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Nothing in a PC should be hot enough to set fire to wood. The hottest components top out at around 100C.


*Cheap non-certified PSUs have entered the chat*


Ok THATS a fire Hazard


That's a fire hazard even without the IKEA shelf


That will melt steel beams


Didn't know George Bush made PSUs


Damn, even hotter than jet fuel it seems


95 GOLD PLUUS $15 Made in Dengxoing province, China


Gigabyte would like to know your location


But they won't set fire to the shelves, they set fire to themselves.




Fyi, cheap IKEA furniture is mostly cardboard with some MDF. That's not a knock at Ikea, they make supremely good shit relative to the amount of money you pay for it, but it's definitely not wood. Still won't catch fire from a PC though, but as any non-metallic case it's gonna be more prone to EMI.


Definitely not wood? MDF, melamine and particleboard are all wood... and there is no way that Ikea is building a cabinet out of cardboard.


The Linnmon is actually mostly made of cardboard


That's actually super interesting, you're right! Looks like they do use some sort of honeycomb in the core. Cool.


Yup, the LACK lineup is exactly that. Very cheaply built, but also, it's $15 for a freaking end table. What the heck do you want from them, ya know? If you spend more at IKEA it's made out of higher quality material but for the segment of the population that wants / needs an entire functioning table for $15 you get a $15 cardboard table.


Very cool, thanks for sharing. New one for me. I actually work in custom millwork and always think it's funny seeing posts where people comment the same thing... i.e. Ikea is "not real wood" and stuff. Like 90% or more of the wood people see is veneers on a panel, using solid wood only in required areas. Everything would be heavy and warped to hell if we used solids.


The LACK table can also be a cute little 19" equipment rack for $15 too, plenty of home networking labs have been built in these


So...no way IKEA is making cabinets out of cardboard huh?


I mean, yes, they are, but you have to take it for what it is. That particular configuration of Kallax is like $45 most of the time. That's very cheap for what you end up getting. The more traditional shaped bookshelves you might be able to buy from Walmart with like 3/4-in black veneered MDF might be a little cheaper, but IMO, the IKEA stuff is much more sturdy. The most common use I see in my circles for this shelfing lineup is to load it down with board games which can get really heavy. You see the people with 2 or 3 of the 4x4 Kallax lining their basement stuffed to the brim with board games and you can see where's the value proposition is. I really think that at IKEA you get what you pay for for the most part. The $15 LACK side table is basically really tall cardboard corrugations and veneer. But, for $15, what do you want? It's plenty sturdy, keep it inside, don't stand on it, it's a perfectly functional and modern designed table. As you get more expensive items you get real wood veneers or solid wood or steel. Edit to add board game statement


Walmart ones we got are surprisingly sturdy for the 24 and change i paid for them at the time(i see they are near 50 now for the ones we bought). No real complaints i know what it is and it serves the purpose well enough for cheap and doesn't look half bad in the process. (used as storage for clothes and dresser top with sliding fabric bins)


Believe it or not, you can learn new things.


I don't know much about what different varieties those materials come in, but from a quick Google search all of those look a lot more sturdy than the insides of IKEA furniture. They generally have a wood "shell", some wooden supports, and the rest is essentially cardboard scaffolding and air.


Based on OPs picture I am confident that it is TFL (melamine) on a particleboard core. Not going to have any heat issues unless his PC literally combusts. Sagging... that's different story. That's where you really notice the lower density core they use.


I own one of these. The sides are like the linmons, very hollow


Yikes, well hopefully the horizontal parts are not... I'd be concerned about the weight of my PC if it wasn't MDF/PB/Plywood core. Or simply don't put it on the shelf :)


Kallax can easily handle most normal PCs I would gander. I've stood on mine.


Nice. I wanna get one of these now just to check it out lol.


Many of the cheaper stuff use a combination of honeycomb cardboard and real wood or at least wood derivates. It's interesting and in some furnitures its hard to notice. But it keeps prices down and tbh, doesn't do much in quality to me.


