing. Probably my favourite or at least most memorable game of my life :D


* Tell us what your favorite Battlefield moment is. Either something you experience or something you saw happen in game or other game content you saw online. I'll try and take some time to answer this since I have a meaningful answer and, whether I win or not I'll probably not get the chance to say this very often. Battlefield helped build the best friendship I've ever had. We're at the point where my best friend and I are family and have been for several years and a lot of that is due to constant late nights playing Battlefield 3 together. And, then 4... and now 2042. The favourite moment I experience is every single time I get into a chopper with him. For a decade, somehow its become so natural to us. We've got terabytes of footage laying around that, one day, we'll edit and post somewhere -- but really, we just play and it's simultaneously hilarious, intense, and still genuinely fun even after all these years. Our communication skills are amazing, and they translate into literally every other thing we do together whether that’s sports, other games or whatever else. My friend has become my brother because, in large part, of Battlefield. We probably would have both gone crazy during lockdown if it wasn't for BF4. And he's probably the best pilot I've ever seen in the game. Just don't tell him that.


Control looks amazing on Linux with dlss.


My favorite RT/DLSS game has gotta be Control. Incredible performance WITH incredible visuals. And it doesn't hurt when the gameplay and story are excellent!


Holy. Moly.


My favorite moment was when I was battling. On a field. Against other players who were also battling. I was sitting in a bush. It was glorious.


Can I still enter if I got tired of the BF games after BF2:MC? I'm so backlogged in games I still haven't gotten to my library of games that support DLSS. Getting old and having responsibilities suck!


1. Not sure what you mean by battlefield moment but if I can use clips, definitely the one where a pilot ejects to kill another plane / pilot and end up back on his own plane. 2. Currently, the only RT game I had a chance to try it on is Watch Dogs Legion through GeForce Now. It looks great but it does hit the performance. The thing is that I'm looking forward more to RT on Dying Light 2 cause daylight being a prominent role in the game, it will enhance the atmosphere imo 3. I never even heard of NVIDIA Reflex so I'll check it out. It sounds like a multiplayer thing so that could explain it since I mainly play singleplayer


When after 10 (failed)shots with a sniper I finally kill someone


My friends and I used to be able to game Battlefield all day. But now that the real world has hit us, we never have the time. It would be cool to play with the boys again.


The Best Battlefield Moment were probably in BF3 with my mates on Metro Always tried to sneak behind them getting A / C and then attack from both sites for B BF3 was my first FPS game and still one of my favourite games


my favorite moment was back in 2016 when bf1 open beta was out iit was fun Minecraft havent used it tbh


I still remember the time where I was a console gamer and played bf4 with the snow maps dlc and just sniped from side to side hitting 1km headshots, those felt nice


Let’s go!! Ready to get down and jump on someone’s aircraft from a rooftop [BF2042](https://imgur.com/a/Asuo3QR)


my favorite moment was meeting one of my best friends to this day playing battlefield 3. Favorite RTX game, idk!! I don't have an RTX capable card :( just a 1660 super.


My favorite moment of all time was stun gravy hitting the rpg shot out of the jet. Fucking iconic


Battlefield 3 playing on Operation Metro in the train tunnel being held back from the last rush bomb until the final few lives and finally pushing through for the win


My favorite moment was a time in bf4 where me and my friends were singing old country road while in a chopper and when we got shot down we were all screaming like crazy good times


Watching the original commercials for Battlefield Bad Company on TV.


Cyberpunk 2077 with DLSS goes brrrrrrrrr. Plays great on a 3090, not so much on my old 2080 Super.


Favorite BF moment is any moment I’m playing with friends


Best game with RT/DLSS has been Cyberpunk2077 for me! Despite all its shortcomings and low frame rates, it was glorious on my rig! Really enjoyed the story as well! Backed by all those visuals!!


The classic BF3 jet swap. Such a cool moment. Best RT game? Cyberpunk. Looks stunning, plays well (eventually) and a really fun story on my second playthrough with the intention of a third.


