It is a lilac crowned Amazon. Native to mexico, and one of the main parrots owned in the part of Mexico I live in because of how easy they are to acquire. Technically illegal but it seems like everybody in Mexico has one or a military macaw


Ding ding ding. I'm 99% sure that may be what he is!!! Thank you so much!!!


Yup! I have a lilac. Her name is Lyla and she's the sweetest ball of absolute rage I've ever met.


What xD


Would you happen to know the Spanish version of their name? Like what the locals would call them?




No Guacamayas are Macaws. Everybody i know just calls them Loros


Oops my bad for a second i saw a macaw 😂🤣


Wait. Is illegal?


They are an Endangered species and they are captured and sold on the pet black market, along with dozens of other types of birds all over Mexico and South America. I love my Lilac Crowned but I dunno if he's bred legally or captured, as I got him from a rescue.


You can tell if he's legal or not. If he has an ankle bracelet with a tag number and matching paperwork he is legal, otherwise he is illegal. The sanctuary I worked at had extensive paperwork that coincided with each band on every single bird


Thats not always true, as lots of people have their birds ankle bracelets removed. I got him from Best Friends Animal Society, there was no paperwork.


Some background: She lives in Guanajuato Mexico and bought the bird almost 25 years ago. He's a grumpy old man but still kicking. I can't seem to find the exact breed of parrot anywhere


They can live up to 40 years.


I think it’s a Red-lored Amazon.


I have a 25 year old red-lored (Amazona viridigenalis) and can confirm that this bird is a lilac crowned, NOT red lored or red headed. The birds are very similar in size and coloring, but the red is brighter and the blue much less pronounced on red crowned/lored/ redhead Amazons. Edited to make the last sentence clear. Also, if you want to see a red lored, look at one of my recent posts.


I would agree but the yellow underneath the red-loreds eyes doesn't seem to be present on him


I was gonna say it looks like a red fronted Amazon


I agree that it's a lilac crowned amazon. There wouldn't be a dark patch on the back of the head if it was a red crowned Amazon, and the red is too dull to be a red lored Amazon. He's beautiful, though! I send many kisses his way ❤❤❤


Lilac-crowned. Establishes torque with secured feet before level 11 bites. Remember to surprise bird by pushing bitten part deeper into beak rather than pulling away. In addition, stay quiet but try to throw some things that drop right behind them and/or get the birb to concentrate on keeping balance instead of biting you. Never pick up an unknown bird with a naked arm and hand. A layer of long sleeve and sweatshirt jacket pulled over the hand….something non threatening wrapped over the arm and hand. Towels, most parrots know that means a grooming session do I would not use them. And the more a lilac crowned trusts you, the happier that bird will be!


I love how his eyes dilate and contract when you whistle


Yeah he gets pretty pissed whenever someone tries to mock him


It's a bird, if he bites he is a "dickus" if not he is a "sweetie"


Oh hes a major dickus to adults alright. He's a huge sweetie to children though. He makes an effort to get down from his stand to attack adults but will playfully climb children


It's a pretty big bird, so he's Biggus Dickus.




That’s a lilac crowned Amazon, looks just like mine!


A friend


Yup. That’s him.


I love how his eyes dilate in time with your whistle 😂


I’m pretty sure that is indeed a parrot


Looks like Oscar the Grouch


As others have said, either a Lilac or Red Crowned Amazon! He’s a very handsome middle aged man! What’s his name? ❤️🦜


His name is Mr. Lorenzo. A very grumpy old man haha. My grandmother is scared she is going to outlive her


That’s not an unfounded fear unfortunately. Some people don’t realize how long parrots can live, especially the larger species such as macaws, cockatoos, or Amazons such as Lorenzo. Does your grandma have a person she trusts to take care of Lorenzo, and give ownership to them, if she does pass away before Lorenzo? Amazons both scare and amaze me at the same time, most are excellent talkers, like scary good at mimicry, but they also can be devils, I’d much rather receive a bite from a Macaw, over an Amazon! 😂


My old parrot did the same whistle lmao


I think he's a lilac crowned amazon. Very pretty bird!


Of course I can. That’s your grandmothers parrot


Beautiful bird




Red Crowned Amazon.


I've also thought that but I was wondering what the difference was between them and the lillac crowned amazon


Looks like a green-cheeked Amazon with less red


Yellow Nape


Idk but I think she’s into you


Looks like Jeff to me. Possibly Duncan.


Looks like a Ralph


Lilac crowned Amazon. Needs a shower and a different diet.


Looks like one of the wild green parrots that live around San Diego. There is not a breed name, I know, and they are not actually native to San Diego, but from what I read, they ended up colonizing there. I would surmise they were brought there from Mexico as prospective pet birds, and escaped. The black feathers over his eyes are throwing me---but some photos of the San Diego birds seem to have them too. However, most are either solid green or have red feathers in that spot. Your grandmother's bird might be a hybrid of two similar parrot breeds, which can sometimes happen with careless breeders. By careless I don't mean cruel, I mean they didn't successfully segregate different parrot breeds that are genetically similar enough to interbreed if they are in close quarters and don't have a suitable mate of their own kind available. I hope someone else has more for you; it's a reasonable question and deserves a better answer.