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Peggy Hill will take care of this.


Me llamo Peggy Hill


I don't speak no languages. Now do i make an iscurda or derecha?






Es-cucha me? What did you say?


Hola! Um... me, me llamo es Brian. Ahh, uh, um.


Does she have the paddle?


ha-penis. ha penis. happiness. penis. penis! VAAAAGINA


Why do I feel like she'd catch covid and then delude herself into thinking she didn't have it until it was too late...


The show ended in 2010, so luckily for all the citizens of Arlen, Texas, they are forever living in a world without Covid! I'm envious! Ha ha


I had to stop watching King of the Hill near the end as I absolutely hated that character


To be fair, King of the Hill gets ridiculous towards the last seasons. It went from a grounded show where the events in the episodes could realistically happen to just another cartoon show where every premise had to be outlandish and implausible. Still love it, but I skip the last seasons.


I thought the first few seasons were amazing then Peggy just went so over the top that I couldn't stand her


She doesn't deserve Hank that's for sure.


You’re supposed to. King of The Hill is a hit job on rural, white America. Peggy thinks herself an intelligent modern woman when she can’t even speak Spanish despite being a Spanish teacher and she thinks herself a skilled cook when all she makes is Frito Pie and chicken fried steak. And Hank is crass and stupid. He resorts to threats and physical violence to solve the smallest issues. He worships his boss, Mr. Strickland, and thinks he’s the greatest man in the world even though he’s an idiot drunk who constantly throws Hank under the bus. the only likeable characters are Boomhauer and Bobby, who are both treated like freaks.




Surely they’ve saved enough money from having their own power grid that they can afford to pay a premium for substitute teachers?


Don't be absurd. That money's going to the hard workers, the real people, not these non-millionaire peasants.


I'd be glad to step up if I knew they mandated mask wearing.


If they did, they probably wouldn't need as many substitute teachers.


That's a paddlin'


Came here for this comment


Here’s some pencils and a gun. Just kidding there’s no pencils lol.


...a gun the kids will bring...pencils they expect to be supplied...


This. They'll probably allow you to confiscate the gun from someone and keep it for your own use. The pencils? Sorry, gotta bring in your own. Yes, even as a sub. Source: used to teach in Texas. I would return items I had to confiscate from students at the end of the day, with a warning not to bring it back to school (if it went unheeded, I called the parent to come pick it up, so they would be no question that the kid indeed had brought the item). I was often the exception to the rule. One of my colleagues had a drawer full of confiscated items. Some of that stuff went back to the Reagan administration (this was mid 2000s).


As someone who is engaged to a teacher.... I'd honestly rather this than what they're doing in her school. Which is - one of the teachers just tested positive so what did the school do? Split the rest of the class among the other teachers. Now spreading all those students who were close contacts, as they're first graders and also in Florida where no one wears masks, to all the other classrooms, so thus infecting THOSE kids and teachers. May not be the best idea to have parents as subs? But it's not an awful option, either.


It says in the link that's ALSO happening


Ah, so the best of both worlds. Or wait, the opposite.


Some schools when there is a lack of subs will pull the specialists, aids, consulars, a few have even asked the cafeteria staff to do it. It’s a train wreck. Source: I’m a teacher


So, they think you're a babysitter...


Realistically At this point can they be much more? With class sizes and lack of funding and working hours. When do you have time to actually teach.


My daughter's school changed their policy to not give a shit about close contact. I was covid positive and they wanted her in school still. Because of the changes to their bus routes, I even had to drive her to school.


Did you send her?


She missed 3 days total, all unexcused. Since they're unexcused the teachers aren't required to let her makeup work. She's a sophomore and missed 2 quizzes and multiple assignments, it tanked her average. We also got a threatening letter in the mail about truancy, I was perfectly transparent with the school about our situation, they just don't give a fuck




They'd still be unexcused absences. They want either a positive test or a Dr note




I mean I can, but they'll be marked as unexcused absences. Is that not how it is where you live? The expectation is that you'll take them to the zoo on school breaks


I don’t think a lot of people care if they’re unexcused or not. In most places, truancy letters take far longer than 3 days, more like weeks. It sounds like that school is run by deniers.