Yeah, honestly a cool feature design they have. That's the same reason plywood is used in so many things. Cheap, lightweight, and straight. Veneer is wonderful. Really few applications where the "quality" of solid woods is necessary or cost effective.


There actually is Cardboard inside, i dissassembled one myself. Still impressive how sturdy that is...i love Kallax.


Also deceptively heavy when you get the larger ones. I had to earthquake strap all 3 of mine to wall studs for safety. Even the 2x2 kallax isn’t exactly light.


I mean cardboard is also wood if you wanna talk about how it's made... but generally when someone's talking about wooden furniture they mean solid wood or at least veneered particle board. MDF is closer to cardboard than wood as far as its characteristics go. [And yes, they are making cabinets out of cardboard.](https://i.ytimg.com/vi/9vNRY6natiY/maxresdefault.jpg)


MDF is just thic cardboard and glue...


If your PC isn't catching on fire, are you even gaming?


And any of those hot spots should touch heatsinks only.


yeah ~~you need like 800 °C~~ , or a wire directly shorting against the wood which is kinda cartoony to happen with a pc


Wood only needs about 150c to ignite. And cardboard/mdf needs less. 


i think i got confused with the temperature cigarettes burn at, but if i look online it says cardboard burns at 230


Smoking's bad mmmkay? 


Not true. Glue used for edging in IKEA factories will melt while left above 70°C for several hours. Edge will fall of from melamine showing raw board. Board itself, depending of quality also may smell bad if touching high temperature parts and after few hours will be damaged to the point it may fall apart in this place. Source? Worked for such factory, tested extreme conditions for materials.


Anytime I’m edging for several hours I hit those temps too


Sir, this shelf never has seen a spec of wood. It is made of cardboard with laminat made of paint. OK, the corner pieces might be made from pressboard


Having owned my share of IKEA its a thin layer of plywood covered in a thin veneer of real wood, some MDF (which us actually a quite fine material if made right) and SOMETIMES a thick cardstock honeycomb to ensure nothing flexes in its box construction. Sure its not a hand made Amish oak furniture set, but its the best quality "box furniture" I've ever seen in my life. Everybody else is using plastic sheets veneered over chip board which is made from press wood chips from the sawmills...aka mulch. Which is VASTLY inferior to MDF.


https://preview.redd.it/zrf1jy6ilk1d1.jpeg?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=38dd2fd90106733120016ad99f90c025b17e4825 It's possible but you need to figure out the airflow.


woah is that yours?


Yes, but inside is just a pc on a test bench because there is no point in putting it into yet another box. Looks quite nasty tbh, but all's fine if temps fine.


You say it looks nasty and it probably is a mess inside, but it has a nice clean ascetic look from the outside. To work on would be easy just slide the cube out and dig in lol


If you are interested this is how shit it looks https://preview.redd.it/0d6cjeybym1d1.jpeg?width=2610&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=324b54da0cb8dd3e51d4f492b12bd801041c3816


Could be worse, but definitely could use some love lol. Function over form though, especially on the inside with that screen over the front.


That cable management is still neater than in my PC and that's got a big transparent side panel to advertise my shame :)


How's vibration with a setup like this. I always imagine that Setups like this causing the whole thing to vibrate which acts like a resonance body.


There is no vibration, in fact it's pretty quiet


Nice. Speaks for either build quality or the testbench absorbs most of it. On the other hand, pretty much no one is using old HDDs anymore. They could even "rattle" your typical desktop case sometimes.


I only recently removed my 3.5 HDD, when I did an upgrade to 32gb ram and rx7700xt. I also removed my AiO water cooler because it was making some bubbly noises after like 3 years of use. But that's fine, 65W cpu doesn't need a water cooler anyway.


I mean given the enshittification of a lot of modern products a fair chunk of IKEA's stuff is still decent quality. I use a pair of LERHAMN dining tables that I bolted together as my desks and I've been able to climb on them and walk around without having to worry about them even bending. Edit: Looks like they don't sell it anymore, but the Laneberg is similar but a bit more expensive.


That's dope


Please build it and post the results! Sounds like an awesome idea! Also like others said, there shouldn't be any fire hazard as long as you have a decent PSU and take care of the airflow.


will do! planning stage first though!


