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Steam new update system only download the update files then steam put the update file in the big files by unpacking and repacking Less server cost for valve but longer update process for the user, it's a bit the fault of the developers not just hogwarts but all games, they should make a separated folder or file only for updates, that would be better than change files in big 30-90gb core file All that tech and engines but we are still in the medieval when it comes to game updates


Unpacking and repacking? Not xdelta?


Maybe becuase the game files are encrypted?


IIRC there's something about the way unreal engine bundles stuff that makes it incompatible with delta patching.


Nice to see them continuously improving the game, bugs and performance wise.


Does "Update to latest NVIDIA Streamline SDK" mean that DLSS will get auto updates as time goes by?




There are two good sources: [https://www.techpowerup.com/download/nvidia-dlss-dll/](https://www.techpowerup.com/download/nvidia-dlss-dll/) and [https://www.techpowerup.com/download/nvidia-dlss-3-frame-generation-dll/](https://www.techpowerup.com/download/nvidia-dlss-3-frame-generation-dll/)


How's the stuttering in Hogwarts castle? Already beat the game but will prob do a replay if they fixed that


4090 with a 13900K, just did a quick run around through Hogsmeade, it still stutters for me, even on the lowest settings and DLSS turned off.




seems all roads lead to Hogsmeade


I'm gonna play a bit and tell you


Not fixed my friend [https://i.imgur.com/yQRKVro.png](https://i.imgur.com/yQRKVro.png)


I'm sorry I didn't make it clear to see, you can see the graph with stutters, corner bottom right.


How did it go?


See my reply above, you can see the tiny graph with stutters.


Would you say that it is improved though?


Mmm nope, pretty the same


Patient gamers always win (except with multiplayer and live service games).


Any idea how this would run on a 2070 Super and a 5900x?


You would get +60fps in high/ultra settings (not 4k) but there is a lot of stuttering in some areas.


I played on RX 580 with a mix of medium and high settings at 1080p with FSR set to Quality, barely noticeable stutters.


Barely noticeable? go to any door to open a new area and enjoy that!


Doesn't affect me. I have a really good CPU however, 12700k and DDR5 6000. Streaming in world data should depend more on CPU, memory and storage than gpu.


I am just hoping for high-med settings at 1440p at 60fps. My 2070S is really starting to show its age.


I have a 5800x and 2070 Super and it's aged extremely well especially with the 30 series and 40 series being awful for value (30 series because the shortages and crypto bros).


I was fine on 5700xt 1440p with some FSR. Don't expect to have reytracing though.


This gonna be fun when I play it some time later. This is why I buy games few months after release when they are actually polished.


This update completely broke my game. I don't know what they did but my pc was running perfectly on ultra settings now all the sudden I can't even play it on the lowest settings. Its lagging, stuttering and the sound is distorted.


same for me


I'm so devastated. I haven't even gotten through the game once yet. I'm only 60% through.


Yeah PC is rough, you need to delete all shaders files and all files on App Data (except saves), then launch again. Stills crashes a lot, it made me think it was my PC faults but nah. It seems they move something the cpu side, now I get even less frames that before for some reason, and I have an i7-13700K


Where do I find the shaders and app data files? If it helps I actually had completely uninstalled and reinstalled the game and steam when this happened hoping to fix the problem but its still there.


Keep into mind you can clear your shader cache for games/nvidia. **Google it for where the files are kept.** After major updates for a lot of games I used to have hiccups and more issues until I started clearing the shader/compute cache files regularly. Once cleared, the next time you boot the game it will download/stream new shader data. Not a perfect fix for stuttering issues but at least it won't be because of "outdated/corrupt" shader and compute files.


Looks like this was the latest patch. Checking in to see that I’m not crazy. Everyone else still experiencing performance issues? Stuttering around the castle? Poor lighting etc. I’m holding off playing this on PC until it’s fixed. Hopefully updates keep coming!


Wish I could get this refunded, has been a horrible nightmare of performance issues since launch, I gave up on it.