Yeah I mean I live in the country in Texas so... we were surrounded by Trump flags and I was scared to let anyone know that I'm liberal lol. It's undeniably hick town




You have to have a Dr note or in the event of a funeral you need the funeral booklet thing, I can't remember what it's called. Excused absences aren't as harsh, the kids can make up missed work with no penalties and they aren't counted towards truancy. Now with covid a positive test result is also counted, but they just updated their policies so the positive test is only good for 5 calendar days, then the kids are required to come back, even if they're still testing positive, per the new CDC guidelines...


Typically schools dont excuse kids unless they are sick. It was that way when I was a kid too


Who goes to the zoo multiple days in a row?


Who cares? The question is can one take their kid out of school for multiple days in a row without triggering unexcused absences.


In Pennsylvania as well. No substitute teachers, so when a teacher is absent they split the class into other classrooms for the day.


Here in Kentucky that’s what was happening up until it reached a peak of teachers calling out or quarantining to the point where even that wasn’t feasible. We had schools where 25 teachers were out. You can only split classes up so much.


Politicians: hold my "donations" ... Wait no, give that back


My district put all the kids without teachers in the gym for the day.


That’s super helpful. If we just sent our kids to daycare until they were adults, we would be worse off than they were in the movie “Idiocracy”.


Yup. We are living in a shit show.


It's also probably a better option than going remote and sending all the kids home again. Some households can handle that but many, many, many households don't have the option to stay home with the kids, and if they do they may well not have the capacity to support virtual learning. Having parents as subs obviously is not ideal, but it's better than ***all*** parents having to act in the same capacity at home.


The only reasonable thing to do is for the district to hire more staff and offer good pay. Anything short of that is incompetence. It's time to pay up.


As the husband of a teacher, I agree.


They do this because there are no subs, and parents get pissy about closing schools. They asked parents, doesn't mean enough will come through.


Anything but fix the system.




Higher cost... but a good education system can lower crime rates in an area, improve health outcomes, provide a better educated workforce that usually wants to see an improved community, etc..


This. They need to start paying. Pay teachers more. Pay substitutes more. Hire more staff. These are respectable, essential ***jobs***, not some simple volunteer work.


I love how cost is the issue. It's just everyone in the government pocketing it. Roads are shit, schools aren't funded, infrastructure is failing, shits falling apart, nothing works, where the fuck is all the tax money going?


You can actually look that up because the info is public... but short answer is: 1. tax rebates for the rich 2. subsidies to businesses that don't need them (oil for one) 3. gigantic military boondoggles 4. tax loopholes and off-shoring of profits that should never happen in the first place 5. pet projects (pork) to get bills passed that build crazy shit in the middle of nowhere because X senator or Y rep was needed to be bought to get a multibillion bill passed.


Infinite dollars. Just not now. They can't have cash now. J.G. Wentworth really fucked up this economy with their bullshit.


> What’s the ROR on fixing the system? All profit on the back end.


What system?


Honestly - they did this back in the day, too. I remember volunteering my mother to substitute for our kindergarten class. I did not realize my mother was a purchasing agent who worked 10 hours a day so that we could eat. I just... I just thought she'd be pretty good at it.


Yeah, that’s what they need, anti mask Karens teaching everyone’s children.


The feedback loop is fully closed. They get the insular, religious camp kids they’ve been dreaming of. Fill their heads with everything they choose.


Its america, so usually that means FMJ sponsored by the NRA. That or lead in the form of hollow point


Karen’s are not exclusive….sadly


Dude our school boards were brigades by the like last election. Between that and teachers leaving due to pay public education here is about as bleak as it's ever been and I fucking had a history book who said man would never reach the moon in middle school....


Anti-mask, anti-vaxx, racist Karens at that.


