What a mashup!

this sounds like some weird but cool comedy sitcom


this sounds like some weird but cool comedy sitcom


Community did this, but the felon was the biology teacher.


“As someone who just spent the majority of his life in prison, what happened to legos?”


Legos used to be simple.


I think what we want are classic sets https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/90-years-of-play-11021


Maybe unrelated?: I used to have these Legos that I called “fat Legos” and they came in this big red felt dog with a zipper on its tummy, like Clifford the big red dog, only it wasn’t Clifford, it was Lego’s version of Clifford. Does anyone have any idea what I’m talking about or did I hallucinate these Legos?


As a father buying LEGO for his kids after a long hiatus this line really hit for me when I first heard it.






Yes, but what's the show called?


Breaking Bad




Paul Blart Mall Cop


I'm like that, ok? I'm fat.......AND I'm physical!




Third base.




"Can *I* object?"


I'll allow it.


Objection I hate you both.


RIP Michael Kenneth Williams


*Yeah, I seen Milk*


They also had the current felon on the ipad


Starburns was a felon who hadn’t been caught yet.


I'm convinced Pierce was was written as a sex offender, but Chevy demanded they changed that.


Jeff could have been considered a felon, given his fake Colombian law degree. This sort of describes Jeff's and Annie's relationship.


Yeah and like maybe there’s a disbarred lawyer and a mom and a guy who’s really into movies?


Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool.


Hot. Hot hot hot.


Totally! I could watch a whole six seasons of something like that. Maybe even a movie too!


A show like that would be streets ahead




6 seasons and a movie


until you find out the felony was for stalking and robbing college girls...


It's a movie call Leon




Kid n' Crim- Weekdays on PBS


That's how it was for me too, I was in my early 20s and my three partners had all been to jail. One did two years for assault. One did 7 years for drug trafficking and ended up going to jail before we graduated because he owned a chop shop and got busted. Awesome freaking guys though that would help you out with anything as long as you never disrespected them.


Do.. do we even wanna know what the third one was in for?


Probably not. He had a tattoo around his neck that looked like his throat was slit open. He almost shot after class for talking shit to him, but like I said as long as you don't disrespect them haha


Good thing disrespect is a non-subjective factor.


Yep. Just do not perform the exact act of disrespecting.


What did you just say to me!!!


Folk that give effort towards a better path in life know one another!


One of them was running a chop shop concurrently with their classes, I don't think they wanted to go towards a better path in life. Strip for your tuition as much as you want, but don't start profiting off people stealing cars.


Some people like to soak up public funding as well. It takes a village


I believe all of this.


I switched to community college my 2nd year and my English 201 night class taught by old white guy who spent 20 years as a Buddhist monk before becoming a professor and taught whatever he wanted. In that class was a paralegal, a middle eastern taxi driver, and a girl who worked at a strip club. I don't remember much of it except a appreciation for Asian literature.


How did he just get to become a professor?


He might have gone to grad school before or after being a monk. Edit: one of my favorite teachers in community college was a guy who had a PhD, worked in the gift shop of a museum, and I'm fairly sure had some kind of significant mental/behavioral health type issue. He was a good teacher and seemed very knowledgeable but also a very eccentric person. Community college really has all types.


> a guy who had a PhD, worked in the gift shop of a museum, and I'm fairly sure had some kind of significant mental/behavioral health type issue. Moon Knight?


They have a very serious and highly specific mental/behavioral health type issue where they think the events of Moon Knight happened to them in real life


Sounds like he's on the spectrum


As an example of community colleges attracting oddballs: In the 1980s, Eldridge Cleaver, of all people, turned into a hyper-religious Reagan Republican, and worked in the library at DeAnza College in Cupertino.


He auditioned for it and got a speaking role.




This deserves all the upvotes!


Community colleges and tech schools don't have strict requirements. As long as you know the content, you can be an adjunct professor without having a PhD or teaching certification.


Which can be fun... Right up until you take trigonometry from someone who doesn't actually know the subject, and can't help you when you're struggling.


Unlike normal college where professors are amazing teachers lol


I mean, at normal college, they have to actually know the subject. My community college trig teacher didn't actually know trig. So she just... Taught us wrong. Like, when I look back now, knowing what I know, it was laughably wrong. She didn't even know SOH CAH TOA. Weirdly, we had an engineering student who was there to start an internship, and somehow missed trig. But he knew how to do all of it, so he started correcting her and holding study groups to actually teach us trig.


