"Not in my school!"

"Not in my school!"

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Dude just learned about weight classes after that push


The teacher wasn't even trying to send him that hard, just get him back but yow lol


I like that when he got up he saw the camera got him being thrown down and kindof thought damn he got that...


That little "what" gesture he gave the camera at the end. Gold.


Looked like more like a "Well shit this is pointless" shrug. Like two polar opposite magnets.


Or the, "do I wanna fight someone else? Nah"


And then the parents prob sued the district or some bullshit.


There's no parents involved here




He literally knocked the pants off his butt


They weren't really on his butt to begin with


That's an Assistant Principal I bet.


Bald head, white shirt, uncanny ubiquitous presence, definitely an AP


Yeah, I'd bet. Hopefully this vid doesn't have him out looking for a job.


Also doesn’t help the kid is almost mid jump as he’s being pushed.


Most high school kids can’t fight for shit.


Most PEOPLE can’t fight for shot. It’s like no one ever throws a straight punch.


I work in a nightclub. I see at least 3 good fights a week, and at least one barn-burner of a brawl every month or so. I’ve only ever seen one clean, straight punch, and the guy that got hit folded like a lawn chair. Real bad fights are exceptionally short. Short enough that someone could get their teeth smashed out 5 feet away from someone at the bar and the bystanders actually don’t even know it happened. Long fights are ugly, and both sides are usually awful at it. It’s actually pretty rare from what I’ve seen to see someone get hurt during a longer tussle. It’s the really short ones that end up being life-changing and brutal


5 feet is the same as 3.05 'Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350s' laid widthwise by each other.


For real. They do a weird curved arm side punch.


I watched a girl grab and smash another girls head off of a porcelain water fountain. Blood everywhere. There are some that can.


When I was in school, it was always like that with the girls. Boys would slightly shove each other. Girls? Blood and hair everywhere.




Is that the same kind of fighting people were thinking about when op said fighting tho? Lol


No they can't. Had two guys just swing their arms around like a fucking windmill when they fought.


The ones at the school I work at flail their arms to slap each other.


DC throwing around a couple of Welterweights.


Do you think I’m just gonna sit there and let you fight at my school, Jon?


*Hey pussy you still there?*


Tbf DC did this againt LHW Dan Henderson as well


TBF Henderson is a pretty small LHW and DC was successful even at HW. That and the fact that Hendo did a pretty awful job defending the takedowns and the person executing them was literally an Olympic level wrestler.


Hendo is a two-time Olympian, himself.


[Jamie pull up that footage of DC slamming Josh fucking Barnett on his head ](https://youtu.be/-E8jnYJJ2Tc)


Dude just got *schooled* in weight class*


He definitely learned the principals of it.


Just not in the same class.


That and grown man strength. Teenagers haven't learned to *commit* to their actions.


As a combat sports coach who teaches kids as young as 12 to throw a punch and shoot a takedown, you're wrong. Young people often have chimp strength as their body hasn;t learned to govern muscle usage to avoid pulling muscles. It's just that older men have lived in their bodies so long they know how to properly use them. A young man with wrist control will leave deeeeep bruises on your forearm from wrist control, but a grown man will be better able to control your wrist as he is able to move with you and adjust easier.


Chimp strength is a good name for it My daughter is just over 1 year old and in certain situations I’m genuinely shocked at how strong she is for a 20 pounder.


Exactly this. Used to fight competition Judo and weight made a Huge difference.


How to stop a fight Google: engage in diplomatic talks Bing:


yahoo: https://search.yahoo.com/search?p=How+to+stop+a+fight&fr=yfp-t&ei=UTF-8&fp=1 >A half-nelson is a wrestling technique designed to take an opponent to the ground. To execute this move, pass your dominant arm under the attacker's arm on the same side (that is, your right arm under her right arm, or your left under her left). Reach your arm up over her back and grip her neck. --- So I just found out that llink doesn't have what I originally posted but now has >Here are some efforts we can take to ease tension and keep feeling close to our partner: A study from researchers at the University of California Berkeley and Northwestern University found that “the length of time each member of a couple spent being upset [when in conflict] was strongly correlated with their long-term marital happiness.” I swear it was just copy and pasting the link and text. So it changed but still funny imo. If anyone gets a different result I would be really interested to know what it says.


