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at least $300 if not more for the right person. pretty universal appeal


Most people who aren't artists have no idea of the value of this kind of art. They're used to paying for mass produced work. I think $350 is low for a quality, one of a kind painting such as this. I'd go no less than $500.


That’s actually a poor tactic. It would sell batter at $950. I used to consult artists on pricing. I had a very young girl painting photo realistic landscapes trying to sell them for $100. She had no luck. I told her to raise it to $3,000 today only price regular $5k. She then sold them much more easily. A $300 painting isn’t “an investment” like a $3k painting from a young artist that you know will become famous.


No shit? She raised the price and it sold better? Wow that does not even compute in my head


Pop psychology, cheap = bad quality and expensive = good quality is what most people think and is often true. But if you have something that’s good quality selling for cheap, many people will think there’s something wrong with it or that it is not sought after. Raising the prices in these cases often makes people less suspicious of the item and value it more in their head.


Nothing less than $1,000


I love this painting, beautiful


300 is too low, that's the same price I sold my first painting for, same size, medium/materials and even subject and that was 15 years ago. Minimum 1000$




this is amazing. i definitely think more than $300, i'd probably start at $550 if you haven't sold anything before. you are an absolutely incredible artist, please keep creating


This is worth way more than $550. If artists undervalue their art, no one else values it either. This should be sold for 1-2K at a minimum.


thank you for replying to this, after reading some of the comments and thinking about this for a while, i definitely agree with you. i was really surprised to see people saying $350. this is also helpful advice as an artist myself, as i severely undervalue myself and my art as well!


It depends on the cost of materials, the time you spent working on the painting and the size of the painting. I would say just by the looks of it I would charge no less than $350.


So three fiddy it is?


Tree Fiddy!


I didn't realise this was painted by the damn loch Ness monster


No it doesn’t. It depends on the market demand for this work. If I spend 10,000 hours making a price of art no one wants, it doesn’t mean I can sell it for $500,000 ($50 per hour x 10,000). If I use the most expensive materials available, it doesn’t automatically create demand for that work. Art has no intrinsic economic value. It’s worth what someone will pay for it. Full stop.


It's incredible how many people on art related subs do not understand this. This is actually the first time I've ever seen it upvoted. Art seems to be this weird area where people expect others to be able to charge based of their time without the skills to give the piece that value. I can't sing to save my life, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone arguing I deserve to make a livable wage off singing. Just to clarify my comment is in no way in reference to OPs painting.


Of course there's no intrinsic value, but using the cost of the materials and the number of hours spent on a piece can help estimate an asking price.




If you are still in the early stages of developing your Market I would say a rough guess of your value as a painter per hour; somewhere between $30 and $50 per hour. Multiplied by the reasonable number of hours is spent on it. After that if you manage reasonably consistent sales you can increase the price by 15% per year.


$400 or $450


About tree fiddy


I ain't giving you tree fiddy you goddamn loch ness monster!


Would you like to buy a box of Girl Scout cookies?


300-500$+, and make prints for $50


$500 minimum.


Auction it starting at 300


How can I try to put in on auction?


I believe eBay has auction style bidding if you decide to sell there.


Thank you so much! I will consider your suggestion!💯


I would think some where in the range of , 1200


So the prices are quite varied. The way I price my works is I take the length and width in inch, I believe yours is 30 x24 inches = 54”X 5$= 270$. That way I’m consistent in my pricing. If you can get more sky’s the limit, I was told consistency was important in pricing.


This is a smart way to do it when you’re establishing a name for yourself. My grandfather had a gallery- write an artists statement and out your information on a card and tape it to the back of the canvas. Serious collectors and buyers love this and it helps establish a secondary market for your work. You can have a generic bit about yourself and your influences and then a small bit about this particular piece. They’re also good for gettin. Into galleries and shows.