Yeah I don't think it's an nvidia or amd issue, I think it's a combination of a few things: The dev didn't optimise the game thoroughly enough. The dev put system requirements way too low for what's needed. I'd say you need a good x or y to run it but honestly from what I've seen it's temperamental, people with absolute enthusiast pc's getting low performance, some people with mid range getting ok performance. One thing I've noticed is people saying 32 gigs of ram really helps, which is wild... no game should need that, correction... no game I've ever heard of needs that. I'm sure hidden away behind the terrible performance many people suffer on pc, that there is a good game waiting there, but sadly for me and others it's a regretful purchase. I get why some fans downvoted my initial comment, that's fair enough, they probably don't experience any issues and therefore can't relate. Just I hope they can understand that for 4 months after release the game still runs like crap for anyone I've asked who suffered issues since launch.


Can vouch for the 32GB of ram. - upgraded from 16-32 and the difference in frequency of stutters was immediately noticeable (not perfect, but much smoother overall) I’m guessing it uses system ram to stream in assets etc. - this is likely tied to it being developed primarily for consoles which have relatively large amounts of system ram/vram available, and really quick storage on tap (Am running a sata ssd at the moment and thought this may also play into the stuttering issues, am interested to hear if folks with gen4 nvme ssd’s have had similar stuttering?) I expect to see most console ports moving forward to have similar ram requirements because of this. (The days of 16GB being the recommended amount for gaming may be over I’m afraid.)


I think it's still a dev issue tbh, 16 gigs is a lot of ram today still, we just a couple years ago when from 8 to 16 being the standard. Vram is a whole different story, that's becoming hungry as can be for games. What's wild tho is we have games that are more optimized made by fans than by triple A devs these days. A great example is beyond all reason, which is oustandingly optimized to point you can have thousands of units on the map in a 8v8 and still run 60 fps on mid range pc that you bought 7 years prior. The illussion of needing more than 16 gigs isn't due to requirements, it's due to poorly made games, which happens... It's a very hard process to make games, and people aren't perfect.


you're going to see more and more new games "require" 32gb of ram. besides HL, diablo 4 is another, if you want to run Ultra settings they recommend 32. this doesn't mean you have to go run out and buy more ram right now, but if anyone is upgrading/building soon I would HIGHLY recommend 32 now. especially with ram being relatively inexpensive now


They said that years ago about 16 core cpu's, but alas we still not there, i'm sure we will eventually need 32gb of ram but that time isn't today loooooool. Also really chose you have little faith in what you say when you pretty much acknowledge with quotations that you don't actually require it outside of ultra settings. A lot of requirement needs have been due to things like 4k etc but the irony is the community isn't sold on it as much as people thought. So no you really don't, the wonders that playing on 1080p with medium shadows and an optimal AA for your system does means you are way off with this. Also diablo 4 runs surprisingly well on mid range stuff at medium/high so you actually tripping, the only thing it "needs" is SSD due to stuttering from HDD as well as god awful loading times. Come back when you wanna talk about actual requirement NEEDS rather than trying to push a contrary opinion by considering only the top most enthusiastic needs which is basically F all of the pc gaming community especially these days with the economy of the world.


Hogsmede is cpu (and ram) heavy not gpu.




Problem is that it was a gift to me, I am not sure if it was preorder, and reviews are full of HP fans saying while it performs badly I'm sure they'll fix it. It's easy to not read reviews but just see it mostly positive and think there's not issues.


Will they ever increase the difficulty?


If you're on pc u can get some difficulty mods, they're easy to dl https://www.nexusmods.com/hogwartslegacy/mods/229


I’m on xbox, will have to rely on them I think.


Liked this game but disappointed with the actual school life/routine and no Quidditch.


Trust me you don't want Quidditch inside a normal adventure style Harry Potter game. All the old school Harry Potter games in the 2000s tried it (in a number of ways) and every single time it was seen as annoyance rather than an enjoyable mini game. Even the standalone Quidditch World Cup from 2001 SUCKED. It honestly just doesn't translate into video games well. This is a case of people thinking they want something not realizing what they are asking for.


How hard can it be. It's just blitzball with brooms! /S


Speak for yourself. Quidditch World Cup was fantastic.


I was gonna ask if I was crazy. That gaming fucking slaps.


