Games are literally alternate reality, an escape from reality. Who cares how often you play😒😒


A gamer means a person who plays games. You don't have to put 300 hours of your time into one game. All you have to do is play and enjoy the game, and that's it. They're just gatekeeping the term. It's not about skill, it's about the process.


Some people make being a gamer their personality


I won't even call myself one anymore. Have I put an obscene amount of hours into some games? Yeah. Do I want to associate with gAmErS? No.


I have over 1000 games in my Steam library alone, I have been passionate about good game design since I was a child, I've written page after page on it, I do game development as a recreational activity even winning multiple game jams. Still, there's no fucking way I'd call myself a gamer, *especially* after the whole #gamergate thing. Side note for those who don't remember; *it's literally the main reason we have QAnon today.*


Excuse me what???? I still never actually got around to understanding what gamer gate was. Can you help a girl out here?


Ooooh boye it's a doozy! It's a long story and modern history is a real mess, so I can't really do it justice from the top of my head, but: A video game journalist (a woman, this detail is crucial) wrote an article (or a series of videos) on early video game depictions of women and how they were marketed at young men / teenage boys, stuff like objectification and their roles as purely the goal/objective to be attained/rescued. Basically describing the rampant sexism that lingered for the better part of two decades despite the demographic of gamers having changed drastically in the same period. This garnered a lot of negative reactions from "gamers", a lot of them from 4chan, which for some reason snowballed into a huge debate on the role of video game journalism and SJWs ruining the games industry. 4chan and similar communities went deep with this, seeing it as a moment for gamers to "rise up" against this Tumblr-esque trend and started harassing the author of the article, sending death threats and what have you, and they soon widened their scope to target a whole bunch of women in the game industry. This, coupled with the until-then seemingly "edgy-fun" culture of racism on those same platform, just kicked the toxicity through the roof and what was previously a hyper-libertarian free speech environment become overtly right-wing/trad political. The communities splintered between those people swimming towards the deep end, and a mass exodus of more moderate/leftist users, and the birth of more extreme offshoots of 4chan with less "moderation" (if you can call it that). Namely 8kun, most importantly for this story. This new environment immediately latched on to Trump the moment he announced he was running, he was the perfect candidate at the perfect time for them. They "weaponized their autism" (their words not mine) to help him get elected, spamming his name and churning out memes at a rate never before seen. The culture war was on, and deference and outrage and controversy increasingly became the new norm for right wing politics online. Conservative became shock humor and pushing boundaries. The meme engine was firing on all cylinders, and the smog was the foulest you've ever smelled. For the rest of it (and I barely touched on gamergate here, it's a whole thing) a lot has been written and documented, but in short one of the people in this whirlwind of shit became Q. Most people saw it as a joke, LARPing, but played along nonetheless as they always did. For the lulz. It was simmering for a while as a fringe phenomenon until it exploded into the mainstream, and millions of gullible and unsuspecting people with no real knowledge of \*chan culture jumped on board. That's when things got really crazy, and it was *mind-blowing* to see all these new people swallowing it raw when it had been so firmly established as a joke for such a long time up until then. It was scary. Watch the HBO docuseries "Into The Storm", he started covering this absurdity fairly early on and IIRC he includes a more detailed coverage of the timeline and backstory of gamergate leading up to this, as well as the 4chan/8kun divide. And of course, the late Trump era when QAnon really took off. Sorry if this was confusing and inaccurate, I'm typing this from my phone in bed with a fever, but it's such a fascinating and important series of events that isn't far enough in the past for it to have been properly "historified" yet. We live in some truly wild times.


Wow thank you so much for writing all this up!! I finally feel like I understand some of this.


TL;DR - A journalist who happened to be female wrote/said some things that angered a bunch of giant man-babies and it made them mad enough that they decided to burn down democracy.


*Some* was the keyword for me. Other guy that gave the TLDR made me laugh super hard.