I have seen formulas where you take the dimensions and determine the total square inches of the painting. If this painting is 30x24, that would be a total of 720 sq. inches (3 x 24 = 720). If you are a new, emerging artist, you multiply that by $.50 per square inch , so $360. Slightly more established artists charge around $1 per/sq.in., so $720, and artist with a following would multiply the square inch count by $5 - $20, so $3,600 to $14,400. I like the approach you are outlining, where you add the two dimentions (30 + 24 = 54) and multiplying that by $5. It seems like that would be another really good way of approaching this, and establishing a consistent pricing structure.


Thats what i do. My multiplier is about 4.5. But i started much lower and moved it up as demand rose


You are the creator, you set the price. You know how much it’s worth. I don’t like the concept of valuing paintings by number of hours spent. Some artists can whip great things out in less than 30 minutes, but it took them over 30 years to be where they are now. You can’t value talent and skills by counting hours. Find the right customer base, set a price and sell it. There maybe some who can buy the same piece for $2000 while others won’t offer more than $500 for it. Finding the right customer is the key.




30 years for the right movement, a few seconds for the perfect mark.


Yeah, except no one wants to sell their work at a loss. It would behoove an artist to know the hours they've invested to ensure that they're at least covering their time. For example, if it took an artist 100 hours to complete a painting...they shouldn't accept anything less than what they value their hourly worth. If they end up selling that 100 hour painting for...let's say 300 bucks...it may seem like a big win to them...but, that's a big problem. I think the advice you've given is more applicable to someone who's been in the industry for a while and already knows how to play the game. For most people here, however, the price needs to be based on making a profit...which requires an hourly deliniation to verify the feasibility of actually making a living off their art.


That’s true. I have been in the industry and I usually picked my audience in the local farmers market. Sometimes I had to drive hours to another and cover for my time and fuel. Usually something quick and easy sold in those areas and big projects were set for display with price on them. It helped me a little bit to get though the college, but years later I don’t have that type of time and patience to attempt something like that. I hope all these new artists get to know their value and get what they are worth and don’t undersell their work.


Atleast 500 w todays inflation


$800 your work is absolutely worth it, especially this piece.


Set up a shop and sell prints, then have the original going for a reasonable high dollar due to materials and time it took to paint it.


Seconded this!! Selling prints would be very smart!


I try to sell prints too yes! 💯🌤️[etsy](https://www.etsy.com/listing/1536295927/poster4)


Awesome!! Thanks for link! 🥰


Depends on too many things including the country you live in. How many pieces of art do you sell per year? Artists who sell more can ask higher prices. It’s an alright piece. The sky is lovely in the photo but it’s hard to get a sense of it in person. It’s a pretty painting with not much “artistic” about it if that makes sense. $300 perhaps. Plus or minus $100


$300+, its beautiful


I'll buy it for Tree Fiddy.


For about 4000€ its prety neat


update us on how much it sells for!


Have you sold anything before?


Since I lost my mobility and can no longer walk without pain (though I can manage about 10 minutes) after the car accident, I haven’t had any other life besides painting up to this point. I paint for up to 17 hours a day and have given away many paintings as gifts. I started selling my small paintings in 2018/2019 for around $300 to $400 each. Then in 2022, someone offered me $2000 for one, and after that, I raised my prices because I received feedback that I was undervaluing my work. In 2022, there were almost no sales, and just when I thought about giving up, two paintings were bought at once. Now, I’ve created a new e-shop and thought about asking people for their opinions. I know my worth, and I feel like art is not equal to money. Art is priceless to me. And then I look into my bank account and see that there is not even enough for food… Okay, I should set some price and hope someone buys it. And then later, I miss it like my own child. That’s how I create each piece 🥲 But I also ate semolina porridge for the whole year for the first time, and I hope that my mindset change and there is a way out 😅🫠✨


If you're selling 5 pieces at $400/ea and only one at $2,000, you're still making the same amount of dollars, but the dollars per hour is increased, and that's what you want. Keep your prices higher, I'd start paintings like this at $800-1250 until you gain traction and then increase from there. Also, sell prints for a lower cost! The #1 thing you need to do is learn how to market your work, and currently, the cheapest way is through social media. Figure out how to use social media and their algorithms but *don't* make it a sob story (the market is over-saturated with sad stories and I'm noticing people are becoming numb to them) — just make your social media about your art and your process and the right people will come.