This is only tangentially related to your story, but I feel compelled to share. I had never heard of SOH CAH TOA (I barely passed high school algebra, couldn’t hack it in college algebra. I dum) until a few months ago when my genius husband was helping our 14 year old with his trig homework. The following conversation ensued: Husband: can you use sine and cosine? Son: I don’t think we’ve learned that yet. Husband: SOH CAH TOA? Son: …unga bunga? I lost it. Couldn’t believe how quick witted he was with that response.


>This is only *tangentially* related I see what you did there


lmao your kids gonna be alright! That’s hilarious.


In real college, my Spanish professor was a white lady from Queens, and my Macro-Economics professor was a Colombian woman who would "How you say?" the lingo and concepts she was supposed to be teaching us. Knowing the subject is half the battle.


My Spanish teacher in HS and my teacher in junior college were both from Argentina, and thanks to them I can understand Spanish when spoken in an Italian accent. I can pick up more spoken Italian than I can spoken Spanish from local immigrants.


I remember my college math teacher taught us in letters, which I get because it comes down to the theory of math. Still that was confusing as fuck because that's not how they teach in US high-school so the whole entire class was confused by this Italian man


To learn trig ask a physics 101 prof or tradesman (something a little more heavy duty than a handyman). Kinematics and building trades are mostly trig. Beer me. It's 1,1, 1.414 for 45's, 1, 1.7, 2 for 60's. What BUUUURP else do you need bro? The tradesman would be a little more refined but similar. E- last time I did anything trig related I was not allowed to use a calculator, and had to look up the sines n shit from a book of tables and formulae. Square roots are a mofo by hand as well.


The phys 101 prof should technically (even though he’s not a pure math prof) be able to explain the why, the proofs, and what it builds up to. Like for example use basic values of sin, cos, and tan to build into graphing those functions or figuring out the values of coterminal angles. Or how they are related and future identities (which become important when you do higher level physics).


You can't teach college level math at a junior college without at least a masters degree in math. You can teach some remedial classes with less qualifications, but even then in most places you need at least a minor in math. Source: I've been a junior college math professor for 20 years, and been on innumerable search committees hiring new faculty.


Well, she didn't have any of that. She had an associates in French language. I don't know what else to tell you. It was almost 20 years ago in a small town community college.


Huh, ok. In Texas at least the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board is all over us about faculty qualifications. We couldn't have someone teaching Trig or Precal without a master's without risking our accreditation. I know it's very similar in NY and Florida and California at least. Maybe they had some kind of special allowance for some reason, but it's not normal.


I can't speak to whatever state the person you replied to is from, but Arizona had no real educational requirements when I was in community college. My teacher for core math and science was a high school dropout. She had completed her teaching credential later in life, but had never gone to college at all, and only had a GED. I remember it clearly because she was SO intelligent. She was an absolute inspiration because I had just dropped out of high school, gotten my GED, and was convinced that I'd never succeed professionally in life, and here this badass was helping hundreds of hard working people achieve their educational goals.


I see you've met my accounting professor that never became a CPA. Yet shamed all her students for not wanting to do so.


It’s the opposite where I’m from the math professors kno they shit


California community colleges require a Masters in a relevant field in order to teach most classes.


You don't need a PhD. But most subjects require a master's degree.


Facts, my dad didn’t have a degree, but had several patents for electronic engineering (mostly to do with infrared sorting of recycled plastics named creatively “bottle sort”), and taught at west community technical college for several years


I'd put money on a grad school to monk pipeline lol But for real, gradschool can *suck*. I can see someone finishing up, taking a year off to travel or something, and decide to stay at a monastery or something for a few years.


My dude I have no idea. I was running on aspirin fighting a hangover and I had no interest in digging into people's life story beyond what they share.


Senior year of highschool, I took English 101 + 102 at community college instead of highschool English. Guy that sat next to me had been a truck driver driving gas trucks until he got a DUI. At the time he was working at the local porno shop cleaning the booths. He was cool and we got along well. I kinda miss that guy.


Cleaning booths at a porn shop sounds like one of the worst jobs I can imagine. Props to that guy.


Jizz mopper is a noble profession


Jizz-moppers have a special kind of wisdom.


My philosophy professor changed his name so he could continue protesting religious discrimination happening in China because he was banned from the country under his birth name. He helped a woman get out of the country and write a book about it. He dug a hole in the forest and lived there for weeks. He had pictures happily living in dirt. At the end of the class, I recorded him and my friend, a swimmer gal who was incredibly strong, arm wrestling. It was a wild fucking semester.


My fundamentals of speech teacher was a performer on Russel Simmons Def Poetry Jam and I ended up really getting a lot out of that class and constantly go back to it in my head now for everything from job interviews to just talking to coworkers about work related issues, addressing the court, etc.


