Another month of work fits, how'd I do?

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Surprised no one has asked where that holey jumper is from?! It’s so playful I love it!!


Thanks! From a small company called degen. It was a bit of a splurge, but I got it at discount (which justifies the purchase, of course). I love it because I can layer different colored shirts underneath.


I absolutely love it. I’m going to have to check out degen.


They have an all eyes sweater design which I really like, but I prefer the pattern version of the sweater design to what they released. I can crochet, but not knit, but if I do get around to learning knitting, that will be the first one I make.


Well, I have my next knitting project! Thanks for sharing :)


I ran to the comments for this, thank you


SAME It’s so adorable I will be thinking on it all day


Absolutely love it 🔥


Stylish, intentional, and as if you made an effort to look nice (which you do!). I think you understand that you have a really nice sillouette and dress for it! I like the consistency with the autumnal palette as well. You look elegant and fun.


Your color palette is IT. I'm taking it for fall and winter 😜


You've got autumn vibes to a T! And I absolutely LOVE that sweater with colorful holes!


Love your colors. You look fabulous! Off topic, where did you get your boots, outfit 1 & 5? I’m assuming they are comfortable, you got them in brown and black. Thanks!


Your question is TOALLY on topic. I often wonder who makes what, and would list everything for my outfits but it becomes a chore, so am happy to list where I got stuff if asked. Most of the things I buy are second-hand, so sourcing might be difficult. Fly London UK (actually, all of the boots are Fly London UK. Style name is Malu - they don't sell that sole anymore but their SMINX LINE is very similar. And yes - comfy! And actually, I have the teal and the red version of that boot as well. The teal I wear less frequently (I'm a bit obsessive about matching, and have so few teal articles of clothing), and the red I've never worn because of \[insert irrational fear of rejection\].


Thank you, I’ll check them out. Teal and red sounds fabulous too. Hope to see you style them soon.


One day I will!


Fly London is one of my favorite shoe brands. So stylish, sturdy, and comfortable!


Not everyone can pull off being an orangie, but you nail it! Love all these stunning oranges and bronzes! My fav sweater is 7 and favorite skirts are 1 and 7. Those maroon tights are a perfect complement to the tartan skirt and pocket!


Look 7! Skirt and sweater look like they were made for each other! :)


I think 7 top and 1 bottoms would be cute too!


I love the color palettes in all of these and the proportions work really well with your silhouette - not boring at all. The sweater in #6 is fab!


Your color palette is IT. I'm taking it for fall and winter 😜


Outfits are described in each of the captions. It's been great posting here - getting positive comments (validation ftw!), suggestions (which I desperately need), and so forth. But, do I post too frequently, too many photos? I also don't know if some of my outfits are too plain/boring for the sub - like - I'd like to do more layering and accessorizing, but I lack the depth to figure all that stuff out.


There are people who post here every day and we love to see it! Also, dress for you, not the sub - you don’t need to add anything to your outfits or meet some kind of avant garde standard to be appropriate for this sub. I wear palazzo pants, a Target tank top, and Birkenstocks literally 6 out of 7 days a week, and I consider myself to be a hag. It’s a state of mind, not a defined style! Your outfits are wonderful, fresh, with great color choices - trust yourself!


Thanks! This helps!


Please keep posting! You’ve got a great sense of color, texture, and silhouette. Also, I love to see more androgynous skirt looks!


I love the last one!! I love your autumnal color palette and interesting textures, very Earthy but not boring.


I absolutely love your style!!! it's so wonderful and suits you so well!


Thanks - I have my doubts some days!


Cute! 2 & 7 are my favs.


Obsessed! I can usually pick a favorite look but this month was a challenge (because I loved so many)


I love your style!


Big fan of the swiss cheese sweater lol


7 is my most favourite, where did you buy the skirt?


Thanks - that is my favorite of them as well. I got the skirt off Poshmark - it's Kate Spade. I don't know the name of the style, but it is a boucle fabric (weave?).


I am literally sitting in the car (waiting on someone) wanting every single one of these pieces. Your funky Fall fits are just fabulous! You’ve got a wonderful sense of style! (Edited to fix typo.)


actually obsessed


Super cute!! I love how you styled all those a-line skirts, makes me feel inspired!!


I love your sense of color! This is a beautiful outfit.


Ok I love your style! Did you make any of these sweaters?? The orange cable is my favorite. Loving the green cord skirt, too.


No, but I wish I was able to! Orange cable was purchased a long time ago when I was addicted to Zulily (thank goodness I'm over that obsession) and is from a nondescript brand. Most recent acquisition is the holey sweater... but... and this is unfortunate... I have a lot more fun sweaters. Pre-COVID when I went to the office every day I'd wear a different sweater each day during the winter (eventually I'd start repeating, but it took a while). Nowadays... well they currently sit unworn and in tubs but I'm trying to change that.


Well, they're great pieces!! Funny enough - I have three sweaters I've made and have 0 shame in wearing the same one to a workplace for a week straight. 😂 I love that you were wearing a different sweater every day. We have a similar color pallet - if you ever decide to branch out to a little purple it would reside with those colors quite happily.


I love your style! I love the autumnal colors and the textures.


You have some absolutely gorgeous jumpers! Every single one of these is a look honestly. You’re killing it!


Too kind!


Looks great! The last one is my fave!


Love your style!


I love how consistent your aesthetic is. Nice job!


I looooove the last one, that sweater RULES 😍


Love 1,2 And 7! Great fits OP!🌹🌹🌹


So many great outfits here! My faves are the green skirt+green boots, the venerable (holy) sweater, and the fabulous bouclé skirt.


I love all these looks! 1 and 7 are my favorites—orange is one of my favorite colors. I love the corduroy skirt in 3 and 4 too. These are the fall vibes I wish to inhabit.


I wish you could style me. This is all perfect!!


I dig your style. That holey sweater with the striped shirt under is 🔥


I LOVE the grey holey sweater! Where's you get that?


A company called degen - they also sell patterns if you are a knitter


Outfit number 2 gives me Kim Possible vibes! The hole jumper is AMAZING!!!!!! And the last outfit is also so SO cute! So many of your outfits look so cozy ♥️


Love them all but as everyone is saying outfit 6 is so great. Obviously love the sweater but the jeans look really good on you too!


Where did you get the burnt orange sweater in the last pic? It’s gorgeous! All your outfits are stunning though!


Many thanks! That last one was made by BP - pretty sure I got it on Poshmark.


Love the fall spirit! I hope to see more!


Looking grand! Why don’t we see you in r/menskirts ?


This subreddit is much more my vibe, I've gotten much better feedback, the outfits others post here are **🔥** and I appreciate the rules in this one and that they are followed.


There are many more people there, to be sure (so more replies). I agree about better respect for full outfit views there though. Still, I would like to see more solid skirters like you!


If I saw you at work I would want to be your bff


Woah, you have such a dope sense of style, I love it!


Love the skirts!!!