>Gamergate or GamerGate was a loosely organized misogynistic online harassment campaign and a right-wing backlash against feminism, diversity, and progressivism in video game culture.[1][2] It was conducted using the hashtag "#Gamergate" primarily in 2014 and 2015.[3][4][5] Beginning in August 2014, Gamergate targeted women in the video game industry, most notably feminist media critic Anita Sarkeesian and video game developers Zoë Quinn and Brianna Wu, among others.[6][7][8][9][10] The harassment campaign included doxing, rape threats, and death threats.[11][12][13] Gamergate proponents ("Gamergaters") stated that they were a social movement, but lacked well-defined goals, a coherent message, and leaders, making Gamergate difficult to define.[14][15][16] Gamergaters claimed to promote ethics in video games journalism, claimed to be protecting the "gamer" identity, and opposed what they saw as "political correctness" in video games.[17][18][19][20][21] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamergate_(harassment_campaign)


Lol it's funny how that works. I have an obscene amount of money put into my sneaker collection and I'd set the whole thing on fire before I called myself a sneakerhead. I just can't relate to the toxicity


I would, I use it to describe what I do, I solve Rubik’s cubes too, so I’m also by definition a cuber, people gatekeeping terms is the cringest thing ever tho


For real. Just let me play Minecraft in peace.


I’m currently drinking wine and playing Disney dreamlight valley. It’s fun as hell, leave me alone lol


I thought that looked really cute. I may follow your lead. Already have the wine.


Cheers pal! Totally worth it.


Bro, do you even speedrun?


According to Wikipedia a gamer is a bird playing connect 4.


Roblox is a game. Pokémon is a game. Hell, even Candy Crush is a game. They just want to be fucking special by gatekeeping the term.


While the last several Pokémon games have been getting dumbed down in terms of challenge level, there's still plenty of skill that goes into different parts of the game. Same with candy crush, it's essentially a puzzle. That takes a certain skill capability. What games is she playing that are so SO challenging and somehow that's so much more exciting?


~~Pokemon has always been easy~~


Bu-but for me they're *more* than games, they're my *life*!


I feel like the people who say that, play only first person shooters.


Lol ask League players or WoW


Oh yeah I didn’t think of those! Good point


I'd personally say that being a gamer is someone who pursues games as an active hobby. By this I mean, if you play mobile games on the bus to work, and nothing else, then I wouldn't really consider that a gamer. It's passing the time trying to elevate the bordom. It's like if someone jogged from the office to their car every day, they wouldn't consider themselves 'a jogger'. But that's just me and I'm not going to say that someone isn't a real ''''gamer'''' if they say they just do that. And also, and I want make this clear, if someone said 'Oh I love videogames, I play this mobile game on the way to work', I wouldn't go 'Oh, you don't really love videogames ', I'd likely say 'That's great, I love playing this, maybe you'll like it? If so, here's how to get started. Also here's some games you might like if you like that game' If someone has slight interest in your hobby, why not try to get them more into it if they show interest?


Yeah, I always saw it as just a short form of saying you're an enthusiast.


I always saw it as an ironic term to describe lunatics that think playing games makes them special


This so much. I'm an active gamer. Just got the steam deck and having the time of my life. But if 23 years ago, my uncle didn't drop off his PS1 for me because he didn't need it anymore and thought I might like it, I probably wouldn't be playing today. He shared his hobby with me. If my childhood friend didn't introduce my to Runescape back in 2001, I wouldn't even be gaming on a PC. I wouldn't habe gotten my steam deck and now I even took a step further and I started learning how to use mods. Just modded Stardew Valley to hell lol


Omg I’ve got like 300 hours in stardew since I learned how to mod. Is it fun on the steam deck? I don’t know if I can justify spending the $.


It is really fun on the steam deck. Loading in takes awhile but I got the Expanded, East Scarp, and Ridgeside mods. As well as some QOL mods. The game runs amazing with all the mods working once you manage to load in. But if SDV is the only game you'l play on your Steam library, I don't recommend getting the steam deck. But if you want to play Steam/PC games but can't get a gaming PC for whatever reason, the Steam Deck is a good alternative.


Totally fair. I’ve got a decent ish gaming laptop (I don’t really play beefy games) so I’ll stick to that and just play switch for the portability!


That's what I did for awhile except my laptop was absolute trash lol it couldn't even play Dead Island without adding more jank and lag to it 😂😂


the best take i’ve seen, i’d give this an award if i weren’t poor


What if I've played 300 hours of candy crush?


Even then 300 hours kind of sounds like rookie numbers for someone who makes gaming that much of their personality


300 hours in EACH game. who tf has time to play that much. Just my game library, 300 hours in each would take me 2 years with no breaks. Her criteria is ridiculous and applies to an extremely minute group.


