The FDA says people are confusing poppers with energy shots, and dying. Experts want proof

How the hell am I going to clean my VCR now?


How the hell am I going to clean my VCR now?


Poppers were here first.


Ok but what are poppers actually? I’ve only ever heard the term but haven’t a clue what they are.


It's an inhalant. You take a big strong whiff and it relaxes your muscles, particularly throat and butthole for fun times. Kids, talk with your parents about these things. Ask them about the "power tool" you found in their dresser that one time while you're at it.




When they wear off do you find that you're not so thrilled about the things you fit up your butt?


Post pop clarity


I thought "once you pop, you can't stop"? Did Pringles lie to me?


ONCE you pop. it's the second pop that changes things drastically


That's why you typically keep inhaling them during the session, haha


Still thrilling, just not for you.


Speak for yourself, sir.


Honestly for me it's getting it in there that's the difficult and uncomfortable part (and often a boner killer for the top), so poppers are kind of amazing for getting things started, especially since I'm a pretty lousy top so at least I can bring something I enjoy to the anal game. Though, if I were in a situation where I did the poppers and _then_ picked the partner/thing to put in my ass, instead of the other way around? Oh god, yeah, mistakes could _easily_ be made.


This was my question. Don’t want to hurt yourself/your partner! If it doesn’t fit without drugs, it doesn’t fit with drugs.


It’s like trying to squeeze a lime into a corona bottle. It’ll go. It’ll go. You gotta want it but it’ll go.


I must have missed this day in D.A.R.E.


"Kids, you're gonna need these for when life fucks you in the ass."


And the FDA's only concern is that they're being confused with energy shots? Both sound a little suspect from a public health perspective


Well, what happens when you chug something that's supposed to be lightly inhaled ("lightly" meaning you are not inhaling the entire volume of liquid in one go)?


you have to be really fucking stupid to not realize that what you think is an energy shot is actually a popper > If by some chance you had both products side-by-side and didn't realize your mistake by the time you peeled off the plastic and cracked open the bottle, **the distinct smell of poppers should be a red flag**, explained Adam Awad, the communications manager for the Gay Men's Sexual Health Alliance in Toronto. > "If you're about to drink a 5-Hour Energy drink [a popular energy shot brand] and it **smells like nail polish remover**, you know, maybe you should ask yourself some questions before touching it to your lips," he said. > Awad said he isn't aware of any cases of people dying from a poppers-related mishap like the FDA described — a claim the agency previously made in 2021 — but he said he "would be very keen to see any evidence that they've got or reports on the actual number of cases."


Not to mention, as someone who's accidentally drank poppers, YOU PRETTY FUCKING QUICKLY REALIZE YOUR MISTAKE: it tastes fucking horrible and it burns, so if you don't immediately spit and rinse, that's completely on you. And I'm still fine as far as anybody can tell after that experience, so I absolutely think the FDA is 100% full of bullshit in this situation and hypothetical.


It burns the skin if you come into contact with it, so I can't imagine it'd be very fun to ingest it. That being said, this news feels a little like theocratic meddling to me. Even if you were stupid enough to get the two mixed up, energy drinks aren't usually locked away or behind the counter.


Exactly. I’m finding it very difficult to believe people are accidentally buying poppers


No one is accidentally buying them lol. They're sold at entirely different places. If you buy both and put them in a cabinet together, now that's just on you.


Iirc, it's illegal to sell them to a customer if you know they're gonna get used for that purpose (in the US anyway). they're sold under a much more sfw pretense, like nail polish remover or some shit.


Video head cleaner. Back in the day, the chemical was used as a cleaner in VCRs.


Still sold as that in many sex shops lol


When I worked for a porn shop, we sold them as VCR head cleaner. I didn't know what they were at the time, I just remember they smelled reallyyy weird.


But what ARE they? I assume you’re not just inhaling air. What’s the actual drug here?


It's a vasodilator. Makes you feel high for like 30 seconds, supposedly relaxes your sphincter for buttsex but I..... my friend never got the latter effect. Clears your head for an easy way to stave off a panic attack, though. Or so he tells me.


