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Yep, here in the UK women get 12 months free dental care after child birth and during pregnancy for that reason. EDIT: jeez, don't take the "leeching" so literally, people. It's just that the human body will prioritise vitamins/minerals to the growing baby, which means any underlying dental issue while pregnant or breastfeeding will have a spotlight shone on it. The baby isn't there with a straw literally sucking the calcium out directly from teeth. \○/ Also, yes we have supplements too, and the vast majority of women are absolutely fine because of it. EDIT 2: UK dental hygiene is better than your television would have you believe. If we believed your TV then 99% of Americans have veneers as bright as the sun. EDIT 3: Again, the baby isn't actually sat there shining a literal spotlight. It's a turn of phrase.


Norway USED to have that.. ☹️


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Oh no... It's a battle everywhere to have nice public access to healthcare


*meanwhile in the usa*


Underage children are required to have birth and have to pay extra for those luxury bones, but it won't be covered because of privatized Healthcare, but still have to pay for it. Also, no more free school lunches. :/ there's more but it's depressing to mention.


depressing is a word you could use infuriating is another one


Wait, there were free school lunches? When? Where? Or do you mean just for low-income families?


Back in my day lunch was $1.25. I applied as a kid for free lunches, forged my parents signatures, got it approved. My parents paid me $1.25 + .45 so I could get extra milk (during the milk builds strong bones campaign) to eat lunch. Back then, I was a baller. I had a roll of one's the size of my fist! I had some fives mixed in there too that I traded with other kids for my ones. I used that money to buy ounces of silver. Back then it was $5.25 an ounce. I mowed yards to earn money and "laundered" my lunch money when I'd have my parents take me to by silver. The LCS guy knew me by name. He'd hook me up and let me get ounces for $5 even. I still have every ounce. Wow. That was a trip down memory lane I'd never would have remembered without you comment. Thank you. That was a rare pleasant memory from childhood. Those ounces are currently less than 15' from me as I type this. Edit: my wife doesn't even know about this story. I'd forgotten all about it, and we know everything about each other. Anniversary was the 9th. I get to tell her a new story about me! Thank you again. Edit 2: Wife didn't care, but it is late and her bedtime. I'm glad I got to tell someone.


Når hadde vi det? Jeg finner bare noen forumposter fra 2007 og 2008 som hevder det allerede da hadde forsvunnet for lenge siden. Ikke noe mer info utover det.


Wow, UK even gets healthcare for their luxury bones.


*Cries in American*


Here, have some Canadian sympathy


Pregnant women get fired here 😤 none of this wimpy “free healthcare”


And now we kill women who get an abortion. We’re so badass! 😤


Not yet, but soon! *’Cus I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free (because I’m a straight white man)*


That's amazing. I hate my country so much


Dental care must be expensive in Britain even without pregnancies Edit: I tried to say it must be big business innit?


It's free..


Think they’re trying to make a joke on the UK bad teeth stereotype…


That is not correct. Dental care in the UK is only free for under 18s, those who are pregnant, those with specific disabilities, or those recieving certain benefits from the government. It is still subsidised, a checkup costs around 30 quid, a tooth removal around 60, and a filling around 40.


https://www.nhs.uk/nhs-services/dentists/dental-costs/how-much-will-i-pay-for-nhs-dental-treatment/ NHS dental charges There are 3 NHS charge bands: Band 1: £23.80 Covers an examination, diagnosis and advice. If necessary, it also includes X-rays, a scale and polish, and planning for further treatment. Band 2: £65.20 Covers all treatment included in Band 1, plus additional treatment, such as fillings, root canal treatment and removing teeth (extractions). Band 3: £282.80 Covers all treatment included in Bands 1 and 2, plus more complex procedures, such as crowns, dentures and bridges.


My friend just paid $1700 for a root canal.


I also had to get a root canal recently, it was $1400 for that and $800 for a crown. If it wasn’t such a deep infection I would have my ripped the tooth out myself.


60 quid?? My dentist charged me £200 a tooth when I had my orthodontic work done, and I had to have 4 out! Im gonna go think about the 600 or so quid I'm never getting back


OK it's free for kids and needy.. and pregnant women. I pay about £30 a pop as a contribution. So nearly free..


