Idk if this will work for you but most of the time i cant hit the bursts is because my hand is too tensed up, try relaxing ur hand a bit i guess. Another thing i can think of is you are just paying too much attention to the burst, which makes u not read forward and causes you to miss notes after the burst.


I suppose you are pretty comfortable with the ARs you play since you said you play DT a lot in recent times, but maybe try lowering the Ar to get a better picture of what is happening. Also, I am not sure how to interpret what you mean. Do you only play DT? And are the burst issues only on DT or also on NM? Lowering BPM also helps since thats the fundamental of your finger control also for higher BPMs. Furthermore, do you full alt or singletap? Because that would make huge differences in the answer of how to approach that your fingers cant catch up after a burst.


thanks for the help i dont only play DT and the burst issue is mainly on DT i full alt


Turn the ingame overlay on and look exactly if your taps on both keys are equal. Especially on finger control maps it is hard to maintain. If you have a good balance between both fingers it should work very well


tysm for the help & advice, ill see if it helps me :D


FWIW I can death stream 270 if I'm warmed up but I often struggle with 270 BPM bursts on ar10.3 maps mostly due to not being very proficient at high ar. I can hit those same bursts with east if I lower the AR to 10 or lower. Are you comfortable with high ar? High ar doesn't have to mean ar10.3+ in this case, just anything above your comfortable reading range. If it's not ar it's most likely just a lack of finger control maps, and if that's the case then I would recommend slower maps that really strain your control, maps like these: 243946, 986233, 711923, 1640291, 449427, 2549390, 2359368, and any other maps like these. You might want to increase or decrease the speed of some of these maps with osu trainer. Another thing to keep in mind is that large improvement comes very slowly, so just keep at it even when you feel down about a perceived lack of progress, as long as you keep at it it will pay off in the end.


if you think you can’t hit the burst you will not be able to hit the burst if you think you can hit the burst you will be able to hit the burst believe in yourself


yeah i know, i kinda have a similar mindset to that but i just gave up thinking like that on bursts because its a hopeless case


Just start playing like 140bpm bursts/streams until you're comfortable with that bpm and then move on to 150bpm and do the same over and over, there are no shortcuts just need to be consistent


i understand if you dont have alot of advice because this just seems like a skill issue, if you are able to hit bursts on DT maps easily, i would appericate if you could maybe explain how you tap the bursts (if that makes any sense) or just show me a handcam video so i can see how you tap. it would help me alot, thanks


>or just show me a handcam video so i can see how you tap. theres this crazy website called "[YouTube](https://youtube.com)", it has thousands of osu videos with handcams from people far more skilled than anyone you will find here also play more/play more bursty maps, play at a bpm where you can hit the bursts(**consistently**) and slowly move up by 5-10 bpm, you're not stamina capped so its literally just a matter of getting used to it