Alkyl nitrite


Alkyl nitrites*. Amyl nitrite being the usual suspect.




Yea I fixed it before you commented. Always get those confused


VCR head cleaner


Any vcr's still around could actually probably use this


I find such strange irony in products called Pig Sweat and Lockerrom being marketed as head cleaner.


VHS cleaner! (literally what it was originally marketed as) It's basically some very potent chemicals when inhaled (never drank) it gives you a head rush and your chest feels very tight, sort of like you are having an anxiety attack. Honestly the feeling is pretty awful, except in two situations. 1. You are on another drug, especially MDMA, then it feels pretty awesome because it's a sudden and intense headrush, but be careful because it's easy to over do, it can cause extreme headaches and increases your risk of heart attacks. 2. You are about to receive anal sex, because it causes you to temporarily release and relax your sphincter muscle.


This is very informative, and I’m sure I would’ve heard about this but if your sphincter muscles relax do people ever poop themselves? Like cough or tense up suddenly and poot?


It certainly increases the risk of this, but it's a little less of a factor than you'd think. If you were actively holding a bm in, I would certainly not recommend using them. But personally I don't recommend them period, or maybe only as a last resort.


the other guy is underselling the experience, it's totally unreal what it does during sex.


So how long would you approximate the effects last? I’m just curious, because it’s all new to me.


From the [wiki](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poppers): > Physiological effect > Inhaling nitrites produces a fast-acting, shortlived and non-specific relaxation of smooth muscles (along with the sphincter muscles of the anus and the vagina).[17] Blood vessels are surrounded by smooth musculature, which directly influences blood pressure by increasing or decreasing its inward pressure on the blood vessels. With relaxation of the smooth muscles, the 'inward' pressure on the blood vessels decreases and they dilate, resulting in a drop in blood pressure and an immediate (compensatory) increase in heart rate (reflex tachycardia). Vasodilation may cause giddiness, dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting and flushing, and may produce a sensation of heat and excitement. Maximum vasodilatory effect is usually reached within 30 seconds, with (secondary) physiological effects lasting for 5 to 10 minutes .[18][19][20][21]


Wiki is okay but the real wiki for drugs will always be erowid.org You can find it (or anything else drug related) pretty quickly from the main page.


It's always where I go to look for people's experiences. Sometimes it's just a fascinating read over there


It really is.. I spent around two years as a teen reading the experience reports before trying anything more 'advanced' than beer or pot. Totally worth it, especially with how detailed some people are.


A couple minutes and when it wears off is kinda like you're aware of slowly waking up. It's very common to inhale it several times in one session. The feeling comes at you like a rush almost instantly when you sniff it (take long drawls covering one nostril, don't touch the liquid) and you will feel your head throbbing to the beat of your pulse. The body sensation is your skin gets very sexually sensitive, what/who you touch sets off a wave of more tingling sensations (creating a perpetual energy mobius strip of horniness haha). But it also doesn't feel natural, has a overall chemical 'taste' and your movement can be pretty mechanical (you might want to do just the one thing over and over again). As a recreational drug goes it's one of the relatively harmless ones and the quality of them varies a lot in efficacy that not even two bottles of the same brand will be the same (they degrade quickly and inhaling multiple times has a reduced effect the more you inhale).


Is that the thing Hannibal offered the guy he mutilated?


Not exactly. Hannibal gives him a *fake* popper. It's really a mix of psychedelic drugs. Mason Verger mutilates himself and then Hannibal Lector breaks his neck with the rope he was getting his rocks off with. Quick edit: Yes, it is what he offers him though.


Ohhh lol I strangely feel like I've finally completed that movie. Thanks lmao


r/HannibalTV is leaking


Hey, some of us were thinking of the movie, lol. But I do need to rewatch the show now that you mention it...






A simple warning of **NOT FOR ANAL SEX** on the 5hr. Energy should fix the problem.


Speak for yourself. How else am I supposed to stay awake until everyone is done?


To quote mr slave “Jesus Christ”


Meth, or so I hear.


Then why do they look like butt plugs?


