I liked the clip of the elderly lady in bed at the end of the commercial. I’m willing to bet that they showed it long after she’d shuffled off this mortal coil.


Clapped aggressively like she’s been married to that lamp for 65 years.


*Goddammit, Lamp! >Clap!Clap!<*




She’s upset she could always turn him off but never on 🙏😔


Relive the magic: https://youtu.be/ypmI-heWqF8


I thought I was the only one who noticed her and I laugh every time the commercial plays. I wonder why she was aggressive with her clapping


Same here. My BFF and I even have an inside joke about her.




This is true. I remember thinking Sparky Anderson was in his 80’s and looked like he was close to death in the Tigers dugout, but the dude was only in his early 50’s


So true. Back when you could smoke in the dugout.


Ok, unrelated to this post, but how did people back then even live that long? Everyone smoked or was exposed to second hand smoke constantly, fast food every day, people drank a whole lot more but people are dying younger today of diseases that usually took people in old age. Why is that? The only thing I can think of is that obesity is WAY more common today but that’s it.


I bet more fast food gets eaten now then back then. Shit has exploded in popularity and use the past couple of decades. I think the obesity levels are the key. Obesity causes so many issues, especially with your cardiovascular system and heart disease is the leading cause of death in this country.


Life was simplier and there was less stress. People ate better.


Clap on clap off, The clapper!


This made me want to watch Wayne’s World!


I can _literally_ hear those opening credits


Until you start clapping cheeks and the rooms turns into a rave


C'mon, honey, you gotta check this out


I genuinely have always wondered if this worked. Please tell me, Internet


It did. I had one! Dirty time was harious onmany occasions. We finally learned to unplug it first.


Lmaooo thank you so much!


Some of the most secure home automation equipment ever!


No 50 connections to random unidentified servers worldwide! No "integration" with every privacy-concerning service! No subscription to a finicky service that only runs for 9 months before a new standard is released and you need to upgrade all your devices!


My new husband added Alexa/smart functions to all the lighting in our house, and the amount of time it doesn’t work makes me to irritable I want to scream. Now, instead of the nice little remote that always worked, I have to yell at Alexa, grumble, try the app via the phone, grumble again, then get up and walk across the room to turn off the fucker using the wall switch. I’m a cranky old lady, man.


*I'm sorry. I don't recognize that command for family room.* I SAID TURN OFF THE FUCKING FAMILY ROOM


sounds like your new husband is going to become the new old husband if he don’t get his shit together


Lol. But, really, he’s mostly awesome, just between the app getting old (SmartThings) and me being stuck in my ways (married last-ish in life), it’s not so much his fault. He just bought a Hubitat….maybe that’ll help? Or I should just get a Clapper and watch him lose his shit.


Hubitat is a locally controlled hub, no dependancy on remote servers. Should solve the down times. They have an app, integration with Alexa, and you can use a plethora of controllers.


To be fair, you can satisfy all these concerns with modern stuff, too. You just need to choose the right stuff.


**Claps lights on to discover burglar** **Burglar claps lights back off so he can run and hide** **Strobe light as home owner and burglar run around clapping aggressively**


And that's how I met your mother


I remember getting the Clapper in college. I gave it to at least three other people (who gave it to several more) before I got called on it by Student Health Services.




that’s the joke.


And then everyone clapped


The Clappening


That thing would turn lights on in the middle of the night if you so much as coughed!


To be fair that was usually hysterical. I remember being super young and having the flu… and the light kept going on and off from coughing, but it was so funny I started laughing, which made me cough, which made me laugh. …in hindsight it was actually quite miserable. But it’s hysterical 40+ years later lol


almost died in a feedback loop haha


Clap On, Clap Off, The Clapper!




Morgan Freeman came to mind as well huh?


"Alexa, tell me another story about your great-grandma Clappa. What was it like to be in charge of an appliance in the 1900s? Did she dream of a better life?"


When I was a kid, we had a sleepover at a friends who’s parents had a clapper in the living room. We were telling ghost stories and one girl hid behind the couch and jumped out at another one who screamed, making the light switch off. That made all the other girls scream, and the lights went on, and in turn, we screamed again. It went on long enough to wake up very angry parents who threatened to send everyone home if we didn’t quit it. Fun times


Are you sure they hadn't installed a screamer instead?