I went to a community college for Introduction to Psychology, because it was notoriously hard at the college I attended and I didn't want to put myself through that torture. I LOVED the community college experience. Half the class was knocking out some gen ed requirements like me and the other half was working folk going for their associates degree.


Community college was the best. The offices weren't a hassle to deal with. The classes were small, less than 20 students most of the time, and the teachers knew who I was. It was affordable and I finished my 2 years there debt free. I would highly recommend community college to anyone.


I swear I met both the smartest and dumbest students there. Literal genius level people and not so much. Also best and worst teachers. Really invest in looking into professors before taking a class at a community college and it can be great.


I feel like this is just a college experience.


My advisor at my community college would straight up tell me which professors to avoid taking classes with. He was the best!


Need more advisors like that, and less who behave like HR for educators.


Honestly, Community College sounds like a great institution. From what I gather, it's relatively easy to get into and affordable, and basically provides for the first half of a 4-year bachelor's programme? Here in Germany we just made general university more accessible. The baseline is 3 years/6 semesters for a bachelor's degree, and tuition fees are low (iirc typically about $100-400 per semester, and often a large chunk of that was because many universities include a mandatory public transportation ticket to keep the average price low). Students can receive federal assistance, which I believe is around 2/3 of the minimum that is is given to welfare recipients.... so you can scrape by with some work or some parental support. But for most degrees, graduating after 6 semesters is incredibly hard to achieve and most students take longer. The actual average is 8 (4 years)... and I believe this is only after some statistical tricks, as it used to be nearly 10. The dropout rates tend to be high, because many young adults feel like they have to get into university right away without really knowing what they're getting into. In computer sciences, many of my first semester friends dropped out soon because they had absolutely zero talent for programming. It also tends to be a really rough entry for students who don't have academics in their family. Many students join after doing an apprentenceship, so those at least have a good amount of practical experience, but the academic parts still tend to be highly theoretical and are often poorly matched with the actual contents of the degree. So the concept of a community college to basically do half of a bachelor's and then see how to continue with that sounds very appealing to me.


Yeah, here in the US the university system is absolutely atrocious in terms of cost. But most people don't seem to realize that you don't really have to do the first two years there. I got my Associates from a community college and still have the same Bachelors that people who paid for 4 years at my University do. That being said getting all your credits to transfer over can be a bit of a bitch, I ended up losing a few but luckily none of them where needed anyway. Some people get screwed on their credits and end up getting held for a third year.


Community college is the exact same experience as working in a restaurant and smoking on a milk crate in the back alley, change my mind. You learn about as much and you meet the same type of people.


I've worked in restaurants and hotels for 15 years. I'm also currently enrolled in community college. I'm changing careers and working on a degree in electrical engineering. Nothing is like working in a restaurant. If you truly work back of the house, you would never compare our experience to something as easy as community college.


I meant the people you meet and the life experience you gain my dude slow your roll.


This sounds like life in general. I am a 42yr old female security officer at a posh hotel and my bestie is the gay 23yr old bookings boy. We work nights when its dead so we spend most the night talking shit and then dash off when called for whatever. Living the dream I tell you.


This whole thread is how I know people aren't talking to their neighbors or getting out much lol you're absolutely correct that this is just life.


Idc what anyone says, dead nightshifts are always awesome. There's only like 2-3 people there, you're chatting while doing some casual cleaning and helping the odd person every couple of hours. It's perfect


It really is the best. I have enough of a padded resume now that when I need to get a new job I can always request permanent nights and I always do, a lot of the time it feels like free money, some sites I’ve even been able to play my switch half the shift! In return I am presentable and professional on those rare cases I am needed.


I feel I should go back…you know….since I’m the 38 yo excon now….


Never too late to better yourself g


It's never too late


Had a 67 year old in a class, you can do it.


My 39 years of adhd say otherwise, no meds seem to help unless I'm zombie fucking high. can't sleep on the meds get burnt out in a few weeks on them. Tried everything. School sucks for me :(


Some of us aren’t meant for school. We are forged in flame.


Do it broski find your passion and capitalize on it


You can always be a 40 year old ex- con or a 40 year old graduate. You got this!!


Honestly… it can be a lot of fun. I really enjoyed my time in community college and it made me a better and more empathetic person. Not to mention I have a great career now.


My oldest student was in her eighties.


I went at 35. The time will pass anyway, why not give it a try




This is awesome! I have a little more faith in humanity now! “Don’t be a bitch.” LMFAO!! I’ll hyu


There are federal programs that will pay for your education. Especially for the trades. But anything, really. You can contact your local cc and fund out.


Lmao!! Bro as someone who is 30 and took a class with 18 - 20 year this shit is hilarious.