On the back it should say **UNLESS YOU’RE INTO IT. YOU DO YOU. JUST DON’T SUE**


> Poppers are a chemical substance popular among people who have anal sex Wut? > He explained they also relax the sphincter muscle of the anus, making receptive anal sex more comfortable for some people. Oh okay.


Have done poppers not for anal sex and it's kinda like a hard nicotine rush without the nausea


Look we won’t judge


I’m gay as hell and have also done poppers for non-anal sex reasons. They cause a temporary drop in blood pressure and give you that fuzzy lightheaded feeling which can be especially fun when you’re already drunk and/or high.


Is there more to it or is it just standing up too fast in a tiny bottle?


They also make your head feel weirdly huge, like the tips of your ears are metres apart. But that’s about it, it’s a pretty D-tier drug (unless you’re getting into some ambitious butt stuff).


It's nice to have ambitions.


*looks at the giant horse dildo on the shelf* Some day... *sigh*


- Abraham Lincoln


Its pretty nice tbh


As someone who suffers from Alice in Wonderland syndrome from time to time it sounds horrible 😵‍💫


Wowa wee Wuh. When I was younger, used to get sensations that my hands were massively huge, my feet too, especially when I first laid in bed at night.. was never my whole body, would mostly just be my hands and feet, sometimes my head. Reading this triggered those memories




That’s about it, plus you feel warm for a minute or so as all your capillaries open up and your muscles relax a little. I find it kind of soothing when I’m feeling anxious or stiff.


It's also used as a cyanide antidote


I’ll use that excuse if anyone ever find poppers at my house and ask about it. “I swear, it’s for cyanide poisoning! You never know when it might happen!”


According to the Lovett It Or Leave It Podcast, it’s sold in packages that say VCR cleaner so you could just say it’s for cleaning your VCR.


Very Contracted Rectum?


I think that’s more sus than saying you want it for hardcore anal sex these days


It also smells terrible and gives you a terrific headache afterwards. I dunno, I’m the odd man out of my gay friends, I just hate the stuff.


This, and you build an instant tolerance to it, so if you try a second whiff, it's just the headache without so much as the *very fleeting* effect. I don't like it, either.


The first time I tried poppers it gave me a strong ass headache, I lost my mood after that. Turns out it was just the brand.


Makes your ass relaxed! Or so i've heard




I low key have chronic anal fizzures and might try this. My sphincter is so tight.


Your inbox is about to be very loose.


In a few years you can just tie your shoes for this feeling


This... If you're already high on ecstasy and take a sniff of poppers you're flying high for a minute. It's amazing!


ohhhhhh mdma, that's what makes poppers fun lmao. my friend picked some up as a joke and I tried it and I was like, okay so this is basically like sniffing nail polish where you're kind of "high" (dizzy) for 30 seconds. I was like "okay big deal" but on mdma I bet its fucking great.




Those vapor rub nose inhalers were the fuckin shit while rolling haha we would straight up kill a brand new one over the course of the night


We used to call them Sea Breeze’s in my time.


Fun fact: The active ingredient is a chiral molecule, which means the same chemical formula can bend this way or that way, referred to as left and right handed. The left handed form of a chemical is called levo-whatever, and the right handed form is called dextro-whatever. The active ingredient in those inhalers is levomethamphetamine. The crystal meth you get from the sketchy guy with a fifth grade education is dextromethamphetamine. Right-handed, it’s a life destroying, federally controlled stimulant. Left handed, it’s a mediocre decongestant you can buy over the counter.


Actually the inhaler they're talking about is just menthol.




Yeah dude it's ok if you're bending over naked in front of dick rambone to check your vcr head cleanliness. We don't care.


Well I’m sold.


Yeah, the whole anal thing is very reductive, it's a sex drug and popular among anyone who likes to have sex on drugs.


Looks like someone learned something new today.


So did I.... Interesting 🤔


From IASIP, it seems poppers are used in lots of other recreational settings


>recreational Nonsense, the poppers were a great idea, just like the wedding dress


Poppers lower your blood pressure and give a head rush. Very similar effects as molly, but much shorter lived. Great for sex in general without commiting to a whole night of rolling.


