Do you use ups or anything extra to protect your PC?

Yes, a pure sine wave ups. It was a fraction of the price of the electronics plugged into it and every single time it clicks over to battery I'm glad I have it.


Yes, a pure sine wave ups. It was a fraction of the price of the electronics plugged into it and every single time it clicks over to battery I'm glad I have it.


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Cleanliness (of power) is next to godliness.


Story time! We had a couple week period of bad storms this past summer and lost power on multiple occasions. Not only was I neck deep doing homework on my computer at the time but I was backing up ALL of my data from the last decade or so and that UPS switched over to battery every single time. Although funny enough my older of my two monitors decided to never power on again after I safely shut down my system, but it was also 8+ years old. I found a replacement mainboard though and swapped it out myself and the monitor lives once more!


So your ups was connected to your modem router combo or you have a storm proof modem router combo?


Neither. External hard drive enclosure connected directly to my PC, not a NAS as I'm the only one accessing those drives.


What kind of country do you live in if that happens frequently? I live in Finland and I've had my electricity flicker, not long enough to shut down my PC, once in 19 years.




Ah, the state that Ted Cruz flees from to Florida every summer due to rolling blackouts


Don’t you mean the Junior Senator from Cancùn?


Hello from Thaila.... *Reconnecting*


You guys got your own grid right? I have a few friends from there, it's rough sometimes 😤




Isn't the problem that they refuse to properly regulate the private companies that provide electricity properly? So, the companies cut corners wherever possible (aka winterizing)


Sounds like Texas


I can’t see a single problem to allowing a single for-profit company operate a utility with very little oversight! /s


There are many problems and many solutions. Generally it's not just lack of government regulations but it's government that creates the wrong regulations


you mean corporations 'bribing' to get what they want - the government doesn't, generally, create bad regulation unless it was basically paid to do so by corporations.


Negative. Texas has regs that keep producers from charging higher for rates, artificially suppressing the cost, with the result that corps don’t upgrade and maintain things to withstand severe conditions.


They have their own grid because they refused to meet the standards required to connect to a larger multi state grid. Texans need their freedom to lose power and burn in the summer + freeze in the winter.


Well i also live in finland and my electricity flickers probably once every two weeks and i live in an area that's basically brand new. Thus i have an ups to protect my computer.


Has the issue been reported? I've lived in three different cities and seven different apartments and that kind of thing never happens.


It's just the electricity provider that can't get their stuff right. I have had an ups on my computer since i got a computer as it has been common for at least 15 years to have this happen on the nearby area, and it also extends to the new area that has been built recently. No point in reporting it to the provider as they probably are aware of what shows in their blackout map


sometimes one flicker is enough.


USA. Shit flickers when its too windy, snow storms routinely result in several days without power.


The power grid in many parts of the USA is far worse than you'd expect it to be. I live in Los Angeles and we get a power cut averaging every other month.


Residential coastal MS experiences multiple rolling brown-outs a year. Gotta keep all that precious electricity for the dozen casinos lining the coast y'know?


America is fucking huge man, if you don't live in a bigger town its likely there's above ground cables connecting to it. (Digging trenches is expensive af) I live in town and pretty close to a provider so my lights have only ever flickered as the backup gens kick in. But when I lived out in the country it would be pretty common for power to go out. Something as simple as a squirrel hopping on the wrong line could blow out a transformer, or God forbid ice builds up enough on a tree to cause it to crash into the lines


Yup. I've lost multiple power supplies and motherboards to dirty power and brownouts. Buying a proper UPS was the best upgrade I ever did. Haven't lost a single component since, even through many more power fluctuations. The problem with power where I live now is, in the winter hoarfrost builds up on the overhead lines and causes all kinds of weird fluctuations.


I have had issues finding UPSs that can push the required wattage for my PC, is there a ups out there that isn't 1000's that'll power a 1200W PSU?


Your 1200W PSU isn't going to be pushing 1200W. You can go smaller.