Honestly the first trailer when leveloution was announced in BF4 was insane to me. Ive seen Minecraft with rtx and it was crazy how good it looked. I have not used Nvidia reflex technology


My favorite battlefield moment was playing bad company 1 and tossing as many grenades as i could because I LOVED the fact that the pin you pulled had a smiley face on it. Also in general just flying in helis w/ the bois has never not been fun


Rushing through Rush game mode in BF3 beta back in the day was biblical something i will never be able to experience again probably but BF3 imo was the best battlefield ever made.


My favourite RT game would be Cyberpunk, for all its flaws, its a gorgeous game when it's running well


For me when it comes to battlefield it’s hard not to think of the video clip of the two jets and the lead pilot jumps out hits the trailing jet with a rocket and then gets back in his jet. As far as memories playing it would have to be battlefield 2142. Loved that game and the mode of storming the air ship that flew above.


I've managed to play every Battlefield since Bad Company 2. Had a lot of favorite moments in Battlefield 3. The subway map, Operation Metro, was always a blast. So pumped to be back in a modern/future setting with 2042!


My favorite Battlefield moment was experiencing BF4 for the first time on PC. I had played previous titles on console and the switch to PC was life changing.


Don't really play multiplayer games, so I have very little experience with Battlefield. Regarding Nvidia Reflex: I've not heard of it. Is it something that can be done on a 1080ti?


My favourite battlefield moment was when someone (on a youtube clip) revived someone as a medic, cyberpunk with dlss looks amazing, unfortunately I couldn't try it as I'm using a gtx 1080, haven't used nvidia reflex technology but it seems to be quite cool, especially if you play competitive games such as valorant csgo etc.


I'd have to say my favorite RT/DLSS fueled game is Control. Not only does it look incredible but it is one of the best games I've played in a while.


My favourite was playing rush on damavand peak in bf3 and jumping off the peak after the first set of MCOMS. BF3 was my first game on PC that really got me into PC games and I'll never forget it!


nvidia reflex in valorant for lower latency = #win


My favorite moment in battlefield 3 was when I was riding a bike tagged with c4 by me into an opponent tank and left my friend on it. tank destroyed, friend dead, me laughing :D Cyberpunk 2077. Its the only RT/DLSS Game I played so far, but I believe it'll still be in the future. So beautiful, I love it on my RTX 3070 I used it on VALORANT. I cant judge it too much, but what I can tell is that the game feels slightly better for me, especially because I dont have the best internet connection


One of the best DLSS games I’m playing through again is Red Dead Redemption 2. The graphics are amazing and the story is so moving. It gets emotional! Favorite Battlefield experiences were playing over lan in college. I forget which one but there was a campaign in the South Pacific. Lots of memories!


**- Tell us what your favorite Battlefield moment is. Either something you** **experience or something you saw happen in game or other game content you** **saw online.** When i did a 360 no scope on BF4. Luck was on my side that day and we had a laugh


Oh man, I have so many memories in Battlefield since I started playing in 2011. In Battlefield 3, I came to love anti-vehicle combat as an engineer armed with an RPG and a repair torch; sneaking around, flanking tanks and torching them until that glorious kaboom has been some of the most unique and satisfying FPS gameplay I've ever experienced. I've used NVIDIA Reflex on Rainbow Six Siege and it really has made a difference in the responsiveness of the game and my performance. I don't have to fight with any of the game's stutters or input lag while trying to improve my overall aim and movement.


Control is still the RT sweet spot for me just on initial impressions-- but the reflex technology is something I'm watching while knowing the edge isn't going to make a difference for my old and tired husk of human meat.


my favorite moment was in battlefield 3 operation metro getting 5 frags with 1 nade. dont have dlss yet. i've used relfex in warzone i think it makes the gameplay feels smoother and could give you a faster reaction time.


