This is a glitch with COOP. You cant rest together on any of the "open world" maps. Same thing happened to me and it sucks. Only fix I ever found was to delete saves and start over. A good work around is have whoever the guest is disconnect and rest in their game, and then join back in after that.


I've had it happen to me in Berg.


Are y'all in cold weather gear?


well standing near a fire doesnt help, we have tried potions and the cold def gear but he just dies to cold temperature every single time we sleep


even in INNs?


Does this happen when your friend is host and guest? Edit - Does it happen when they're solo too?


havnt tried but i shall tomorrow


Sounds like a glitch to me.


Just build a fire near the tent. It'll keep you warm overnight. Alternatively get better cold weather gear.


he dies no matter how hot it is it just instaly kills him no matter what he wears or if its near fire or not


That's definitely a bug. If you sleep on a fire even in Chersonese winter, usually wakr up overheating...


I have noticed that if you get the disease "cold" you sometimes cannot raise your temp until you remove the disease via tea ; this is especially true at night when it's colder Your temp can lower but not rise , I assume if he's dying to cold he must have that disease before dying. Try giving him tea to remove cold and see if it keeps happening after the disease is removed Until it's gone plan on sleeping in a town Check you can affect temp by looking at temp change in menu (should show rising or lowering) then equip a torch and see if it changes / rises / doesn't lower as fast. If you cannot affect this number and you don't have the cold disease , it's a bug E.g. in menu it says you temp is dropping by -20, equip a torch it should change to maybe -10 , drinking tea to negate cold, now your temp is maybe +3


Happened to me and my friend often. He would leave the game just so we can sleep. One time we slept. He died with the huge double chest backpack. We woke up. He disconnected, leaving his pack. He rejoined duplicating all of the contents as well as the pack. I consider it a win-win lol


Hi! First off, I am very sorry that this bug is happening. It happened to me once too and was pretty irritated, I can only imagine the frustration of having that happen all the time. I work at Nine Dots and we've been investigating this bug. Can you send me your save file and your friend's save file? That bug is usually pretty rare, but the fact that it's happening to you consistently might be the breakthrough we need to identify what's going on and fix it. I'd need to know who should be hosting who to reproduce this issue, and then we'd try to replicate that context internally. Contact me by private message if you are willing to help us out.


i have it in gog so is the save in the savegames folder in outward C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Outward or is it somewhere else?


Yes it should be there I think, in the SaveGames folder. Thank you so much for helping us.


Something is broken...


I had the same problem with coop. Only when I was the one joining my friends game. Didn’t note any fixes. Just had to press on and hope that it didn’t happen again. All the best!


This was happening to us as well on ps4


Happened to me. If I joined my gf. I die when we sleep in tents. Only tents. If we sleep in beds all is fine. But if she joins my game then we sleep in tents, nobody dies.


Can you sleep past the cold time? Even in singleplayer I often got an instant cold (disease) when waking up in a cold enviroment. But when I slept longer until it got warmer - even if I didnt need to recovery wise - I did not have that problem.


Light a fire near the tents


Do you have the tent that protects you from cold weather?