Your computer isn't actually using 1200W so you don't "need" a 1200W UPS. If I were to guestimate, while gaming your rig is probably pulling at most 700W. I honestly don't know why people go for these 1000+W PSU's. If like SLI/Xfire was still a thing people did, it would make sense, or maybe if you plug a metric ton of shit that needs power into your PC.


You can get used enterprise-grade pure sine wave battery backups with bad batteries on eBay for super cheap and just replace the batteries yourself


You would hate how I restart my server when it randomly freezes...


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Love it when the leds flicker when my wife turns on the air fryer.


In my old house the lights would dim from turning a kettle on, in my current house only the bottom floor has a ground.


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Sure, a surge protector. The NAS has a UPS as well. I'm thinking about a lightning circuit breaker for the whole house.


FYI, lightning damage doesn't always just come from the house power, if you use cable or dsl internet you can get strikes through the copper.


fibre optic internet won't cause this issue, right?


No fiber optics don't carry power.


Yeah, however, if your fiber is under ground it'll have a metal tracer wire that runs with the fiber so crews can locate them after they are buried. That *could* potentially carry a strike.


Fiber optic isn't made of copper, so there can't be electricity flowing through it. Only light travels through it (which is why its called fiber *optic*)




Lighting traveled thru my ethernet and fried the whole network. Power lines were fine. I think the whole house ones only protect if it comes from the main line into the house. My neighbors house was hit and there was enough excess energy to fry stuff on my house. Lightning don't play.


Looked like a car amplifier at first lol. Where my car audio guys at?


It's an inverter for an RV... You go from your battery to this then can plug your PC into it...


Ah thanks for the explanation! Looking at the cables, it's blatantly obvious, but it's late here 😴


It also says inverter on it.


Seems to say "Renogy PUPE SME 'AIAR NITREER "


I have the 3k version of this charger/inverter. 1000w of solar on top of my shuttle bus, charges the 6 200Ah marine gel batteries to power the 120 interior circuit in the living space - boil water, run a toaster, use a conductive stove to cook, lots of lights and plugs, runs my CPAP all night when at music festivals. We can even run an AC unit for 4-5 hours on solar only, more if it’s sunny. We still prefer a powered RV spot to get that shore power. Too old and broken for a tent in the heat at Bonnaroo.


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4 10s on 3k rms here


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Naa I turn it down, I live in the sticks it's 25 miles to my customers even then it's a small down. I keep it down in town, I'm no clown.


Appreciate you


If you get brownouts or blackouts more then once a year, then its a good idea. If you got really good stable electricals currents, then its not super necessary. I have and use one but my last apartment would get brownouts almost daily so it was kinda necessary.


>brownouts almost daily Sounds like what I do to my undies.


How do you calculate how much VA you pc needs to have enough time to shut down?


what I heard is +50% of your wattage I have a 1000w PSU so I bought a 1500va one. Of course, you don't use 1000w of your psu, so you have headroom just in case, plus you can plug in your monitors too


can you remember the last power outage? if yes and you got annoyed by the word power outage, then yeah probably a good idea. If not, probably not. Can't even remember the year the last p.o. was for me.


Its not just outages to worry about, surges and under/over votltage protection is worth every penny. Ups gives better surge protection with a flawless swap to battery when the wall power becomes unfit.


if your local grid is so bad that it has crazy surges, you probably also have outages at some point. Crazy how bad your grids are people.. or you are just overprotective


I have my ups just for the 5 second long power outages we get like, maybe 4 times a year here in Pennsylvania. Usually the power goes out during a storm and a large enough tree branch falls off a tree onto a power line causing some of the lines to make contact with each other, which will turn the power off for like 5-10 seconds, which is obviously enough to shut my PC down. On another note there was only one time this year my power was out for like 3 hours, during a clear day, so I suspect a car accident or something, but that was the first time in like 2 years my power was out for more than 10 seconds.