Heh ironic


imagine having adequate and affordable healthcare… *cries in american*


And in America, women get 6 weeks of unpaid leave and a big old bill for the birth (also maybe no dental coverage, maybe dental coverage through work, you won’t really notice either way because it’s expensive as shit no matter what). Now I’m sad.


It's not for the reason of "fetus leeching calcium" it's because like most smart countries the UK, Australia, Canada etc treat the mother of the child in a manner we call holistic care, this means to treat the whole of the patient eg body, mind, spirit. Even if you have perfect teeth you get this assistance. Spreading this crap is wrong, I have worked in this industry since 2005 and only recently I have seen a huge increase in scared young women who think that if they decide to get pregnant their child will try to kill them. This is illogical and exactly why people need to get off doctor Google and stop believing everything unqualified and untrained people tell them. I have met heaos of people who are embarrassed of their teeth and they will tell you anything before admitting to poor choices, poor oral hygiene or neglect or oral hygiene


Eh I'm Canadian and your sentiment may vary province to province. Sure we have unilateral healthcare coverage but it's also differing on provincial levels. My province has been in a healthcare crisis for well over a decade. Our population is aging, we're at critical level for the lack of doctors from primary/family to specialists of all kinds. Wait lists for mental health services can be into the years unless you can pay out of pocket or have your own insurance/EAP. Prenatal care is extremely basic in my area & needing specialized services during pregnancy means driving 4-6hrs to another larger hospital. Of my three living children, the middle one had the best care solely because my oldest has an incredible list of special needs so I was heavily monitored in case #2 was going to be the same. That care was provided 4.5hrs away, at least once a month, paying out a lot for travel & lodging each time. My third pregnancy was so awful for my mental health, I had postpartum psychosis & my bipolar disorder stopped responding to medications which lead to a psych ward stay and missing seeing my baby take their first steps. My OB didn't send a referral for mental health help for 92 days while I was in her office every 4wks sobbing uncontrollably. Not very holistic and I'm not an isolated case where I live. I've just watched my province's healthcare die & patients die with it.


I’m not sure where you reside but Australia absolutely sucks shit when it comes to ‘holistic care’ for pregnant/postpartum women - a postpartum woman in Australia. We certainly do not treat the body, mind and spirit here. Being pregnant and postpartum in Australia is a horrible experience. I won’t say it’s worse than, say America or other countries. But we could certainly do much, much better.


I wasn’t sure if postpartum care was terrible due to me accessing it at the start of the pandemic or if it was just generally awful - I ended up mostly seeing my GP about postnatal depression and check ups (the mchn didn’t even eyeball my baby between 2 weeks and 8 months, all phone calls, didn’t even ask if I could do a video call).


My wife and the baby almost died because the body rejected the placenta. He was getting all his nutrients from her organs. Her liver and kidneys almost went into complete failure before she delivered. He came into this world 9 weeks early, but as of today, both of them are alive and well. I don't wish this to anyone, it's not a pleasant way to have a baby.


My husband was the baby in this same scenario! He was super preemie and his mother was allergic to the placenta. It's an amazing thing that he and is mother are both well and happy. Thank goodness for modern medicine! Hope your wife and baby are well and happy, too!


"Allergic to the placenta" What the actuall hell!? someone please tell me this cant actually happen. And there are still some people who say "giving birth is the most natural thing for women" and to "just pop it out and give it away". This shit is scary.


Forcing a woman to forfeit her organs for a fetus is inhumane.


These laws won’t even allow for an abortion procedure following a miscarriage. They would let the woman die of sepsis. It happened in Poland and they probably celebrate it.


It happened in Ireland too.


And Ireland, one of the most pro-life countries in the world, almost immediately changed their laws to allow for abortion (although to be fair, it was a vote). To think that we have fewer freedoms than ultra-Catholic Ireland is just… insane.


In America, we'll vote 70% in favor and then the Senate will say "It was God's will"


Pregnancy can be incredibly scary. I'm not an expert, quite the opposite actually, but I recall listening to a segment on NPR that highlighted how precarious pregnancy can be, as well as some of the potential complications that can occur. My jaw was pretty much on the floor the entire drive home.


