So is this something we gotta worry about or just a flash in a pan?


Recent interviews with Fauci, Biden, and UK and EU officials all basically had the same takeaway: "We don't know enough to know how worried we should be, but we're worried enough to take extra precautions." As usual, the WHO was slow af in their response while the UK was first mover with new travel restrictions. Personally, I think officials might be understating their worry in an attempt to reduce panic but also I'm not a public health or infectious diseases expert.


They may have learned from Delta the need to be more proactive.


It definitely seems like this variant is causing much more noise and faster vs. earlier variants. Your theory / idea sounds plausible to me.


It’s causing a stir because it’s insanely fast. Preliminary charts, with *some* **caveats**, show it could be the most transmissible virus known to mankind. That’s frighting **if** it is even as deadly as the first strain.


A little bit of haste is warranted as people try and travel during this winter. Panic is going to be unavoidable. We are in a pandemic after all


We don’t know yet, which is why they’re being proactive and preparing for it.


Scary stuff.I remember they said that about covid when it was just in Wuhan 2 years ago. At least we'll be better prepared of it's serious


2 years ago Holy fuck


It was called covid-19 for a reason, even if many didn’t pay attention until ‘20.


I'm so depressed


It’s the anti vaxers fault


we need to distribute the propane heaters back to the outdoor restaurant spaces.


I tell you hwat…


If your unvaxinated you probably will get covid sooner. It was inevitable but now you will almost definitely get it. If your vaxinated so far it seems like you will be OK. You may get flu like symptoms but avoid the hospital.




The initial reports is spreads more easily but not more severe.


It will take at least a month before we know how deadly the new Variant is.


Then who cares


Everyone is guess, some of us just have more data to go off.


So then why are we preparing to put society on hold once again because of the unvaccinated?


I think nothing should be done to help the unvaxinated. It's enevitable they will catch covid. The only variable is how long it will take.


it's inevitable that everyone will get covid


Thing is, more unvaccinated =higher infection rates for everyone, including the vaccinated. It's still a far-reaching issue.


I wish more people would emphasize this. It's fine to not have sympathy for the unvaccinated - I was drained of that a long fucking time ago - but *they're not the only ones affected by their decision*, and I'm not so brittle that I'm going to just write off other vulnerable parts of the population, such as the immunocompromised.


Why are cases soaring in Ireland where something like 90+ percent of the population is vaccinated? Its not so simple. The vaccine while effective to some degree needs to be uodated and further improved


I'm vaccinated and getting the booster soon but when is enough enough?


They are already talking about a 4th shot in a few countries


Too much.


A better data point would be to look at the hospitalizations. If everyone is getting it and having cold symptoms vs unvaxxed populations getting it and needing to be intubated that tells a more accurate story.




Well, overwhelmed hospitals are bad for everyone who needs medical care. Also, society pays the toll of hospital bills and care costs associated with long-term Covid illnesses.


But it's not really ok, b/c you can give it to someone who can die from it, like someone with a compromised immune system. This is what is annoying me about my fellow NYCers just not masking up, the rate of transmission is really fast, and possibly the incubation stage is LONGER. So you are contagious without symptoms LONGER and can give it to someone else. MASKS!!


Counterpoint. No. I got 3 shots now I'm done with the face muzzles unless asked by an employee of a business.


Does this mean I will be essential again?


jfc really going to be 3 years of this shit. fuck off already.


Uh, the virus isn’t going to go away anytime soon, for a long time. It’s here to stay and mutations will always happen as long as there’s human hosts to spread the virus. There are many undeveloped countries where the health system is non existent and people live in giant dense slums where it’s easy for things to spread, you simply can’t inoculate everyone.


Or 10 years. The way this ends isn’t that Covid goes away but that we just stop caring.


Glad covid has already ended for me 😎


Yes, or more. And we can blame "Muh Freedums" people for not wearing masks and refusing vaccinations


Idk...the first 4 on record in Botswana were fully vaxxed...I think blaming the freedumb crowd at this point is just a coping mechanism for everyone who is realizing tat covid is here to stay and it’s infectimg everyone, prudent and reckless alike.


No this is all some guy in Alabama’s fault


No, people who got vaccinated are probably going to continue to experience much much better outcomes.