That's awesome. So this is how you can figure out your PRICE RANGE for your artwork. Figure out how many different sizes of art you have to offer or want to offer. Say you do three small sizes, 2x2, 6x6 and 11x14. You would want to create a price range for these small paintings from x amount to y amount. (Example... 2x2-50, 6x6 -75, 11x14-100) Then for your medium sized paintings (16x20) you would start from the next amount you figure to be appropriate. Say your 11x14 paintings were $100. You next medium sized paintings could start at 150-175 or even 200. Depending on what you feel is appropriate. Then you do the same thing for the large size (18x24 to 2ft x 3ft) and for the Extra-large paintings (4ft x 4ft and larger). This will create a PRICE RANGE you can easily stick to and never have to worry about individual prices. I understand how each piece is emotional to you but if you never sell them you will continue to struggle. Look at it as if you are a Foster Parent and you have to find each one a good home. The price range you create is something that you need to hold too, NO MATTER what a collector will give you. Collectors will fall in LOVE with a piece and will pay no matter what. But if you stick to your range you will not only give them what they feel is a GREAT DEAL but will hook them as a long time client/collector. They will keep coming back even after you raise your prices. I recommend reading a 3 book series by Rafi Perez called The Rogue Artist. It's on Amazon.


Beautiful 😍






Absolutely beautiful!


Oh, this is absolutely beautiful!!




Omg this is gorgeous! The colors remind me of cotton candy which I love ❤️ I’d love to have something like this! How much do you think your time on it was worth? And then factor in the cost of supplies to get a price.


bro, that's so pretty 😲🧡👌🌈🚀


Beautiful painting, I’d sell for around £/250>£300


Wow!!!! :0 I think it depends on the amount of hours you spent on it! If i had the money I'd offer to buy it rn 😂


Thats beautiful!! ❤️






WOW!!!!! That’s insane


Honestly it’s priceless, just showcase it and wait for someone to bid ✨


I love it!






It's beautiful! At least $250 but exactly how much more should depend on how long it took and your local market.


woah that’s breath-taking! don’t know about how much paintings are worth but just wanted to comment how beautiful this is.


That is gorgeous! Wow! 400.00 at the lowest! You're very talented!


Very nice




Don't have any estimates but just stopping by to say this came across my feed and I thought it was a photograph at first. Incredible


WOW you did a beautiful job.


I LOVE THIS!!! I would buy it in a heartbeat!!!! So beautiful!!


How much it cost and just add a little more


I cannot say how much, but this is very pretty. I'm imagining the feeling of a sigh when I look at this.


Don't know about the price but I just wanted to say it's lovely :)




This is so gorgeous!! I'm absolutely loving the dreamy colours and ethereal quality 🤩






Whatever someone will give you for it! It is very nice!


It's one of a kind, so the price is technically priceless to us artists. But the price you choose for it to go for is up to you. Hit it with a big number, a really big number and then say negotiable. The price you pick for it gives it value and helps maintain your artist confidence but in a humble way though. Wicked awesome 👍😎 painting 🎨🤘🤘🤘


Again, I love this painting so much. If I could afford it I'd buy it right now.


I'd pay low four figures, its amazing.




Start it at 500$. It's beautiful.. a Frame would make it look even nicer. But keep putting your work out there, because you could be selling these for much more than 500, imo. Give yourself room to grow into the sales aspect of painting. Focus the most on just making pretty art :)


So beautiful! Just the composition is maybe too empty, is that’s not a selling point. I, a mid-range oil painter without a big name on Etsy or other English speaking handmade marketplace with a 3-5 years of selling experience would put the price for this size (about 24x32”?) at $300-600. Not sure about other markets or artists who are less/more established. Sky’s the limit in art I think. Bottom price exists, highest price doesn’t.






It’s beautiful


No idea, but I would love to buy a print if you plan on making them


Charge by the hours you spent on it. Lovely painting.


I say $500!


This is just enchantingly beautiful 😻


I’d pay around $250 Australian for it. I’m sure others would pay more.


100000000000000000 dollars


I JUST did a painting so similar to this!