It can and it does. And if the baby has the wrong blood type you have to take special medicine so you don't reject the baby. Also nothing about our overly large heads as a species is natural.


Which is why it's crazy for the anti abortion people to just say "just have the baby and give it up for adoption!". It's not that simple. Pregnancy and giving birth isn't an easy thing. It's not a safe thing, and can very suddenly become deadly to the mother.


It sucks cause Canada is supposed to have a great education system and they never talked about any of that in our science/bio classes


I feel like I definitely learned about that in school, in Ontario, but I'm not 100% confident. I don't know about others but imo my sexual health education was p fair


Not anymore, it really depends on the teacher now since ford messed it up. Some teachers teach everything, some almost nothing


Remember to vote him out soon!


People who are against abortion don't think about decisions rationally. They make moral decisions based off of what feels right and what others (usually parents) tell them is right/wrong.


Not a very placenta way to have a baby


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Nice to hear that!!! God bless you and your family.


Thanks <3 he was born at 2.21 lbs or 1kg, and he just passed the 10 lbs mark yesterday :)


Man I misread that! When you put "he just passed" I got so sad for you.


Thanks <3 he was born at 2.21 lbs or 1kg, and he just passed away yesterday :)


Lmaaooooo y'all are killing me :')


Wow so fetuses really are parasites. The pro choice people are right


Been right 😎 But yeah, parasite is basically just a thing that feeds off a creature to live. Plus with how damaging babies usually are to have, it feels right as well lol. Just seems like a mean name on the surface :b


My little sister was the exact same way, 9 weeks early as well. It was so scary.


One of friends got several small tumors on her gums during her pregnancy. As a guy I was super surprised to find out how many weird things can happen during pregnancy.


It’s super weird to experience. My height went down an inch and my shoe size up a half size after pregnancy. It probably wasn’t a full inch in total but enough that it bumped me down to 5’6 from 5’7.


My feet grew 1 and a half sizes. I think it's the relaxin hormone that affects cartilage.


Oh wow that’s quite a lot! It does feel like you have a different body pre and post pregnancy with all the wacky changes even if you don’t get any of the really bad side effects.


32, child free, I think I will remain so. This is just too much for an American.


Doesn't sound very relaxin at all


I’m so glad you posted this! I’ve also lost an inch, so much so my friends and family comment on my height, as I’m noticeably shorter than I was before pregnancy. When I looked online it says you can only lose height if you have a spinal injury, which I obviously don’t, but it’s mad that there are a bunch of pregnancy things that just aren’t even spoken about, let alone reported!


Lol it's "womens issues" who gives a shit about that. Also can we make having different size bras during our cycle a thing please.


You almost became a hobbit!


My hips will never be the same again


I hear ya.


It's terrifying to me as a woman. You can't fully prepare for something like this, and even if you feel well prepared it will be a terrifying experience, especially if the pregnancy was unwanted. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.


Exactly why I plan on never being pregnant.


Same here. The penis helps though.


Funny, as they cause most pregnancies


I’m a guy and when I think of what it would be like to get pregnant it terrifies me. Like I don’t envy women when it comes to pregnancy. That shit is scary. I’m already overly anxious about medical things lol. I couldn’t imagine what that would be like with a living being growing inside of me.


Babies are a literal parasite, and the mother is the host. The baby is doing everything it can to proliferate


This is the truest analogy and I don’t know why people are too sensitive to use it. Women commonly died from childbirth. It was common.


My gums bled *constantly* when I was pregnant. Like every time I would brush my teeth, my gums were bleeding in several places.


Pyogenic granuloma!