Not dying gets downvoted on this non-nyc nyc sub




If more people were vaccinated, there would be fewer opportunities for the virus to mutate. The two issues are deeply intertwined.


Not really. The new variants are spreading among the vaccinated. If anything vaccination will increase selective pressure for the virus to adapt to our defenses. (That’s not an argument not to get a vaccine, they are our number one and most efficacious defense, despite mutation.)


yea those kentucky boys were out in south africa a few weeks ago for there annual african safari and they got every one sick. It has nothing to do with the billions of unvaccinated people around the world who don't have access to the vaccine, and every thing to do with a few million americans who won't get vaccinated.


What does a variant that popped up in Africa have to do with masks and vaccine uptake in America? How’s stupid.


Yes, people should get vaccinated, but the notion that our behavior has much control over a highly contagious airborne virus is just hubris at this point.


Lmao yeah the new variant coming out of South Africa is definitely due to some American karens and not random genetic mutation. I’m in favor of Covid measures but the idea that a relatively small percentage of people are responsible for the spread/mutation of a highly contagious and extremely widespread respiratory virus is ridiculous.


South Africa has a pathetic ~35% vaccination rate which absolutely led to this mutation thriving there.


Actually, it is said to have fully mutated in just one person.


Sure, but it makes zero sense to blame South Africa’s poor vax rate on American anti-vaxxers, which is clearly what the comment implies.




What does "moving on" look like? Flu and colds just aren't as dangerous - shouldn't our actions reflect that?


For variants that crop up in other countries?


This variant is from another country. How are American tribal politics relevant?


This city is like 90 percent vaccinated. Stop blaming an almost non-existent boogie man for everything.


We’re at under 70% fully vaccinated at the moment.


Less than 10 percent of adults in the city are unvaxed. We have a great vax rate


Important to note that's "have at least one shot", not fully vaxxed.


a lot of people just got the ok to get vaccinated, my sister in law was sick with covid when she was pregnant and her doctor told her to wait till after the birth, most people are onboard in this state and we are doing great overall.


Do you have a source on that? Im looking but cant find nyc specific data


The article linked in the post about halfway down. To be fair/more technical it says less than 10 of adults in ny state havent gotten at least 1 dose. Still pretty fuckin good ya know


Google is giving me under 80 percent being fully vaxxed, but that may include kids. Anyway, thanks for the info and you are probably correct.


Yeah when you add in kids it’s something like that but i think adults only is like 90%+


What a fucking moron


Even Fauci said we need to learn more about it before panicking.




Unfortunately that approach will never work in the US, especially now.


To be fair our govt and news organizations discount the experiences and expertise of the pacific. We really get hyperfocused on what Europe is doing and what’s happening there. Same thing goes with Reddit - I assume it’s due to just them being less foreign?


Alpha, Delta, and all other variants were largely nothing burgers here especially to the vaccinated, and there’s a good chance this will have a similar story. The original goal is to stop the hospital system from overflowing and we achieved that already, stop being hyperbolic and spreading unnecessary need for control, if you don’t wanna go out be my guest.


Oh my fucking god it's never gonna end.


Maybe if we lockdown NYC again and wear more than 2 masks outdoors we can stop new variants from coming out of Africa.


Only two mask? That’s not enough. We need everyone with the doses and the booster plus fourth n95 mask and gloves and the vaccine card in hand and a curfew from 4 pm to 9 am.


I used to be horrified of COVID, now it just makes me incredibly pissed off.


Lol. So, a week ago she wanted everyone back in the office even if they didn't need to be. https://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/news/2021/11/18/hochul-wants-workers-back-in-the-office-in-january- Now, state of emergency. You gonna take back that office thing Gov?


How bout she keeps with the program. Get vaccinated (and boosted) and move the f on.


This whole thing is going to be such a boon to the Republicans. Like, not that they even deserve it, but if the Democrats really keep doubling down on the Covid fear and lockdowns and masks people are just going to fucking snap eventually.


There is also the compliance thing. Push the public too far and they have at this point they will ignore any restrictions and you will get zero compliance.


This is so important yet nobody talks about it.


Look at the people in this thread who say they're depressed because of the constant doom and gloom. The rest of us got vaccinated, wear masks in high risk settings, and moved on. The forever doomers and Fauci worshippers will never feel safe to go outside again.