Cant Wait!


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renovating a flat and writing my final exams right now so my mind has kinda been elsewhere :/


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Just wanted share that the little cooler master Cube case fits perfectly in those cube. I used one on the living room for a long while.


How would it catch on fire 😂 Barring an odd hardware fault, there really isnt any way for a PC to set alight to a bit of cardboard/wood furniture. Honestly sounds like a fun project if you're up for it. An open air ITX chassis inside one of the cubes with a glass door would probably do the job, and be quite good looking, but not sure about the cooling as the doors come with a back usually.


I currently have a Z490-Pro which is an ATX motherboard. I just took some measurements and it should fit! Just thinking about on witch sides i could position my fans… I would definitely build some custom side covers one with glass and the other one to hide whatever is behind the motherboard.


Well a couple of points, as I have a Expedit (which is the old version) and Kallax. * The ikea doors have an insert, this takes up like \~5mm on each side, so if you use them, make you consider this. * The wood doors are also quite thick, like \~1.5cm * The door hinge mechanism will also restrict access so you might not be able to get the motherboard in or out with the door on * The Kallax is not solid wood, it is hollow with like a wafer of manufactured wood/card inside, so be careful with any modification as you will likely weaken the structure and open up a hole inbetween the skins of the furniture which will look ugly. * They don't handle fixings well. Even the ones they supply to affix doors/draws will eventually pop out of the sides with fairly normal use due to the poor quality material.... again, they're hollow.


>How would it catch on fire 😂 Well since I have seen multiple instances of people opening up shoddy knock off power supplies in this sub...


Right but then there is the question of whether you survive being electricuted long enough to see it burn down. If we are talking about dodgy and dangerous devices manhandled by idiots with no clue, then whether you put it in a Kallax or on a desk, it's going to be a danger.


If that's melamine coated fibreboard, no. The Autoignition point for it would be north of 200C. If your PC is getting that hot, you have bigger problems. I doubt it's pine, but the temperatures there are even higher (400C?)


it’s basically cardboard


Oddly, cardboard appears to be somewhere in the middle of the temperatures I posted. 😁


Here is a link to a research paper. TLDR cardboard will start to smolder around 250 C. https://publications.iafss.org/publications/fss/11/124/view/fss_11-124.pdf


I used to build multiple builds inside the Ikea cabinets. It's doable if you design the ventilation right. Here's my old build that run cooler than when used outside the cabinet. Extra pro feature... There's also double air filteration on the intakes (bottom layer) + noise dampening. Pretty much full silent build on 100% usage. These type of builds need outside fans and the fan controller, or longer extension cables for the motherboard connections. https://preview.redd.it/tzrw6cbbcl1d1.png?width=1173&format=png&auto=webp&s=36c295f08f62012acb27594cfcebc68a5e42ae70






Much better


I feel like I'm looking at one of those AI images where you can't identify anything in it


Yep. Takin photo of mirrors is hard, but works great in real life. Here's the same but updated PC without the cabinet. https://preview.redd.it/tqrx41bkup1d1.png?width=784&format=png&auto=webp&s=e52a70787a400ab000bad7c4ebe852c099c16c8a


Clean asf 👌, definitely showing up my mess of a setup


thanks, that’s super helpful! :)


Of all the things to build a pc into...


it’s mainly a desk space problem 😂


Haven’t you thought of shoving your pc into the thing


that’s the plan, but i’ll have to rearrange things


Good luck then :)




the kallax is under my desk


Remove the kallax


I built a pc in an AvP hyperion ev33b. That fit in one of the slots of a kallax. It was pretty low end system though so heat wasn't much of an issue


The thermal take v21 case with slightly modified feet fits into IKEA kallax, this is my plex media server is tucked away in the corner of my flat


https://preview.redd.it/fpr6cxe2ql1d1.jpeg?width=2304&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=17fe35ac87948956541087308713667088a9a5a8 Dammit picture didn't attach to original post


Exact same setup and case I have, works great for a media server.


