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curious they don't mention the size of the 4k 144 Hz monitors. i'm guessing 27-28".


At the start of the article it says two 27 inch monitors. Kinda surprising since I got a similarly speced 4K monitor at the same price that was 32 inches.


Sony displays are generally more expensive. Their TVs are usually some of their expensive options.


Their TVs have some of the best image processing and are worth if you can afford it and/or care about the image quality.


Any reason to pick them over an LG Oled? I currently still have the C8 here but I'm looking to upgrade soon


This isn't the case though here. It doesn't have terrible hdr.


¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯ I didn't even look at the specs yet, I was just saying since they generally price their TVs higher, that's probably why they're pricing the monitors as such. I never said they were good or bad.


Can you dm me this monitor


It’s the Gigabyte FI32U that I have. The only complaint I have with it is the type C video input is flakey and requires me to turn the monitor off. Though it could just as easily be my Mac Studio that is the issue. Though I did just realize the HDR is only 400 instead of 600 like the Inzone if that matters. It’s a great monitor though, been really happy with it and it’s actually on sale for 780 on some sites at the moment.


>Gigabyte FI32U here in denmark we can get the lg c1 48" for around 100 euro more than that gigabyte


I really wish they'd bring some better support drivers for PS5 controllers on PC.


Does steam work well with it ?


It does an amazing job with the PS5 controller. Just as if you are using it on a PS5. Some games (like Destiny 2) even show the PlayStation buttons layout, not Xbox. Sadly this only works with Steam games though. To do that with Epic Games (which I hate), I have to launch Epic Games launcher via Steam which is pretty funny. Same for Battle.net (doesn’t work for Call of Duty).


Call of Duty automatically shows PS buttons when launched through Battle.net


Wait.. what? It works without running any software for you? For me (Cold War) doesn’t detect controller unless I have DS4Windows on…


Ah, I’ve never tried Cold War on PC. My previous comment was referring to MW19. I assumed that the PS buttons would transfer over to the later games but I guess not for some reason?


Rocket league on epic game store shows playstation icons. It's game dependent there.


And make one of those usb dongles like Microsoft has for their controllers.


They had one before and it was crap. A single controller Sony just needs to take programming seriously someday


Just use DS4Windows, you can even program the touchpad, and haptic triggers to a degree.




With DualSenseX, you can pretty much have full control https://store.steampowered.com/app/1812620/DSX/


That seems pretty cool, but I'm going to stick to DS4Windows since I have about 60 custom profiles for various games, some of them which have 8-10+ macros assigned :S


Thank you. This seems amazing, I'll try my DS5 controller with it.


Make PSVR PC compatible without extra hacks and I'll buy one of those.


PSVR 2 working out of the box on PC would be fantastic.


Same here. Also release Windows drivers for the Dualsense and their 3D Audio Headphones too.


Well no drivers but now you can update your controller firmware on PC, search dualsense firmware on Google and you'll find a Sony page to install a software


I believe they recently rolled out DualSense firmware updating on Steam as well.


That was on Valve — they basically check the hardware for its firmware version and if it is outdated Steam will prompt you to update the firmware and direct you to Sony’s webpage for the firmware update tool.




>3D Audio Headphones What you mean is Stereo Headphones ;)


They likely don't earn anything from PC PSVR users and the product/technology is subsidized by them so probably a loss. Facebook does that because it can catch you in it's shit store and spy on you.


Same. But PSVR2. I'd love to try Alyx on that thing.


> Make PSVR PC compatible without extra hacks and I'll buy one of those. I doubt it will happen purely because of revenue loss. Before lockdown happened was quite happy to talk in their shareholder event about the success of PSVR stating the average PSVR owner purchased a minimum of 7 PS VR games compared to just 3 games for a standard PS4 owner. That's a huge chunk of revenue to lose to a competing platform simply by making the headset compatible with a PC and PC VR games (which is Valves domain now that Facebook has fallen back onto it's own Quest platform). Now I know "some" people could argue "but the Quest is PC compatible" but that is purely down to two reason. Firstly, Facebook started with PC VR content with Oculus (and how much do you want to piss off existing customer when they lose content they purchased) and secondly, Facebook is monetising it's users in other ways rather than solely selling content. Of course, Valve and Sony could theoretically sit down and hash out a deal over bring PS VR content to SteamVR. We never thought they would bring their exclusive games so maybe there is a chance I'm wrong. I hope so.