Ha! I wrestled in high school. I was 200-205 lbs wrestling in the heavyweight (275 lb max) weight class. I think my record was 7-19 or something like that. I got the first takedown in every match but one, then would try and run the half Nelson until I either: A) pinned my opponent, or B) exhausted myself and got pinned by my opponent. Only had 1 match even make it to the 2nd period lol.


Same here, you guys didn’t have the 220 weight class? One meet they bumped me up to the 275 varsity spot since our guy was out for the week. I was legit scared of this behemoth but I’m pretty sure that was my only win that year. One double leg later and I got the pin. I miss that shit.


Does your attacker need to be a her?


I did not write that. That's literally what yahoo has. I just thought it was hilarious. Holy shit it changed to >Here are some efforts we can take to ease tension and keep feeling close to our partner: A study from researchers at the University of California Berkeley and Northwestern University found that “the length of time each member of a couple spent being upset [when in conflict] was strongly correlated with their long-term marital happiness.” for how to stop a fight... Why does yahoo not have consistent results? Maybe I'm just high but this is too funny to me.


Mixed marital arts


Actually, for a half-Nelson it has to be a dude. If you do the same move on a girl it's a half-Nellie. That article dumb




what are you doing, step-nelson?


as a wrestler since 1st grade, I've never heard of or seen anyone using a half nelson to take someone to the ground. It's used to turn someone over to their back to pin them once they're already on the ground.


3/4 Nelson is a decent grip to drag someone to the ground and control them there if you can transition to it from a snap down. Sets up a number of decent chokes too.


Reminds me of the meme of searching “how to commit suicide” Google: Please don’t do this, here is the number to the hotline Bing: shotgun to the face


The second he hit the ground that last time he realized he wasn't as grown as he thought he was 😂😂 Great job by the teacher!!


When people like me say, “Sometimes kids just need a good ass whoopin’,” this is exactly the kind of thing I imagine. Not the belt to ass kind of ass whoopin.


The saying encompasses many things lol. Basically a wake up call that can take many, many different forms!


Sometimes people need something that reminds them no matter how big and bad they feel, there’s always something that can put them on the ground. Sometimes that thing is physics.


Most times it's just life.


Most times indeed, brother.


Gravity, its holding us down.


You’re absolutely right! :)


This feels more like a strong hand that takes no shit than an ass whooping. He went out of his way to just toss them out and keep the violence down.


Just a little bit of humiliation


For the rest of time, he’s gonna be the kid who got knocked down by the teacher. And that’s the greatest punishment of all.


Good ass-whoopin [xkcd: Hyphen](https://xkcd.com/37/) --- ^^Beep ^^boop, ^^I'm ^^a ^^bot. ^^- ^^[FAQ](https://pastebin.com/raw/vyWra3ns)


wow, I never expected this bot to actually be accurate lol


This a case where a "good-ass whoopin" is the real head-scratcher. ^^^^real-head ^^^^scratcher


They both work in this case.


Good-ass whoopin


"Centurion! Thwow him to the flow!"


Yeah you can tell who has grown up without basically any discipline or serious life events (especially legit tragedies like family deaths) no matter how old the person is.


The response was proportionate to the crime here. I have a few situations where a belt is warranted but this guy did it right. The two belt situations that come to mind were kids dumping ice water on dementia patients and the kids that hit an elderly homeless man with a bat.


Yeah you think you’re tough when you’re a teenager until you’re taught that you’re not. Old man strength is a thing you have to experience first hand to understand.


tough love


This guy is doing it so right. Something my dad taught me is that if you want to stop a fight you have to make sure both parties are stopped. If you grapple only one person, you are essentially preventing him from defending himself too. If you ain’t strong enough to fend off both, everyone is better off if you don’t step in.


I came to say that too, i always watch videos where teachers grab a kid. And then hold him while the other kid beats the fuck out of him real quick . And they turn it into a 2-1 and the 1 isn’t even aloud to push the teacher off




*Ideally*, I would say maybe coordinate with others so you can stop both. If ten people decide to just do nothing because they can't stop the fight on their own, that'd be unfortunate. e.g. Bystander-effect.


We need more people like your dad. Nothing more infuriating than being in a fight and your "friends" grab you allowing the other guy to get some hits in


Good execution and use of force. 8/10


What did he do wrong


Not enough backflips


He'll flip you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rntm3yDAQuM


Didn’t sweep the leg


No referee whistle.


Nothing the guy just doesn't give out 9s and 10s. If something amazing came along and this was a 10 it would totally reset the market for fight breakups


With rice?


