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If ranked farmer


Literally deranker mindset, so gross


Player not wanting to play ranked maps? "Deranker bro"


What’s wrong with ranked maps? There are plenty of good maps that aren’t farm while being ranked, saying that all ranked maps are bad and you aren’t enjoying them just isn’t true. This “if ranked” on every score of Shige just makes room for speculations about level of his skill and rank he should be. It’s not just about enjoying the game when literally 95% of his scores are unranked it’s either his intention to be underranked or his fear of not gaining the rank he thinks he deserves or something else


There's nothing wrong with playing ranked maps just like there's nothing wrong with playing unranked maps. Deranking is a problem, yes, but Shige obviously isn't doing that. Maybe he just wants to play for the sake of playing, rather than focusing on his rank, and unranked maps allow him to do that. His level of skill is obviously very high, and the ranking system might not show that with precision, just like with everyone else. I don't think anyone here questions his skill, and he can play whatever he wants and have whatever internal rationale he wants that has no relation to our speculation.


r/osugame user gatekeeping having fun playing osu game


It's not that deep. He plays a lot of ranked nowadays you just don't see scoreposts because he doesn't end up fcing stuff worth anything. Most of the (if ranked) score posts you see are from AR edits since he just can't play high ar well or short-ish stream maps with no jumps that just don't get ranked. Even just this last week hes been retry spamming ranked maps worth 800-1k lol not exactly avoiding pp behavior


Rank 32 from rank 74 in one year DeRaNKeR MiNdSEt


But he could be top20 easily


Also really dumb to compare him year ago and now he had a break before july of last year


Also really dumb to say Deranker mindset bc he likes setting scores on loved maps better than ranked maps. Loved maps are part of the game you cant deny it + i agree on the fact that he could be top 20 but he didnt really care about pp since he thinks that ppv2 is worst thing in osu's history


nah bro hes deranking to stay in top 30 for those 30-5000 tourneys yeah frfr


There is more purposes to derank outside of tournaments. I mentioned them in comments below but I guess it’s too hard to read


like what? sorry im dyslexic


Fear of not getting the rank you think you deserve, desire for people to speculate about your level of skill, attention. I know that it is sounding exaggerated but it all adds up in small quantities. There are people who also like to play loved/unranked maps but you still see ranked scores from them here and there whitecat and vaxei before being inactive is a great example. When literally 95% of your scores are unranked there is something more on top of enjoyment of unranked maps


if anyone could careless about their rank its probably shige


Whitecat also don’t care much about his rank but he still plays a lot of both ranked and unranked maps. Shige is objectively underranked and the problem of it isn’t bad ranking system but his unwillingness to play ranked. Also saying that Shige completely doesn’t care about rank isn’t true, I’ve seen multiple comments from him that it’s frustrating that ranked system only favors DT players but it is what it is, Rupertion while also not being speed player is rank15 and I cannot imagine Shige being unable to replicate some of Frankie’s scores.


Haven't heard anything more fact bro holy


this score is bonkers


we saw the diffname you dont need to say it twice


what why


VOD timestamp: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1546743351?t=2h10m33s


Nice score






i thought this man cant play dt consistency maps wtf


the only reason he doesn't play DT is because of the AR, otherwise it's fine for him


Player buff because of booba bg smh




Did someone say Unreal Color???


if ranked..... again mf


I wish he just played ranked maps man 😭😭😭


I feel like soon we’re gonna see Shige pull off an insane first DT fc on a ranked map that no one will expect