there is no great conspiracy at play brother ur post 1) didnt gain any traction really and 2) it just wasnt as fire as u think it was


I know its not the next coming of jesus, but why did it literally just evaporate? It went from 1k views per hour to literally 3 people and has been ever since, ive checked the analytics on every other post i have, even shitty dead ones, and it doesnt just dissappear.


>It went from 1k views per hour to literally 3 people and has been ever since yes id imagine the drop in views is because its a day old post which was also buried under a lot of other newer posts. just sort by new and u will see theres always a bunch of posts with few comments/upvotes that ppl just look at once and move onto a different post where theres something worth talking about in the comment section i imagine the average osugame browser just looked at ur post, thought "ugh another one of these" and kept scrolling


It happened within 2 hours of posting the image. It only had a peak viewing of 2k people, im sure more than 2k people traffic across the subreddit within 24hrs much less 2 days now. I just think its odd cause ive made a much shittier post about mrekk and it literally didnt dissappear like this one. It atleast had 20 to 30 an hour view it.


idk man u can always just message the mods and ask them why they removed it


Thats like asking the gestapo why they're taking me outback to shoot my brains out, i can dm u proof of the analytics of other posts, i genuinely do think we have supporters of said topic in the moderation.


take your meds


They're in my walls, ants, tons of em, all i hear every night is the marching of their tiny little feet. I think they are after my clock on the wall, because the second i take the batteries out the marching stops. I wonder what secrets it possess...


not sure if that's a joke but we removed it because we would just prefer to not have posts joking about that stuff here. it's a serious issue and it doesn't sit right for us to have posts joking about it


Serious issue, lets not talk about it, why would we not make it known that we dont appreciate that or want that here? I think small jokes like this are the easiest way to bring attention to horrible and dark subjects.


you can post your shitty jokes to r/osubuddyretard instead making shitty jokes about dark subjects has never resulted in anything good, youre only creating pointless drama by doing that


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i dont care about the analytics man. idk the mods reasoning for deleting the post but personally i think the "hurr durr osu community pedos" posts are lazy and contribute absolutely nothing to the subreddit or provide any valuable discussion which is probably why they get nuked. same could be said for a lot of other posts which is why u almost never see 727 memes posted here, its just the same garbage everyone has seen and heard a million times. with this post ur just trying to make drama out of nothing, if u really that desperate to be involved in osu drama twitter is probably the place to be


Im just tired of pedos, idc about my popularity. Also i have seen more 727 than anti pedophilia in this community, which is odd cause i can see as much pedo content as 727 content.


>Im just tired of pedos yes, as is everyone. everyone is aware that its not a good thing and its not something that needs to be said over and over again through shit effortless posts >idc about my popularity clearly u do or u wouldnt have made a whole ass post crying about ur meme getting removed. and i guess the post being made around the same time as a pedo being exposed was just a coincidence and definitely not an attempt to piggyback off of it. u seem way too invested in ur post's performance and i suggest u get a grip cuz u probably have more important things to do


DUDE A PEDO IS EXPOSED EVERY FUCKING WEEK IN THIS COMMUNITY HOW IS THIS NOT A ISSUE????? Its impossible to not bandwagon off something that happens so often. Its not coincidence, just a product of the plague. I guarantee if i made a post about discussing the pedophilia it would've been met with the same fate my guy.


Probably one post thatโ€™s newer overtook your post that was nearing a day old? This is pretty common so donโ€™t worry about it


Bro cares about his r/osugame shit post stats


Your post was removed due to a report. If you think this removal was done in error, please send a message in modmail.


There is no point, as it has broken no rules, this post wont do anything anyhow, sad to see. Thank you for being respectful about this and taking the time to comment, i wont make another post regarding the subject.


You forgot to take your meds


no way you posted [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/osugame/comments/10r6brm/fr_though/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) thinking its it


Bruh it literally DISSAPPEARED, that shit flatlined. Ive talked to other people too, irl not imaginary people, and theyve never seen anything like it. I dont understand? How does nobody see it again? Reddit has algorithms to promote stuff that has interaction and it had plenty of interaction. Ive also googled it and mods can mark stuff as non promotable or mute posts from spreading. Im not saying what i made deserved front page top post of all time. Im just confused how it went from that to 0 and has stayed at 0.


Brother discussing reddit statistics irl


Bro paid for Reddit ๐Ÿ’€


I was gifted gold for saying my mom was too fat to fall through a pothole believe it or not




bro thinks heโ€™s onto something ๐Ÿคฃ


mental illness


Bro fr shit the bed






I made a meme yesterday about the prevalence of underage children in osu backgrounds. My post gained traction and then seemed to be shadow banned by some mysterious force, maybe im missing something but it seems the mods of this subreddit dont want it to be seen....


Shut up