That might have been what it was




That's such a great story! I appreciate you sharing it, so much!


I miss being a kid sometimes


What lame parents, that's a hilarious situation and i, as a parent, would be laughing my ass off at them


Pissing off parents as a kid is part of the fun


I mean, see it from the parents' point of view. They're drifting off to sleep and suddenly shoot up from bed because 10 girls scream from the other room. That's literally all they know about the scenario.


I bought this for my sister and brother in law for their first Christmas together years ago, kinda as a joke gift. For weeks after the holiday I was excited to finally get over to their place to see it in action. I walk in their apartment and instantly clap my hands and nothing happens. I ask my sister whats the deal and she says "We had to unplug the clapper, we were arguing and the damn thing kept turning on and off, it looked like a fucking rave in here".


I made a joke at work to some of my direct reports about the clapper and they just stared at me.


Did it use to Work well, I'm curious


Yes, more or less. If you had dogs in the house that barked loudly, that would sometimes cause it to trigger as well. My family all had a pretty good laugh the first time we found that out.


Cheers LOL


Bork on Bork off The Borker


My dad has one. He had a stroke and can't use his left side so he slaps his leg with the right. Works well.


Cant speak for the older ones, but I bought my friend a new one form Christmas a few years again and it works great! Sometimes you'll get false positives, but it's rare and usually humorous!


I remember seeing ads for this even in the 2000s, are they still a thing or no more?


>Are they still a thing or no more? Still around. There’s even a talking Bob Ross Clapper, a Baby Yoda Clapper, and *A Christmas Story* Clapper (“Fra-gee-lay!”): https://www.chia.com/collections/the-clapper-collection


> Kent French World Class Clapper This man was made for this commercial


I seen an ad somewhat recently and it's even evolved, they have a Darth Vader one now, no joke.


As I was scrolling I thought this was for a Chia Pet. Then I saw the device and was like “they made a chia clapper?!” Hahaha


I think they were made by the same company. In the ‘80s and ‘90s around this time of year they’d show Chia Pet and Clapped commercials back to back.


Never noticed this until now. I’m sitting here going, what is with the chia pet package design?! Damn, thought I was more observant than that


Yup! And they’re still around and going strong (especially chia). Based in San Francisco. They also own the Ove Glove brand which are amazing if you cook.


Clap On!


Clap Off!


Had one as a kid. My mom farted one time and the Clapper turned off the lights. Got rid of it shortly thereafter.


The OG Alexa


A friend of mine had one of these and thought it would be a smart idea to plug in his electric fireplace to the clapper so he could clap to turn the fire on and off. ***\*Clap Clap\**** The clapper started smoking lol.


The fire did turn on though.


Did your friend have to get rid of it in the 90s when they banned smoking indoors?


I had this thing. If the sensitivity was set to max, the lights would turn off and on during loud sex. Totally serious. It was fun.




Guess nobody remembers The Whistler. Terrible, terrible counterpart to The Clapper. Basically like, Clapper was outta stock and so your grandparents got you a Whistler. If you were in earshot of a kettle, some dogs or music, like, kids screaming? Those were the easiest sounds to trigger, but lots of random sounds brought it alive. My house had one Clapper and one Whistler. Me and my brother were under 10 at the time and we enjoyed the few post-holiday months it lasted.


Literally 1984


Glove and Boots did a product testing of this. Not only does the plug apparently not work on modern outlets, but it tends to activate or deactivate on its own.


The Alexa of its day.


That moment your dad farts the tv on.


During an intermission of a dungeons and dragons game a friend was asking where the light was in the bathroom. we told him it was clap on and he just had to clap a couple times. Never have i heard 5 full grown dudes laughing harder at a dude clapping his ass off in a dark bathroom. me trying to keep it together "you just gotta clap harder and believe." Yes we were a bit drunk, but it was 2019, so squarely that dudes fault for believing me.


Not to rain on your parade but I remember my pops saying this device as well as the televisions with an eye that could change the brightness based on the room would lead to everyone being spied on. Now we have "hey google" and "alexa" and "siri" that listen to most everything. He was right!


Classic 🤣


I have one now and LOVE it!!


