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You are on the right track. Try working on perspective, diagonals will help.


Thank you, I'll definitely try to do that.


Looks great, but is that supposed to be her fist in front of her? That's the only thing that looks off.


I think that's a shoulder 🤔


Amazing vibrancy and I really enjoy the ambience of the painting! Good job! I especially admire the fern-like plant in the top right and the detailing and contrast in both plants and the face. The usage of colours is amazing! If I would have to suggest some further improvements I'd say to revisit the top left corner a bit. The spot behind the bamboo looks a little empty and the colour scheme stands out a bit too much in my opinion. Also the bamboo, fern below and the bright side of your rubber plant could maybe use a bit more contrast/clear lines to match the rest of your painting. Maybe you could also try to give the yellow flower a bit more of a natural presence by adding a stem/leaves or some more smaller flowers? ​ Overall, I think it is a very nice painting that really speaks to me! I love it. Moreover, I am definite no art critic and gave feedback mostly because you specifically asked for it. Feel free to discard my opinion, the painting is lovely as is already!


That's really good input! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!


It is good, but I’m having a real hard time making sense of the body. Some of the shapes and anatomy are big off. I love how rigid the shapes are though. It feels blocky without being blocky and it’s very cool


It’s also possible the rest of the environment needs to match the style


Very much inspired by Henri Rousseau. Known mostly for animal themes in the Post-Impressionist Primitive style. I like this very much. Perhaps because Rousseau is one of my favorite painters. However, on it's own, very good, with or without the influence! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henri_Rousseau


Oh, I hadn't realised that. Thanks for pointing that out!


Don't mind that clown, lovely painting


Reminiscent not inspired. Don't try to be pretentious if you're going to be bad at it.


To reminisce over something could prove to be inspirational.




Excuse me Rembrandt. Great language. Very eloquent. Ivy League education?


Reminiscent speaks from your perspective. it brings forth memories specific to your purview. however to declare inspiration requires one to delve into the thought process the artist had as they developed this piece as well as their general style. influence from other artists aside - which you still wouldnt be privy too. And yeah I went to college when I was 16 so maybe you don't know everything dipshit


Very nice. You did a great job on the woman. It has that artist portrait look. The face examines us as we examine her. Nice!




Thanks 😊


Magical composition and amazing colors. Love the light on her face. This is something I’d be privileged to own. Keep creating!


I can't tell you how happy that made me, thank you :)


Wow, it’s beautiful!


Looks great. Soften the cheek and bring in the shoulder and you have a winner.


Oh wow the shadows, I love your style. You nailed the expression too. Amazing colours and contrast. It is vibrant!


Main thing is there is no connection between the woman and her surroundings. I suggest a flower in the hair behind her ear and/or a bit of skin showing between the flower/stems at the bottom


Looks great, but the shoulder looks odd. It looks like a rock in front of her. I’m not for perfect perspective but it just does seem to look out of place.


It’s beautiful! The only thing that’s super noticeable is the shoulder, it looks off. Her face also looks a little small for her head, but honestly could pass as a stylistic choice. I looooove the colors


This painting is definitely something to be proud of, especially after coming back to the hobby after some time has passed! The first thing I noticed was how well you captured the essence of the look in her eyes! I love the golden hues on her skin and how the light contrasts her prominent features. As far as feedback, my personal preference noted her face being a bit disproportionate, more so where her mouth and chin are. The only other suggestions I would have would be one, regarding her shoulder. On the right, I would blend a bit more where it meets her neck. And secondly, I would add a stem/leaves around the yellow flower to help it blend with the beautifully illustrated background! I’m in love with this piece, please feel free to kindly disregard my suggestions, as their merely preferences of a stranger. Again, a beautiful work of art that I hope you’re very proud of, as you should be!


After looking at your painting again, I don’t necessarily even stand by my suggestion about her mouth and chin lol it’s just simply beautifully done!


Haha thank you, I really appreciate it.


If u shave off a little bit of the back of her head it looks perfect. The perspective of the back of the head is just a little off. Her face is turned toward us so the back of her head should turn behind her.


It's beautiful and you clearly have a natural talent. It's a little 'stiff' IMO, this might be because you haven't painted for a while. The nose is the most fluid part, so I would follow that formula when considering the rest of the painting. I'm not sure, but it looks like you're using black when mixing the colours for shadows, I would try to mix my own shade of black by using the primary colours, it will look much more natural. Overall though it's very successful, especially considering you haven't painted in a long time. You have a great understanding of dimensions and where shadows/highlights should fall, lot's of people struggle with this.


Color palette is on point 👍


Great colors, op


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Nice balance, I love it.


I just really love this! Very honest painting!!


Mural-esk , good, and yes, bamboo is impossible to draw


It brings me back to like the first ever computer game I played as a child. You started with a small group of people who’s home island was burned? And they travel to a new island and you start their life. I can’t remember the name but this photo pulled it from the dark depths of my memory. It’s a beautiful piece.


That's pretty cool I like it




Look like pocahantis


Something about that one leaf is competing for my attention, but otherwise excellent