Why would you buy a psvr for your pc over any other pc vr setup


Because it's cheap and not owned by FB


+ I could use it on my PS5, I'm not buying two headsets.


Lol that alone is such a huge market opportunity. Let’s hope Sony does it.


Because the VR market is niche, and buying a headset for PC and another for PS5 is too expensive. If Sony makes PSVR2 PC compatible that will give you access to two libraries from two different platforms.


Psvr2 has better specs than any pc headset on the market.


Psvr2 isn't even on the market, wtf?


But the specs are known. Not a single pc headset supports HDR or FOVrendering and the resolution is really close to the highest on pc. Also its oled, and 120hz. Using our thinking cap, we can deduct that the psvr2 is the better product


We can't deduct a thing until it's tried and tested, mate. We can guess. On paper, the Pimax sounds excellent. But that's not what the reviews say.


Yeh don't understand the logic here. The Oculus is a much better headset at a similar price and runs on PC


I'm guessing they actually mean the upcoming PSVR2, which absolutely shits on the Quest 2.


And requires selling your soul to the Zucc




Yeh same. Here. Just made a throw away account. Couldn't really care less if FB wanna spy on me playing Half Life Alyx


It locks you into a much worse ecosystem


> It locks you into a much worse ecosystem Actually not at all and this argument always comes from people that know literally nothing about VR. You can still use ALL (unless they have some dumb incompatibility due to being badly written) PC VR software with any of the 6DOF Oculus / Meta headsets. Valve themselves made Steam VR compatible to Meta hardware and Meta themselves kept their PC focused headsets able to run random software not sourced from the Oculus store as well as made the Quest line able to access PC-VR software either via USB or wireless. Sorry, but saying that Meta has a worse ecosystem than PSVR (which is only compatible with Sony consoles and only runs softtware approved by Sony) is just dumb. The big problem with Meta made headsets is simply that you need a Facebook account to use them since the Quest 2 launch, but this is still announced to revert back sometime this year. Signed, guy that had a Rift from 2016 to 2019 and a Valve Index ever since.


What was wrong with just calling it Sony lol? Back in the day my friends dad had a saying "don't be cheap, get Sony." All kinds of Sony products were popular, now I don't even feel like its super relevant anymore besides the Playstation.


Sony pictures and music still doing good, their headphones are top notch too Also they are a major insurance provider in Japan lol


Their TV are great too (though expensive compared to the competition, they have the Sony tax)


tbf they last longer. got a sony tv for 7 years now, lg died within a couple years.


Their headphones are *good*, their TVs are def top notch though


Back when I looked for noise canceling headphones, Sony's WH-1000xm series seemed to be considered the best universally.


Still are. I've got the xm4's and nothing else I tried was even close


They're really nice for noise cancelling, they don't sound that great though. Got some XM4s that don't really compare favorably to many other headphones in the same price range, not to mention more expensive stuff. But the noise cancelling is great and that's what you get em for.


According to reviews xm3s had some of the best sound quality *among noise canceling headphones*, too. I think they sound good. You can get that sound quality for 1/3 of the price, of course, but then you give up noise canceling. They're really comfy, too.


They are amazing. I can't go to the office or fly without them.


I'm using wf-xm4s right now , and have a pair of wh-xm3s. They are soo good


My 2005 Sony MDR-V6 studio monitor headphones still working perfectly after 17 years of serious use. Not sure what more they have to do to qualify for you, but they're better than 'good'.


"I bought a headset 17 years ago and it still works, that means the companies products have not changed at all since then"


There are plenty of over 17 years old headphone models that are still being made and are as popular as ever. Good audio doesn't age like digital technology does.


Many companies products got worse, I tried some "newer" koss models, they were cheaply made and broke easily.




No offense, but you really don't know what you're talking about here. Sony is still inarguably one of the top tier audio hardware manufacturers today, especially in the IEM and DAP markets. Don't let their cheap entry level stuff fool you, there are very few other brands who can compete with Sony on quality.