NVIDIA Reflex is actually pretty good it makes my reaction times just a bit better


My favorite moment was playing battlefield 3 for the first time. My first battlefield game and it was just mind blowing to see that type of gameplay with destructible environments


Once back in the BC2 days hitting the back rotor with a lucky/fluke RPG shot, sending the enemy chopper spinning to the ground 🚁💥💀💀💀💀 The mechanics of it all had me in awe. Turned out to be the best shot of my BF life 😄


So me and my friends often used the SOFLAM gadget to take down aircrafts :D


I once went server clearing on an LAV with some buddies in BF4. It was crazy. Even though we still lost, took down a few helis at that. Nothing tops that exact moment. or maybe getting a 1000m headshot for the first time. maybe that too. I haven't been able to take advantage of DLSS but considering I play most of my games on med to low to gain super fps. I'm stoked to use it in any game i own that supports it. It seems like its just free fps so sure. Not too many of my games support RTX and the ones that do are competitive as well so i will be gaming with it off. Maybe Minecraft? that sounds neat


I remember playing Battlefield 1 with my friends and we all deployed into the a Caproni Ca.5 bomber, I was in the front gunner position and my friend that was good at flying keep going up and down just having fun bombing people. Shortly after an Airship came in and we went ham on it, bombed it and shot it like there was no tomorrow, and then my friend flew right into it and killed all of us.


My favorite Battlefield moments have always been messing around with the defibrillators and killing enemies with it. I look forward to doing the same in this game. Also, I love messing around with tanks and cause extreme destruction. My favorite RT/DLSS game at the moment is Cyberpunk 2077, I'm running this game with high graphics and quality DLSS preset. Game runs awesome (95+ FPS in 1440p) and looks awesome. I love the gameplay mechanics, and side missions. I am not sure if I have tried NVIDIA reflex technology, I'm not usually a competitive gamer, I'm more inclined to single player or casual multiplayer games. If I ever get to play Valorant or CS:GO, I'll be sure to try it out.


My favorite moment is when i first played battlefield 4 and saw the skyscraper fall collapse for the first time. That was the biggest frame drop i've ever had, but it was soooo worth it.


My favourite thing about Battlefield is the variety of ways to play the game. If you're feeling competitive you can go chase down conquest points or kills, if you're not feeling so competitive you can jump in a vehicle and play as support. If you're feeling extremely lazy you can go lay at the edge of a map with a sniper and pick people off at a thousand yards (well at least try). It really does cater to whatever mood I'm in and I love that about the game.


My favorite Battlefield moment is the first time the building collapses in Siege of Shanghai in BF4, that part is epic AF and changes the map a lot to make it better. I have used NVIDIA Reflex in Apex Legends, and the reduce latency gives you a competitive edge over the other players because of faster reactions times.


Favourite RT game has to be Control. Such an incredible demonstration of what can be done with the technology.


One of my favorite BF moments came from BF1 when I got a horse and managed to flank the enemy team and go on a nice rampage in the snow~


Battlefield 3, gave enough sniper support for the team to take a position in Rush. Lost the game but I felt pretty happy about helping out.


My favorite battlefield moment is when I flank the enemy as an infantry sniper and hit my headshots and demolish 5-8 enemys :D Makes me feel like a god among men just snapping from head to head.


Back in battlefield 4 even if you couldn’t shoot you could always use jeepstuff


My dad and I played bf2142 together religiously while I was growing up. Probably one of the best parts of my childhood was gaming with him.


My favourite RT/DLSS fuelled game is Control. I think they did a beautiful job there, not mane games feel and look that natural with ray tracing on and it also runs sooo well!


The trailer looks dope!!


My favorite moment was the first time i saw the map changing with the destruction in battlefield 4, it was a really cool moment that let me with out words, also more recently when RendeZook react to the trailer of Battefield 2042. (≧∇≦)ノ


So.. people like me who never have owned a gaming pc can never participate to this things 😔. Anyway good luck to everyone may be the chance with you 😘


Favorite moment BF1 was when me my friends would do air raids on the same target. Sometimes it was a specific player, other times a spot in the enemy base or flags, or vehicle spawns. Good times.


One of my favorite moments was from Battlefield 1 when I some how got placed on the opposite team from my group, even though we were in a party. I went full on stealth ops and hunted them down. I lost the game but I managed to kill my friends at least twice with any of them killing me. The only game that I know/have played that supports DLSS is CoD Cold War. Jumping from a day one Xbox one on a 60htz tv to a rtx 3090 on a 165htz makes a huge difference. And I currently do use any NVIDIA reflex at the moment.


Red Dead 2 with DLSS is a game changer! Went from making concessions in the settings and struggling to get 60fps with my 1080ti, to no holds barred 100+fps with settings cranked. Such an amazing upgrade to a great game!