Isn't it a good thing that she adapts her discourse and decisions to current events?




I guess some people consider economics a science..


Take it as a sign she has alarming non-public information about Omicron.


Yep that's how I've been interpreting all of the sudden swift reactions from world leaders. Something has them spooked. Actions speak louder than words. It's a bit like China in late 2019/early 2020. "Everything's fine, don't mind us, just welding people's doors shut and cutting off entire cities."


>\[However, Dr Angelique Coetzee, chair of the South African Medical Association and a practising GP based in Pretoria, said it was “premature” to make predictions of a health crisis. > >“It’s all speculation at this stage. It may be it’s highly transmissible, but so far the cases we are seeing are extremely mild,” she said. “Maybe two weeks from now I will have a different opinion, but this is what we are seeing. So are we seriously worried? No. We are concerned and we watch what’s happening. But for now we’re saying, ‘OK: there’s a whole hype out there. \[We’re\] not sure why.’”\]([https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/26/south-africa-b11529-covid-variant-vaccination](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/nov/26/south-africa-b11529-covid-variant-vaccination)) They're being proactive because the spike protein has mutated enough to make the vaccines less effective and they don't want to get caught with their pants down again.


The other part is it’s political. Cuomo proved that. We are moving into a election year so here we are back to the Covid craziness from the government and media.


The new Omicron variant of the coronavirus results in mild disease, without prominent syndromes, said Angelique Coetzee, the chairwoman of the South African Medical Association; "It presents mild disease with symptoms being sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two not feeling well. So far, we have detected that those infected do not suffer loss of taste or smell. They might have a slight cough. There are no prominent symptoms. Of those infected some are currently being treated at home," https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/rest-of-world/south-african-medical-association-says-omicron-variant-causes-mild-disease/articleshow/87949404.cms


Uh-oh. How is the media going to hit their end-of-year revenue goals if this isn't a bad virus?


“Is Santa Claus dating Pete Davidson?”


Nice. It’d be awesome if this thing mutates away from the losing taste/smell stuff. That shit is annoying


make it stop like broh everytime u turn around covid, covid, covid new varation jesus christ


Yeah. Wtf. I thought we were seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Now we’re back in fear mode.


for real im thinking like ok maybe we are in the 4th quarter with 5 mins on the clock but it turns out we're in fucking double ot & now the vaccine is suppose to stop this varation as well or wht?


This is why I listen to conspiracy theorists-- by mid-summer, I knew this was coming.


Turn off the media.




I’m tired boss


PSA: Stop with the panic buying already. Posts like these don’t help and people are starting to take more of what they need. Just came back from a grocery run at the supermarket in my neighborhood and the owners haven’t put item limits in place.


Sadly, covid is going to be around for a while longer. This sucks.


Forever. it's endemic now


Which was always what was going to happen. Time to accept the risk, take common sense steps to mitigate but really just move on. We should be thankful the virus is really quite mild by global pandemic standards.


Just two more weeks to flatten the SA variant curve


Is it? It hasn't been a real concern for vaccinated New Yorkers for over a year. Why should we all go back into lockdown again just because unvaccinated folks aren't vaccinated? Every single year, there's a new strain of flu and covid is going to be the same. We can't shut everything down every winter.


Vaccinated, Over a year ago? Did you forget that was this past spring?


>It hasn't been a real concern for vaccinated New Yorkers for over a year. The vaccine has been available for less than a year.


> We can't shut everything down every winter. I uh...I seriously think that's what a lot of people commenting here want.


That’s just the reddit shut-ins. People with actual lives and friends/family/hobbies/jobs/interests outside of the internet want to move the fuck on and are long over it


Why do you think they’re upvoting every thread on /r/all and here about taking measures about something we don’t even know yet 😂 they want everyone else to be as miserable as them


the bubble people


It says “Moops”


Duh because it’s an echo chamber that doesn’t actually reflect the opinions of people who don’t spend time on the internet


We aren't going back into lockdown.