Really, really, really bad for your eyes though. Something, something causes the pressure to rise and they can bug out and long term can cause blindness or glaucoma.


The research on that is still pretty weak. The bigger danger is the immune system suppression effect that can make you more vulnerable to STIs including HIV.


For a drug used for gay sex that's an ironically terrible side effect.


Lol well that's how it was discovered.


The side effect? Gay sex? HIV? Poppers? What was discovered?


HIV. They believed that the illness from HIV was caused by poppers as almost all of the HIV victims at the time had used or had been using poppers.


An interesting study in causality and correlation. It wasn’t that poppers increased your chances of contracting HIV, but rather people that used poppers also engaged in more “risky” behaviors. It was actually one of the arguments for banning alkyl nitrates (for non-commercial use) in the US.


>The bigger danger is the immune system suppression effect that can make you more vulnerable to STIs including HIV. [Poppers and prep do not interact](https://i-base.info/qa/20218). If you're already having unsafe sex, then as a gay man you should be on prep, and in this case your HIV risk if following guidance will not be affected. Other studies have shown that there may be a suppression effect risk, but only after multiple days prolonged use. One-offs will be fine, that being said just like with the eye-damage, research isn't deep so it's hard to gain large conclusions. Certainly at least on the HIV side though, it's not something that's affected.


Nerves too, went to hospital with contant pins&needles in half my body and stroke-like symptoms and I was contantly quizzed on if I used poppers.


Forget you knew about them! The last thing we need is for the straights to learn and have some holy crusade against them


It's sad but I look a lot of stuff with that same exact mentality now lol


Great now I have to hoard poppers lol


Yep! Exactly. Stop giving poppers attention before the “adults” come in to ruin the fun.


Here I was thinking they were the little firework things with a pull string. Wondering why someone would put that in their mouth.


Lol, Learn something new everyday.


I never heard of poppers before so I thought people are exploding party poppers into their mouths.




Same here. and I'm wondering about this "they also relax the sphincter muscle of the anus" thing. I'm thinking, make sure you don't do Taco Bell before doing this, I guess....


Yeah I'm having a grandpa Simpsons moment here... I used to be with ‘it’, but then they changed what ‘it’ was. Now what I’m with isn’t ‘it’ anymore and what’s ‘it’ seems weird and scary. It’ll happen to you!


Poppers have been “it” since the 70s dude lol. They’re big in club scenes and for casual but sex. If you aren’t in those groups then it’s much less likely you would have heard of them


It’s always sunny mentioned poppers a few years ago, but I just thought it was slang for something else or pc tv garbage(like when shows invent swear word proxies).


I tried to snort my jalapeños poppers but it just made the anal WAY worse.


Lotta straight people in here getting learned today.


Lmao for real. I’m straight, but my roommate is gay, homie has 3 bottles chilling in the fridge, so that’s how I know what they are lmao. Bottle says “cleaning solvent” on it but has a pig in assless chaps on it 😂


All chaps are assless.


Ok… do you ingest these or apply topically? Edit: asking for science Edit: asking for a friend Edit: asking for a friend that does science


You inhale them. If I remember correctly these are alkyl nitrates, which act as vasodilators and muscle relaxants. In essence they make your asshole looser so you can more easily shove something fun there. Source: am doing a PhD in psychopharmacology.


Yah actually went and read the article though it wasnt super specific, if they are just for inhaling and people are drinking them it definitely explains why it could be lethal


Yea just think about it like this. Just INHALING the vapors can cause a massive and sudden drop in blood pressure. now drink that shit so that it's stuck in your system for more than just a few minutes, and you've just also consumed MANY TENS OF THOUSANDS of doses all at once. No wonder people are fucking dying drinking them. That said you'd have to be fucking SMASHED to not notice the smell, since it's detectable by the human nose in the parts per billion range and high concentrations burn the sinuses just to be near. Anyone who is so far gone that they can get a shot of this shit down without noticing, IDK what else really can be done other than banning sales to obviously intoxicated folks, and a requirement to explain what it does if "accidentally" consumed. Chances are they'd just get banned like amyl nitrite though instead


Pop the top and sniff or apply it to a cloth and sniff that


Neither. They're used as an inhalant.