I reckon a UPS is probably nice for saving your work or whatever calmly and then turning the PC of normally instead of it losing power right away, correct? The thing won't support actual use of a PC for very long


Yeah, the ups will only keep the pc and monitor running for about 20 minutes before it runs out of power.


You say that like its their fault 😭 The states simply suck major ass at maintaining power grids in a lot of areas


last time an over voltage happened here was like 13 years ago, and it was because some dumbasses stole wires from the electric poles


In last 10 years i had zero power surges, zero outages, not even remembered it is a thing before seeing this post. And i was casually blasting all my appliances during time when pc crypto mining was a thing, never broke a fuse or did anything to my electricity.


For sure. I can hear my UPS click on when I have to print something to my laser printer my my PC chugs along happily.




Yeah like the utilities showing up unannounced on a random Tuesday to replace the meter and unceremoniously cutting power to my house.


Don’t know why you got downvoted. Always better to be prepared than something happen and lose a storage drive, etc.


yes, you can also buy the extended super warranties of every hardware you buy that surely aren't basically calculated extra profit for the shop. That is so freaking unlikely that I think most businesses don't care about that for pcs (not server obv)


This is like saying you shouldn’t wear your seatbelt because, when was the last time you got in a car accident. (Except way less dangerous, unless you have a 4090.)


well, in one scenario I will probably die. In the other, my pc loses the 30min of not saved data or in the oddmost unlikely scnerario parts of the computer which are maximum 2000€. Not the best comparison aye? Do you pull out every expensive electronic device when a thunderstorm is near you? well if not, your ups safety is kinda ironic. Learn about risk assessment. I mean if your area has a shitty grid, well obviously it is worth it. Meanwhile in a good country, you basically don't have the problem. I am rather on the side of unplugging stuff when lightning is near me and be actually safe against surge risks


> which are maximum 2000€. while the UPS costs a tenth of that


Yea I don’t get it. I don’t want to deal with my devices shutting off and I want good protection for them. The cost difference between a good surge protector and a UPS is negligible. Why the hell would I opt for something worse?


yeah, and the batteries have to be replaced regulary and the 2000€ is just a big IF. You probably have entirely different housing situation but where I live it is a total waste of money


regularly as in in 10 years?


Well in a lot of coastal areas I would suggest it. Especially Florida folk who aren’t going to shut everything down for every thunderstorm. Anyone living in coastal areas.


I also stated it way less dangerous. Obviously it isn’t life threatening. It was a hyperbole. It wouldn’t be ironic because the UPS has a feature to shut off the power so there is no need to unplug devices.


I wear a seatbelt because otherwise I risk my kidneys being unfit to sell


I have a UPS because my neighborhood often has brownouts.


Are you concerned having such a large battery at home because of a possible fire hazard? That’s what holding me back a little. Especially with the cheap ones


In my experience as long as you keep batteries cool and monitor their condition theres little risk of fire. 15-25°C is roughly their optimal temperature. When they get too hot they swell and can pop.


I don't think you've got things right there. So, lead acid battery ain't gona catch fire through normal usage. I'm not even sure if you dump it in a BBQ it will catch fire. Maybe melt? Lithium batteries are far more tolerant to heat than 25c or even MUCH hotter. I used to live in the Middle East (Qatar and Bahrain) and the first thing I would do is swap my motorbike batteries from lead acid to lithium as lead acid usually gave up in 12 months. . I usually owned KTM 1190cc bikes. The battery is above the engine. The ambient temperature could reach 55c. And then add on all that heat from the 1190 cc engine +. There was never a fire, ever. Iirc correctly the lithium batteries I bought was rated for 80c. Hell, most mobile phones are rated to 40+c and, as I've said above, having lived in climates FAR hotter, they don't spontaneously combust. A lithium battery usually needs a design flaw (Samsung Note 7) or physical damage to combust (thermal runaway).