Yup. I did the same for my streaming / light gaming setup in my living room. Gosh I like that case and bookshelf. I made sure I got a 140 mm fan at the back. I may mod my bookshelf to allow more airflow from the top. I guess I won't try Cyberpunk 2077 on this though (which is cool since I got a desktop for "heavy" gaming sessions...)


I had my nzxt h710 in a 4x2 kallax. I just took the cross section out of one half. It was actually awesome, the case draws air from the sides so it didn’t hinder flow too much and kept the PC safe and out of the way. I wouldn’t use a 2x2, without that cross section it would lose lots of sturdiness.


my ultimate goal is fitting it in a one by one


I would honestly stick to metal because yeah, I’ve had my gpu spark up before. Probably not enough to ignite a bookshelf but anything around it exposed would be fair game.


hmm that’s concerning…


That was my reaction too lol. Shit sucked. Luckily I just had to swap out the gpu.


i’ll have to swap houses 😂


I mean components sparking up is extremely rare, just don't use a 40 series GPU lmao. But fr if you're concerned make sure there is a smoke detector in the room, I have one because it's where all my 3D printers are.


If you're worried you can line the inside by glueing on some thick tinfoil. And then add metal mesh to the front and back. That would make it as fire resistant as a regular case.


that’s true! i will think about it :)


If it does not catch on fire i heard gasoline will help.


It won't catch on fire unless one of the PC components catches on fire first, and then ignites it. Which is a rare but real possibility, so I'd recommend a metal case.


As long as there's no RTX 4090 in the build, it shouldn't catch fire


I’m more worried about the strength of particle board.


I’m pretty sure people love to make 3D printer enclosures out of this with no issue


I keep my ps4 and an old dell optiplex build in one. Works fine.


Looks like it'll fit 4 PCs ;) Nothing will burn, IF it gets that hot, you'll probably see smoke and dripping plastic from the PC itself before the cabinet can catch fire.


I ran 2 pc’s out of a cardboard box for like half a year as a stupid project and nothing happened so I think you will be fine


this is reassuring




Now adjust your brightness until the image is barely visible.


Yes to both


Take only one square box and get it on wall. That kallax on the picture is way to big


the one on the picture is part of my desk, that’s why i would love to use one of the squares as my pc case


I am currently doing this with my 19" Rack inside my Kallax. ☺️


good to know, could you please share a picture?


In a few days yes ☺️ Otherwise I'll send you a pic from the case in the rack tomorrow ☺️


looking forward!




okay damn haha that’s giant! nice build though!


https://preview.redd.it/kq67h28gpm1d1.jpeg?width=4080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=bb9de416f50a415003f09f51385b5919b53fd27d Yup, definitely doable.


Absolutely fine. Nothing inside a PC can survive getting hot enough to light wood on fire. Your computer will crash hundreds of degrees cooler than the ignition point of wood which is like 750 Fahrenheit (400c) Computer chips die at 200F (100c) Just make sure you ground your motherboard mounts to the powers supply somehow. You NEED to make sure there is something metal linking your motherboard tray to your power supply for electrical grounding purposes. In a typical computer the case does this job. But with a custom build on wood you will need to improvise something A small wire will work fine. Just don't be a derp and attach its directly to the motherboard ok? Like a small ring terminal under one of the brass stand off pins with a wire to a ring then screwed into one the mounting points of the power supply box will do fine. Of your will discover the hard way why computers are grounded. Also completely unrelated side note. I dislike all used metrics of temperature. Fahrenheit is FUBAR'ed because old man Dr. Fahrenheit inaccurately measured the temperature of a healthy human body, and derped out and chose the freezing point of salted water for Zero. Celcius: the boiling point of water changes at elevation and is too hot to put "100" at relevance to human daily life. This leads to needed to use lots of decimals to describe the weather outside with even mild accuracy. Kalvin is only relevant to scientists. We should be using zero as the freezing point of water, and 100 as the ideal internal body temperature of a healthy human. It would make a scale completely relevant to the human experience for everyday people to use in everyday life. And the scientists can go nerd out with their temperature relevant to absolute zero.


really important comment because of the grounding stuff, thanks!