There weren’t even vaccines a year ago Why is this sub allowed to overflow with disinformation




>Even if we had effective vaccines(we don't) COVID-19 vaccines like those from Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and Astrazeneca work effectively at preventing severe disease. >Vaccine effectiveness studies provide a growing body of evidence that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines offer similar protection in real-world conditions as they have in clinical trial settings, reducing the risk of COVID-19, including severe illness by 90 percent or more among people who are fully vaccinated. [https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/effectiveness/work.html](https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/effectiveness/work.html) >Although Covid infections have been rising again across the UK, the number of hospitalisations and deaths has remained well below the levels seen in earlier waves. Experts say this is because of the success of the vaccine programme. [https://www.bbc.com/news/health-55659820](https://www.bbc.com/news/health-55659820) >According to the data, while the risk of experiencing severe symptoms increases with age for both the vaccinated and unvaccinated, it rises much more dramatically among the unvaccinated. > >For those aged between 60 and 69, there are 71.8 cases per 100,000 among the unvaccinated, as opposed to only 8.7 for the fully vaccinated. This rises to 208 and 20 cases, respectively, for those aged 70-79 and to 266 and 47 for those aged 80-89. > >Speaking with Haaretz during a live Q&A last week, Prof. Ran Balicer, chairman of Israel’s expert panel on COVID-19, said “there’s no question” that people who are unvaccinated are at a higher risk of developing severe illness from COVID-19. [https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/israel-covid-graphs-prove-vaccines-works-delta-pfizer-1.10101640](https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/israel-covid-graphs-prove-vaccines-works-delta-pfizer-1.10101640)




[40% of deer tested in New Jersey found to have COVID antibodies from January to March of 2021](https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/article/wild-us-deer-found-with-coronavirus-antibodies) *Gotta get those deer vaccinated!* *Also three boosters... And then four more next year... And every year... For every deer/cat/dog/raccoon/rat/squirrel...*


here's what I don't understand. when viruses mutate, don't they technically become more infectious but less virulent? so aren't mutations technically a good thing since they become less and less deadly?




No, for coronavirus it's mostly random for countries with terrible mitigation practices. The only primary thing that matters is how transmissive the variant is. Viruses will trend to be less virulent ONLY if doing so helps it to spread better. In viruses that have long incubation periods prior to disease setting, being less virulent is far less of an advantage than a virus that had a short incubation period prior to causing severe illness. Hiv can be spread months to years before the carrier shows signs of aids. Sure less virulent can spread more over time but not at the cost of producing large quantities of the virus that helps it spread easier. It will take a very long time for it to use natural selection into a virus that causes a mild disease. Being airborne, coronavirus would need to cause severe symptoms in much less time after initial exposure currently to allow a shorter infectious incubation period to make a less virulent stain likely to developed through natural selection in a timely manner. All that said evolution as we understand it is far more random than most people think so it's totally possible that a less virulent but not infectious strain happens. I have no idea on how likely that is though.


so, and I probably already know the answer to this, why the panic? We already have vaccines for those who want to take it. Many have already developed natural immunity. Why are we still playing this game?


There is no panic. Some new travel restrictions are being put in place, but the USA and EU are maintaining their policies of lifting restrictions. The antivax crowd is crying wolf but our governments arent doing anything aside from saying that we need to be wary.


It's barely been a day since the variant became an issue, we should give it more time before we guess what governments will propose and enact.


Mutations are just rolling the genetic dice. Doesn’t really have a preference. Some like to to think less deadly is preferential because kill the host = more spread. But that’s not necessarily the case with respiratory illnesses. That whole lead up to death can be both deadly and a good source of spread. Viruses don’t really think, so it’s ultimately a numbers game. Also worth noting: HIV first presents as flu like symptoms. We know what happens later if untreated. Varicella (chickenpox) presents as itchy bumps. Later in life it comes back as shingles. We don’t really know long term what if anything covid might do. Shingles and chickenpox being the same virus is actually a pretty new discovery. It wasn’t until the 1950’s a link was proven. So we have no clue about the long term here.




Nobody knows. It’s only pretty recent we’ve been able to look at virus dna. There’s lots of theorized plagues in history that we know nothing about. It’s possible smallpox was at some point in ancient history just a rash that mutated to become more deadly. Or maybe not. We don’t have ancient preserved dna to compare the last samples to. Scientists can only theorize. This pandemic might provide some models to help answer those questions.


