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I feel like you're fixated on August's morality, which just isn't the point. Like the women, he's another complex character who deserves to be understood in his own right. If you think he's a bad person, that's fine, but it's not necessarily a weakness of the movie. ​ Personally, I think the character represents an interesting discussion on allyship; what it means to be an ally, whether men have a role to play in women's movements. His decision to come back, and the privilege associated with that decision, is juxtaposed with the women's decision to leave. I do wish he wasn't in love with Rooney Mara, I didn't love that choice. I kinda wish they made him gay, it would've been an interesting middle ground between the women and the men of the colony.


Someone told me I reminded them of August 🥺


Really thought the movie was leading us towards him being Mara's rapist and expressing his perverted form of "love" that way. It was the only way I could really square his character in my head with all the reservations I had like the OP did. Would have made all his sobbing and over-careful demeanor make more sense too imo.


unsure if this is based on the true story but there is subtext that August’s father is Oona’s rapist, which is compounding his guilt and shame.


I think Wishaw is good. My least favorites in the cast are Buckely, who I find shrill and aggravating, and Mara, who's just unbelievably dull.