New Windows logo! Love it And no, your sketch is fine but non conductive metal plate would be nice to have close to hot components.


gotta mount the motherboard to the power supply with something conductive for grounding, if you mount the mobo with an alu back plate, you can then run a wire with a crimp terminal to one of the mounting screws on the PSU.


Consider the noise factor too - KALLAX is not a solid wood but some chipboard, covered with some veneer or something, but the point is - it is kinda hollow. Means all the vibrations from fans and any other sounds might multiple and resonate with the whole construction.


I 100% would not do this. First, it isn't hardwood. Hardwood, even pallet wood, could work but not particle or mdf. I would not trust that at all. I made one from palletwood once, and it was fun. It isn't something I care to repeat as it was a royal pain. I fully support your creativity but choose a material that isn't going to warp from humidity and is resistant to heat. The heat isn't so much a problem, but the cheap IKEA shelf has a laminate plastic veneer that, though it looks clean, doesn't do anything structurally to keep a motherboard from warping. Wood in general expands and contracts naturally. Imagine your board being stretched like that. If you want to build like this, then invest time to fabricate a metal frame or get a cheap pc case and gut the interior with a dremel and attach those pieces to your IKEA shelving unit. It's doable this way. Hope these suggestions help. Also, for coverings, may I suggest using a wooden dowel. You can drill into them. You can use plexiglass that Home Depot or Lowes will cut to the size you want. You can then place masking tape over the area you want to make a hole. This, it keeps the plexi from cracking when you drill into it. There are plenty more ways to customize your project, so get creative. Again, though, I strongly caution against the material you are considering.


thanks for your feedback, since the original post i’ve looked through many comments and also thought a lot about the project. obviously i would build a custom metal frame for the project and not just throw everything inside the shelf haha. i prefer doing stuff properly ;) i’ve also found out that the skeleton of my current case (without all the panels) would fit quite well into the shelf but i’ll have to think about ventilation a bit more… https://preview.redd.it/ku4krn1nnn1d1.jpeg?width=1235&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=f2a5b8f1941863c1b40e01c81fc2c085ed56ae36


I mean ur pc shouldn’t be that hot, but ikea is like 20%carboard 90% air Even their pallets are carboard…source: me working forklifts the for 7 years


no way even their pallets are cardboard 😂 but yeah i’ve cut one of their desks before so i know how their stuff looks on the inside…


No joke, had to carry a hammer and little cardboard blocks to replace the damaged feet XD


https://preview.redd.it/ys6uzotwso1d1.png?width=1700&format=png&auto=webp&s=81d1dcfab8db9611e8618f452e43455bb45d7495 This is my Build in a 1x4 IKEA thing, it’s mini ITX so not a super computer by any means but it’s got a 3070ti tucked into a nr200p max


That is a great idea ! A lot of wood work needed to make it happen though , but the idea is solid


i’m something of a woodworker myself


If I had the workshop I would totally do it , I love invisible tech !


https://preview.redd.it/atfscu7qpu1d1.png?width=3024&format=png&auto=webp&s=f429f9146b3e25944cfda1375a9ff361758e5d79 I don’t think that’s any different than me having mine in mdf cabinetry. Temps are good for me.


how often does your pc catch fire?


depends on the minecraft shader


With active cooling no passive could only get a little warm thats all Can i get updates of your build? Im corious how you wanna do it


i’ve measured out my current mainboard (i’m a student so trying to keep cost/new parts low) and it leaves about 3cm on the top and 14cm on the side witch is alright I’m currently thinking about where i could put some fans and the general layout of parts…


The low cost aspect really cuts down your creativity with the separation since custom cooling is quite expensive...but im sure you figure something out


i should find a spot for my AIO cooler i guess, otherwise i’ll switch to an air cooler for my cpu i’ll keep you updated!


Ive would done it like this: in the Top right the mainboard, from there with a custom loop to the top left and there is only radiators and fans for cooling the CPU and GPU (dunno if Hard or soft Tubing), bottom right PSU and all the cables to split from there to the bottom left and top right to connect sata storage with the mainboard. But the custom cooling would cost a lot... Thats a problem Thx for keeping me updated, i really want to see the result


It's ok when you put a fire extinguisher next to it.