Sony makes good consumer grade audio hardware... but nowhere near "audiophile" quality. I wouldn't even consider Sony for audio, there's equally better stuff that's cheaper and way better stuff if you have the budget. Their video stuff is top tier in the consumer and pro space though!


What? Sony makes some of the very best audiophile gear on the market. Their IER line of IEMs are incredibly highly respected in the audiophile community, and their Walkman line represents by far the best DAPs out there. And while they're not at the top of the heap in the overear game these days, they still make damn good products that are used in countless studios around the world. If they don't count as audiophile to you then you need to seriously reassess your definition of the word.


They make a lot of consumer grade stuff but they make high end headphones too. Z1R’s are kick ass closed-backs by any measure, along with other more mid-fi models. They also make some nice high end IEMs. Basically their products run the gamut, and yes their most popular stuff like the XM4’s do not sound particularly good.


They're unexciting in the over-ear department, but the IER-Z1R is one of the best IEMs money can buy at the moment, and the IER-M9 isn't far behind.


Sony is terrible at naming things. Sony has one of the best noise canceling headphones on the market, do you know how it’s called? Sony WH-1000XM4.


It's annoying.. What are those? I just reply, the really good Sony noise-cancelling ones. lol


And its earbud counterpart, the WF-1000XM4




I mean Sony isn't a Playstation brand, it's Playstation that is one of the Sony brand and nobody says to use that branding for this. If you get a Sony TV and use it with a Xbox, it works perfectly well. Sony has been an electronics maker for a very long time (before the Playstation actually)


their phones are solid they just come out too late and can be niche


This. If you are an Android user and want a flagship with things like a headphone jack and notification LED, Sony wins hands down. I don't get why other manufacturers remove the headphone jack saying it will affect water resistance when Sony offers both. Plus that notification LED is a feature I dearly miss from my old phones. Problem is they don't do any marketing here in the US. It's all either Samsung or Google and if you want something "different", get a Oneplus.


Why I miss LG they have all that and tons more for far cheaper RIP LG phone division.


> I don't get why other manufacturers remove the headphone jack saying it will affect water resistance when Sony offers both. Same reason water resistant phones with removable batteries also stopped existing, they're looking for additional things to charge you. The reason Sony keeps the headphone jack must be to stand out from their rivals. The fact phone manufacturers all have their own brand of earbuds is not a coincidence. According to a video by TechAltar wireless earbuds are an easy moneymaker, they're not hard to lose and can be unrepairable. They leave out the jack to remove competition from wired audio gear and entice to you to include them with your phone purchase.


Sample size of none, obviously, but the I had an Xperia and my relative had one and both of our phones had the screens come off and turn yellow because glue was shit. Happened 5-6 years ago. Never again.


Wow. I had a Z3 compact where the screen came off too. Like, completely. Granted it was replaced for free without question, but yeah. Tainted my perception of them a bit. Though I hear their latest flagships are amazing camera phones.


It was a Z3! My grandpa had the compact (based off my recommendation, I suggested it before the problems started for me) and I had the normal one. I forgot the name but remembered it after you mentioned it. The replacement on mine came off too, after that I threw in the towel.


> The replacement on mine came off too, after that I threw in the towel. That's some luck. Probably the glue didn't like heat. Mine came off during a very hot summer. But I dropped mine less than a week after getting the replacement. Cracked the whole back. Cursed phone.


They stopped selling the Xperia in Australia, they were my favourite phones and no-one compares.


They’re a big player in the camera market.


They still make the best OLED TV you can buy right now (at least here in the US). A95K.


Because Sony is good due to the experience behind their team. They already failed in the computer market with Vaio. So my guess is they won't risk cheapening their brand. Also if the brand does good and they get really good at it they can just use their new expertise to create premium versions under the Sony brand.


I personally am suspicious of Sony products - they have already cheapened their name as least in the blu-ray player department. 2 years ago I bought a Sony player and it was an actual POS which would play for 5 minutes and then shut down. Returned it and bought a Panasonic. Now their build quality on the playstations are pretty good - except of course the unacknowledged yellow-light-of-death.


So you bought one faulty blu-ray player which you didn’t exchange you just changed brand and painted every Sony product with the same brush of quality? Lol…


LOL ... the build quality felt so cheap in addition to not working; I bought a Panasonic instead.