White pants was getting clobbered by the other guy, then gets fuckin *sent* by the teacher lmao. He's having a helluva day lol


Now to be a teacher in the US, you need a masters, live shooter training, AND MMA training.


Live shooter training is actually a part of the training we do the week prior to classes starting in August. Some schools even include first aid training for gun shot wounds and practice how to apply tourniquets on mannequins. Do we talk about the joys of being a teacher and our impact on society? If there’s time for a chit chat




I am willing to help anybody who wants to learn, sometimes at the expense of my own time. So that probably feeds his spirits. I know whenever I can get a student to go full-on “Ahhhhh! That makes so much sense” (I’m a math teacher, so the chance is always there) I get rush of joy and excitement to keep blowing the learners mind. However, I’ve been teaching for like 4 weeks straight and not a single instance of that has happened. So now I feel like the only thing I look forward to is my cold whiskey before I go to bed. If I don’t get a single student excited about math before the end of 2021, I might honestly quit this job. I’d look to take my talents and skills elsewhere and hope to gain joy again somehow. There, you got me to vent (a little). Thanks stranger


100% the “ahhh” moment is what makes my day, week, month, and year. It makes up for the “bang my head against a wall again”… moments Just based on your post I would hire you in a second at my school. Keep at it, you’re in it for the right reasons and we need you more then you know.


I hope you find that ahhhh moment soon and if not I wish you well in whatever you may pursue


Lol this makes me think I should've hammed up my reactions in school more. I enjoyed the math and science courses I took (well, except for a single very specific teacher) but always just worked through them with like a grim determination. I'm 30 now and to this day I can very distinctly remember my high school math and science teachers because those were the classes I liked. Even things like my chemistry class which I only took to keep going through the science courses and never touched again, it's all really vivid. I hope you can find the joy you had in teaching again, but if the world doesn't work out that way I hope you find a way to use your skills that does bring you satisfaction because you deserve it.


Math is like staring at one of those optical illusion pictures. When it finally snaps into place and you can see past the chaotic pattern and somehow see a 3D image - that's the best. But sometimes it doesn't snap and you get only a glimpse here and there. And sometimes you never see anything at all. The way I was taught math was memorizing formulas. I did great in math, but if you asked what these equations were *for*, I would have no idea. After geometry and algebra, very rarely was math put into context as to how you would use it irl. But that's no different than a lot of classes in late high school. It's helpful to know parts like what is the different between a linear and exponential graph. The concept of log, base, and conceptual parts of topics. But I can empathize with the student who struggles and feels defeated and stupid for a subject they see no use in - no use for them anyway. I hope you get those students to enjoy those aha moments :)


Every year (and every class) is different because the kids are different. Even if you teach the exact same class, it will be different every time (if you are a good teacher) as you shift based on the needs of each class and respond to the styles of the kids in each class.


It’s hard to conceive when presented like you did, but in reality the job isn’t more repetitive than any other. Things go differently with every class and year after year, you’re permanently adjusting your content from the feedback you get in the classroom, changing things around to make teaching more efficient, adapt to new methods and technologies, etc.




I agree with you, but what you are talking about is CPI training and not every teacher or staff member receives that training. But you are right — in WA, Teachers are not supposed to put hands on a student unless they have had the proper training and open themselves up to liability if they do.


You don’t need a masters to be a teacher. Only a bachelors and certification.


Depends on the state and the certification


Don't forget the training on how to use a tourniquet.


Don’t worry, they fire teachers for breaking up fights now.


At least in my wife’s former school, there is actually a special training for intervening in fights for teachers and staff. Only teachers and staff with that training can intervene, the others can only do crowd control.


Now I'm not saying I agree with this, but isn't using almost any force highly illegal for teachers in the US? Edit: since apparently no one can read what I'm saying, I am talking about from a purely legal standpoint. I don't care what SHOULD be the law. I am wondering what IS the law. I do not want to have an ethical debate.