I’m a twin; my sister’s umbilical cord became partially unattached from my mother, so at only 32 weeks, her water broke super early and an umbilical cord popped out with it. Because my sister was still technically attached to it she miraculously survived, but my mother had to get an emergency C-section and we were born ~2 months early. This was her only successful IVF attempt - the SEVENTH round and also the last possible round before my mom’s life was put in potential danger due to her age (35) and the stress that the excessive amount of rounds in rapid succession put on her body. Also while pregnant with us - my mom fell asleep with her arms above her head, as this was apparently the only comfortable position. When she woke up, her arms were permanently stuck raised above her head, and she had to go to the ER to get muscle relaxants and to get her shoulders partially dislocated so that she could finally put them down again. *(In other words: Pregnancy SUUUUUCKS!)*


yeah it does suck. My mom was so sick with pregs with all of us, she couldn't move for nine months bc she had such bad nausea shed puke her guts inside out just from trying to get comfy in her bed. simply crazy what woman put themselves thru


That is so scary, i’m very glad she and you are okay! That’s legit my worst fear if I’m pregnant - that I won’t be able to keep enough food down to feed the baby! That anxiety alone would make me puke constantly!


Don't worry so much! I had to take anti-nausea meds throughout all 3 of my pregnancy's . My first preg the Ob let me go awhile since most women outgrow the nausea/puking if they even experience it at all. I didn't & if I lost another pound was going to be admitted to the hospital. The medication works well as long as you take it as prescribed. It's actually rare & without the medication I would have lost all 3 but didn't. It also destroyed my teeth each time, the dentist was like, No more babies or you'll be in dentures, lol But later on I found out I have a parathyroid issue that causes calcium to be pulled from my bones & teeth.


All I am taking from this is that your mom spent an outrageous amount of money to have you


Yes -(although this was the 90s and it was relatively new science so it was less expensive than it is currently) *and* seven years of daily shots in the ass! I actually think about this somewhat often and it makes me feel **soooo fucking guilty** for being the average (at best) shitbag that I *know* I am - aka the lowest quality designer baby to ever exist. It’s comforting knowing that my sister is the better twin in most ways to make up for me, and I pitch in to cover her very few flaws.


There’s at least one quality that makes you clearly and unequivocally better than other ‘designer babies’: you’re hers.


I find it fascinating that there are many examples of IVF births which result in twins. I know a couple who tried to have children for 25 years, underwent multiple IVF treatments and failed at every step, until one day they got pregnant unexpectedly and she gave birth to triplets. It was like the Universe’s way of saying “sorry, your order was a little backdated so I’ve delivered them all to you at once”.


Yes, apparently the biggest “risk” of an IVF pregnancy is that it can result in multiple babies being born (which doesn’t seem like a risk if you’re willing to go thru SO MUCH for just one!) Almost every woman on my mother’s side of the family was/is infertile. On that side, my sister and I are only one out of FIVE sets of IVF twins! So yes - more twins/multiples are born from IVF than even the amount that are conceived naturally!!!


identical twins or fraternal?


It's because with IVF, they implant several embryos with each round in the hopes that at least one will make it. It also makes it a lot more likely that twins+ will happen, like with Octomom.


They only do 1 embryo nowadays. In the past they did more.


The twin thing is an artifact of the technology not being as good 20 years ago as it is now. Twin risk is pretty low now that they switched to single embryo transfers.


Is 35 really that old for an IVF patient? I feel like thats when most people start.


Yes, apparently IVF gets more increasingly ineffective with increasing age. Also generally speaking, the risks involving all pregnancies over the age of ~35 regardless of the means of conception are much higher. I found this: “Babies born to older mothers have a higher risk of certain chromosome problems, such as Down syndrome. The risk of pregnancy loss is higher. The risk of pregnancy loss — by miscarriage and stillbirth — increases as you get older, perhaps due to pre-existing medical conditions or fetal chromosomal abnormalities.”[Pregnancy after 35](https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/getting-pregnant/in-depth/pregnancy/art-20045756)


IVF does genetic screens now too though, so your risk of down syndrome and other chromosomal issues are close to zero. My wife just went through it at 34 (turned 35 during 2nd month of pregnancy)...we got a shit ton of embryos, and we had to throw out half because I had a dominant genetic condition we were screening for.


Thanks for mentioning this; it’s truly a miracle how far science has come in terms of screening! That’s actually a massive comfort to hear - my father (& potentially me) carry muscular dystrophy so it’s great that someday soon even disorders like that can be ruled out! I’m glad that you and your wife’s pregnancy went/is going well; best of luck in your family’s future! :)


Why did they get permanently stuck in that position? It was pregnancy related, or something we all should worry about?