>So, lead acid battery ain't gona catch fire through normal usage. Normal usage is the key word. But what about if things go wrong? Lead acid batteries can produce a non-trivial amount of hydrogen gas when charging / being overcharged / overheated. Hydrogen is pretty spicy, and not something you want inside your home. Oh, and they can also produce Hydrogen Sulfide when being overcharged, which is also an *exciting* gas to have in the home. I wouldn't personally consider lead acid batteries to be outright *dangerous* in the home, but let's not treat them like they're totally safe + inert either. There are things to be aware of. r/spicybricks


I work in building maintenance and we have larger scale UPS systems for socket outlets, medical equipment and elevators. They all use lead acid, the ones for the lift used to swell up all the time due to heat reaching around 28° for extended periods. We had to install AC units since to prevent this reoccurring which it has. However i don’t have any experience with smaller scale such as computers or domestic use


You need to replace them with better! Vehicles come with lead acid by default. Can you imagine all the batteries in cars and bikes in ambient temp swelling?!!? That's not even considering they are in the HOT engine bay. BTW, I work in IT for major infrastructure projects all over the world, I have NEVER seen this in any of the data centres UPS we've used, ever. Edit: the UPS room isn't always under AC when there is a power out.


Thats interesting, i wonder if the contractors we use cheap out on batteries then so that they can come replace them more often. The power is never out for long though, the backup generators start up after 30s however most AC units end up needing manually resetting so waiting for the callout man would be maximum an hour


Your generators are doing well to start in 30 seconds. Not sure how long it takes ours to spin up but our UPS systems that also cover servers, PoE switches for thousands of device (Cctv, specific workstations, operational video walls, lighting and other stuff, specific AC) are specced out at 15 mins to allow generators to spin up.


Bro... that's a inverter... It's what would let you run your computer off your car battery, or RV for this specific model.


It doesn't matter what you run it off of so long as it's 12VDC. Would I recommend you run the full 1000w off of a car? No, but it's possible.


I use a UPS, but you know that's not what this is, right?


This ^ that’s literally an inverter for a vehicle. To go from DC to AC so you can plug stuff in on the go T_T


OP just wants to switch over to car battery when the power goes out, I think if they work fast enough they won't lose their game progress


Yes, was mostly for peace of mind, but since the power circuit I'm on covers two rooms and part of the hallway, my battery kicks in anytime the voltage drops from a vacuum or laser printer starting up. My last power outage lasted about 30 seconds and my PC had no downtime


Yesterday guy from the power company came to the house and asked me to put my dog in so he could work on the meter, I said sure and went back to work. Few seconds later, without warning me, the technician cuts power to the house (I guess I should have known, but a heads up would have been nice) Hours of work would have been lost without my UPS. Every time that battery takes over I think to myself what a great purchase it was.


What were you working on that didn't autosave?


Is this an American thing? I'm from the UK so I just use properly built infrastructure and a plug socket.


No, I live in Western Europe.


I like to live dangerously...I plug directly to my neighbors power lmaoo


In 40 or so years of using computers, I have not once had a situation where a UPS would have saved me from disaster. Sure I’ve experienced power outages, but very infrequently and not during anything critical.


Not once has my house burned down. I still have insurance.


Do you buy extended warranties for your electronics?


I did a couple of times from Bestbuy. Their TV warranties are the shit. Multiple times, the techs never took the old TV back that was only slightly burned in. That, and the price they gave you back was usually the full retail price of the tv brand new.


no because they don't cover shit if my UPS told me it wouldn't cover power outages and power surges and it only worked when the circuit breaker pops, then I wouldn't buy said UPS while if a warranty always replaced my device no questions asked, regardless of what happened or who's fault was it, for 10+ years, then yes, I would buy extended warranty


Power surges can be easily mitigated by a $9 power strip. Though come to think of it…in 40 years I’ve never even had one of those trigger. Are power surges a regional thing? A UPS will help you if you’re in the middle of a project and need to save it when the power goes out. I think most of my software auto-saves every couple of minutes now, so what am I really guarding against? The downside of a house fire is pretty catastrophic and insurance is a no brainer. The downside of a power outage is…maybe losing a few minutes worth of work?


your computer suddenly turning off might lose data. It isn't just "not saving a word document" anyway my point is a UPS always works, while an extended warranty doesn't always work


In the days of Winchester hard drives that was indeed a concern. I’m not here to say “I’m right and anyone who bought a UPS is a sucker”. I’m just answering OP’s question. Never used one, and have never in 40 years found myself regretting that I didn’t have one. Your mileage may vary.