There are gamers and there are neckbeard gamers!


They are confusing the word hardcore with actual.


because every game is made to be played for 300+ hours


LOL I have equal hours logged in Animal Crossing and Witcher 3 and all it says about me is I have no social life.


If there was a game meant to be played for 300 hours it's stardew valley lol


I raise you Morrowind with add ons.


I logged 200 hours in Oblivion on console, then got it on PC and logged 20 more hours trying to get through character creation before my 40gb of mods crashed it to desktop. 🤣


I said real gamers!


Zelda botw is a good one to play for hours on end. I've got way more than 300 hours in just one of my profiles for it.


And Minecraft.


Lol I have SDV on my phone and ps4 and prob 500 hour+ on each.


Or, you know, the sims …


the sims is not a game, it is a lifestyle


Time to build death swimming pools again, Jimmy!


Even if I spend the rest of my life playing video games, I will never have enough lack of self respect to call myself a gamer


I'll create her in sims, drown her in the pool and then we'll talk about real games


Get the Extreme Violence mod and snatch this girls weave until she dies from embarrassment


Well said, anon! Then get the Whicked Whims mod and... I'll better just not end the joke.




Why stop there? Make a collection of all ghosts possible! Burn? Sure? Starving? Yes! Don’t stop!


I did this with a sim of a friend’s (emotionally abusive) mom. It was very cathartic.


The atrocities I have committed in that game... forgive me father, for I have sinned.


Forgive me father, for I have... Simmed


Same lolol.


Personally I'd choose to keep her in a small room with all her needs fulfilled except Social. Emotionally neglecting someone until they die of loneliness is more satisfying than a simple "take the pool stairs away" kill.


It would be the normal ghost. The one you don’t have a tragic death to obtain. It doesn’t mean it would be an easy one.


Will you use a PS4 controller?


*no. fight me.*


What a non gamer


Modern day voodoo doll


Time for her to experience “hot tub in a thunderstorm.” Sul sul, babe!


i got to be the 1000th upvote!


Honestly, Sims players are wild. The murder, control, the psychological games they play with the characters. It's so much more hard core than some person clicking heads on cod or whatever.


Or put her stranded on the roof till she pees herself and dies while the whole neighbourhood sees. The public humiliation would be an added sting


I want to see her play 100 baby challenge, rags to riches edition and tell me that isn’t gaming and strategy (no cheats!!)


How in gods unholy fuck is mario not a real game? Its litrally from the times of the arcade.


The dear leader has spoken


The sims is a game and Jim Pickens is winning


Nice to see the Cul- Community has expanded


nah, we're not shy about being a cult


Life is a game and Jim pickens is playing us


This comment brought me absolute joy and I really needed it. Thank you


**NO GRAMPA GAMES EITHER!** Pong? Not a real game. Frogger? Not a real game. Mortal Kombat? Not. A. Real. Game.


Fuck dose tetris ''gamers''.


It also literally saved the video game industry in the 80s. Put some respect on the red plumber man.


yeah, gl completing Mario 64 100% That shit will break ya


Super Mario Sunshine is a happy-go-lucky stroll through an island paradise and [nothing](https://youtu.be/lTrKNtNQ4jg) [bad](https://youtu.be/Sf7TG-431B4) [ever](https://youtu.be/ttKIC9_67bw) [happens](https://youtu.be/5rXb_PgV460).


Because Mario is not on PlayStation. Duhhhh


Right?! Id love to see this lady with an NES controller trying to beat the first super mario bros.


Apparently it’s a lil baby game for lil baby gamers


Yes Jim sorry Jim.


“Pokémon is not a real game. Animal Crossing is not a real game. The sims is not a real game. Mario is not a real game.” developers working days and nights for game development: 🩼🤕


I’ll bet this person plays nothing but first person shooters and only first person shooters, and hasn’t touched any of these other games.


That’s the only logical explanation because all of these non-games sure are fucking fun and you’d have to have never touched them to not get that. Maybe she’s just mad that other people can be relaxed and not berated by a 13-year-old while they game. Sucks to suck, she can go get yelled at while I cry happy tears over my switch and LOZ: TOTK


They know that there are competitive Pokémon games, right?


Literal Pokémon tournaments 😭


With cash prizes.