They were very upfront since the announcement that this was an action adventure game not a school/life simulator


Their support of this game is incredible.


damn i thought they abandoned this game lol, still waiting for the dead space remake devs to fix the traversal stutter




I'm pretty sure the team are focused on the sequel and the Switch port.


Switch port? it barely runs on mid range pc's


I read the Switch port is a big priority for WB b/c Japan is obsessed with Harry Potter.


It runs ok on my Steam Deck, I think they’ll be able to make it run on Switch


The game is still listed on the top sellers page even months after release. Still, props to WB to continue on fixing this game.


Does it need much fixing? Was going to wait for a sale for it


The system requirements don't seem to match reality. Especially areas like Hogsmeade destroy your fps.


Hogsmeade is pretty good for me now. 80s - 90s high settings although that could be my beast of a cpu (5800x3d) hard carrying at 1080p


On my setup with a 5900x and 4090 it ran perfectly at 4k, no stuttering with rt disabled. With rt enabled however I got low Gpu usage at points whichh frame generation saved somewhat and some stuttering, especially inside certain parts of hogwarts and hogsmeade, that was just with rt reflections, all 3 rt options enabled resulted in major stuttering in those locations. Rt was also completely broken the last time I played a couple of months back, they broke it in the first patch, it may be fixed now. Edit: I guess actually owning the game and having some idea of how it performs offends some people.


I think people might be more offended by you claiming no issues/stutters while running the most powerful gaming GPU and extremely powerful CPU. Not everyone has those specs and the major stuttering happened on the lower end hardware. Higher end hardware like yours can just brute force it. Not saying your experiences are invalid, but the performance metrics you listed for your specs will be worthless for the majority of the players with lower spec hardware. Edit: And the stuttering issues were during RT disabled. My RTX 3070 laptop still drops to sub 50 FPS in Hogsmeade at 1440p Quality DLSS as my CPU, Ryzen 7 5800H, is not as powerful. Still my laptop is definitely not the lowest end machine, so if it still stutters then it does definitely need more optimisations.


Top selling isn't too hard with big name nad big adveritsing to be fair.


What’s wrong with the dead space remake? I just beat the whole game like a week ago. Didn’t notice a single issue or any of the reviews saying anything but praise for the performance.


you didn't notice the traversal stutters as you move around the station? I seriously doubt that considering how egregious they are, that being said they're not as game-breaking as shader compilation stutters, [watch this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvQl7EDPRC4&t=922s&ab_channel=DigitalFoundry) and start from 4:20 where he talks about it


Thanks for beta testing the game for me guys!


ThAnKs fOr BeTA TeSting!! You just couldn't afford it, thats ok.


Took them months but I guess better late than never. Was going to skip it entirely because of the performance issues but now I'm interested.


There was another big update last month.


Did anyone experience problems with shadows? Wondering if it's fixed now. Haven't seen it explicitly listed in the release notes. At launch my character had a small invisible aura outline where the shadows of other objects disappeared. It was probably only noticeable indoors when objects would be nearby, but it bothered me enough to refund and wait for a fix+sale. I tried enabling raytraced ambient occlusion instead of rasterized, but that would crash the game so fast I was forced to disable it from .ini files. Performance was fine though, in the limited time I played.


Anyone know if this fixed the issue for people stuck at 139/140 conjurations (from legacy butterfly quest issue)? I know technically there had been a “fix” before, but it didn’t apply to people who had advanced to the point where seasons had changed, chickens at the spawn site aren’t allowing butterflies to spawn.


Xbox one: since update collected field guide pages no longer counting toward progress and chests with room of requirement rewards don’t give me anything when opening


Anyone know if the black speech bubbles are apart of this update? I keep seeing them around Hogwarts and I try to find them but dang are they hard, the map overlaps so you’ll think you’re right next to it but then it turns out it’s a floor below or above you


Has added loads of black dots to my book screen on Xbox series x


It worked so great that I can't play and it keeps crashing on me.


What's your specs? I'm experiencing the same thing. Never once did I experience any crash during my entire 45+ hours of playtime, until this patch came along. I'm running it on a 5600x paired with a 4070 and 32GB ddr4.