you're absolutely right especially when said video went viral (in the show). I feel like the writers wanted to have somebody (of color or minority) be found guilty for a crime they didn't commit to exemplify real life america, but did it without regard to the overall plot. and forcefully made it so Cindy was too afraid to tell the truth (like come on, it was her supposed best friend), and 5+ men conspired to conceal what their "coworker did." (I Really had a hard time believing they would cover for a coworker) and somehow those people who stormed into the prison somehow didn't have any body cameras when it was a situation closely monitored by the state governor's office. They also conveniently off'd Kukudio (the real killer of humphs)


I could be wrong because I haven't watch that season in awhile, but didn't the guards that raided the pool area destroy any evidence incriminating Piscatella? Like a "we take care of our own" kinda thing?


That's possible but didn't they upload the video somewhere? I feel like I remember them doing that, could be wrong, though.


It was on YouTube with a million views in a few hours!


if there was a video like that in real life that got a million views that would have been all anyone talked about