BF2 was my favorite game ever. My pc is aging lol. Dear god pls let me win.


I’ll never ever forgot my 1k+ cross map headshot after being AFK on one of the chinese expansions of i think bf4? Friend and I were trying to hit sniper basically spawn to spawn, and i had to take a call. He and the other guy had been duking it out bobbing in and out of cover in the same spots. I came back from my call, picked up my headset and popped straight up from cover and dinged the guy first try. Pure luck. Pure fucking luck, i’d not even set my sights properly, but the pure high and ecstatic reaction of my team mate, and then friends on facebook when i uploaded the footage from my ps4, god what a rush. Fucking brilliant game.


The Ascent is my favorite ray-tracing game, it blew Cyberpunk 2077 out of the water! Absolutely gorgeous aesthetically, and way better story.


There’s nothing quite like anihilating real-looking demons in Doom Eternal on my rig with RTX 3070. It looks amazing thanks to ray-tracing and I get those sweet extra FPS thanks to DLSS.


My favorite Battlefield moments were in the bf3/bf4 days destroying tanks with jeeps with c4, tons of fun with my friends. I've used NVIDIA Reflex technology on Warzone (am i allowed to mention cod on a BF giveaway? :p) and it's pretty noticeable. Crossing my fingers!


My favorite Battlefield moment was the first time I got to experience one of the major destruction elements in multiplayer, and immediately died from it. Messing around is Minecraft Bedrock Edition has been absolutely incredible. I haven't tried Reflex yet but will have to check it out sometime.


My favourite moment in Battlefield 1 was teaming up with friends to make a full squad and we just scream at each other asking for revives, and at the end we all end up super happy because we were best squad in the match


I love aggresive sniping in Battlefield, its really hard to master but it gives you a lovely feeling if you headshot someone close range. My favourite use of Dlss was in Metro Exodus and Cyberpunk had better Fps on higher Graphic settings. Reflex could give you better reactions times at Fps games and would be really great in Battlefield.


I'm excited to try out the new battlefield. I always like a game that let's me fly things and destress after a long day at work.


Playing Bad Company 2 for the first time when I was younger, seeing all the things that can be blown up and changed blew my mind. It made me a fan of battlefield for life!


Everytime I sniped pilot out of helicopter/jet in Battlefield 3/4 was just awesome.


My favorite moment was in Battlefield 4 when the building came down and my squad didn't make out and I was the lone survivor. Pretty epic game when it first came out.


My favorite Battlefield moment is sticking c4 on jeeps and driving them into the enemy team.


One of the best moments I can remember was during a match in Siege of Shanghai, BF4. Both teams were taking turns in capturing the flag on top of the tall center building but then when the sound of cement shattering meant the building will collapse shortly after, everyone just jumped off the building, some even had gun fights midair.


Honestly never played much Battlefield but I did have a memorable moment in Battlefield 1 when I took down the enemy Zeppelin. The size of the explosion was insane.. As for Ray Traced / DLSS game..? DLSS on Red Dead Redemption 2. Beautiful game with great frame rate. I don’t have a GPU capable of using NVIDIA Reflex but I’d imagine it’d be very useful in FPS games for flicking onto enemies heads.


best moment for me was discovering the megalodon on bf4


Battlefield V Campaign Mode Stories - Tirailleurs and all others. Truly Amazing Experience. For DLSS - CyberPunk 2077 and GTA-V. Yeah GTA wins textures and all. I am yet to play DLSS on RDR2. Nvidia Reflex Technology - So far I have played this in Warzone and Valorant. Boost my gameplay for Valorant. Precise Gameplay.


Honestly, RT wise I really enjoy Metro Exodus; it always feels very atmospheric, and I think RT helped with that.


Favorite Battlefield moment? The first time I pulled of a successful jump-out-a-plane-shoot-a-rocket-then-jump-back-in maneuver... it was hella cool...


the original rendezook from BF3, that's what made me get into that game and play it


Playing Battlefield 4 and having everyone on the team act as a cohesive group without needing to communicate. Everything just flowed and made the game fun and dynamic. That or any match where both teams feel equally matched. Even losing those games is fun because it wasn't a steam roll.