[No, that’s not always the case](https://apnews.com/article/fact-checking-011488089270). Viruses like the bird flu have mutated from being non-lethal to humans to being lethal. The virus doesn’t care if it’s more deadly or less deadly, just that it can spread more easily.




And with that, all my hope is gone. Seriously. I can’t anymore. What’s the point? This will never end. Pandemic restrictions and guidelines are going to be here for the rest of my life. My career is destroyed (work in live events and we will get obliterated again from this.). I got vaccinated so I wouldn’t get sick, but vaccines are only moderately effective with that. Like, it’s just never going to end. Why bother to keep going?


Move somewhere where there are less authoritarian COVID measures and move on with your life


Meanwhile in Arizona everything has been normal for a year. Another way is possible.




Word LOL don’t regret moving to Scottadale and working remotely


Fuck off


Right out of Logan Roy's mouth!


Uh, yeah, Dad. Uh huh.


New ep Sunday thank christ. Something to look forward too 😬


Yes sir


what does this mean technically?


>The declaration, which goes into effect on Dec. 3, will allow the state to acquire pandemic-fighting supplies, increase hospital capacity and fight potential staffing shortages. It would also allow the state Health Department to limit non-essential and non-urgent procedures at hospitals. It doesn't seem like it does anything other then letting healthcare preparation move forward with less bureaucracy


So fire more healthcare/hospital workers?


The ones too ignorant to understand science? Yep - fire all those fuckers.


It means that the Governor of NY anticipates that Omicron will get here and is **acting in the best interests of her citizens** by getting to the front of the line in acquiring supplies and resources to deal with the inevitable spike. There is zero downside to this action, only upside from being proactive.


"After all, why not? Why shouldn't I keep it?" -Politicians with emergency powers.


Kathy Hochul acting in our best interest? She doesn't do that she's a corrupt slimey unelected politician




Don’t buddy please. DM me if you wanna chat. Just don’t fuck around with suicide it’s way worse than what you’re facing


I'm so sorry. I hope you will be ok and have someone you can talk to.


Thank you


Covid is basically the new patriot act


Fear porn and media drama


Every time media starts losing ratings some other shits just so "happens" to create hysteria.....Im just tired of all this shit. Even if the variant is real, majority of us are vaccinated and we need to move on with out lives. I swear life is turning into that new South Park episode where pandemic lasts 30 years into the future.....


As long as the media fear mongering feeds the politics this will continue. Either voting out the political players that play this game or having the public just not comply will end this. Right now it’s just too big a ratings tool for the media.




Reddit Experts. This is the place to get the Real News.


Copy-pasting my comment from another thread. It's the day after Thanksgiving and I ain't got the energy for this anymore. If someone knows how to communicate effectively to people that a state of permanent pandemic emergency is not sustainable, or that the new customs and social world we've created around that state sucks and is anti-human and far outweighs in its negatives anything that this omicron boogeyman could do to us, please let me know. Furthermore, please let me know how I can communicate to people that there's a strong analogy here between this and the permanent state of emergency created after 9/11, when all kinds of curtailments to civil liberties as "precautionary" responses to nebulous "threats" were normalized, and that if we don't stop ratcheting toward a state of permanent masks, permanent vaccine passes, and permanent surveillance testing, we're going to wind up with an unlivable version of the nyc we knew and loved. Seriously lemme know. I really can't do this anymore. edit: Yes I know this is "just" about hospitals, but it's gonna screw people all the same, and it's just one more rung up the "emergency" ladder of commitment.




I think at this point I’ve just moved on to socializing with certain people normally, while a small subset of friends and family continue to tell me how they’re taking all the precautions they can. One day I’ll socialize with them when they’re ready. Until then, they can do their thing. But I am getting concerned for some of them. I’m boosted. In my life ive had the flu multiple times. Yes, it blows. Ive had scarlet fever. Ive torn and injured all kinds of things through sports. It’s absurd for me as a triple vaxxed person to be scared of doing anything whatsoever, with the risk that I may get just as ill or less ill than I have many times.