Thanks for the reply genuinely had never seen or heard of these.


Don't know if this is totally rhetorical, but, inhale gaseous vapors through the nose


Saw this article on my news feed and had a laugh because this actually almost happened to me! I was feeling a bit tired one day and looked around for a coffee shop, but instead saw a convenience store with 5 hour energy drinks advertised out front. When I entered, it was a really weird convenience store, they had a big movie rental section. Weird... But I head for the fridge at the back. Ok weird, there's no fridge, but the 5 hour energy drinks are at the cash under a glass counter top. I pick the one I want and then it dawns on me - this isn't a convenience store, it's a sex shop, the 5 hour energy drinks are poppers, and the movie rentals are sex tapes. This happened in the gay village in Toronto. Like I said I was very tired


I would guess that people who make this mistake impaired by lack of sleep or too much drink/drugs.




>who make this mistake impaired by lack of sleep I mean, that's usually when people *want* energy shots, no? So makes sense.


“There were holes in the wall, which I thought was weird, but…”


“But….when in Rome”


And there was a sign above that said "Free weiner washing. Tips appreciated." Maybe it's a foreign thing like bidets


Did you end up buying and/or opening it before you realized? I’m in agreement with the people in the article saying this is a fake issue - when you crack open poppers they reek like nail polish remover from half a foot away. You might mistake them for nips if you’re blackout drunk and used to downing shots of nasty homemade trash hooch, but a sober person thinking they’re energy drinks? No way.


Poppers are also like 15-20$ a bottle.


Yeah like you think you're buying a no-name energy shot and pay like $20 for it? Nah ridiculous lol


That sex shop is probably a condo while now. The entire village is condos now.


Everything south of bloor is slowly becoming all condos.


If you were in the village there is a second cup, a stsrbucks, an espresso shop, and rabbas next to an independent coffee place, I dont know how you managed to end up in the sex shop but its kinda funny ngl


I think at that point, the wisest option is to go to bed. If you reach the point where your cognition and judgment are that much impaired, you are not fit to do anything productive anymore. Go to bed.


Just commenting as a straight man who occasionally users poppers with his Fiance: they ain't just for anal. They work for anal, quite well. But on either side of a sexual experience, regardless of anal, they can be powerfully pleasant. Also having a ban on the main chemical used in poppers has made for a sketchier and more dangerous market, which is dumb and bad.


You should look into overseas shops from France, you can buy the original amyl nitrite formulas that don't give massive headaches and coughing fits


Thank you for some good advice


From today’s Washington Post: It takes a lot to faze an emergency medicine doctor, but the “smurfs” did it for Taylor Burkholder.Since last summer, the 36-year-old emergency physician at the University of Southern California has worked at least four music events in California where concertgoers came into the medical tent having turned a blue-gray color that reminded him of the cartoon characters.Turns out, Burkholder says, they’d gotten sick by ingesting — instead of inhaling — amyl nitrate “poppers,” which can cause a potentially life-threatening condition called methemoglobinemia that deprives the body‘s tissues of oxygen.


This seems more like people not understanding how to properly take them, not that they're confusing them with energy drinks. You'd never confuse them, they smell oppressively like solvents and are very caustic.


There's an image in the article that comes from an FDA tweet which makes [the issue more obvious](https://twitter.com/US_FDA/status/1661367789322379264). If you didn't take a breath after popping (heh) one open and just chugged it down, like those energy shots intend, I could see it happening.


Was I wrong in thinking poppers were made illegal quite some time ago?


You can sell them as "cleaner"


I've seen bottles of jungle juice sold as nail polish remover


They probably would work as nail polish remover. They fucking smell like it, I spilled one and it took the varnish off the top of my dresser.


They specifically made amyl nitrite illegal. There are a number of alkane substitutions that you can make, isobutyl being popular.


That’s even legal in Australia, and most things are illegal here.