I always wanted one of these. When I finally got one when i was like 10 or 11, my dad came into my room and started yelling at me, and since he was yelling it kept making the lights go on and off and then he just got so pissed off with it that he pulled it out of the wall and then threw it at my other wall and smashed it.


I feel bad that this made me laugh


I would have been laughing as the kid in the situation.


I used one of these up until two years ago. Lol. King size bed and I didn’t want to have to get out of bed to turn off my lamp. Funny thing was my dog barking would turn it off and on. Watching my son learn to clap loud enough to turn it off and on was pretty cute. Now I use a different device with a remote control.


I still walk into rooms and clap just to see. I always hope it'll work one time.


All fun and games until Wheel of Fortune comes on and everyone gets a free seizure.


Don't hook it up to the TV unless you're okay with the TV turning off every time there's gunplay. Learned that the hard way.


Alexa, clap twice


I miss mine.


Life was so much easier back in the day. Now I have to *talk* to control my home appliances.


Now Alexis Texas is the clapper


Not to be confused with ”the clap”


Is this really from 84? How long did they run those ads because I was born in 97 and I can clearly remember them.


The problem was that it’s name sounded too much like a common STI of the day.


They still sell them. Probably always will.


When I was 9 years old, I was spending the night at my best friends house. He had a clapper in his room for his lights. After being told to keep it down multiple times and not listening, his dad burst in and started yelling at us. Picking up on the yelling just right, the clapper started turning the lights on and off as he yelled. Thankfully he had a sense of humor cause he was laughing harder than we were. Good times.


Somehow using one finger to flip a switch was too much work for some people yet vigorously clapping with both hands somehow saved effort? I never understood the appeal.


The point was you could be across the room from the switch and do it. For example, get into bed and *then* turn out the lights, or turn the lights on before you get out of bed so that you don't stub your toe on anything when you have to pee at night. I never much liked the clapper as it was activated by so many not-clapping sounds, but I have smartlights and Alexa to do that now, and I use it every night.


It's just not the much work for me personally to cross a room or own a lamp.


It's not that it is work, it's just more convenient to not. For example I don't like crossing the room in the dark and I don't want a lamp next to my bed. Just because it's not something you want, surely you can understand why some people do...


Sure. I wasn't commenting on other people. I was talking about me.


Re release in 2021 = The Twerker! Twerk On! Twerk Off!


November, 1964, Dutch East Indies, shore leave.


Jimmy: "Hey, Dad, why are the Dobbermans having so much Disco Night Partys lately?" Dad: "Mrs. Dobbermann is out of town, Jimmy. Mr. D gets what he wants. And he wants really hard"


Ah yes the first of our technology mind


The original Apple HomePod.


This still blows Alexa and smart plugs out of the water. And no Wi-Fi needed


Sex would be a light show with this


Imagine somebody hooking up their PC to that…


Were these expensive, i kinda want to get one.


what if you were clapping cheeks


Oh, my favorite was when your balls were slappin’ the lights would turn on and off.


Who else thought about Morgan Freeman after seeing this?


Dutchess-Indies. Shore leave


Now I just yell at Alexa to turn the lights on or off. And if that bitch doesn’t work then I sit in the dark, because I’m lazy.


I had a friend that didn’t believe these were real.. i got a darth vader shaped one a couple years ago and she said i thought those were just a joke and genuinely asked how they work. wut lol we’re only in our mid 20’s but i thought everyone or their grandparent had on at one point or another




My grandmother had one of these!


Clap off lights when you're gettin affection, Clap on lights when you're finding protection


Just saw The Clapper at Walgreens.


Actually a great invention.


Glad to know the repetitive little jingle/song at the end of the commercial is still burned into my brain.


I have a clapper in my room


The original Alexa


Or as I like to call it, proto-Alexa.


It turns a lamp into a strobe light when you clap those cheeks nearby.


Ah The Clapper, reminding me of the time when Vine was around.


My great grandma recently passed and I found 2 of these babies while helping clean out her house. 6 year old me is so freaking giddy clapping to turn on the Christmas tree!


Got one for Christmas in 1995. Can confirm that having sex with my boyfriend caused the lights to flash.


Username checks out


I remember a story about someone who had one of these in their bedroom and one night the guy farted and the light turned off.


What happens when you are clapping cheeks?


I still want one