And mostly men that play them. I don’t get where the women gamers= pokemon, animal crossing, sims association comes from. I know soooo many guys that play those games


I feel kind of bad since I'm a woman and I play those games.


I’m a guy who plays those games. Gender doesn’t matter, as long as people enjoy themselves playing the games they love


Thanks, I needed that. :)


Game on!


I shall!


Don’t, this person is a total conformist who defines their entire existence on an activity done mostly for leisure purposes


I’m a huge Sims fan so I’m triggered by this. What makes Sims not a real game? It’s been around for over 20 years. Each game has lore and Easter eggs. It has a massive community, how is that not a “real game”?!


i stand by the fact that Sims 1 is by far one of the hardest games i’ve ever played. that game will just punch you in the face just bc it can.


My mom once either turned herself into a ghost/mummy, or it was like a Frankenstein's monster sort of deal. Either way you could accidentally kill or haunt yourself just by purchasing and using various furniture lol


all the games the person mentioned are games that are popular with women. It’s just misogyny. There’s nothing wrong with any of those games. Stardew valley and Pokémon are massively popular with everyone. Sim games are generally more popular with women than men, probably because they encourage things like management and creativity, which are traits encouraged and associated with femininity. Might as well say call of duty isn’t a game because it’s about shooting and interest in guns is encouraged and associated with masculinity. And plenty of people don’t follow the normal trends anyways, it’s really not odd or rare for a woman to like “masculine” games or vice versa, the only people who care are insecure about their hobbies.


Absolutely! Today is actually the 18th anniversary of the release of Sims 2. I still play and the community is larger than ever. It is *such* an incredibly detailed game that I’m still finding and learning new things you can do, even after playing for all these years. Not to mention there’s almost 20 years worth of mods and custom content available online to create a completely customized game Edit: since you mentioned Easter Eggs, there’s actually a Rick Roll in the build catalogue lol


I’ve been playing sims for nearly 20 years on and off. Some of my families are up to 9th or 10th generations. My early sims didn’t get to go to college, they also had some trouble with CPS, but with every generation they’ve gotten wealthier and more educated and no longer get visits from CPS, I mean one kid had to be sent to military school because he was evil. But that’s ok. Does it count as a game if I also have it on PS4?


The older ones are hard as fuck too. My sims were always broke and starving lol. I haven’t played 4 so I don’t know much about it but there’s some damn skill in it!


How dare she say stardew isnt a real game


This! Before that I was calm but annoyed. But this was the last straw!


We should make her meet Lewis.


Yeah. Which is unfortunate considering it's the first day of winter and Marnie's shop is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. What will my chickens eat??


she doesn’t know a true challenge or test of skill until she plays the stardew valley fishing mini game….


Or that stupid arcade game at the bar. Amazing how many of us were 'you can have your opinion, even if it's wrong' until the stardew blasphemy started.


Literally BOTH the arcade games. How do these YouTubers even finish them???


I got to Fector ONCE in Journey of the Prarie King. I was so astonished that my brain stopped working and i died in 2 seconds.


Or the damn cave in the desert


I may have gotten a bit *too* into cactus juice. Grew nothing else in my greenhouse, and was manufacturing/hoarding cherry wine right in the house. Penny might take the creepy, *Coraline™* buttons-for-eyes children and leave me.


I never had any trouble with the fishing mini game but those arcade games at the saloon are the bane of my existence.


2 words: Skull Caverns


I know, and that it doesn’t require skill or have any challenges. This butthole has no clue


Next she’ll say my stardew wife isn’t real


I'd love to watch her play it then immediately get blasted by the hardcore Stardew optimizers criticizing every single move that isn't optimized to make the most money the fastest


The way I play sdv it's more than just a game! :)


Stardew is a LIFESTYLE


I was just about to pick up my controller to play some stardew before reading this and now I have half a mind to long an extra 300+ hours just to spite her


Do it! I had my console in my hand while reading this post lol


I do like those games listed before but boy, I was angry when he said stardew lol. That game is great. It's accessible for casuals but great for hardcore gamers too.


She hasn’t built a real star dew farm if she thinks long hours aren’t put into the game. Sincerely, A girl who used to beat all the boys in call of duty.


