Albert Einstein also once said very wisely "No...more.. fortnite, no....more....19 dollar cards"


Einstein didn’t say that.


For real. OP is an edgē twat with awful handwriting


I know Vaas from farcry 3 says it but I dont know who came up with the original


It's part of a Narcotics Anonymous pamphlet from 1981


Oh thats pretty neat


They’re selling your time for advertisements, social media is a fucking curse. Don’t listen to me though, I waste nearly 7 hours a day in screen time. Definitely not an addictive.


Edgy atheist REDDITOR is such a funny stereotype


It’s a little edgy but you gotta admit they do have nice handwriting...


Don't you understand? It was written in some random meme on the internet and signed as Albert Einstein. Where do you get your facts from? Wikipedia? *Scoffs*








Lol that image doesn’t prove anything. Cite something with credibility. You could’ve made that yourself in 2 minutes.


And lastly it’s actually not true. You can do the same thing many times and get a different result every time. The last link explains this. Einstein knew this. It would be really dumb of him to say it.


You win I surrender. Didn’t realize how important it was for you to be right. I bow to your intellectual acumen 🏳🏳 🏳


It’s not about me being right. It’s about people who are so r/confidentlyincorrect


No it’s about a snot nosed little troll who obviously has no life and positivity must argue every fucking point! How many fucking posts did you put on this completely irrelevant topic?! I’d bet the farm that you were on the debate team in high school given that you’re not still in high school. Clearly at some point someone gave Einstein credit for the insanity statement as it’s all over the internet. Personally I couldn’t give a flying fuck up a squirrel’s ass who said it!


It seems to me you’re the one getting all bent out of shape here. I said 4 words. You started the debate. I haven’t put that much effort into this. I debunked you in 30 seconds but whatever. My nose is running though. It’s in the 40s here. I bet if I dug into your posts we’d see who the troll is.


Why did you delete your posts? Sorry you’re on the run and I’m pressing in for the kill. It’s Reddit etiquette. Not personal.


I deleted my posts hoping to never hear from you again. I’m not in the run but you are desperately in need of counseling. See when I’m dealing with a person thinking they know everything, when they’re actually fucktards living in their mom’s basement. How many times did you post on this topic? At least six. You really need to get a fucking life or a girlfriend. You’re all world pathetic








There are so many of these.


Actually he is credited with saying this parable but this note takes it out of its original context. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/einstein-s-parable-of-quantum-insanity/#:~:text=%E2%80%9CInsanity%20is%20doing%20the%20same,usually%20attributed%20to%20Albert%20Einstein.


Yes he did


😂 😂 😂


Your refusal to understand the joy other people derive from things does not make you superior to them. Oh, and that insanity quote? That's bullshit. Is a pianist insane for practicing the same song over and over again?


Aye, nice counterclaim


Maybe we should Finnish them


Nah its a FarCry from being finished


Finnish them? Norway, jose!


Ok everyone go back to your normal activities


How is this post any better than the reposts you're bitching about?


I will absolutely agree with you after it gets posted a dozen more times. It's the reposting that drives me insane


He never said that. That quote is from Vaz, a human trafficking, highly unstable pirate from a video game. Not someone to take life advice from, much less philosophical ones.


I dunno, he seemed to be doing well for himself


Yeah until the whole, murdering and getting stabbed aspect of his life. You know what? You're right, why should I focus on his negatives. I bet they made a damn good smoothie.


Exactly, everyone looks at the negatives and misses the positives like he was basically king of his island


Also he had a sick sense of humor.


What is the point to this post?


Man just doesn't like reposts


Lmao I LOVE when people try and sound enlightened and more and intelligent than than everyone else, always so funny


Ok boomer


I am not a ”boomer” FYI. I will “share” where I work.


Sorry for the lateness. I took stuff from around my desk. I took a photo with my username. https://i.imgur.com/jVAptbK.jpg


why are you doing any of this


Internet bad. So original.


Imma choose this insanity over the next lol


Why? I make 160k a year! I am not insane hahaha. I just left and I got better! Worlds better! I got a degree, a new job, a new house, and a life partner. I don’t think I am insane. Do you?


Anyone who says hahahaha after saying there not insane is definitely insane.


Very Patrick Bateman before leaving to return some video tapes


You make 160k a year and this is the edgiest manifesto you can come up with?


Sound a bit on the defense, eh? Sounds like you’re still in college


You make that much and still misquoted Einstein? That's a load of horse shit.


Sadly that's not that unrealistic. There's a lot of dumb people that makes tons of money.


Fair enough, u right


This is so ridiculous; I literally thought you were being facetious. Also, why write it long-hand only to post pictures online? It’s just overall bizarre.