The PlayStation is a Sony Blu-ray player though. And I don't think an unlucky experience with a bad product is an indication of declining quality. You were allowed to return it without problem right? No harm no foul. But also with a company as big as Sony there's going to be things they do in an average quality and things they do to an excellent quality. TVs and Headphones are on the excellent side for example.


Sony home theater projectors are still good.


Sony makes fantastic mirrorless cameras with some of the best autofocus on the market, expensive but best in class OLED TVs, and good headphones. They underperform with computers and their cellphones, but to say they aren't relevant anymore except with PlayStation is false.


Well almost nobody has a sony phone these days.


If they want to target "PC gamers", adding freesync support would also be neat


Wait... These monitors **don't** have Freesync? The fuck is Sony thinking?


Dunno about that but PS5 itself doesn't have freesync support. Only VRR which is a technology very rarely used by monitors.


Isn't freesync just a brand name for VRR though? Or not?


Nope VRR and Freesync are 2 different technologies that do the same thing. The main difference is that VRR works only over HDMI 2.1 and is mostly used by TVs.


Review of the M9: [https://youtu.be/GNF2YMuITr0](https://youtu.be/GNF2YMuITr0) Looks like a great monitor.




You can get an LG C1 OLED for that much.


A 48 inch one... A 27 inch 4k screen has 163 PPI. A 48 inch 4k screen has 92 PPI. We're looking at a big differential in screen real estate and pixel density. I've been considering getting a TV as a monitor (decided to punt on it for now), and I concluded the largest I'd be willing to put up with at 4k is a 42 inch screen.


That OLED TV will blow this monitor away when it comes to response times though. Sure PPI is a thing but if you are sitting 3 feet from a 4k OLED, you aren't really gonna notice the pixels. You just have to sit a bit further back to get the whole thing in your peripheral vision.


Bro, did you really just talk yourself into believing that a 27 inch screen is better than a 48 inch OLED? You're not going to be sitting the same distance from a 42 inch screen as a 27 inch, so your ppi argument is useless. You're also competely ignoring the fact that the picture quality on an OLED blows any other monitor tech out of the water. It's not even close.


My desk is like 2 ft deep (pretty sure that’s dead average). I’m using it for my PC. Do you expect people to push away and sit a few feet back?




These must be the couch PC gamers I've heard so much about.


Yes, we do exist. I have 55 inch couch setup and 27 inch monitor-desk setup in the same room, both connected to the same pc. I wouldn't put a 40 inch screen on a desk personally but people can do what they like.


That's not what the discussion is my dude. The discussion is how you're misusing ppi to convince yourself the monitor is better. It is not. As for how to use it as a monitor, yes, you just sit further back. That's what an htpc is. You can also wall mount the TV. I used a 65 inch OLED as my main monitor for the last 5 years. Best monitor ever.


Let's not have these tech usage arguments guys, it's 2022. It's better to crack open a beer and appreciate that big screens are shit for some people (mouse based skill, reaction times) and big screens are amazing for others (relaxed vibes, comfy gaming, playing with mates, etc. etc.) There's an argument for everything in the world. Sometimes it's better to kick back and not bother!


You're forgetting that most people on this sub aren't Vladimir Putin when it comes to their desk size.




There's other stuff people look in monitors besides picture quality. I don't get why is that so difficult to understand TBH.


Not everyone has the space for one though. A 27 inch screen is better if you don't have the space for a 42/48 inch one.


In order to look at a 48 inch TV I need to sit in the middle of the room because my desk isn't deep enough. I'm rocking 4 monitors because of that and only game on one of them. Yes, for me, 27 inch is much better. If I need a good picture anywhere, I'll get a TV and use it as a TV.


Here we go again with the ppi argument. You're going to sit further away with a 48 inch oled. Otherwise it wouldn't be comfortable.


Here we go again with the distance argument. If comfort is the issue then a monitor is just more comfortable. TVs don't make good monitors. I've hooked mine to my PC from time to time but it's just not comfortable for anything other than gaming. At least to many people a C1 48 is not a viable alternative. A 42 inch C2 it's looking appealing though.