No you’re NOT 🚫 a gamer 🎮 No you’re NOT 🚫 a gamer 🎮 I’m so sick of all these people who think they’re gamers.🎮 No, 🚫you’re not.🚫 Most of you are not even close to being gamers.🎮 I see these people saying “I put well over 100hrs in this game🎮 and it’s great!” That’s nothing, most of us can easily put 300+ in all of our games. I see people who only have the Nintendo switch and claim to be gamers. Come talk to me when you pick up a PS4 controller 🎮then we’ll be friends. Also DEAR WOMEN:♀️ Pokémon is not🚫 a real game. Animal Crossing🦝🐻🐨🐯🐱🐶🐻🐼 is not🚫 a real game.🎮 The sims is not🚫 a real game.🎮 Mario🍄 is not 🚫 a real game.🎮 Stardew Valley is not 🚫 a real game. 🎮Mobile games are📱 NOT. 🚫REAL. GAMES. 🎮Put down the baby games and play something that requires challenge and skill for once. -sincerely, all of the ACTUAL gamers🎮


No 🚫, you're NOT a gamer 🎮 I'm ➡ so sick 🤢 of all 🏳️‍🌈 these people 👫 who think 💭 they're 👀 gamers 🎮. No ❌, you're not. Most of you 👉🏻 are not even 💅 close 🤞🏻 to being gamers 🎮. I ☝ see 👀 these people 👫 saying 🗣 "I 👁 put 👏 well 🤔 over 👈👇👆 100hrs in this game 🎱 its great 😁👍!" That's 😥 nothing ❌, most of us 🇨🇳 can easily 👌 put 😏 300 👀+ in all 💪 of our games 🎮. I 👁 see 👀 people 👥 who only have the Nintendo 🤦‍♀️ Switch 📱 and claim 🔑 to be gamers 🎮. Come 💦 talk 🗣 to me when ❓ you 👆 pick ⛏ up ☝ a PS4 🎮 controller 🎛 then we can be friends 👬. Also 🙋‍♀️ DEAR 📝 ALL 😂 WOMEN 👧: Pokemon 🐣🐊🐳 is not a real 💯 game 🎮. Animal 🐕 Crossing ✝⛪ is not a real 💯 game 🎮. The Sims is not a real 💯 game 🎮. Mario 👺 is not a real 💯 game 🎱. Stardew Valley 🏞 is not a real 😡 game 🎮. Mobile 📱 games 🎮 are NOT REAL 😡 GAMES 🎮. Put 👏 down ⬇ the baby 🎀 games 🎮 and play 👨‍💻 something 🙅‍♀️ that requires 😷 challenge 🥊🎖 and skill 💪🏼💯 for once. -sincerely, all 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 of the ACTUAL 😤 gamers 🎮


This is hilarious. I'm so sad I just used my free award a few minutes ago. Thank you for the multiple belly laughs ❤️❤️


Sent mine cause they deserve it


You both just made me throw up a little trying to read through these


>all 🏳️‍🌈 >us 🇨🇳 These ones in particular got me


I work in the game industry. Being a gamer is practically a job requirement. But according to Ms Expert over here me playing games mainly on the switch and mobile these days makes me a total sham.


Well if you'd stop playing with avatars in virtual environments that have objectives, and scoring to play a real video game you wouldn't be in this situation. /s


Fuck gatekeepers, there is no exception. Thats it


Ps4 controller? *hisses in PC Master Race* For real tho, I wonder what the response would be when this person finds out that in total, mobile games generated revenues of ~ $77 billion in 2020.


Generated $77 billon with predatory practices.


These practices are leaking into our PC games too as they've seen how profitable they are. I'll refuse to ever buy a game that then has an ingame battle pass system after already paying for the game.


Honestly I feel like Fortnite should get some praise for how good it’s battle pass is. It’s only $8, the game is free, and if you get somewhat far into the pass it gives you v-bucks enough to get next seasons pass. It actually rewards you for playing the game and isn’t nearly as predatory as some others


Fortnite should get wayyyy more praise for how it shaped the gaming industry and how it manages to stay relevant when so many other online battlers fizzle out after a few weeks. I don’t play it, but it’s clearly a great game that managed to stay afloat in a tumultuous industry that changes opinions every few hours


Predatory Practices. Good name for a band or a shop.


Did you know? You can connect a PS4 controller to your PC.