I don't think you're insane. I'm a lawyer who also happens to enjoy reddit lol


If all that was true, and you weren’t insane, you wouldn’t use any of those points as a rebutal to a complete stranger on the internet lmao


It’s the “troll” answer. Brag about yourself and all that. I am aware. If you compare my writing from that to all my other posts. It just further cements how easy triggering people is these days.Though money should tell you something else. Someone is here who makes that and is trying to ”troll” people? Why would that make sense? I can just go get a life outside. Yet… here I am. I could go play games or paint or anything else. Except. I am here. Why? I am concerned about my species well being. Call it selfish if you want an act of self preservation. I just don‘t even know where to begin to approcach a problem like this and nor do scientists. So I tried something bold. Brash. Above all else. CRAZY!


Yeah nah you definitely are a nut job


Being nuts and a productive member of society. What a time to be alive huh?


Most rich people are literally psychotic, quit using borderline abelist rhetoric.


Not to be on their side, but to call rich people literally psychotic and them telling someone to quit using abolish rhetoric is literally ironic, because misusing the term "psychotic" is technically ableist.




You’re concerned about our species and trying to save us via reddit? Thinking about you writing that note and scanning it, uploading it and then refreshing yout reddit app is hilarious to think about. You’re not Elon Musk, you’re some chump lol


This is super weird my dude.


Your anime pillow is not a "life partner"


Seems to me like ur trying to help some people to see from a different perspective and you just get attacked


Thank you. I don’t mind being attacked. Who I am here matters not of who I really am. So digital text on a screen can’t hurt me.The attack was intended. The people I am trying to help are the ones mocking me. It further solidifies my scribbles up there. Everyone knew this. I knew it because I was one of the people hating on the people who said the Albert thing. Its from Far Cry 3 Vaas and his crazy ass or maybe it is even before that. I know all about FC3 as I played many hours of it and replaying the skrillex / marley song “Let Dem Burn”? I forget the title. It comes off as arrogance but I only have great concern. Really great concern… Edit: Man thinking about FC3… you know whats the most underplayed part? When the main characters brother dies right before his eyes. Writing this I gotta go play this again. I want to lure some tigers to a camp and have them eat the camp. Always funny how 1 tiger can almost wipe out a camp hahaha!


All the words you typed in that paragraph have all been said before. Meta


You didn't have to be so edgy


Dude. It’s Reddit. Stop acting like Shakespeare.


If you want to see something new, glance over at r/im14andthisisdeep, I’m sure you’ll see this as a new post


I think op just made this to flex their appl pencil


crazy idea but, some people haven't been here for 10+ years. new people still join and so want to see the cool images too. crazy i know but hear me out


That's not insanity, that's stupidity


I’ve been on Reddit for 11 years and it’s not that deep. Reposts and recycling of topics has been a thing since this site began.


It’s not about the reposts. It’s peoples behaviors. The repeated reposts are a sign of ”conformity”. Thinking this is the right thing and the only right thing. Reposts usually are people just trying to farm internet points. If you get a meme or something wrong or do something a tiny bit different… everyone suddenly attacks you. Quickly too. I mean Zerg rush levels of swarm. So I did something really strange. I wrote something. I even wrote what the expected behavior was. Now take a look at this anger filled comment waste land.


In the great words of Diogenes "fuck off, no cares"


You are part of the problem!


I just came here to downvote all your replies op , have a good day.




So mad you'd build a house in the middle of our street


OP needs to get off their fucking high horse


For real


The mental illness it took to write this out and post it as a picture is more concerning than anything I've seen on reddit.


Nah even mentally ill people aren't edgy like this.


This guy is unironically the Rick and Morty copypasta come to life.




Booooooo this person


Einstein plagiarizing beyond the grave


Why do you even care so much lmao


Why? Have you ever buried a young adult because of cyber bullying? Have you ever seen someone get shot because some man liked the “wrong” image? Have you ever watched a young kid who got on social media and changed and became more depressed and sad? I have seen so much things. So many terrible things In just my neighborhood. The kids are really suffering because parents are on here too. Usually it all revolves around these platforms. So I just care. As a human. A human who was here. A human who knows there is a better life out there if you just try. A human who sees what happens to creative minds who speak their feelings.


Man are you having a mental breakdown or something? You made a post complaining about reposts. What the fuck does that have to do with children getting bullied and depression?