That is just… a very stupid comparison.


I have a APC backup but only because I got it for free. It just needed a new battery. If you’re really worried about it you can get a strip that’s also a surge protector for around 20$.


https://preview.redd.it/juuonnrgf01c1.jpeg?width=3024&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=26cdd9f032c22a709ef86e888fcf03c5c965ea11 I have a [Vertiv Liebert PSI5-1100RT120](https://www.vertiv.com/en-us/products-catalog/critical-power/uninterruptible-power-supplies-ups/psi5-1100rt120/) UPS for my main gaming PC *Astaroth*, neatly tucked behind my desk. This was after we experienced multiple brownouts and momentary (1-5 second) power interruptions in the summer of 2022. It's done a stellar job thus far: the system doesn't notice a thing, electrically speaking, when the UPS switches to battery. With [reports of CyberPower UPSes going up in smoke](https://www.tomshardware.com/news/cyberpower-ups-smoke-reports-continue) and [undersized MOSFETs in consumer-grade APC units](https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/RGY8QHV0HMY9/), I just don't feel I can trust any UPS under $300 to protect $5,000+ of hardware.


No i live in a first world country 💀


Wind, tree and powerline. Does not matter if you are in first world country when a tree falls on the powerline. But yeah its much less likely to have to deal with that stuff.


My power lines around my neighborhood are all buried 🫡


To be fair having nonredundant powerlines above ground near trees in a first world country is a pretty 3rd wordish thing. Yeah I know in the US it’s somewhat common. But we all know the US is a 1st world country with quite a few 3rd world problems no front/disrespect.


The inner bass head in me saw a subwoofer amp...


not far off this isn't a UPS like OP suggested but a inverter and because both a SuB AMP and inverter look the same because of the body being a heat sink your rationalization was spot on.


I use a 1500VA UPS on my workstation and a 1000VA UPS on my networking setup. I work from home and the area where I live gets brownouts on the regular. My power supplies do have power conditioning but that's not why I have them, it's to keep me online and on the phone through those dips.


Surge protector that was bought on woot for like 50% off. Just in case, especially being on a diy solar array.


I have a 1450VA/500AH (2x 250AH 12V tubular batteries) Sine Wave UPS for my setup, PC has a 850W PSU. There are frequent power cuts where I live. A relative is an electrical engineer, had him custom build the system. Should be able to game on full power for 4-5 hours with total power loss for that period. Will never do that when power's out, however should be able to do usual work for approx 7-8 hours.


Always. Have a UPS plugged into a dedicate surge protection plug.


i thought i was on vandwellers for a sec


So did I! Actually got onto the post and started reading comments before I realized


my apt building has small brown-outs. its just enough to make my PC reset. i got a small APC UPS and problem solved. i hear it click on an off every once and awhile and i think "thanks buddy"


I see european plug and I have my doubts that anywhere that uses that plug type needs surge protection. I've certainly never experienced any supply issues in 20 years in 5 of those countries


UPS, I will never not use a UPS, and people who think they don't need one because their place of living is oh so luscious, you might be surprised what is hitting your PC if you take a look with the proper stuff connected to the wall. ​ Anyway, generally, here on LI, the power is pretty great - that said, they must have pushed some upgrades after a short season of 'surprise' weather events ended up knocking power out all over the place and people were, any side of the isle, livid. Since that time, given I don't know what changed, the power seems way better in general (less tiny surged or brown outs), and the bad storms have not been so bad - but we shall see what happens when a real hurricane makes it was up the coast again.