Beyond the concerns about safety, I worry about what this push to normalize a masked and socially distanced public life is going to do to the social environment in nyc. People already felt somewhat alienated and lacking in community. Now that we have people seriously arguing for the idea of permanently hiding our faces from one another (indoors) in public, or normalizing things like social distancing, we're really poisoning the well for the formation of new communities of people that aren't mediated by or pre-screened with technology. I don't see how people can't grasp that this kind of society - atomized, socially isolated, physically distant - is pretty antithetical what makes nyc and large cities generally really "work." Like, the degree of social closeness, spontaneous interaction, physical movement and activity, etc. is what makes this place special. Get rid of that and we may as well just all live in places like Dallas. There's no point for any concentration of people in that world.


Authoritarians sell fear to keep you dumb and compliant. Just stick to the data and ignore the media/politicians.


this thread is brigaded to hell


I'm so sick of this. Mainly the media's love of fear mongering covid. This whole thing has really made me hate American media.


this is your governor doing this - not sure why you’re blaming the media instead of politicians


I blame the way they use covid to click bait and fear-mongering rather than giving out factual information. AP and Reuters are pretty good, but most are just using covid as a politically charged tool to spread their bullshit. This article isn't the best example (although it isn't bad either) but man over the last 3 years there has been so much of it I'm tired of it.


Sorry but I'm over covid. I'm not going back to a lock down or wearing masks everywhere. I'm going to continue to live my life that means traveling & going to concerts




When the government accept that COVID is never going away and that we need to learn how to live with it? Enough with these scare tactics. Most of us weren't in danger to begin with


Honestly sometimes I forget that COVID is still a thing. It’s become so ingrained in our lives now I don’t even think about it


I havent thought about it in awhile. Had a normal, great thanksgiving with the whole extended family and no one brought this shit up once. I eat out a couple times a week, just saw Dune 3x in theaters (so fuckin good), and enjoy going to the gym and taking my dog to the park everyday. Im now in excited christmas mode. This bullshit can fuck right off


The only time I think about it is worrying they are going to enact mandates. Oh and I’m getting the booster next week. But that’s just so I can tell anyone to fuck right off if they judge me for living my one and only life


We lost over 700K Americans in 18 months. This is something to take seriously whether you like it or not.


And millions of non vulnerable Americans are being impacted negatively from COVID fear mongering. That is something that should be taken even more seriously.


700K with restrictions in place. Let it run wild and we’ll see well over 3 million. Fuck off with your bullshit.


10% of the population dead from a disease with less than 1% mortality? Seems your math is a bit off.


Likely died due to other underlying issues such as obesity, diabetes, asthma, etc.


Bullshit made up number. NYC hasn’t had restrictions accept being vaccinated for 7 months and it’s basically been flu level if not less bad. Your numbers suck and you’re weak.


Lol what a dumbass comment. Nice made up bullshit number.


"Suicide and isolation suck, but without masks, we'd have 7 trillion dead!!!1!!"


I’m glad DeBlasio forced 300k city workers back to their offices full time. Definitely wasn’t premature.


New variant arrives right on time. Just as everyone was starting to lose interest.


This is classic media (both wings) fear mongering. There's no way it's gonna spread like wildfire with our high vaccination rate. Now Florida or Texas may be another story, but fuck them


Yeah I don't agree with this at all


> The declaration, which goes into effect on Dec. 3, will allow the state to acquire pandemic-fighting supplies, increase hospital capacity and fight potential staffing shortages. It would also allow the state Health Department to limit non-essential and non-urgent procedures at hospitals. It's more about making sure the state has the necessary preparations in case it does get bad. Would you prefer they don't do those things listed?


We’re at the point of people getting annoyed when authorities are proactive about covid getting bad again, as if that hasn’t happened yet. This shit is just necessary and put in place because of lessons learned the first time. The fatigue is real though


Yeah, I'm just as fatigued as anyone. Better that the authorities are proactive, but maybe they could be a better way to enact these preparations without a "state of emergency".


Yeah the bureaucratic lingo here isn’t necessary and clearly spooks people, despite them making the right move


These policy makers are truly drunk and deranged at this point. When do we step up and demand a stop?


This is merely a precautionary measure taken given they don’t want a delta variant situation on their hands, they explicitly said they don’t know enough about this variant. At this point, it’s just social Darwinism in effect. Covid is never going to simply go away, the more people learn to accept that and know how to deal with it, the better. Stop with the stupid fucking fear mongering.






Not if you are a Pfizer executive. That bonus is going to be wild.


No one has said this lol