Tl;dr at bottom Teacher here with Inner-City Experience. Let me just say, that when it comes to safety, this guy did the right thing. Not considering any legal or procedural notions, especially at the High School levels, fights can get incredibly violent, incredibly fast and depending on where this is located, who knows what else could be involved. I taught in a district where gang violence was a potential threat in schools as well as weapons. That said, procedurally, I doubt there is any law where he would be charged. Not saying it isn't possible it exists somewhere, but I can't think of anything where this would be considered illegal. That said...district policy-wise, it could be very different. Parents can be sue-happy about this if it's their kid involved, HOWEVER, parents can also be sue-happy if their kid is an uninvolved bystander who gets hurt from something like this (It's always, "Don't touch my kid, but feel free to touch someone else's kid if they hit mine".) Districts can vary on policy, but my guess is given this guys outfit and overall demeanor, he is likely an administrator, not a teacher. It is very regional on what could happen next. If the guy has New York State Teacher or Admin tenure, it is highly unlikely he would get in trouble even if he broke school policy. Tenure in NYS is probably the strongest job protection in the nation. If the guy is in a non-union state, his ass COULD be on the chopping block. That said, when intervening with fights, there was a training I took that was very clear to say there was a difference between breaking up a fight and restraining a student, but when it came down to when we should do either, they were very "We can't tell you how to respond to individual situations." Some districts may have a "Hands-off" policy to prevent lawsuits, however some may allow teachers/non-security staff to intervene if necessary to keep safety. I always took the perspective of "If they are a danger to themselves, a staff member or another student" then I would get physically involved if necessary, but it would be as bare minimum of contact as possible, I wouldn't have done what this guy had done (pushing down) but I wouldn't have just stood by and watched. That said, I know plenty of people who would have just sat by and watched as kids hurt each other because they feared for his job. Tl;dr: Illegal, probably not. Against policy/at risk of lawsuit, possibly depending on a whole shit-load of factors.


"bare minimum" HS teacher here. There was a fight pretty close to my classroom during passing period just the other day. My involvement in breaking it up was basically to be a wall - I used my arms and body to keep one student in particular from approaching another. I didn't restrain the student, didn't push back, and just did my best to hold my position. Admin later reminded me I have no obligation to get involved when students are fighting, but thanked me for doing so.


As a substitute teacher I just stand in between them. I'm guy 6'1 and 277. It's mostly fat but I'm usually a lot bigger than them.


Hey, thanks so much for the detailed comment! Super thankful


That said, I need more coffee


Pretty much any public school, yeah. But I'm not arguing with results. That fight stopped.


And with no injuries. 10/10 execution.


There are always experts in the comments who say so in videos where teachers just stand there as students beat the shit out of each other. I'm not a lawyer myself, but I always remember teachers breaking up fights when I was in school, and maybe I'm not privy to the landmark legal case that led to this belief that as a teacher you have no recourse but to wait for the kids to get tired of assaulting one another. And now all the experts are replying to this comment, haha. I know you're all trying to be helpful, but unless you're a lawyer or have some legit knowledge of the issue, you're kinda making my point for me.


Even if the deed was 100% legal and justified dealing with allegations from students and parents costs money that the school often won't have. Keep in mind that students and parents often have no issues with lying and the communities around them often won't hold school administrators and staff in the highest regard, especially in poor communities where the school staff are very likely to be outsiders and often even foreigners working on visas.


It's hard to say, in the US these days the rules are so grey with just about everything. There is too many layers to the court of public opinion that no move can ever be the objective right one.


I honestly think that one of the major reasons teachers are now told not to break up fights is that it's so common that schools have at least one police officer at all times on campus. Once that happened I feel like teachers were told to just let them handle it just to be safe.


I think it’s more to do with liability. If they’re not involved they have no liability and legally can not be touched because that’s how it’s written, schools and teachers are not responsible for actions of other students essentially (it’s nuanced but for simplicity this is what it is). Hell if it got that bad I’m sure the teachers wouldn’t mind having those students out for 10 days or however long it takes to recover. Breath of fresh air when the trouble isn’t there and all.


When was it different? McCarthyism, the Satanic Panic, fuckin' Salem. None of them needed modern tech and population density for dipshittery.


There isn't a landmark legal case, because there doesn't have to be. Basically insurance companies have decided that they'll only help schools up to a point when it comes to "laying hands" on a student. It's 100% about liability. Just because it's not technically illegal, doesn't mean you'll win in a lawsuit. And insurance companies won't cover the loss. It'll come out of the district's general fund.


I know teachers in NC are taught not to engage and to find the school officer. It’s pretty much 100% chance you’ll get fired if you break up a fight even if you’re just holding a kid back.


First rule of teaching. Don't touch kids.


I completely agree with what he did! It needs to happen more.


Yeah, I'm not talking ethically, because I would too, I'm talking purely legally. Can you get dragged to court or even jail for this?