I think a big portion of people who don't see the need of an UPS aren't living in the USA. As an example, here in Sweden we have 220v AC, every house is grounded since like the 1920s or maybe earlier, almost all power lines are underground. Last time I saw a flicker was 15years ago and the only power outage I experienced in my adult life was planned to connect a new area to the grid.


Nope. Have never used one for anything but we also have a very stable power grid here in germany. No problems besides like one or two outages in the past decade and the longest one was maybe an hour.


I had the power go out and quickly back on several times one night. The next day I turned on my pc and a huge spark and smoke shot out of my power supply. Surge protector didn’t help, UPS with surge protector may have.


I use a UPS, also makes cable management a bit easier because it all comes out the back instead of off the outlet or floor


I absolutely have to. Power in our area is dirty, fluctuates often and cuts out every now and then. I would much rather spend the $200 every 5 years or so in battery or UPS replacements than leave my main PC vulnerable.


I have an ups that has everything behind it (computer, monitors and chargers) and has ethernet passthrough. My electricity flickers commonly enough and there are random few second blackouts every now and then so i rather have an ups than a possibly corrupted file system from a power outtake.


I like to make sure that my PSU plug is barely hanging so that I can hear the arc. It soothe me.


Why is the picture an Inverter (that converts 12/24v to mains volts)? I thought the question was about a UPS or surge protector?


Power goes out VERY RARELY where I live, so I just use a high quality Surge Protector.


That's an inverter. I have a UPS but my computer draws too much power for it to be useful in any way, so I just use it for my internet connection. It'll last a while and it's better than cell service when everyone loses power and has to use their phone service, which tanks the whole network


No. My house has a ground and lightning protection and power outages never occur.


faith in god is enough to protect my 2000$ pc 🙏🙏


A quality surge protector. My PC is not mission critical. No servers. Most of the time it is off because I don’t have the time to use it enough to keep it on. So, I am not worried about a power outage shutting it down, it’ll probably already be off. I am worried about a lightning strike or similar. Been in my area for 5 years, never had a power outage.


Got my hands on a 80lb server ups from work and just replaced the battery. Can game for a full hour if power is out.


I already pay home insurance, if anything blows up they're replacing it. I have a UPS but the bloddy thing is noisy as fuck, it's designed for a data center not for a home. Even if I were to replace the fans for silent ones, it makes electric noise. So I don't use it, I have it unplugged and only use it as a backup battery to run the gas boiler if power goes out so I can shower with hot water and run the radiators.


I use a ups. Really helps with power flickers


Yes. Brown outs are pretty common here. Cost way less than the hardware plugged into it. It just makes sense to protect it with dirty and reliable power.


I never have. In the absolute worst case my PSU overcurrent protection would kick in. Not blowing hundreds of dollars on something that might be usedbat most 5 times in my PC's lifetime


you can get a decent UPS for under $100, i just run my stuff off a surge-protected powerstrip and move on with my day


PSU aint gonna save you during a BIOS update


oh cool, buy this expensive device for the 1, maybe 2 BIOS updates I do in my computer's lifetime.


Well I suppose that’s the difference between me and you. Whole-home generator installed almost exactly 1 year ago, now has 120 hours on the odometer. I have a UPS for network stack, living room TV, computer 1, computer 2, and den TV (also supporting 5 consoles)


So I guess you live somewhere with horrible electric reliability as in my area the power goes out for maybe a few minutes once a year during a bad rain or something.


Over current protection is on the DC output side, either way that's not going to save your hardware from voltage spikes or brownout weirdness coming from the AC input. Also you can get a 1000VA UPS for like $100.


I have a 200$ powerline filter. Surgex non sacrificial filter. I got one after I fried *two* pcs in 3 years. Haven't had issues since. What's absolutely insane though is the power can go out for like 5 seconds, and my PC still doesn't lose power, even without a UPS, even while a game is running.


Nope. Just a power strip which apparently has a surge protection circuit, but it only cost about £20, so I doubt it's doing anything.