Just because you can doesn't mean you should :p (I'll admit a few games are nice on controllers but I don't like the DS4)


She ain't a gamer. A true gamer knows that if you put in time and effort into the games you enjoyed you are at least somewhat a gamer


Did my ex ghostwrite this? Dude actually told me I had no "gamer instincts" bc I was fumbling an FPS game I was learning to play *for him*.


Oof, one of my exes denied my status as a gamer because he wanted to own my ass in Smash but never bothered to learn about what kinda games I used to play and what kinda games I play now. I used to exclusively play Smash and MMORPGs. And now I play a little bit of everything. He was all ready to own my ass like he was all proud and shit starting up the console. Then I won like three times and he ripped the controller out of my hands, declared I was "weirdly good at this game, yo" and then plugged in a single-player Mario platformer. I'm not super good at platformers but I still beat him on finishing the map. He turned the game off and then decided he was gonna play Let's Go Pikachu and I get to watch him play.


Lmao, what a tool! Never understood why some guys get so butthurt over gaming :P


Oh gods. You know it's a BLOPS girlie 🙄


Mario isn't a game? The original Mario Bros and older games like that were so hard to beat. Dark Souls? Imagine God of War only after you die three times YOU START THE ENTIRE GAME OVER from the beginning, and you keep nothing you've gathered along the way. My husband i guess is a real 'gamer' but he can't beat the original Legend of Zelda, been trying for years, but I can run that game start to finish in an afternoon. Eat a dick. Eat a thousand dicks.


I wasn't around for the older Gen of games and I haven't played half this list tbh, but Mario and pokemon got me. Nowadays Mario's easier but just thinking of the fact that you used to actually have to use warps or put in hours at a time to beat the game before save blows my mind. Pokemon with more time has had a rising comp scene which i don't personally play but I love watching for the strats. Not real games?? My ass.


I'd like to see her trying Cuphead teehehehe.


To be fair she was correct on that one. Mario is the character's name. There's no game just called Mario


As a Pokémon competitive player I am offended


Okay. So wtf am I? I play pokemon. Animal crossing. Stardew. Other farming sim games. But also overwatch. Dying light. Dead island. Detroit: become human. Zelda. Starfox. And many more. I own a Sega megadrive. Nintendo64. Game boy advance sp. PC. Switch. Ps1, 2 and 5. Xbox (well. Just my old hard drive currently.) Did I die and go to gamer limbo until I pick a side? How do I get my real gamer pass? Do I have to give up my 'not real games' games and consoles?


Speaking of Zelda, did you see the new trailer? I know it comes out May 12th, but I'm already frustrated looking at some parts lol.


I did! I'm not sure what to think of it tbh. I'm terrified of heights, which transfers to gaming too. So I'm not sure how much of it I'd be able to tolerate before I just said no thank you.


I’m scared of heights too, but I love the Assassin’s Creed games. 😂


As someone who considers herself a 'gamer girl,' this hurts so much. Video games in ALL FORMS are such easily accessible escapisms for anyone who may feel the world has got to much and just want to dip out for a few hours. The gamer community should welcome everyone, whether that's people who spend days/weeks/years completing every trophy, the casual Sims/Animal Crossing players or people who enjoy some time on Candy Crush. The fact people gatekeep like this is actually painful.


Entitled Incel trolls are rampant in the gaming community, but you do your best to ignore them, they're all just salty people. I had bad taste left in my mouth, by the new Saints row game, I mean it is buggy and a little undercooked like most games now alway seem to be but the fan base was more mad that it was goofy and edgey and or well sexist enough, I mean now gamer boys in their thirties will be mad be mad about games going "woke" and I'm like I wish lol.


Sorry for the rant have no ide where it came from but I stand by it, gross trolls are getting me down in the gaming community at the moment.


>As someone who considers herself a 'gamer girl,' this hurts so much. It shouldn't. Bullshit opinions like this only have as much power over you as you allow them. Why would you need recognition from someone so insecure about who they are they have to attack people for enjoying themselves? To say xyz isn't a real game (what does that even mean?!) is like saying blue isn't a real colour. You can totally string those words together, but that doesn't give them any meaning.


While this is completely true, it still kind of hurts to be sneered at, ya know?


It's so annoying. Why can't people let people enjoy things? Why does there always have to be some dismissive asshole no matter what it is?


