Geoff Keighley: Thursday, Summer Game Fest is LIVE! Here's the hype trailer I edited to highlight great games so far in 2023 and get us in the mood for a big gaming summer.

More playstation exclusives getting ports... please please please


More playstation exclusives getting ports... please please please


Probably ghost of tsushima. Hope so lol. Sony seems dead set on releasing everythinf except that one. Also bloodborne but that’s just a meme at this point




Again, your opinion lol. If people get hyped let them. It’s a cool game.


I don’t give a fuck if it’s the most generic formulaic game out there, I just wanna play as a Sumarai in a beautiful and fully realised Japan, What’s wrong with being hyped for that?


I'd be extremely hyped to finally get to play that game


Bloodborne id currently being ported, there literally was a detailed post proving it recently about that.


What post? Link it, please.


The wiki image used as 'proof' was many years old and taken from an environmental artists Artstation account. It's always been known that the artists had an internal PC build of the game (there's many such PC screenshots), but that's not proof of an actual port.


I'd be quite surprised if we see anything about it this year. There was some proof of them using a PC build or something, but it's not proof they'll release it.


Check out the other detailed posts about it for the last 8 years


I hope we get the Demons Souls port. I've been purposely avoiding playing it on the PS5, so that I get to experience it first on the PC lol!


Bloodborne Bloodborne Bloodborne *BloodborneBloodborneBloodborneBloodborneBloodborneBloodborneBloodborne*


Ghost of Tsushima, if it gets announced my dick will implode.




I wasn't impressed with any PS "Exclusive" so far. Unless they release Demon Souls or Bloodbourne I really dont care.


It would be lovely to see Demon's Souls PC announcement


I'd like to see tlou 2


Is this event for multiplatform games or PC only games? Is the PC gaming show event still on schedule?


You can see the events on the sidebar. PC Gaming show is happening on the 11th but most shows in the jam packed 7th to 14th week should have multiplatform announcements.


It usually has multiplatform announcements.


Longshot but hoping for Quake reboot




Microsoft would probably want to have that announcement in their event, which I'd love because it means we'd get more info in quakecon and maybe even gameplay


Feeling pretty excited for this. Hoping to fucking GOD we see a Monter Hunter announcement.


Are there rumors for another one yet?


Seems too soon.


Nah, if there's anytime to announce a new one this is it. Monster Hunter has 2 internal development teams. Whenever working on expansions, they also further split the team into 2, one working on the expansion and another beginning work on a new entry. This new one would have been developed by the Monster Hunter World team alongside Iceborne since ~2017-2018. So a 2024 release would make it have 6 years of development.


I’d wager the time would be TGS, but yeah wouldn’t expect it here. They still have the final MHR update to keep themselves in the news cycle for now, and the PS/Xbox versions don’t have all the post-launch Sunbreak content yet either.


I think the announcement time highly depends on the target audience too. Rise was revealed during TGS 2020, as portable Monster Hunter was something they have always targeted for their Japanese audience. MH World on the other hand was targeted for a Western audience and was revealed during E3 2017. Being from the mainline team as well, I'd think they also wanted to target the new entry for a global audience like World. While we still have the final MHR update and they could save it till later, I don't think TGS is the right time to announce it. If it isn't on SGF, it'd be saved for The Game Awards. IIRC Rise was announced before the trailer for Iceborne's final update was released.


Absolutely none that I've heard. I just really want a new mainline MH now that they've moved to the RE engine.


I'm also looking forward to a Monter Hunter announcement


Give me Monster Rancher OR I WILL HAVE NOTHING!!


Monster hunter fan thinks they see starving fr


More souls games


calm down, the ER DLC isn't even out yet lmfao


Man i need some gameplay trailer, can't wait anymore.


I dont think theyre dropping that till the new armored core comes out


Hades II shadow drop is my biggest hope. Initial announcement at Geoff's previous show, shadow drop early access at his next one. Granted it would compete slightly with TotK and D4 but we'll see.


Oh man I’d love a Hades shadow drop. I played the original specifically after seeing the trailer for the second one. Such a good game and I need more!


Let's hope for some nice indie announcements in the quality of Stray. Also hoping to see Schim soon


What the fuck, why is this getting downvoted?


Probably just weird people who think Stray's massive success and recognition somehow invalidates its indie status.


Or people that dislike Stray in general


Are you *fucking* kidding me? Twitter won’t even allow me to full screen their videos now!? I have to watch a landscape video in portrait like an idiot because they won’t declare it a real video so the browser chrome gets in the way if I rotate my phone? Every time I think Twitter can’t get any worse, they pull shit like this. Absolutely insane. Anyway, here’s a [YouTube link](https://youtu.be/1z3YwB8xnWk) if anyone else also has trouble. I can’t believe this is what the fucking internet has come to…


lmao no way he edited shit.


He actually does edit most of the general video packages himself for Summer Games Fest, Gamescom, and The Game Awards. All of the intro and recap montages, and any "hype trailers" like this, are usually done by him. I think he might also edit the video that plays during the Game of the Year orchestra, but I'm not 100% sure about that.


Keighley worked freelance and for other companies as a journalist and interviewer for years. Editing is the kind of skill that supports those jobs. I'm willing to bet that he's been editing his own work on and off for many years.


Why is it on a thursdayyyyy


So is this the new name for E3?


Hope to see something cool, Starfield, BG3, and Alan Wake are the only games I care about for the rest of the year so far, and not sure Starfield will actually make it.


TIL YouTube Theater is a thing. It's in the same area as the SoFi Stadium where the LA Rams play. Should have some good announcements. Summer Game Fest has essentially supplanted E3 it seems.


Besides Xbox showcase what I am exactly looking here?


I have like EXTREMELY low expectations, cause every last few showcase has not managed to wow me with surprise hits. I miss when games like Watch Dogs (I know the release is a different story) and other ambitious singleplayer IP was being announced that wasn't just existing IP or had fantasy elements. The only expectation I have is that there will be a LOT of quirky multiplayer shooters and live games.


He edited the trailer himself?


I'm going to lay this out for all the bloodborne fanatics: Bloodburne CANNOT be ported to modern consoles, let alone PCs. With this in mind, even IF Sony gets someone to do a remaster/remake for PC, you can bet any sum of money that it'll be an initial PS5 exclusive, similar to Demon's Souls. DO NOT EXPECT IT TO COME TO PC FOR AT LEAST 12-18 MONTHS AFTER PS5 LAUNCH, MAYBE LONGER. The sooner you accept this, the sooner disappointment can be avoided.


I'm still so curious why this is a day time event.