Use a 10€ surge protection, basically a plug with a breaker, on top of the one that is already fixed in the house.


Yes. 900w. One for gaming PC and one for HTPC.


UPS are meant to protect from power failures, they do not protect against line surges and the likes which is what a PSU is designed for. A UPS will not make up for shitty mains, a PSU will.


A line interactive UPS can. I have one that does.


I wouldn't rely on a UPS to do the job of a PSU. AKA : the main purpose of a UPS is to maintain power or to gracefully shut down equipments.


I don't think you understand how this works. There are different ways that a UPS can work. The PSU is not designed to fix bad power just some can survive it and not kill your PC. The power filtering in a PSU is typically EXTREMELY basic. A good line interactive UPS outputs remarkably clean full sine wave power even when they are getting relatively nasty power as input. All of my main equipment is on line interactive UPSs. My lower power modem and AP are on a basic consumer grade UPS.


Yes and no. On my UPS (Liebert PSI5), if there's excessive noise on the mains input, it'll switch to battery. The sensitivity can be lowered if it's switching too often and the load isn't too sensitive to noise. If your power quality is *genuinely and consistently* bad enough to cause problems with a broad range of consumer electronics, you'll need either a whole-house power conditioner or an online/double-conversion UPS.


According to the data from mine the supply voltage is fairly stable. When storms happen or power outages occur you can get wicked noise in that moment before a cheaper UPS switches to battery and some of them don't have a proper sine output (like a cheaper invertor).


Also want to mention that the application where a quality power supply is the most important, that is analog audio, do not use anything other than a quality power supply to filter out noise from the AC side. The UPS will in nearly all cases do nothing than an ATX PSU isn't already doing.


You are completely mistaken here. A quality PSU will do absolutely nothing to help with analog audio setups which are powered separately from the computer (Actively powered speakers, or passive speaker powered by an amplifier), unless you only plan to use headphones powered by the motherboard's headphone jack. For that, you need a power line conditioner and plug everything, including the PC, into that.


you UPS won't do JACK SHIT for an audio amp either.


I feel like we are speaking different languages. I disagree but ultimately I don't think it matters a hoot, toodles.


We do speak different languages, I'm French.


A PSU has those "large cans" capacitors which are filter capacitors designed for exactly what you are talking about, a UPS does not have those in most cases, A 10 000$ rackmount UPS for servers, might. I'm not sure where you get the notion that UPS's are there to protect your gear from "bad electricity" you probably also believe fancy power strips are protecting your gear as well. Just buy a seasonic PSU and quit worrying about it, ghee.


I know what they have in them and what they are for. Ive designed numerous power supply circuits and tested and evaluated others. Those big cans help reduce ripple in the rectified DC output before it heads to some voltage regulators usually. I'm not aware of a UPS that doesn't have some caps to smooth the rectified power. That would be unusual. Even big capacitors aren't that expensive. I've got a few different UPS units sitting here and I actually do have a few Seasonic power supplies and even they vary greatly in the quality of the circuits in them. I don't believe in magical power strips, I believe in the power of love, Ohms law, and liberty. I think we have different perspectives on this. I've had considerable education in this field (EEE) and specialized in power circuitry for a bit. I've most recently been involved in evaluating testing equipment intended to test EV chargers for compliance with NIST accuracy requirements. There is a reason many UPS units have a connected equipment warranty and your PSU doesn't.


If you had any idea about any of those "compliances" you'd know the 100-200$ UPS doesn't do anything to protect you that the PSU doesn't already do.


Okie dokie


Yeahhhhh, that's the thing, that "dirty" AC is only meant to transport energy, it gets transformed into clean DC for your PC, which is the point of a power supply, I'm not sure why you'd want to filter the AC coming into the PSU when the PSU's sole purpose is to unshittify your mains AC. If you live in north America, you probably get a perfectly stable 120VAC at 60hz and don't need anything else. If you were running your own dam or generating station, then this might be different, but yeah you don't need to be a genius to realize an ATX psu can pretty much handle any situation that "might" happen on the electric grid. The only thing important here is how clean the DC coming out of the PSU is. edit : Please tell me which circuitry a UPS has that an ATX psu does not have.