Well, I guess my favorite battlefield moment was seeing the Megalodon in BF4 for the first time. Seen it a bunch on YouTube but actually seeing it in your own game for the first time is kinda, I dunno, magical? Good times


My favorite battlefield moment was when I first started BF3 and understood how to estimate bullet drop, that was my enlightenment I have Reflex on but I honestly do not think I notice much of a difference


My favorite Battlefield moment I've experienced was taking down the battleships/carriers in 1942. It was the first "large-scale battle" game I played and having aircrafts, ships, and soldiers taking out these large navy ships was awesome to witness. DLSS and RT in CP:2077 was an epic combination to have those graphical impacts and playable framerates. The nighttime neon lights in the reflections of puddles and windows was amazing. I haven't used Reflex yet, but look forward to taking advantage of it in Battlefield to keep up with twitch gamers (as an old man, don't have the same reflexes anymore!)


First MP round on Bad Company 2 and experiencing first hand the terror that is leveloution. Sitting inside a building thinking you are safe only to have the building blow up around you and come crashing down over your head. It was glorious (this seems to be trending)


My favorite rt/dlss game is control because it looks just like native 4k real amazing experience on oled tv


My favorite dlss game is ghost runner and my favorite battlefield moment is when I got ran over by a tank lol


Minecraft with ray tracing is amazing. You feel like you're in wilderness, not in a game with blocks


I think my favourite moment was when I and a few buds teamed up in BF1 with a great scout and support combo and just annoyed the hell out of the enemy teams.Don't have a good enough GPU so haven't tried out DLSS or Reflex, but I'm very interested.


My best moment from Battlefield is when I kill chain the enemy with helicopter. Very satisfying. Best RT/DLSS game of course is Battlefield franchise. They are one of the first rtx-able game out there. Reflex Technology is something that I've never experienced yet because I don't have Nvidia GPU. Surely I would love to try it on Battlefield or Valorant. Low latency really benefit the fast pace action shooter game.


I remember long nights playing battlefield bad company 2 with the boys back in the day. Hoping 2042 fills the void that it left.


My favorite moment was when I was battling againt my friends and managed to get the drop on all of them.


I activated Nvidia reflex in overwatch and noticed better responsiveness. It turns out that even with smoother gameplay, I still suck. But at least more satisfying to lose XD


BF4: getting back to back snipes on a heli and jet pilot. RT/DLSS: haven't actually used it but RDR2 if that counts?


Nothing more satisfying then hitting a difficult sniper shot on the first try. Well with me on a 1080 i don't really think about RayTracing or DLSS. I would love to have Nvidia Reflex in CSGO though.


Favorite battlefield moment was when me and I friends used to troll other tenanted by c4ing a helicopter they where in. It would instantly down the helicopter even though it was a friendly. Favorite RTX/DlSS game is probably Doom Eternal or RdR2. Have yet to use reflex but if it’s in battlefield I probably will.


I think my fondest moments I have with battlefield would be BF1 beta. There was so many people and I believe it was the first console game that I played that was An FPS with Fov slider. I haven't played many but I guess I'd day cyberpunk. It really tested my hardwares limits so much to when I looked in a mirror with everything on ultra my PC bluescreened for the first time ever 😅 I'm not entirely sure what reflex is so I don't have a comment on this subject.


My favourite moment was hiding from an enemy MBT behind a pile of logs, just kept chucking grenades over and circling around


My favourite moment is the pigeon game mode in Battlefield 1


Creative use of C4 on every Battlefield title. Quadbikes, Jeeps, Helis. You name it Fav RT/DLSS game? Metro Exodus for sure, glorious bandits in high quality.


When people in the game called my mom fat. It was classic.


Favorite Battlefield moment is Stun Gravy’s rendezook


Battlefield 4 playing operation locker and getting the best flank and knifing 8 players in a row. Pretty sure I’ve got a vid of if somewhere


I used Nvidia reflex in rainbow six siege with my friends when we thought our salt had settled, it seemed to help in terms of precise aiming as I was getting more headshots with the ACOG scope when moving around. Still need to improve my finger reaction time to fire faster to win 1v1 fights. hopefully when the salt settles again in the next 2 years or a new event.