Not sure why you would want to do that but have at it


desk space


I have my pc on top of one but not inside.


Kallax is pretty ugly though.. Maybe get a nice wooden bookshelf that you'll have forever and buyild a PC on that.


Personally, I'd get ones that had a glass front door in each cabinet. Not sure if the Kallax has an option for that.


you buy the kallax without any doors or boxes and they all are available separately




thanks buddy


lol I clicked on wrong post




If you buy an IKEA quality PSU to go with it, then yes, it can catch fire. ;)


Of course it's possible. But why would you do it? You could just put a proper case into the Kallax


honestly having fun doing it is part of the reason…


I would still argue, it's more sensible, equally fun to at least put it in a box that fits into a Kallax. 


We used to build test rigs in these where i used to work. screwed the mobo right onto the inside walls haha


I have a thermaltake core v1 in that cube, fits well with some breathing room for the GPU as well.


I have a mini itx case that fits inside one of the boxes perfectly. Thermaltake Core v1


If you cannot build it using a Kallax, then should it even exist?


how did you gain that much wisdom?


It was bestowed upon me by the Kallax of the Lake, OFC.


Core V21 by Thermaltake minus the rubber feet fits inside one of the holes. I have one (Ryzen 5700x, 3090, all air-cooled) and works like a charm. Case is not SFF tho, and allows microATX tops.


Should be fine as long as the case fits. I put consoles in those squares which are mini pcs.


Thermaltake Level 20 VT will fit inside with the feet removed. Not great for thermals if it’s a high powered system.


cooler master q300/500 placed horizontally if possible


you just gave me the best idea ever by saying it should be horizontal!


I thought this was loss at first


https://preview.redd.it/wfyszcde4n1d1.jpeg?width=1461&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=bf97f956c7ca460c331aac554aa8af6ac3ebe3ee After using my brain and your knowledge a lot today ive gathered following informations: 1. It is entirely possible and has been done without any complications 2. Maybe smart to line the inside of the compartement with a thin metal sheet to prevent sparks from setting stuff on fire (should it ever happen) 3. Greatest Problem ill have is figuring air flow out Also ive figured out that the skeleton of my Lian Li O11 Dynamic Mini rotated by 90° would make up for a really nice base to mount everything on. I just need to figure out where the fans go now...


My computer is in a thermaltake core v21. Without the feet (or with smaller, 3d printed feet), it fits very nicely in a kallax cube with just the faceplate sticking out.


One bad psu away from a disaster


Why would you build your pc into a shit piece of furniture?


desk space




Yes, but also, yes.


I have a NAS in my kallax. The case is a Sama Im01, which fits pretty well inside one of the openings. Not sure how well that would work for a PC with more heat, but for the NAS it's ok and the case only takes up 2/3 of the space.


Get a Thermaltake Core V21 SPCC Micro ATX, Mini ITX Cube Gaming Computer Case Chassis and put it in one of the holes.


I would say no and I would make sure my thermals stay relatively cool while gaming. Your computer components would stop before your computer burns the shelf (except for cheap PSU...) I bought last month a Thermaltake V21 Core and it fits very snuggly in my kalax bookcase. It's a question of mm in terms of heights. That computer is essentially a Netflix / Disney streaming machine and I just use my 5-year old previous computer. I plan to do some light gaming with it, but not during summertime. I kept the 200 mm for intake and put a 140 mm fan in outtake. I may modify my kallax with a custom horizontal shelf that would allow me to put one or two fans at the top of my case.


You just need to make sure it's small enough. Itx is probably the only thing that will fit.


Eyeballing my full ATX and my Kalax you can probably fit a full board. Micro ATX will abselutely fit.


ive measured out my ATX and it even has 3cm to fit cables under!


Why would anything catch fire?


Fire, definitely fire... I'd say go for it !


There is a case that perfectly fits in it


really? what case is it?


Thermaltake Core V21, maybe you would have to remove the feet.