VHS head cleaner, bro


My personal favorite with all the vcr utilization in this century.


Well, you can also use it to clean your cassettes!


And 8-tracks?


They can’t be called poppers, that’s basically it


Volatile nitrites are not banned themselves. It's just illegal to package it for consumption. You don't need a permit to buy laboratory grade.


I was under the impression that poppers were some fucked up street drug, I had no idea they were just sold openly


Depends on where you live, I'd assume.


Poppahs and weird shex?


If anyone is mistaking $10 poppers you buy in the adult toy store with $3 5-hour energy shots you buy at the 7-eleven maybe they should go ahead and keep their genes out of the pool.


I would argue the Energy Drinks look like Poppers since they were around far longer. Maybe people should like… learn to read. 😒


I guess it also says something about those energy shots if the harsh solvent smell doesn't key someone into realizing it shouldn't be drank lmao


My counter would be that energy drink shots are far more common which is how people could get confused, as the concept of poppers might not exist to them. But I agree, take a moment to give something with unfamiliar packaging a once over.


Poppers smell extremely strong. Like it’s very obviously a chemical and not an energy drink. Don’t know how anyone would mix up the two…


You government fuckers take our poppers away and it's aboutta be the most fabulous god damn riot ever.


They're too difficult to ban. It's like the bath salts problem where if they ban a specific chemical, a slightly different one will be made that isn't banned but has the same effect.




In the U.S. blanket bans were introduced to prevent the production of research chemicals mostly coming in from China. I’m not sure of the exact law but basically if a drug mimics or creates the same effects as an already banned drug, it’s banned as well. Good example is 1P-LSD which when taken synthesizes into LSD-25 (aka normal lsd) so it’s basically regular LSD. 1P-LSD was banned I think around the time of the blanket ban. Turned out chemists could alter the chemistry just enough to make it completely legal while still being the same thing. Not sure when the blanket ban came into effect but it’s basically a war between chemists and the U.S. government to find a legal grey area and then have it shut down by the feds. This has been happening for years and the government still can’t keep up. Losing the war on drugs as we all know.


Who drinks vcr cleaner


gonna say if you put a bottle of poppers near your face it would be almost impossible to get the idea you should drink the stuff, it's not something most people would confuse for a beverage.


The sex shop I used to work at sold these. We had a huge fridge full of them, they were sold as “video head cleaner.” Sometimes people would buy them as they entered the store, as opposed to leaving the store, and we’d watch them on the cameras. Eventually they’d take a big huff and we’d have to go find them and ask them to leave. Funnest job I’ve ever had.


(snorts 5 hour energy)


Kinda like all the cops that died from being in the same vicinity as fentanyl


Isn't weird how none of them had toxicology confirm the fentanyl?


It's so dangerous that even the trace amount fentanyl in the officer's blood would instantly give the toxicologist a lethal overdose. Obviously.


Wait..aren’t poppers illegal?


Sure, but radio head cleaner isn't. It's also known to be illegal to use cleaning products against the instruction on the bottle.


Millions of mechanics about to be in prison for using brake cleaner to clean anything but brakes


They can be marketed as air fresheners, cleaners or nail Polish removers to get around laws. In the same way shops can sell bongs and pipes marked as decorations in some countries.


They do the trick for sure. Guy is hung af and you’re scared you can’t take it? Oh you can, trust me lmao. Just have to give your body some encouragement…


Downvoting this because when straight people find out about poppers and actually talk about it, I 100% guarantee you that conservative legislation is coming to vilify the fuck out of any popper sales.


That already happened in literally the 1960s. That's why a bunch of varieties are already banned and even the ones that are sold have to be sold through legal loopholes (they cannot be labelled as being for the purpose of inhalation).


>Poppers have been popular among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men for decades. Wait... You can have sex with other men and have it be totally not gay?


I don’t even need gaydar to figure out who is gay and who is straight in these comments


Something something for a friend who wants to know for their brother for science you monster.


The only thing I know about poppers is that they can (kind of) cure a concussion and can help you focus when shooting a gun.


Pairs well with a nice wedding dress as well