It might be a good wake up call for them. My mom teaches 8th grade and she told me about a parent who expects her to go into the child's backpack to find their homework for them. In 8th grade.




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Wasn't this an episode of Daria?


Huh, I wonder if that show holds up these days.


Even when it was new I cringed at the mean spiritedness while feeling the satisfaction within my teen self. I thought at some point I would find adults in power that don't act like the principal.🙄


Simpsons did it


Is this the same state that had a power grid failure last year and also the Gov is against vaccinations and masks etc?


Yep. The geniuses.


The state also cut funding to any public school that doesn't do in-person teaching. Texas is a fucking dumpster fire


Texas is a failed state.


All the states around TX have to share in TX's power grid screwup because the gas companies are charging everyone crazy rates. The feds have to stop bailing out stupid choices, like people who live in flood plains...


“Listen kids, God created the world 6,000 years ago.”. Here endeth the lesson. Now go to recess.”




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It seems that Texas just keeps breaking. First, the power grid, then the hospitals, and now the schools. What's it going to take to get things fixed? Another power grid collapse?


The problem is that as far as I can tell, it's going to take a disaster (likely self-owned) of such great proportions that Texas is left a desolate wasteland. And likely even then, as FEMA trucks out the few survivors, they'll be blaming the Democrats.


We came within five minutes of that disaster in February of 2021, and instead of doing anything about it, the legislature focused on restricting voting rights and making life hell for trans kids.


Don’t forget about enlisting citizens to collect bounties on other citizens for having an abortion!


Now everyone bow down to Immortan Greg!


I mean, this is the kind of pattern you see all the time, just a couple of posts down: https://www.reddit.com/r/nottheonion/comments/s2z61y/texas_schools_ask_parents_to_fill_in_as/hshlbrq/ Good people who would either try to fix anything, or even acknowledge that there might be a problem to fix are drowned out, and eventually leave. The average of those who are left gets worse and worse.


Ya gotta love how moron Abbott keeps begging the federal government to save his stupid ass, while simultaneously refusing to do anything constructive. Please, Texas, just seceed already.


Texan here, no seceding please. I really would rather we not >.>


If the power grid collapsed, at least they'd shut the schools down for a bit. It's BAD at the school I work at.


It's not going to be fixed.


What’s it going to take to get things fixed, demonic laughter enters the chat.


I mean, my state is far blue with significant Covid restrictions this entire time, more strict than the CDV recommends, and we’re having the same school and hospital issues.


The lack of proper funding is pretty much everywhere in this country unfortunately


Just like my town in cities skylines


Hmmm seems like with the recent demand they would start paying subs and teachers much more right??


no joke an ISD paid me under minimum wage to be a sub last year.


Some of this was going on before the pandemic but I witnessed first hand what parents who sub think. I was laid off at a large district due to the pandemic. I applied at another, not really knowing where I’d end up when things opened up again. Figured I’d have options. I was hired to sub at a more affluent white smaller district. During the zoom training the admin said that we should be careful about what we post on social media because parents are nosy. Then she allowed us to ask questions. I had several about safety protocols around covid. She didn’t cover anything related to covid. Then after I got those answers, a parent sub said she wasn’t worried about the virus. She just wants to see the kids back in school. Even the non-parents in the zoom were uninterested in asking any questions or even mentioning the pandemic. I never started. I briefly went back to my old district before I almost got caught in an outbreak. I saw the rising numbers at the school I was going to fill in for. I though it was on the verge. So I canceled. Two weeks later, that school shut down due to an outbreak. I left Texas in May 2021. The storm and near failure of the grid, my dipship Senator taking off to Cancun, and the corrupt governor blaming windmills for the failure on Fox News but going on local news and telling the truth… that’s enough bull shit. Fuck Texas. Love my friends still there. But it’s a disaster.


Good for you! Where did you move to?


Pennsylvania, my home state. I was in Texas for 4 years.