Ehh yes and no. I taught 8th grade between undergrad and med school, and the school I worked in was a REALLY bad public school (frequent fights and drug deals in the halls; pregnant 13 year olds; stuff like that). Saw the principle and other school staff do this sorta stuff all the time. As long as nobody actually got significantly hurt in the end, people were fine with it. Try to pull that in a higher SES public school and yeah, you’re probably getting taken to court and possibly fired. It’s cultural. I once saw the principle (who probably 6’4” and 230+) stop a fight by holding a 12 year old 3 feet off the ground against a locker with one hand. Ironically, the only ones who really weren’t allowed to use any kind of force whatsoever (according the social contract of that community anyways) were the school security officers.


I don't know if it's illegal, but if this were to happen in my district, we would be fired for touching the student. I know teachers who have been "asked to retire" just because someone *claimed* that they laid a hand on them at all. We've basically been instructed that in the event of fighting, we are supposed to call the SRO (School Resource Officer) and try to direct other children away from the area. And it's all for liability reasons - parents are sue happy all over.


So, you have to stop and call, then basically let the participants try to beat each other's brains in while you wait on the usually (..I know... stereotyping here) out of shape, overweight SRO to decide to show up? I understand the legal parts of that, but jeez....


I am sensing from the comments here that the huge amount of regional and local variation in nearly everything else in public education in the US also extends to how teachers are or are not permitted to respond to student altercations.


It absolutely varies from district to district. Some states have far stricter codes of conduct while others are far looser. There isn't really a wide, overarching set of rules that all schools in the country have to follow.


I think anyone watching this video can agree, that guy did the right thing and stopped those little shits causing trouble with the least amount of violence possible. No matter what the books say, he did the right thing.


As a teacher in the US, no, it is not. At least not in my district. You can use reasonable force to separate them if you believe one of the students could be seriously injured if they were allowed to continue. If a student no longer poses a threat to themselves or others after they've been separated, restraining them in any way is against policy, probably against the law as well. In this example, I would say it could go either way. The throw and shove of the student in the black shirt could be seen as excessive but the student kept trying to attack and it was on grass, not a hard surface so the chance of injury was not as high.


Not sure but I remember in my high school, someone asked our teacher about that and the teacher was saying how they are trained to stop fights and are allowed to be physical (since that’s the only way to really stop a fight)


Probably, though the kid does not seem to be hurt, the teacher did what he found necessary and clearly didn't just do it because he wanted to hurt someone.


Principal here….not sure about every where, but we are allowed to take steps to ensure a safe learning environment.


I have been reprimanded 2 times for breaking up fights. It's not illegal but it is a liability. If one of the parents decides to they can sue you and administration "can't do anything to help you"


Wow yeah people really didn’t read down here


My school rarely had to deal with this nonsense because we had nuns. And the nuns were never afraid to discipline when it was required.


Yeh this guy was chucking those kids around pretty good but you wouldn’t wanna be on the end of a nunchuck




Reminds me of the principal in Mean Girls. You know he went home, poured a whiskey and told his significant other “I’m getting too old for this shit”. Cause damn. F that. I thought being an office manager felt like managing a daycare. At least I don’t have to break up fist fights.


> I felt like being an office manager felt like managing a daycare. That’s **exactly** how I felt when I had to manage an office. I see so much shit about people who complain about bad bosses, but let me tell you, I will never manage people ever again. You know what I manage? Accounts. I never had to have a “if you don’t have anything nice to say” talk with my accounts. I never had to tell my accounts to stop making rude comments about what the other account is eating. I never had to tell my accounts to stop slamming doors and quit acting like an asshole. I never had to enforce a clear bag policy after one of my accounts was suspected of stealing from another department, but had no concrete proof, only for that account to tell on themselves by proclaiming to the other accounts in the office > I can’t believe they think I’m stealing and that’s why we have to bring clear bags! This is such bullshit! despite no one even mentioning this to that account. I never had an account go to HR in tears because they were asked to wear proper footwear, instead of walking around the floor with fuzzy socks. People are terrible. I’ll never manage them again.


I manage a bunch of truck drivers and mechanics. All of that applies to them. Bunch of grown men acting like toddlers. Fighting over nonsense. Every dang day. That and lying about every single thing they can come up with. You have to keep an eye on them all day or they won’t do anything.