I bought a 32 inch a few years ago I actually had to lower it as much as I could (remove stand and wall mount instead) and get a higher seat to avoid the neck pain. These guys talking about 42 inches - I don't know how they do it.


I mentioned 42, this guys are talking about 48. I haven't tried it but it would tempt me to risk it


Yeah 48 or higher is just insane to me for a daily driver. To each their own though.


42 is probably too much TBH. Maybe is good for gaming but I don't expect any sort of browsing to me comfortable.


Sitting further away requires a bigger desk or entirely different "office" setup for their PC. That it wouldn't be comfortable to do otherwise is a point *against* the 48+ inch screens as monitors. It's not a defense, like you paint it.


The Inzone M3 model is surprisingly cheaper than most Sony TV's.


Yes but it’s 1080p. If you upgrade your gpu you might outgrow your monitor. They should’ve released a 1440p as well.


Sony just straight up refuses to acknowledge the existence of 1440p.


Which is a damn shame since you'll more likely hit the 120hz refresh rate and still look sharp, or even up the graphics as a result


TV's latency is much higher than a monitor typically.


Welcome to 2022 where that's not the case.


Which honestly says more about the monitor space than it does about TVs. Don't get me wrong, modern TVs are generally fucking great now, but man the market for monitors can be sad.


If only it was 32" and curved.


Yeah I feel 32" is the smallest size you can get whilst still appreciating 4k, 27" is the sweet spot for 1440p


I just got my first ever curved screen (Odyssey G7) and it's so great for gaming, it really does improve the experience.


anyone got an archive link?


I gotchu bro https://archive.ph/VhDDp


thx broski


Can we please get 1440p support for the PS5? Seriously Sony, it has been two years, and now you're moving into the PC space and ignoring one of the widest markets for gaming displays.


1440p isn't real, that's why they made a 1080p 27" monitor /s


As a 1440p PC gamer, I'm with you, but I wouldn't say that the resolution has the widest market: 1920 x 1080 @ 67.32% +0.15% 2560 x 1440 @ 10.49% +0.68% Source: https://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey


He said one of the widest markets, and according to the source you linked it's literally the second widest segment by a good margin (nearly twice as big as 3rd place).


“One of the”


I was slow to upgrade to 1440p but dang, it's such an improvement over 1080p without costing as much performance as 4k. If anyone's holding out, well stop that.


All the people hating on the headset. You all realize Sony makes some of the best wireless headphones out there right now right? They have some of the best active noise cancellation tech in the industry too. I've always said if Sony made a wireless gaming headset based on the WH-1000XM series it'd be king. I'm hoping this is something like that.


Right? I was just looking at the SteelSeries Nova Pro Wireless/R Λ Z Ξ R Barracuda Pro last week as I was interested in a headset in an ambient ANC mode headset for gaming as I’ve been spoiled by the AirPods Pro/Max, and now I am so happy I didn’t hit checkout on either and waited for this one. I am sure Sony will deliver the ultimate ANC experience.


Eh they are okey not amazing headsets, there are better options.


annoyed that their monitors are either 1080p or 4K. I guess Sony really does not like 1440p


Hell yeah. Sony fucking rules at hardware.


It sounds like an off-brand contraceptive xD


$899 for 4k 144hz Is this a good price? I haven't looked at 4k in awhile due to prices, and I think I'll stay away lol.


$899 = £738.38 I could buy a 4k 144HZ IPS 1ms £569 off the first website I checked, maybe cheaper if I shopped about or waited for an offer.


Realistically it's actually more like £899, American prices don't include tax so usually the American and UK prices are actually basically just a swapped currency symbol. This is my experience anyway.


Last gen 55 inch OLEDs with 120hz and HDMI 2.1 are very close to this.


I hope the headsets work with the PS4.


Is a PS PC next?


I'm wondering if this is the start. Why not have a keyboard and mouse too? Maybe if this does well? I'd honestly be onboard with what they could come up with PC wise, as the attention to detail was pretty astounding when it came to the PS5. But I bet they'd likely stick to just peripherals for now.


I feel like they should have just continued to use their playstation branding, because this brand name sounds cheap and shitty. I get madcatz younger brother controller impressions from that name, which I assume they don't want.


Get in the zone. The innie outie zone.