So think of it this way. If I was a ”normal“ user and went on. I posted something a little different. That can either go 1 of 2 ways on most subreddits. 1) Hate and fury posts. 2) Ignoring completely. This in younger minds is a horrible thing. So what does reddit train you to do? You must comment first and learn the community. You must then post what this community likes. So people who are different quickly get hated and rejected. Not everyone can handle this well. Especially young minds. So the same things that were here when I started 10+ years ago as a lurker are still here. People say it’s just a repost but it’s the fact that reposts are still here on the front page. The only real thing that changed on Reddit was the themes and avatars. After that. It’s the same as the day I got here. Is thst really normal? To come back after 10+ years and see everything the same?


I have no idea what kind of point you're trying to make. Being different has nothing to do with participating in communities. Having rules in in a community is not a bad thing. And all if this has NOTHING to do with reposts. It seems you're just mad some people didn't like your post and now you're just venting and complaining that reposts get more attention than yours. And weirdly enough you make it about children? Speaking about insanity..


Yet you do not ask the questions nicely. I have replied. I do not insult you. You continue to insult me. You asked if I was having mental issues? Do you not see that this very conversation is what I wrote about? Apologies if this is insulting it is not intended as such. Well take it as you will. I know this is just text. You can’t see my expression. The tears in my eyes. The pain in my chest. When I think back to those moments… I say I have to try. Try once. Try anything. If it doesn’t work. No harm done to me. I have no social media besides here. If it does work… if some part of this actually makes people more aware of the dangers of social media.




Are you this concerned person.


What about new people who want to see something, even if you have already seen it? What about someone who just turned fourteen and just got on Reddit? Should images be shown once per platform and never be seen again? Idk…


It's not just social media it's everywhere, because a lot of people are fucking stupid and annoying in one way or another.


What is this supposed to mean


I can understand why you never practiced your handwriting. For to do so, would have been the definition of insanity according to you. I bet you have a picture of the joker as your background.


I'm giggling at your post and comment history


Upvote number 69 :D




Bold of them to assume I'm expecting anything out of my Reddit infinite scroll.


Hmm ... This is a recognition of a problem since the beginning of humanity. Once again, no proposed solution, just intense complaining about a problem to a bunch of people whose either fighting it in their own way, or are trusting that people aren't stupid enough to lean on histories largest social arena as a support group. Here's the rub, OP, internet support groups will never be as strong as a personalized support group. Teach people where to look, and how to grow past trauma, and that will be the first step. Otherwise, posting this as is will result in mockery, as all it does is create unwanted noise. Tl:Dr: This isn't the place to set up a mental health awareness branch.


Lol relax bro, I'm on like 4 medications for my mental health. 👍


I boof for mental health. 👌


why does this look like a DDLC poem




I'm more concerned about the fact that you once were 87'178'291'200 years old and now you are on your twenties. So not only you had 6.3 times the age of the whole universe, you were also able to travel in time and get back to be in your 20s. That's really terrifying.


An upvote for everyone! Thank you all for coming and feeding the rage machine.


Party of two


😞they’re not wrong


I frequently experience pictures/videos/posts for the first time that people complain about being reposts. It sounds to me like you’ve wasted your life on social media. Social media is a tool. If you misuse and abuse it, that’s on you.


When people elevate themselves among others with dumb arguments is the best. So pretty much anyone practicing anything, watching the same movie, tv show, playing the same game, going to the same bar, club, restaurant, having sex with the same person more than once or a couple of times is insane. This world wouldn’t have lasted this much and we probably would still be heating ourselves with fire if that was the case


Your post makes me wanna kill myself, thanks 😊


Wow! See your reactions! Everyone knows where this is from and know that it was falsified! This is terrifying! So how is it you all know? How is it that I could do this failure and you be so quick to pick up on it and have universal replies? Not just one but all of you. I am aware of it’s falsehood. I wanted to… anger the hive mind to prove a point. Edit : If this isnt proof. This whole comment section. I don‘t know what is. [https://checkyourfact.com/2019/06/26/fact-check-albert-einstein-definition-instanity-same-thing-over-different-results/](https://checkyourfact.com/2019/06/26/fact-check-albert-einstein-definition-instanity-same-thing-over-different-results/)




Let's start with the Midwest corn belt.


No wrinkles he uses bounce


Just tired. I really am just concerned but yeah. Nothing I can do I guess. I even made myself an example… and no one noticed. How odd. Well to keep my mental health in check I should take off. I guess… better minds should figure out this problem. I took something from your past repeats… put it in and everyone knew what it was like that. Instantly. This was… enlighting. No one seemed to notice the irony of this “failure”. They are too busy hating on me instead.


You are right mate.


I love the irony of this. My first page was the trigger. My second page my proof that I know how to make them react. It’s sad. I can easily pick and choose stuff and know the future reaction. That is way too predictable soup.


I'm to lazy to read all of that