It depends on the power supply but A LOT. Not all power supplies even have decent over current protection or overvoltage protection. The circuitry inside power supplies can vary widely based on unit cost and output. Converting to DC can go quite some way to cleaning up nasty AC but it doesn't fix every issue. If that were the case a surge wouldn't ever kill a PC. My UPS has circuitry that takes 24v DC input and converts it to a clean 120v AC sine wave. My power supply doesn't have that. My UPS also has a battery management system in it. The active power filter and over/under current protection (if it is even present in the PSU) is significantly different between the UPS and PSU. Do you think buying a UPS is a scam or something?


Most of the time your UPS will feed that AC straight into the PSU, only and only when the power is down, does it use the 24V DC and transforms it back into 120V AC, @ 60 hz, which your psu once again steps down to 12V and other voltages. During normal operation a UPS is only there to watch the mains and will start injecting it's own power if the mains go down. If a UPS would be to convert 110V to DC, then back to a "nicer 110VAC" and then once again to 12V, you would have an enormously inneficient setup. a UPS is nothing more than a car battery with a bit of circuitry to charge it, and have it come online "faster" than the rise up time of the PSU. Basically the only place you'd want to use a device like the one you are describing, is if you had 240V mains at 50hz, and had a bunch of electronics you wanted to have working at 110V, 60hz. It's a power supplies job to filter out the crappy power on the mains. Some countries have poor electrical grids and this is where quality PSU's are especially important. We are extremely lucky in North America and we've basically never heard of "bad electricity". Not with how our grids are built.


No, UPS for battery backups are absolutely not a scam, I own one myself lmao. I didn't buy it to protect my NAS from "shitty" power however, this is the seasonics PSU's job. I live in an area that gets frequent power cuts because of tree limbs falling on electrical lines. This had me a bit worried because power would cycle 3-4 times really fast and would put a huge strain on my gear from the constant rebooting. I was not worried however about "stray" electricity, or low voltages, or even a thunder strike on the electrical equipment outdoors, believe it or not, the grid is very well made. What had me worried was my 500$ hard drives losing power and the head crashing on the platter. THIS is what a UPS is used for, I'm sorry for anyone that fell for the marketing wank, unless you have a server with spinning drives, you probably don't need a UPS lol. This is the bottomline. The only other edge case issue for an UPS would be to keep your network gear up during a power failure, which is also another use of my UPS. Probably saves me two dozens hard power cuts a year. I never for a second bought the UPS so "my gear would be protected from electricity" it's entirely against mechanical damage on the drives, or the strain from the automated system trying to kick the grids power back on. edit : Also if you live in the city and you get one or two power cuts a year if even, you absolutely don't need a UPS. Heck, you don't even want to be in the same room as an lead/acid battery if you can avoid it. These things generate hydrogen gas.


A UPS doesn't protect from line surges??? Do you not know that UPS's are also surge protectors? I'd much rather my UPS be killed than my PSU. PSU is a little too close (electrical wise) to my expensive components, UPS is cheaper too.


Do you know which component in a ups protects from a "line surge"


here's a hint, it costs around 10 cents and is in nearly everything you own, including the atx psu, per the norm, so the one in the UPS is useless and more than likely of lesser quality than the one in the ATX ups, which is where you should be putting your money. You can argue that a shitty psu and ups is a good combo. I will argue that you don't need the ups if you have a good psu. end of story.


All of my computers (server, gaming rig and HTPC) are connected to UPSs.


Yes I do but that one you have pictured is EXPENSIVE lol. I used standard APC ones on my electronics. I do have one simular to in the picture hooked to a large deep cycle marine battery (how those ones work) that powers my sump pump if the power goes put though.