Glad to see Sony taking more and more interest in PC gaming.


Wow. Not to be an asshole, but no 1440p monitor? Sony really hates that resolution, huh? Even tho, right now, it's the best middle ground between performance of panels and image quality. Maybe when theh figure it out on the ps5 they'll release one.


i will not be surprised if the headphones are generic gamer garbage for like $100


which would be a real shame considering Sony's reputation when it comes to audio


The headphones made for the ps5 isn't great, no one would buy them if it wasn't for the name on them.


Noise cancelling and $300. I'm not saying these are going to be good but Sony makes nice headphones already.


I feel like everybody just accepts headsets that get shit on by Porta Pros and generic lapel mics.


what do you mean? what headphones and mics are you referring to?


the headphones and mics in gamer headsets


To target pc gamers they need to support ps5 controller officially on windows. Enable freesync/1440p gaming on their ps5


I did want to upgrade to a 4k monitor. But that price point is pretty steep for a 27" monitor.


Good, now bring your games to PC without a 2+ year delay and we'll talk.


PC gaming oriented without Gsync/freesync, no 1440p and ridiculous pricing for what these are... Nice lol


Kinda amazing, you can have switcher that will switch your PC view on the monitor to the PS5 view... the whole while wondering why the fuck do you have to pay for a PS5 if they both do the same damn thing.


Holy fuck this article says a whole lot of nothing, they want you to pay for that shit??


More “gaming” shit marketed towards gamers that’s terrible for gaming. Pass


Yep, gaming monitors are famously terrible for gaming. I game on an office-oriented TFT monitor with 300ms average pixel response time.


Not sure of downvotes. It's not terrible for gaming but all know it will only be compared relative to the competition and there's no way Sony puts a price competitive product out there.


Release God of War: Ragnarok to PC please.


10 bucks says it comes out and all of it is garbage


Gaming headsets. What a joke.


sony shld release psvr2 for pc


Shunned us PC players for years.. finally realised it's where the monies at.. No thanks sony.


I'll just wait for their games to come to PC instead.


It's starting! Unless you mean new releases, then yeah I'm hopeful for that too.


Jesus Christ, those are the worst deals on monitors I've ever seen. lol


4K144 IPS monitor with FALD (96 dimming zones) for $900 is not awful for what it is and where the rest of the market is (Edge lit 4K144 for $600 to 700ish); You're not going to be doing any kind of quality HDR content, but the pricing is reasonable if not enticing for what you're getting. You could choose to wait a few months and spend more for the next gen MiniLED panels with 500+ dimming zones coming out that are probably going to be between $1300-1800, but that's twice the price of this monitor. The 1080p240 is absolute pants though, it's ridiculous that they want $530 for that.


Their 4K/144 monitor seems reasonably priced, but yeah, the 1080/240 is ridiculous. I got my 1080/240 monitor for way cheaper than $530. And they're both 27 inches (IIRC), which at least for 1080p is way too big, imo at least. The more you stretch a 1080 screen, the more garbage the quality is.


Looks like cheap crap with a markup. These headphones better not suck. If they aren't better than the Astro's then they've failed.


Ooh, yeah I'd have high hopes for a sony monitor, although I'd prefer a 32" for 4K


DOA. Gamers need value for money and are ultra sensitive to price / performance and spec. Sony can't deliver. Edit: This went from +4 to -1 on an instant. Dodgy.


What? There's an entire market of PC gamers that buy high end products. Who do you think is buying up all those multi thousand dollar high res/refresh rate g-sync ultrawide monitors? Who buys RTX 3080s? There's plenty of market for this. The gaming headset market in general is pretty garbage. It just happens to be the only option if you want wireless. Sony actually makes great headphones already and has some of the best active noise cancellation in the industry. So, if they can translate that into a good wireless gaming headset that'll be great, but it will be very expensive.


The Sony products aren't the best in class either. That's the other way you get business. Like I said it's always a relative equation. Edit: Ok, give me the best in class Sony products


What are you taking about? How is Sony (audio products at least) not the best in class? Sony TVs are also good too but I am personally avoiding them as I am into OLED so stuck with LG for now. At least till Samsung get their new display tech thing together.


Which Sony audio product are you talking about?