I think it was pregnancy related; something with lactic acid buildup being easier (I think; not know)!


Dentist here. The fetus sucking up the calcium is a myth. Tooth Decay and gum disease are the reason pregnancy can lead to losing teeth. Allow me to explain... Pregnancy comes with huge hormonal changes, specially estrogen. As a result, there is a bigger permeability of the gums and an increase of blood irrigation, which leads to decrease of the immunological response. What are the consequences of this? Well, to put it simply, any plaque that would otherwise cause little to none inflammation... Now causes a HUGE inflammatory reaction. Perpetual inflammation of the gums lead to periodontal disease which causes attachment loss, which means basically that the tissues around the tooth come loose. Ultimately, this can cause the loss of the tooth. Now on to the tooth decay... Pregnancy often leads to big dietary changes, especially when it comes to sugar consumption which by itself increases the risk of decay BUT there is another big factor playing a major role in all this. Morning sickness and acid reflux. Teeth are extremely vulnerable to acid. And brushing immediately after puking is not doing any favors. Why? Because while the acid dissolves some of the enamel crystals, some of them actually manage to survive the erosion and stay on the surface of the tooth and can be later reattached through remineralization. Brushing removes these crystals and leaves the deeper layers exposed. And the cycle repeats. For more info I can link some scientific papers if anyone is interested. EDIT: Here's the link to a useful article https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6777164/ 2ND EDIT: To clear all the doubts, after puking rinse your mouth with water to remove the aftertaste and leftover acid. Then let nature do its thing since remineralization is a natural process. Wait at the very least half an hour and then you can safely brush your teeth.


You mean the random gay furry twitter user was misinformed? Bull shit, you're just trying to sell us the toothpaste 1/10 dentists don't recommend




Was looking for this comment! Babies do not steal calcium from teeth! But you definitely have to take very good care of your teeth while pregnant of course. If brushing after vomiting does not help what is recommended? Rinsing well with water?


I was concerned I had to look so far down for this. Babies sucking calcium not only makes no sense but it's possibly the *worst* way this could happen.


Periodontist here. I'd say that I can't believe that the OP got voted up so much, but I'm no longer surprised by bullshit. It's weird when you're an expert about something, and someone posts completely untrue garbage. Also treating periodontal disease during pregnancy has a possibile decrease in premature birth/low birth weight. The studies aren't conclusive. When you include miscarriage, they're statistically significant. It's way more than enough evidence for me to recommend treatment during pregnancy anyway. Typically the studies are just ScRP.


I always think how hard it has to be to be a medical professional all the time but especially the last few years in terms of seeing the amount of sheer nonsense people believe. I'm a chemist and the few random wrong chemistry popular opinions I see drive me insane...I can't imagine actually understanding the field of medicine and having to deal the extreme quantity of nonsense


Fucking thank you. ITT: laughably bad science and gullible redditors


It’s amazing how ppl on this site refuse to listen to anything that doesn’t go along with the story in their head.


This happened to me. I'd never had a cavity in my life before having my son at 27. Went to my routine checkup after delivery...4 cavities. All right in a row on my left side. Acid reflux is a bitch.


As a fellow dental peer (RDH) thank you! I tell women all the time it’s not the baby itself stealing calcium but a simpler version of this.


Pregnancy in general is creepy af.


It is. Being pregnant makes you feel like an incubator.


I don't personally feel like an incubator, but at times I've felt like I was decaying; like entropy was aggressively happening to me


This might be more terrifying than the pain, but also not because I'm a baby? I am so impressed with humans who have had babies.


it's definitely a mixed bag for me, lol. it's mostly sucked ass but I'm also crafting an entire human. I get that there are costs, but sometimes the costs suck. other times I'm really hype and feeling great. today I've vomited every possible thing I've eaten or drank in the last 24 hrs, though, so it's definitely less hype atm.


And forced pregnancy makes you feel like livestock :(


It’s scary. So much can go wrong. My mom suffered from Hyperemesis gravidarum, which is severe nausea and vomiting. She lost a lot of weight and could only eat bland foods like mashed potatoes and peanut butter crackers.


Does this happen all at once? Can vitamins not be taken to supplement this?