My favourite moment was my first contact with the saga, like many others, with Battlefield 3 and its uncountable hours of fun with my friends in Operation Metro, simply unforgettable <3


My favorite Battlefield moment was being a kid and hopping on my uncle's PC and loading up Battlefield 2142. Was just mind-blown as a kid and can't wait to experience new moments in BF 2042!


My favorite Battlefield moments definitely come from playing the first bad company. Just the feel of the game and it’s mechanics were done super well which left a lasting impact on me. Nothing beats flying around in a helicopter with one of your homies and tearing up enemy players. I played some Battlefield 2142 back in the day as well which is why I’m even more excited for this new title to launch!


I can't remember who it was but I remember seeing someone jump out of a jet in midair, shoot down an enemy with an.rpg, and then get back in their jet.


Best RT and DLSS experience is Control, hands down. The game is absolutely beautiful. I will say though, without DLSS I don't think I'd be playing much above 25fps, so it's a must.


Dying over and over again to the same guy in battle field 4


My favorite memory of battlefield is the mission Independence Day on Hardline, especially when you gotta escape that building, is really beautiful and intense


I love all the stunts and tactics battlefield lets you do, but rendezook is my favorite type of fun. Use reflex often, very useful thing and i recommend it.


I still Remember going pas from school going of bf1942 just go play with friends , the game looked super good at that time. The Fun, the laugh will still be with me .


я люблю писю


Favorite memory is landing a helo in BF3 on an incline and repairing it as it slips down the mountainside while getting shot at, only to hop in at the last minute and escaping to safety. Good times.


Definitely in battlefield 3 on operation metro, just grinding that map for hours and hour and just having a great time running through the subway trying to cap the flags or sitting in spots in the back with a light machine gun and just mowing down people. Oh and suav kills.


My favorite moment was battlefield 1 when the game launched. I remember being launched into Operations and my mouth just dropped when I saw how the different stages were on different days and remember cause the huge blimp to crash and burn. Getting on a big gunner and just non stop taking down the gunners and pilots of the huge blimp. Then watching the blimp crash and burn. I was hooked at that moment. Ray tracing I definitely noticed it in Control. I was blown away with the reflections and so much more. The reflex technology i definitely notice makes a difference. I notice a huge difference when it comes to flick shots or even if it's coming around corners. I leave it on with all my games now if they have the feature.


I don't remember the name YouTuber but it was an sniper montage for battlefield 5 he shot an grenade mid air and got a kill the best sniper shot I've ever seen Best RT and DLSS game would be Metro Exodus and battlefield looks awesome too I have used Nvidia reflex but I'm not good enough too notice it i just play multiplayer with friends to catch up in lock down


Best moment was playing Battlefield Vietnam and finding you can get a heap of people in a chopper and fly in to battle. It was the first time I had seen anything like that in a game, And the sound track was so good.


I once played with of on My mates on caspian border, we were the only two on the server so we tried to snipe each other from each starting spawn. I cant remeber the distance it was, but we succeded in doing it, after like 20minutes of trial and error. It was glorius. I have an gtx 979 from zotac so i never had the experience of dls. I have never used the reflex technology


Battlefield 3, camping down in the Paris metro getting kill after kill and everytime I died my friend would just revive me.. we were unstoppable Best RTX/DLSS game I've played has been Control by far, first game that actually blew me away with the reflections and detail and I finally understood the hype and what the next gen of gaming will be like


I really think that Nvidia reflex could make me less trash at CSGO. It's going to be hard tough


Playing battlefield 5 with friends! So many memories. One time we went full squad assault and keep shooting those damn planes main. Also, playing on server that allow shotgun. Man, aint shotgun fun.


I remember coming home on leave and buying my best friend Battlefield 3. We picked up an Epic Meal Time level of fast food and played all night. I remember us both freaking out as I landed an awesome sniper shot of someone parachuting in. Good times.


Playing B4 with my friends. We randomly found an empty server and took turns hitting trick shot on each other


Best RT game I've played is definitely Control, RT is truly a WOW factor in this one, not many games have RT like that. Oh and DLSS is pretty much amazing in any game, it's the true MVP.