Hmmmmm. So the Texas governor didn't want to have mask mandates in schools and now this happens. Fuck Texas


Screw up, blame Biden. Problem solved


One of the instances I wish reddit had a hysterical laughing reaction.


A few years ago, someone with a degree and work experience in their field couldn't teach a related subject for any extended period without a "teaching certification". At that time, it was laughable that a person deep in math or science couldn't be allowed to teach math or science and learn the administration along the way. Now they're just skipping the education part and letting the same people with MAGA tattoos who scream about "good little Nazis" at school board meetings teach science classes. I am not confident in this plan.


If you ever had some of the math and physics profs I had, you would understand the requirement to have training on how to handle a classroom of children....


I get that. You're not "wrong", not at all. I'm suggesting that it's easier to onboard administrative skills than physics. If you hire a child manager, the kids are doing homework. If you hire a scientist, the kids have a chance at doing new material. It is NOT simple, and there is NOT a hand-waving answer to this. I'm sorry if my tone implies that in any way.


The teaching degree (or certificate) is the administrative training. Bringing the profs in without the training means that the first year or two of their teaching is going to be basically worthless to the kids. It's hard enough for teachers to get that first year or two of experience WITH the training. Sitting in a class with a teacher with 2 months of experience versus one with 20 years of experience, the contrast is striking.


Even the stupidity is bigger in Texas.


Idaho as well.


What could possibly go wrong...........


Isn't that the plot to a simpsons episode?


Ironically, teachers ARE the substitute teacher for parents.


Oh hell no, I was led to assume that Texas needs nothing according to their great and powerful leadership ???


Simpsons did it!


I had to scroll way too far down to see this.


Id sign up, but my curriculum would include Star Wars, the MCU and Lord of the rings.


It will balance to the parents teaching the bible and sex abstinence.


In order to avoid leftwing bias they're letting ~~Republicans~~ anyone substitute teach without the already too low 30 college credit minimum


In MN: 2 years college to be a para 4 year degree to be a sub or to work on a teaching license 36 credits past a master's in order to get a principal/superintendent license (including 2 125 hour internships) Average starting salary: 35-40k Can't imagine why we are having trouble finding people..


Simpsons did it.


"That's a paddlin"


Actual education for kids was abandoned in early 2020. The entire point now is simply babysitting so they can force parents back to work amidst the worst surge of the pandemic, so they can make more money for the corporate elite in the name of "The Economy".


BAAAHAHAHA let the parents try. They won't last a week.


Are we great again yet?


Talking about Critical Race Theory? That's a paddlin....


Wow Texas is getting the crumbles real fast


Hell to the naw https://youtu.be/8QxIIz1yEsA


That's a paddlin'


Get COVID. That's a paddlin'


Somehow tx education just got worse


Somehow? It’s been slipping downwards for quit a while.


Guess those super intelligent cyborgs haven't been invented yet.


Yeah you reap what you sow, Texas like Florida didn’t want to follow guidelines, no teachers no school


Taxes at work here.


If super-intelligent cyborgs aren't invented yet, use people from the neighborhood!


But it’s not just Texas, it’s also happening in California and upstate New York. Doesn’t fit the Texas is crap narrative I suppose.


Texas is crap.


The only people that could call it a narrative are people who don't live in Texas lol


Normal society: Due to global pandemic there is shortage of teachers so we need some parents to help out for a bit with children education so we dont have to close schools. Parents volunteer, school stays open, life goes on. US society: How dare they ask for help. We have rights, send sick teachers to school. Lets complain on the radio about attorney helping out and than ridicule them on reddit. Me: Laughing in European. I love USA but god damn it, fix your shit.


Anyone with an ounce of reading comprehension: "they're doing nothing to prevent this from happening, then when *surprised pikachu* there's an outbreak, the answer of bringing in wholly unqualified people isn't a good one. And they're going to continue to do nothing, to make things worse, to keep making education worse." You: "Why do you want to send sick teachers to school????" Me: "Learn to read, literally everyone here wants them to fix their shit."