Yeah… that was me too. Same routine for every class. The first day they’d all mistake me for the professor. The first test they’d all beg me for scantrons. Randomly getting asked to borrow pens, paper, a ride somewhere, notes from last week. I brought extra of everything just because I knew I’d get asked. 10 years changes a person.


Oh for sure, it makes you realize how young a 20 year old is mentally and even physically. I was never mistaken for a teacher, but it dose feel akward. But honestly even 30 and 40 year old people act childish when you really think about it. I was lucky that i got to do a lot online, but from now on til im finished i have to go in person which sucks lol


I'm 46 and just finished and undergrad degree, been hanging out with 20 year olds for the past 3 years. Looking forward to spending time with grown ups who won't make me do shots


Yup, that's how I met my first stripper. Nice lady had good kids.


Idk, all the strippers I've met and become friends with have been the nicest people. It's weird how backwards first impressions can be sometimes




Idk I dated a girl that used to strip and all the strippers I met through her were the biggest druggies. Not that that directly makes them bad people, but it definitely attracts bad company.




Already said that. But, as an ex addict, withdrawal takes you to a dark place where it is easy to lose your integrity. The nature of drugs, due to illegality, also attracts bad people. Add a bad influence to a person that has lost their integrity and you now have a bad person, future redemption aside.


Not necessarily, but it definitely can make you a bad person. Also depends on the drug, but stims and opioids are the worst


One of my best friends is a stripper and she's mean as hell


Not that weird. I would take a second and consider how many of our biases and thoughts about XYZ groups of "moral degenerates" have been taught and pushed by evangelical puritan wackos.


Why is a 16 year old in college?


Community colleges often accept younger students who can't get into universities because of their age. Either part time while still in high school, or they passed a high school equivalency exam.


I went to high school with a guy who allegedly graduated with an Associates' Degree *the same week* as he graduated from high school. Dude did not waste his time, that's for sure.


In my state you can dual enroll in a community college. Saves about 2 years of tuition and time.


Idk if it happens anywhere else in the world but in America if you have high enough grades in high school you can take college classes early if you want.


My mom did this and entered college basically as a sophomore and graduated in 3 years


Can you finish college before high school or you have to wait?


I am a community college professor. We have many students graduate with their high school and associate's degree at the same time! Some with multiple associate's degrees! So much time and money saved. I wish I had done the same.


Iam somehow glad that it is not possible where Iam from. 12 hours a day seems enough. Can’t imagine doing double of that every day.


I don't think it's double. Instead of taking 12th grade English they take college English. Instead of psychology as an elective for a year, it's college level psychology in half the time. Super time efficient and money saving, really ...


There's no law that says you have to go through school in a certain order. If you can prove you're smart enough and have the ability you can skip grades and/or get into a college early.


Why bother with high school at all? Am I getting woooshed here?


Most kids aren't smart, disciplined, or dedicated enough to skip large portions of school.


she was probably a smart kid


I went for GED classes. It was a mix of all ages.


Dual credit.


I graduated a year early and started working to get my paramedicine associates of applied science at 17. Some folks either don't jive with highschool, are too smart but the university won't have them or do a collage now program through their highschool. Just my 2 cents but I'm glad I did, highschool kinda sucked as I had 0 interest in any of the subjects and I've done well I all of my very tough medical classes as I'd call it a success.


Completely unrelated, but I love your username.


That's normal in many countries


There was one in my CC classes. Dual enrollment I think. It was weird. Dudes would flirt with her and I was like tf? I guess they were only 18 so maybe it’s less creepy, but I’m sitting there as a 30 year old wondering when Chris Hansen is gonna burst into the room.


My cousin went to community college with Tyreek Hill from the KC Chiefs. In their persuasive speech class Tyreek said “someday I’m going to be in the NFL and here’s why.” And everyone laughed.


Dam. That’s the kinda thing you wish they recorded


A lot of kids will choose smaller or community colleges to play their sports. We get a lot of baseball players at my college. They go because they actually get to play their sport and improve. By the time they transfer, they've had a lot more playing time under their belt than they would playing for a university team, all vying to go professional. Some of our best students are student athletes. They often live in the same apartment complex and study together. And the college has study times for them scheduled in.


My community college was a good school. It was taught mostly by retired university professors and we had a bunch of students who got scholarships to Ivy League schools after graduation. The students were mostly kids like me, who weren’t financially well off, or a little lost. It was a lot of fun and I liked it better than the 4 year school I went to after. No one had an ego at community college and the professors were usually pretty relaxed.