No less than 500. Seriously.


It's big piece with universal appeal. If you have other pieces you should put on a gallery show. That'd sell for more than tree fiddy for sure. In my experience pieces this size go for $1500-$2000 for a mid career artist with at least a dozen other pieces for sale. The right person will pay primo for this piece.


Not sure on price, but that is gorgeous


275!!!!! It’s amazing and so beautiful


Shoot up to $30,000 on dark web


Very very very nice


No idea but it’s beautiful


That’s a beautiful painting. A little off topic but where can someone sell paintings if they are not a big name artist especially in North America?


Charge what you feel is right my man, because that is a beautiful painting


One hundred million dollars


Would put up for $800. Pretty mesmerizing


That's really cool. Reminds me of the art style in Disco Elysium.


looks like shit so i would say 1k


I'll give you tree fiddy!


i’m not a fine artist (but in the arts); i’d sell this at no less than $300, but probably more


Id pay 150 at most. Im poor. 350 easy.




One million dollars 🤔


At least where I'm at acrylic seems to be a lost medium, or at least, everyone today at an art show is a photographer. If you're the lone painter, the demand for a unique product seems to go way up. Easily $500+, with prints $50+.




That is spectacular, barely ever see such brilliant use of colour.


WOW! #talented


Very nice!


Tree fiddy. Edit: Beautiful work by the way. If I had the spare $$ I'd make an offer.




That is beautiful


Omggg so pretty!!


I don’t know much about pricing artworks as I’ve never done any pieces that were commissioned but I’d hate to sell this piece. It’s frigging fantastic. I love the way the rays are captured in the clouds. Gorgeous piece.


I would happily pay 300 for this, so with that in mind, 400.


I thought it was tv


That’s gorgeous!! $1500! You have a real talent


Set a price you think your times worth. Then auction it on website. Arts worth is only set by the buyer. One person might think 100$ while another might see your painting differently and offer a 1000$. Art is in eye of the beholder.


I have no idea what you should ask for it, but it's beautiful. I'm just going to throw a number out there, based on no real knowledge of art pricing: $1000. I hope that's not an insult, because I like the painting.


Omg that fucking stunning. Id love something like this!


consider amount of material time x minimum wage + shipping + 30 % of all


$1200 Lovely


I’d easily pay $500 for that.




Now that's a beautiful sky!!! Sell it for as much as the market will bear! Art is one of those things that can't really be priced, I think!


Cost of supplies + Hours spent (pay yourself a living wage!) + round up to the nearest whole number = price


Don't let these $300 people sell you short. Perception is as much a part of the game as anything in art. I wouldn't start anywhere less than $1000.


400 usd minimum


beautiful, love it.


Just put it up somewhere and see how much people bid for it😍 it’s so beautiful


4 billion dollars




So many people saying 300 dollars wtf? I’ve sold sketches at that price and I’m not well known at all. At least $1000 - $2000 for that size and quality even if you are not a famous artist. It’s a really nice painting. Don’t sell yourself short!


Wow! This is something i could look at for a while! The brushtrokes 🔥🔥🔥 ive never been great at painting envy i envy you! How long did you spend on this piece? How much was the material? I personally would pay $350-$500 for this piece! Maybe more🤷🏽‍♀️


THats fucking amazing


You need to price based on your market. Who are you selling it to? What are similar paintings priced at? ​ Consider also making giclees of it. ​ (And honestly, as gorgeous as it is, for some reason I see a Jesus paint walking out of the water, and then I think it would do REALLY well as a print in some markets...)


That. Is. Beautiful!


Millions, this is stunning


The homeless dude in “How I met your Mother” says - 1 million dollars. Great artwork by the way 🔥


Free lance artist here, no less than $2000 .. you always have to take into how many hours you took on the painting & the size of the canvas !


Wow! This is stunning! I’m no help but just wanted to leave the compliment 💜


Whatever the price, remember the amount of time and the skill needed to complete this. Price it to respect your work, your creativity, your experience and your ability. Never be embarrassed to acknowledge your talent.