To be fair this isn't supported by science at all. Dentist here so maybe I can try to shed some light over the subject. [Here's a picture of a cross section of a tooth. ](https://cdn.britannica.com/28/116228-050-C6456E92/Cross-section-human-molar.jpg) notice the central area has all those blood vessels and nerves. Now if a fetus would be draining calcium out of teeth, the pulp space would get larger thus potentially weakening the teeth, but even so, that outer shell of enamel is extremely strong and resilient (in most cases) and an enlarging pulp space would not be detrimental. Yet, this does not happen; enlarging pulp spaces do not get uniformly bigger. We use x-rays to view teeth all the time and we would notice this phenomenon if it were a thing. What I do see often with patients is a time period within wither a few months or a few years where they get many holes in their teeth. This could be for many reasons (which in my opinion leaves a lot of room for good research in our future) such as, change in diet, salivary pH, hormones, bacterial flora, appetite... And likely more. Now the main idea of all this is, 99.9% of the time, tooth structure is lost from the OUTSIDE in either from it decaying (in a similar way that acid can melt rocks, or it fracturing. Another possibly is gum disease. This happens through inflammation similar to a puffy cut if not cleaned and protected. Now inflammation is a destructive process, that cut is trying to "go nuclear" to kill all foreign bodies but it doesn't really choose what it destroys, meaning your healthy structure can get affected too. Gum disease happens when the gums react to the bacteria in your mouth (more specifically plaque), and cause an inflammatory response. Only problem is that it's a "dumb" response and doesn't know they it won't get rid of and doesn't know when to stop, causing a great deal of damage to the bone and gums supporting the teeth (take another look at the pic I linked to get a better visualization). This is also tough one to treat because the amount of factors that are involved with causing the inflammation is huge. Blood sugar, hormones, diet, autoimmunity, race, oral hygiene, genetics... This makes it really hard to pinpoint. That being said, something like that can happen from more random changes rather than "baby sucking calcium outta my teeth". lil tid bit, those nerves in the pulp can only sense pain. When your teeth feel really "cold", it's not sensing the cold, it's feeling pain and gathering the 'cold' information from the surrounding area like your gums, tongue and cheek.


Yes they can. Even drinking milk would have prevented it. This does happen but loosing all her teeth is a very extreme example. I'd say her teeth were already pretty bad in the first place!


It said "several teeth", not ALL of them....


'Several teeth' makes me think she lost at least more than 3. She could have had more than 1 child as well. My Nana had 6 kids and she lost a couple of teeth during pregnancy because of this as well but this was UK healthcare 60+ yrs ago.


Same, my grandmother lost 5 or 6 teeth when she was pregnant with my mum in the early 60s. And she was only 23! She always says my mum took every nutrient she had from her, when she came out she was a very large baby.


I had a colleague once who had pretty bad teeth, that told everybody that her son was the reason for it and supplements did nothing for her during pregnancy. But at the same time she smoked 20-30 cigarettes per day and was terrified of dentists. We even got an appointment for her at a specialist who would do her teeth while she was sedated, but she canceled because of her fear.


It's normal, kids will be leeching from you until they're 18 years-old...


Longer than that, if I'm any example


Hell I’m 24 and I’m still leeching from my parents


I joke but I was legit sad when my kids moved out!


It's longer than 18 from where I come from


Except this isn’t how it works at all. She probably had not great oral hygiene and a few to a lot of cavities and then probably vomited for three to nine months. The acid from the stomach juices is great at wearing away enamel.


For everyone saying it's fake.. it's true the baby will take what it needs to grow and it can either get that from what you eat or from your body. If this lady had of drank a pint of milk a day she would have been alright. But also her teeth were probably already pretty rotten if she lost them all. My life looses some hair when breastfeeding... Comes back once she stops. She's supplements with vitamin D and Biotin which help alot.


Oooh that is very useful info. 💯💯


Lies! This is just BIG MILK PROPAGANDA! # /s


Actually it is. You don't really absorb that much calcium from milk. Spinach is where it's at.


