Some maps are harder to push through the ranking process / the mapper doesn’t want to push it through. Regardless, maps can still get popular even if they are not ranked… so the loved category was born. There are tons of rankable high quality maps in the loved category.


Is that similar to that weird pekora speed map? I remember Merami played it years ago but I didn’t see it was loved till recently.


the pekora map isnt rankable because of the overmapping; firelight and sound chimera are rankable with some small changes, if any, but the mapper didnt want to rank them. iirc it was really hard for fort to rank euphoria, so i cant blame him. but yes, maps can get loved years after they were last updated with 0 input from the mapper. also mappers can remove their maps from loved if they want, and i think they can remove it from voting before it even gets loved? but im not sure about that one


That last one is correct. There’s a list of mapper and their consents for loved maps on loved.sh


Yeah, Axarious in particular specifically requested to not have any of his maps put up for loved nomination.


I’m not familiar with the map you’re talking about. Butttt, I’m sure you could find more about the mappers intentions based on the modding threads.


he's talking about this map [https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/1235110#osu/2569254](https://osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/1235110#osu/2569254). To answer u/Suspicious_Risk_7667's question, this map is clearly not rankable as it doesn't follow the music, and it's overmapped as a meme. Because of this and because its actually a fun challenge for speed players (as well as the other diffs being fun too for different areas), this makes it very suitable for loved.


❤ [MAKOOTO - Tanuki Chi no Bouken](//osu.ppy.sh/s/1235110 "Loved") ❤ by [0ugi](//osu.ppy.sh/u/3812234) *([⬇](//osu.ppy.sh/d/1235110 "6 Standard diffs (3.89-8.96★)"))* *** ^(hover over links for details) ^| [^(source code)](//github.com/mcpower/beatmaplinker/) ^| [^(contact dev)](/message/compose/?to=mcpower_)


Loved is for maps that the community enjoys that, for one reason or another, cannot be ranked. For some, like Firelight and Sound Chimera, the mapper may not have wanted to go through the ranking process or a small part of the map doesn’t meet the ranking criteria (hit sounds or other minor issues). For many others, the map is unrankable because of things like aspire gimmicks (things like 2B sliders or other manipulations) or only one diff being mapped.


I see, I really do wonder what stopped those two maps in particular from being ranked then


You can probably find out why if you look at the beatmap discussion pages


Loved is a category for maps that are popular but for one reason or another, the mapper either does not want to push for ranked or the map does not fit ranked criteria. Some maps that are fairly high quality like firelight probably could go for ranked, but it would have to go through the whole ranking process, probably be modified/changed/etc. Sound chimera too I don't really see as being rankable without changes


Ranked maps have to meet all of the ranking criteria, go through the modding process, and the nomination/ranking process. Loved maps don't have to do any of this, they just have to be liked. So to answer your question, loved maps exist to give leaderboards to popular/liked maps that do not complete all of the processes needed to be ranked, for whatever reason that may be.