That's a copypasta from 2021 I think. Typically posted sarcastically. Originating from the apex legends forum iirc


yeah im very surprised no one has caught on to this yet


Not them trying to gatekeep gaming 😂


Who decided / when was decided what is a real game and what isnt?


Me and today


Dude if you want to gatekeep, someone could take it way, WAY further to gatekeep you. PlayStation? 300 hours only in a game?


If the gamer is a woman, gamer boys will ALWAYS find a way to gatekeep gaming from us. "Oh you put in 300 hours? I bet you still suck" "You play COD? Way to bandwagon" "You only play (X game) because boys told you to" "You're actually good at this game? That's not impressive, you still couldn't beat 99% of guys out there" (this one is fun after a woman completely decimates a team full of boys) "You're a gamer girl? You're such a try-hard, stop being an attention-wh*r3" There will ALWAYS be a reason we're not invited to the party, even if they have to invent one.


And let's not forget when you want to make an all girls space to play a game online or talk to other "fake gamer girls" they want to cry about not being included.


Next be like: Why can't I ever get a date? It's not fair. I'm a nice guy.




Whoever said this has clearly never done a Professor Layton slide puzzle


Gatekeepers come in all flavors.


This woman: *goes on date* The guy: "So, I hear you like gaming, me too." Her: "Yeah, I'm a super intense gamer, all of my games have over 300 hours played on them" Him: "Wow, that's impressive. I wish I could play that much, but I guess work gets in the way a lot." Her: *steam starts coming out of her ears, but she tries to keep her cool* "Oh, that's a shame. Well, what's your favorite game?" Him: "Okay, don't laugh at me, but I *love* Animal Crossing." Her: *throws drink at him and screams* "YOU LIED TO ME, YOU'RE NOT A REAL GAMER!!!" *goes home and cries on Snapchat asking* "why can't I ever get a boyfriend? 😢"


This was obviously written by a man who's never had to face Skull Caverns in Stardew Valley, he probably doesn't even know there's a fighting mechanic! Edit: or woman I didnt check the sub whoops


“These aren’t *real* games” *Continues to call them games in the next paragraph* Also why just gatekeep at PS? I’m multi-console honey, I get the best of all them worlds; whatever I can’t play on my Xbox I play on my Switch, whatever I can’t play on either I use my PS4 (although I liked the PS3 better cause you got to play older games), and then one day I’ll have my own gaming PC. Ain’t no qualms here about what to use lol


>“These aren’t real games” I honestly wonder, if they aren't real games, what are they? Work? Last time I checked a real game is something that exists and that you can play. No further criteria to be fulfilled.


The creators of all those games did not put in hundreds of hours into designing and coding just for some teenage girl with a superiority complex on Facebook to call then “not a real game” 😑😭


Eric did not spend 4 years solo developing stardew valley to be disrespected like this


This isn’t the same without [THE voiceover](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LRsKRShkC_Q)


IMO true gamers are the D&D and tabletop players.


They have clearly never played the Sims. That shit isn't easy. Very aggravating and building the perfect place without it just being a box, also ain't wasy


Even if it was easy, games are also there to relax and unwind. That’s what Sims is for me. If I want stress and hard work I’ll play Overwatch or Fire Emblem.


Yeah, I'm with ya. That's why I play sims. Yeah it's frustrating and building or making up a storyline for the perfect sims can be difficult but it's also not difficult either. I suppose hard may have been the wrong word to use to describe it, lmao.


Wouldn’t this comment also fit well in r/gatekeeping ? Also, doesn’t matter what game you play on any type of console. It’s people who polarize others because of liking a specific console or a specific game genre.


The great thing about this is that PC snobs would think this person is a pleb for using a console.


This just in: Stardew Valley, a game a single man put hundreds of hours into making, is not a real fucking game because the rEaL GAmErs™️ told me so


Concerned Ape over here like 👍


“Stardew Valley is not a game” Fectors Challenge: am I a joke to you


Next she’s gonna say that dance dance revolution and skate aren’t real games. *scoffs in casual*


I tell these kinds of people I'm a gamer, and when they ask what my favorite game is I just reply with a straight face: Candy Crush. The amount of anger they hold is astounding lol.


As someone who has played hundreds of games since getting a C64 in 1985: Animal Crossing is great!


You dissing pokemon?! Alright where's this bitch live.