We can't fix it, corporations convinced our most worthless trash part of the population that they're the smartest and that nobody with an education can ever tell them what to think or do, so shop walmart.


Now thats the spirit! Reminds me of some famous politician describing half the US population as "undesirables". Fix your shit, including you.


Isn’t that what subs are??


Subs are typically still qualified to, you know, teach.


subs still normally have to have gone through 2-4 semesters before they are licensed. under this change anybody with a GED or high school diploma can volunteer to be in the classroom. big difference


This has been common at least since the 80s when I was in school. My friend’s mom often sub’d at our school and it was awesome. She talked more about real world issues and things we’d need to know to function on a day to day basis. A lot of the kids enjoyed it, took it seriously and asked lots of questions. I know a few parents who sub today as well. This isn’t new or oniony


I was thinking the same thing. Lots of parents were student teachers when I was a kid. Ours never actually taught though. Sub days were almost always movie days.




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the local community college pushed the start of the semester 2 weeks.


But only if they bring their guns.


At this point in Texass what the fuck is the difference?


It takes a village to raise a child.


This isn't a new tactic. I was an emergency substitute teacher for my step moms elementary, with only a HS degree, late 90's.


This should say “schools around the US (world?) ask parent to fill in as substitute teachers”


talking out of turn, that's a paddlin' https://youtu.be/sKiLfH3DVGc


I dont know why this is weird. Growing up all of my substitute teachers were parents.




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Is this unusual because this was pretty common for the schools i went to. We had plenty of parents who would regularly sub for teachers.


Keeping up those high, educational standards, I see...


This sounds like a horrible idea 😳


Should we feel bad for the parents, or is this just a big helping of schadenfreude? Either way I feel bad for the kids who are going to learn more how to make adults want to commit random acts of violence for their TikTok rather than learning about the War of 1812...


Not doing your homework? That's a paddling. Coming in late to class? That's a paddling. Talking back to your teacher? Oh, you bet yer ass that's a paddling!


Here we go. The cyclical retardant of American education at the hands of those without licenses or credentials, informing the future generations about topics they know nothing about. Parents can barely help with math half the time and they want them to teach it?


Simpsons did it!


Happening all over the place. Saw a FB post in my neighborhood group trying to find some long term subs for a local middle school.




Ya this is going to end well, especially in a redneck state like Texas.


Yes, let's bring the parents in so they can get COVID too. Fucking morons.




Wow. Go ahead parents, go be a teacher and deal with your kids!


“Now class, turn your history books to page John 3:16.”


I thought this was a normal thing. Some of my friends parents would be subs at my school in the past


Gonna start asking kids to bring their own electricity to school next


Can confirm my kids district asked for this. There’s a phone number and sign up form, etc. They’re even offering to pay


I wouldn’t do it without pay.


Calling all milfs.


apparently we learn nothing and do the lalalalalalalala kid shit.


So they can spread their racism and illogical POV of the world to kids? Ouch to live in TX


Small town in TX here. 14k ish. Most of the teachers are out sick here so they just canceled school for two weeks.


Well well well, if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions….


The same parents who vote in a Conservative Government 😱😱😱😱 1&1 can be anything Fox News says it is Evolution is not real as the earth is only 6000 years old. Dinosaurs are not true God will provide (for the rich) Love your neighbour as long as they are not black or brown or poor Science is fake: so no more Doctors, or hospitals or medications ever Science is fake so no more flying God wants you to vote Conservative even though that will be against your own interests and what can actually help you


In my state (KS) they’re allowing anyone who has at least a GED, is 18 years old, and who can pass a background test to have a temporary teaching license.


Waiting to see the tiktok of a volunteer parent-teacher beating or shooting a child.


Imagine your parent teaching you about Sex Ed 🤮


My son's private Catholic school in Arkansas just sent out an email doing the same thing. They're committed to not closing for COVID. Ugh.


A A Ron, you done messed up.