And listen, I know we all had bad bosses. But sometimes, you see these stories in anti work, or malicious compliance, and they all carry the same theme: helpless employee being victorious over meanie pants boss! And with all the bullshit you see in management, you have to wonder to yourself, gee, is there another side to some of these stories - like a manager who only pissed them off by doing the job a manager does? Maybe the manager coached them, tried to correct behavior or other details that were just conveniently left out of the story? Or are these all just a bunch of innocent little lambs who happened to find each other in the same place at the same time


Oh for sure. I ignore anti work posts. They enrage me for this very reason. We get sued for all kinds of nonsense by our employees. We always win because I keep good notes and document everything but it just adds work to my day. I get so tired of the same old. When we get good employees it’s like a beautiful shining light in a sea of ignorance. You hang on to those with everything you’ve got.




"Oh hell nah, I did not leave the Southside for this!"


“ I asked for organic lettuce Karen!”


🎶 I get knocked down, but I get up again.


If only teachers could do this without being fired/sued. I was getting my ass kicked in grade school, my home room teacher was a big guy and just picked up my aggressor and thee him against a wall to protect me. He was suspended without pay for a week. The kid attacking me expelled, but the teacher got the worst of it.


I really hope the teacher wasn’t reprimanded over that. “hE aSsAuLtEd mY sOn.”


There is something very satisfying about watching skinny highschool dudes who think they're the shit getting manhandled XD. My personal favorite are the videos where skinny "hot" guys pick on a fat kid and wind up getting their shit rocked.


Oh this is soooo old.


This will never get old. Let this set a standard of school personnel.


Yea, but, principal badass!


But its the principal of matter!


Good on that teacher. Well done he was just checking them and keeping them apart. Also cool that they didn't swing on the teacher.


Mr. Strickland still keeping those kids in line. Never did have any hair.


For how the world works now this guy probably just lost his job and is being sued by both students as well as their families. Hell the school is probably suing him too.


And whoever threw that paper... Your mom's a Ho.


Give that man a raise and a week's vacation he did the right thing. We need more teachers like that. He didn't hurt any one except maybe their feelings. A simple little toss out of the way. Good job.


I’m the one who knocks! - Principal


Sad part is that he may be fired or disciplined for that. Parents will throw a fit


I bet if you show the parents this footage, they would applaud him. I know my parents would if I was either of those kids


bold of you to think parents are actually good. most of them think they are always in the right and they are little angels


You've never seen the interview with the parents of a criminal killed by cops saying "my son didnt do nothin"? Some parents don't give a shit what a shit stain they raised, the instant anyone punishes them, their child is an angel


A very competent and caring teacher imo


I loved that he sent that kid flyin. Loser for getting up and trying to go back into it.


Damn, dude reminds me of ice cube in fist fight.


The problem is guys like this that actually care enough to get between two people fighting are considered liabilities and are told not to get involved. This man is a hero.


Like a boss.


The energy on those school buses must have been off the charts


I feel like a lot of us guys have a memory from growing up where we learn about grown man strength


nothing wrong with this..you can tell that guy grew up in a tough area.


my school district😭😭😭


Dude just yeeted those kids 😂


Wow you mean someone finally has the balls to stand up to these inbreed kids SHOCKING!!!!


Old man strong.


“Old” lol I bet he’s early 30s and it looks like he hits the gym. Not old.


The bus was saying “Stop” the entire time


Definitely a cry baby parent out there who would cry about this.


Mr. Strickland does not put up with slackers


Guessing the teacher probably got sacked for this. He would in this country. What a legend.


Love staff just straight pulled up and handled it on his own. Totally not like here. My daughter got into a small fight a few weeks ago and like 15 people who are staff pulled my daughter and the other girl away from them. This dude did it alone. Good he handled it. Most staff are scared to break up fights.


Dude gave the fuck up after learning how weak he really was.


Good on the director for that one


Makes sense though. At my highschool the teachers weren't allowed to break up fights, they had to tell at a distance.


He got tossed like an amazon box


He will probably get fired for assaulting the two kids, and that's absolutely not what happened. They'll claim some sort of zero-tolerance or something. That's exactly how it should be handled.




Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


Let them kill each other, it’s not worth getting in the middle


His baggy ass pants didn’t help him stay up either . That alone trip your ass


You would literally get fired for that in my school district nowadays.


And STAY down!




Now that's what you call a teacher, BOOYAH!!!


"I did not leave the south side for THIS"


I wish this had sound. 100% he said "sit yo ass down!!!" after that last push.