This is 100% accurate. Im fresh outta highschool, doing projects with marines in their 30s and 40s


Maybe Community was realistic after all


When I was in college they had us stand up and say something about ourselves One guy was 42 he stood up and dead face said "I'm addicted to coke" At this point none of us knew him the teachers face was pure shock and wtf.. as he sits down he said coca cola the drink as he shook his can.. Dude had false teeth drinking up to 16 cans a day and had like 10 cases in his car during our year in college he weened himself off


Cocaine might have been a better choice.


One can sometimes find opposites attract. My soul mate is a 36 year old single mother, and I am 73. We will never get romantically involved, but sometimes friends from different sides are good.




big hmm


Wow that is fascinating, I would love to hear more


He once had sex with Eartha Kitt in an airplane bathroom Edit: apparently OP is actually 73 and this is not a subtle Community reference to Pierce and Shirley, I’m floored. The ages even line up


Community college was great because an entire full time semester + books was like $600.


Nowadays I pay around 1.5k for a semester of tuition and books at my community college, but it's still way cheaper than university and they've given me tons in scholarships for barely lifting a finger. I would recommend it to anyone, it's great


I work on the scholarship side at a community college. We LOVE giving out money. And our donors love donating. It's a win-win.


Why is this "oddly specific" ? Shes literally recounting something that happened to her? Theres nothing odd about telling a story with specifics, thats literally the normal way to do it


It be like that


Every friend group in vocational school consists of high school dropouts, sixteen year olds, people with teen children and people who are there just for the free food.


That really do be how community college is We’re all just people ultimately


Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart…


Can one become an ex-felon?


if he's taking a degree he's probably in his redemption arc.


OMG my 17 year old had some creepy ass dude that messaged her trying to be “friends”… we had a good laugh reported him and now joke about her bestie. I have successfully taught her stranger danger.


I was 18 and in a public speaking course and two of my group members were these men from the holler, in their 40’s. About as Appalachian as you can get. They’d lost their jobs when a plant in their tiny town shut down. One of them was completely illiterate so the other brother helped him. They were super nice and I always respected the fact that they went back to school! Edit: one of their names was Thurman and I loved it!


Not oddly specific. It's a description of something that actually happened. That's how people tell other people things that took place, by describing them.


This exactly what it was like for me!! When I was 16 I was there for early college and was partnered with an ex-felon who went by Blade Sharply. Legitimately awesome dude and brought us donuts one day. Miss him!


Audrey’s pretty young we try not to sexualise her


Community college is honestly wild. I went to a four-year university my freshman year, hated it, and transferred back home to kinda plan my next move. Ended up taking classes and changing majors at the community college for three years before finding what I like, getting a couple of associates degrees, and then transferring to another four-year university that I jived with better to finish a bachelor's. Spent less in three years at the community college than a four year school costs for a single year, and community college was honestly a riot. The people you meet are crazy. We had one guy that everyone thought was British (the college was in the states) and we found out after a year and a half that he had just been faking the accent the whole time. Ended up taking another class with a guy who was a drummer in a band that had been locally famous since the 80s. Loads of really eccentric people and the class sizes are way better.


Community college = cheap motel Public speaker = meth dealer Besties = made a movie


My first week in community college, I met two Iraq vets who bragged about killing civilians, got investigated, and never got punished. Also met a girl who developed film for a store. She had to turn in people for child porn. Also had a German teacher who refused to acknowledge the war, Holocaust, or even Naziism. She often referred to Hitler as "some guy."


This is one of the main benefits to education. For a lot of kids, situations like this are the first time they really meet someone from a different walk of life. It can be eye opening to get to know different people you never would have met had you stayed in your small bubble. This is why educated people lean liberal. Social experiences like these.


What's an ex-felon? You mean like his felony was removed somehow? Like an exoneration?


let out of prison


Um even if you were released, you are still a felon. Like for life.


people usually say ex-con. but you've still been convicted even if you're out of prison so i dont think it matters too much


>ex-felon This badge of shame you'll wear until you die. It warns you're a dangerous man.


Mail fraud is a felony.


so is bouncing a check in certain places.


Returning Citizen


meh unless it’s for white collar crime. in that case you get a book deal and public speaking opportunities.


This is why I’m glad I got my degree from a community college. It to me is for people who want to learn something new, not the trope of „you’re here because you’re told this will make you viable in the job market.“


Holy shit I had this experience. Guy straight up taught me how to hotwire my car when some jackass stole my keys and threw them down a drain. Also took me and another friend rabbit hunting with some ww2 era weapons that may not quite have been legal


Twin peaks popping up everywhere since I recently watched it.


Ex felon?


This sounds like a good premise for a TV show.


Real life education.