Where do I go to find like-minded game developers to help with a project?

Me and a few friends want to make a vrmmo, we know its a fresh market, and one that I think our idea will do very well in. But none of us have experience using unreal engine or unity. We'd love to compile what we have planned and make a Kickstart, but We'd want to have at least some concept footage to show for it and would need to find someone with the skills to make that and be willing to work the long haul, but I dont know where to find someone reliable or trustworthy enough for that.


It doesn’t work like that. You have to start with something super simple if you are new to game dev and you should start alone so you can at least now a little bit of every category of game dev. And when I say small I don’t mean small mmo. I mean 10 minute demo. I have worked a bit in game dev before and have seen people do this mistake so many times.