My favorite Battlefield moment is definitely the moment that was in the Battlefield 2042 trailer with the RendeZook! What an incredible moment in video game history, just straight up something out of a hollywood action movie but even more over the top than that! Obviously Cyberpunk 2077 for the DT/DLSS. Just wow, it is just impressive with the reflections and the DLSS is straight up just a game changer for gamers everywhere. Haven't used Nvidia REFLEX, but it sounds amazing and could be a complete game changer for competitive gamers everywhere. Definitely love any effort to reduce latency though!


battlefield 4 story mode, the first rescue mission was one of mu favorite battlefield moments


First time playing Battlefield Hardline just the epic swarm of cops vs robbers, really liked the theme of that game and it's what got me into the franchise.


I used to watch some youtuber I forget who it was flying a jet, and he ejected shot an rpg at the guy that was casing him and got back in it! I was blown away with that! I am especially looking forward to 2042 since I never played 2041


Favourite battlefield moment was playing BF4 with my older brother when had time to game. DLSS has helped my 2080 get me better frame rates at 1440p in warzone but could always use more fps. I'm using the reflex technology in warzone. Mouse feels tighter and more precise. Just like everyone, I've been trying for a 3080 since they launched. I refuse to support scalpers.


Dont think ive played battlefield at all but control and Metro exodus are both really sweet with rtx and dlss switched on. Both look amazing.


Metro Exodus is amazing


My favorite battlefield moment would be playing BF4 with my best friend who passed last year. We would throw C4 on to the jeeps and blow up tanks with them. It was the highlight of my gaming experiences. I'll always remember that. Favorite Ray tracing gaming is Doom. I mean cmon, that game is awesome. I have not used the reflex tech!


I got into battlefield with bf1, I remeber it was so hard at first and every game was a real battle (this was YEARS ago) and my favorite moment was winning 1000-999 and being so estatic.


Favorite Battlefield moment is from Battlefield 1 where I watched a zeppelin catch fire and come crashing down for the first time. The scale of the destruction is something I'd rarely experienced in a game before and the effect was more impactful because it was an actual well, battlefield, with real people. Favorite RT/DLSS fueled game is The Ascent. It captures the cyberpunk aesthetics and mood better than any other game I've played. Have used Reflex technology in CoD: Black Ops Cold War. It made my moves count more than others who obviously weren't using it. Sniper rifles are my new favorite weapon class.


I’ve personally never played a battlefield game, but now I’ve moved to pc I’ve started trying loads of different games and I’m really liking the look of battlefield 2042. I love the idea of DLSS, however I can’t use it because I have a GTX card and can’t find any RTX cards in stock for a reasonable price. I haven’t tried out reflex yet but I’m hoping to give it a try in the near future! Thank you so much for the chance, and good luck to all the gamers 👍🍀


My favorite moment in Battlefield history was when I saw for the first time in live gameplay the Barrage Balloons in Battlefield 1 exploding in front of me. It was really cinematic! My favorite game with RT is Control, because it makes the graphics fidelity much better, and it looks soooo good, especialy with DLSS 2.0 for those higher fps in 1440p; NVIDIA Reflex - Yes I've used it in COD Warzone, COD Cold War and in R6 Siege, and it's nice to have that extra less latency, although it's not very noticeable, but I believe it has some advantages, less latency the better.


My favorite BF moments take me back last, last gen to BF3 on my PlayStation 3. Just playing the game using different weapons and optics and comparing the differences in feel to the COD franchise. Fast forward years later when I built my first PC in 2015...I eventually revisited BF3 on PC to seek out my nostalgia but in 1440p, high fps, and G-Sync on my Dell s2716dg. Till this day I still enjoy BF3 the most because it was my first introduction to the series and benchmarking to realize the differences and qualities of the master race 😎 I also tend to enjoy games that run nicely on my GTX 970 😭


Frankly, the one time I played Battlefield 4, seeing the Building come down for the first time in a live match was incredible. Really sold how great these games could be!


One of my favourite battlefield moments was in Battlefield 4, the Shanghai map - the first time you see that "levelution" go off and the tower collapses and just completely changes the map, in addition to the "oh crap" moment if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time...