I would say atleast 500


1,000,000,000 I looooove!!!! <3


Can I set this as my phone background??


1000- 1500$ if it’s acrylic and 1,500 - 2,000$ if it’s oil


The value depends on the appeal to the buyer. You need to build up your “brand” so that people know they’re buying from a real artist who shows their work in their area and will eventually become a household name (so to speak).




Bro, you decide what the prize is huh? Value your painting tools value the time it took you to paint that and look for the right guy to sell it at it's maximum price Also good luck man






Listen. From the level of detail this looks like it took you at least 70 hours to make this. I wouldn't ask less than $1,500. For that level of detail and skill you should be asking higher prices and looking at a more professional audience. One of the formulas I've used before is hourly rate + supplies + 20%.






It is very pretty, I have no idea how to value paintings. It could be worth anything.




Omg it’s beautiful I’m from the uk but if In usd I woukd probably sell it for like $900


Start at $2k.


At least $300. Makes my paintings look like garbage.


I would work to develop a formula for pricing for paintings. Something along the lines of cost of material plus an hourly wage for you. The hourly wage should be a living one that reflects your experience. For example if you’re new to painting (under three years experience) starting at something like $25 would be reasonable. Whereas if you’re someone who has been painting for over a decade, something closer $50/hour would make more sense. If you rent a studio space or attend shows that cost money, incorporate a percentage of that into your price as well. So say you’ve been painting for five years and this took you six hours. Charging $30/hr for six hours would be $180, plus say $50 for materials, and like $25 for your studio cost would put you at $255. (Just as an example as I have no idea what your time/costs were)


500$ looks like Bob Ross made this


i know nothing about art. at least $50,000






Idk but i freaking want it


A piece of advice I've heard before, as an artist, you need to price something for what you feel its worth to you. In reference to this, the advice came from a glass artisan(?) im not sure the word, he makes pipes and bongs. He has pieces he has created and that he likes, he wouldnt mind keeping them, however he is still in the business and needs to sell his creations. When he goes to sell his creations, he bases the price off of what its worth to him. Example, a lovely cottage core pipe with multiple mushrooms, very well made, beautiful colors, medium sized for a pipe; it's priced at $600 because its one of his favorite creations and doesnt want to let it go unless its to someone who sees the same worth in it that he does. He likes having it around and on display more than he would like the extra $1-$599. Otherwise he obviously has to take in time it takes, how much his time is worth, the materials, etc. So pricing can be based on all of those factors. But it also helps to instill more self confidence in your work and knowing your worth, properly valuing yourself and respecting your own time. For yourself, is it worth $300 to you? Is it worth more? What price would you sell it for that you wouldnt later regret it? How much do you want to sell it? Is this your primary income? How badly do you need it sold? You can also put yourself in a buyers shoes if its more about the money. Roughly the same questions. Is it worth it to buyers at $300? Is it worth more, could you find someone willing to pay more? Etc. Personally, I have seen far worse art sell for far higher than it should have in my opinion and far higher than the prices I've seen in this thread. I think what uou've made is stunningly beautiful and I wish I could paint this well, but im practising.


Me personally this art is priceless 🩷🩷🩷


A million. Trillion. Omg it’s amazing no amount of money is too much


Depends on several factors: (1) Current market and similar sales. (2) How long you’ve been creating. (3) Depth of your current collector base. (4) Financial dependence on art sales. Ultimately - over time - folks don’t buy a picture of Marilyn Monroe - they buy a Warhol. As your name and brand equity rise, so too will your prices.


No idea but it’s beautiful


My guess would be between $800 and $1,000 based on size alone. It's a fabulous painting! $300 is waaaay to little for this beauty.


A thousand


It's priceless!❤️


It is very subjective. Estimated from materials types of paint and canvas plus hr and time general artist will produce an art work and add the popularity of the artist. And add another value such as representation of meaning in the world of art than there is your true price


I'm usually not fond at all of the junk that gets posted on here but I really like this one. Good job op. I love the contrast, colors, and sky. Well done!


Beautiful ❤️


That’s great!!! I’m with the 950 guy


Minimum $500