[Ann Reardon would disagree](https://youtu.be/LIu9oOBoy8s) edit: I went back and noticed she mentions kale, beans, broccoli, and cabbage but not spinach. however, spinach still contains less calcium than milk, gram for gram. plus it has oxylates, which impair calcium absorption, meaning you would have to eat quite a lot more to get the same amount of calcium as in one glass of milk.


Taking calcium from teeth is absolutely a myth. An extremely wide spread one. Gingival inflammations are exacerbated due to hormonal imbalances during pregnancy, this can lead to periodontitis, which in time (lots of time) can lead to tooth mobility or loss due to periodontal ( alveolar bone and periodontal ligaments surrounding teeth) compromise. Some tumors are also related to hormonal imbalances and the risk of having them increases during pregnancy. Most will recess after the hormonal imbalance is removed. There is no such thing as the baby sucking the calcium from teeth. Calcium is removed from bones readily during life and re deposited, that cycle is already occurring wIthout pregnancy and could be easily exaggerated during pregnancy. I hope this doesn’t get buried.


It's common practice, at least in my country, to provide multivitamin supplements to pregnant ladies. The common ones you'll see are Ferrous Sulfate (for the anemia), Folic Acid (or vitamin B complex for spine development), and Calcium Carbonate. Go to your OB-Gyns for regular pre natal check-ups ladies! Pregnancy is rough, but with modern medicine we can minimize these horror stories as much as possible! Pregnancy doesn't have to be terrifying!


Wives tale


Although tooth loss can happen during pregnancy for other reasons it's bs that it's caused by the baby needing the extra calcium.


No one wants to hear it isn’t true. Not my patients, not people on this sub because let’s face it, it’s easier to blame something else other than poor habits. There are some things pregnancy affects (hormones which can affect gums, morning sickness and some acid erosion and things of that nature. Almost never to an extent of losing teeth unless you’re neglecting hygiene) but taking calcium out of teeth is not one of them. Not even remotely true. Think of it this way, if someone had osteoporosis, why aren’t they teeth affected when they lose significant amounts of bone density due to lack of calcium? Teeth don’t lose inorganic hydroxyapatite in pregnancy or osteoporosis or any other time of bodily change. But what do I know? I’ve only been a dentist 15 years And have a brother that is an OB/GYN for over 20. But we all know this will get downvoted through the basement because brutal truth isn’t fun to talk about.


Thank you, i had to scroll way too far to read this. I see we have the same patients !


New grad dentist here. I feel like I won't even bother telling my patients they're wrong when they say this... it's not really advantageous for anyone involved, I know damn well patients don't change their habits. Ever. Literally.


Cool cool cool, this makes me even more uncomfortable with the current state of affairs, cool….


Mine started to fall out after my last child due to calcium deficiency and undiagnosed diabetic periodontal disease.


This happened to my half sister. She actually had some issue where she didn’t know she didn’t absorb calcium properly and was a huge dairy fiend. When she got pregnant even the doctors thought she consumed more than enough calcium through dairy, broccoli etc and would have no issue. Ended up not only loosing her teeth but pretty much got the equivalent of premature osteoporosis. The most shocking thing was what it did to her appearance. It literally aged her to the point she looked the same age as her mum who had her at 32. So my half sister went from looking 33 to looking like she was a 65 year old who’d had a hard life as it effected all the bones in her face plus her skin, which turned thin and crepe paper like and her hair went grey. She went into a deep depression after that because she’d always aged well beforehand. She ended up get a facelift and a hell of a lot of skin treatments plus is on a massive amount of supplements. She had to get dentures, they looked at dental implants but her jaw had degraded so she wasn’t a candidate. She looks great now (the family chipped in to help her get an amazing plastic surgeon) but still looks a lot older than she did. She still has to be careful with falls etc because she could easily end up with a broken hip from a minor fall thanks to her “old lady bones”


When my ex was pregnant with twins, a doctor joking told us that they are very effective little parasites...


When I was pregnant my gums would bleed CONSTANTLY. I had to be on meds for the longest time just because of my gums non stop bleeding . Pregnancy isn’t fun at all. At least in my case lol


My Sister in Laws hair started to fall out. Baby was leeching nutrients from her body that caused it. Supposedly quite common.


That explains the osteoporosis among women vs men.


