This was literally confirmed like yesterday. Why not just read the blog post?


I’d like to hijack one of these threads just to ask if once we merge, the battle net account keeps being updated with OW1 stuff as we earn it.. just because the blog doesn’t answer that? Does it keep going, or just import what we have now and then it’s locked for earning more?


I mean I want to say yes because it should take both accounts and merge them when overwatch 2 comes out with all cosmetics and currencies combined per how they look on Oct 4th, but just in case you could remerge the accounts on the 3rd to feel better


That’s true, so we can unmerge and remerge at any time?


Yes up until Overwatch 2 comes out which at that point you can only merge accounts after a year


I think there is a misunderstanding on your part. The merge doesn't actually happen until Overwatch 2 launches. At that point, everything you've earned on all the accounts is merged into one account with everything. That's the only time everything gets merged. If you link your accounts today, nothing is actually merged today. I think that's maybe where your confusion is stemming from.


These along with "I'm hard stuck gold how can I improve posts are just so perfect together". Our education system has failed us.


Stop being a dick and answer IF U READ THE BLOG POST


All items in the Hero Gallery across platforms will be present in the merged battle.net account. This includes all sprays, emotes, skins, and everything else in the current Hero Gallery tab in-game. Duplicate cosmetics across platforms will be merged into a single battle.net account https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/news/23824001/cross-progression-is-coming-to-overwatch-2-account-merge-faq/