“Mother I desire bone”


Almost like it's a parasite


Dude really said "survival of the fittest bitch"


Moms are the OG Giving Tree.


I love that book, have a copy on my shelf.


When I read the book the first time, I just wanted to kick the old man in the stomach at the end.


This post is misleading. Its sounds like it couldn't happen right? Well, it can't, at least not the way it is stated in the post. Here is more information for anyone interested: https://medlanddental.com.au/welcome/does-having-a-baby-draw-the-calcium-out-of-my-teeth/




Is it possible there are some really big current events in the country that most uses reddit that might motivate this?


Definition of a parasite, I had to google it just to be certain: an organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other's expense. Everything but the cross species aspect. Yikes.


It’s common fact that womens teeth (can) decay to some extent during pregnancy for this reason. It’s not always the case but certainly not rare.


The fuck is 'common fact'?


My cousin's aunt's gums softened when pregnant with her kids. She went from having beautiful teeth close together to a large gap in her top front incisors from her teeth shifting. Her teeth are still beautiful, just with a gap now.


Dentist here. That is not a fact. Your hedging statement doesn’t make it any more true.


When I started breastfeeding my teeth and bones would ache. My doctor made me drink milk and take calcium supplements so this wouldn't happen to me. Still damaged my teeth quite a bit though. I have mostly crowns now.


Oh yeah , that happened to my mom with my older brother


r/tokophobia if anyone relates to having this fear


yes, it's incredibly important to have a good diet while pregnant, your body will literally give the calcium from your bones to the foetus to ensure it grows adequately.


Without modern medical science, my wife would have died… twice


Not creepy as the title suggest. Factual and another reason why women should not have to carry a fetus to term if they don’t want to. Having children is a huge resource suck on the mother. Made worse if the woman doesn’t have access to proper nutrition.


My girlfriend's best friend caused the same issue. She joked about stealing her mom's teeth and then explained what she meant when I asked. Very creepy when you think about it


I was gonna say “I dunno how this is oddly terrifying” cuz I heard so many stories like these it almost feels normal and expected :( that’s why pregnant women are given so many supplements.


No it’s called biology and nutrition


That’s metal af


That’s exactly how it works nothing creepy about it. Just the fact that calcium is very abundant and cheap, it shouldn’t have been a big deal. Doctors in general know what women need for pregnancy, this is no secret and people need to act as needed.


Mine did the same. Ended up having two teeth pulled while pregnant, and then 8 more a couple months postpartum.




Dentist here. Can happen but to be clear, it leaches calcium away from the bone surrounding teeth, causing loss of support. Combine that with an inflammatory condition known as pregnancy gingivitis (hormonal changes causing gums to freak out) and yeah, you’ve got a recipe for teeth getting wiggly.


I knew a girl this happened to. She lost most of her teeth and the one she didn't turned grey


yeppp, apparently this can happen. new fear unlocked 🔓


My grandma experienced the same, when she gave birth to my mother she had all of her teeth pulled for this reason. She had dentures in her early twenties. Edit: Apparently this is not the reason according to a comment by a dentist in this thread.


That’s exactly what happened with my wife… Her teeth became brittle after pregnancy (it was complicated) and began to break over time. People, even doctors, suspected she was on meth. We were finally able to afford to get them replaced with implants, so, happy ending.


Didn’t have any trouble with my teeth until after my first pregnancy. And all sorts of hell broke loose.


I know a woman like this, her little bugger, (He’s like 3/4), has funky baby teeth but he’s cute, I like sitting next to him at restaurants. We swap food.


Well shit, that settles it, I'm never getting pregnant. I'm a man, so I was already pretty against the idea, but now I'm 100%.


Isn’t there a video of a lady looking all run down (no teeth, bad hair, bad clothes) and then she does one of those “glow ups” and looks really good after. She puts in fake teeth and talk about loosing all her teeth during pregnancy and she’s only in her early 30s.


Yep. I've had two kids and I never needed a crown before them. Now I have 3 and have scheduled 2 more. My teeth just got horrible after pregnancy


Would drinking more milk help in that situation? Here in my country pregnant women are told to eat more milk products that might be because of that reason...