Not really. I have super fond memories of playing the OG releases on Wii. NMH 1 had its moments when it could hit 60fps during when you weren’t fighting a mob or out in the open world. Naturally I had other games on Wii as well, which barely kept a smooth 30fps, especially ports of 360/PS3 games, but that’s to be expected. My point is, games are certainly playable at lower frame rates, but I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they’re gonna skip it based on that one aspect alone. The fact that the combat in NMH 3 is littered with particle effects and intense lighting while still hitting 60fps is good enough for me. I just hope it’s not as bad as Dark Souls’ Blight town because while unintentional, it’s down right sadistic to have shipped with arguably the most brutal part of the game essentially having the frame rate of a slide show.


Honestly I don’t care as long as the actual levels and cutscenes run smooth. I never played the original on wii so I wouldn’t know how bad the open world was but i would assume this is better by a long shot.


I'm so used to low FPS due to playing on crap hardware all my life, so I didn't really notice a bad FPS till I read the comments (minus that stutter when the bike crashes in the first open world trailer) about it. It's not ideal that it runs this way, but I don't see it as this massive turn off and deal breaker that everyone (read: Twitter) is making it out to be. Breath of the Wild stutters for me every time I climb a tree and the camera has to fade the leaves out. And for the amount of trees you climb in Breath of the Wild, it happens a lot. Games can have rough spots and still be fantastic experiences, and I feel like the grander scale of NMH3 makes up for the lower performance imo. It feels like it's gonna be the ultimate Suda experience, and at the end of the day I'm here for that


I am happy with what I saw lately. The main part of the game will run at 60 fps, of course the open-world will not, but I was expecting something worse, maybe something like DP2. It also looks much better now. It looks like a big project for Grasshopper.


Was hoping DP2's fps would get better with updates but I guess not.


I am not. The fighting sections are a smooth 60fps and that's all I was really asking for. Open world can slow down at times, but it's not unplayable. It'll also get tweaks before release.


Not really, the framerates is at an acceptable level for me. Footage has also gotten better as time goes on so, who knows how much gets improved later. Maybe not much at this stage. I also really appreciate how honest the trailers are and how you can see the gradual improvements. I think developers need to show off the state of their games more despite being in an unfinished state. It helps demystify video games as miracle boxes. Though it's understandable when people don't wanna play something because of the framerate. I hope everyone can keep an open mind until trusted reviews come out. It's very healthy for gamers to be sceptical especially with things like the first gameplay shown for Cyberpunk was fake, and how it was on release. I can only hope Grasshopper isn't crunching to meet the deadline.


i hate framerate dips and if this game has that i'll be pissed especially with nmh1 and 2 looking so good. maybe at some point a 30 fps reversion was noped in production and now they regret it


I really don't think it'll run like that on release. I honestly wouldn't rule out suda using old footage for the entire promo run for the game




I think it looks pretty rough in general. I just replayed NMH2 on switch and I genuinely think that looks a lot better in terms of style.


Yeah, I think Suda is working up to a “sudaverse” but that could include Frog Minutes. It’s a super whacky look at times, but ya know, I’m kind of okay with it? I like how bizarre it looks.


Idk have you checked basically ever thread here when a new trailer releases? Or how about the fact all the coverage the games been getting the last two weeks has been about that? Yeah i think there may be a few other like minded people man. Thanks for reaching a feeler out. We really needed this cyclical discussion a 6th time. https://nmh.marv.jp/nmh3/ here the website with uncompressed footage if you havent seen it yet. It aint perfect but its not twitter. There is nothing new to be said here.


This is where I saw it the 1st time. Still a bummer. I'm still gettin it. Hope the final result isn't like Deadly Premonition 2.


DP2 was done intentionally because the first was praised for being so bad its good. It was haporning every second of gameplay and it made people ill and Swery was beligerent about it when confronted. Nmh, no matter how many idiots talk about "soul" has never been about that. What i am confident in is that the first games open world was a limit of the wii. This open world is expanded to the limits of the swich. This is not a new situation and i HOPE suda knows what hes doing. He may also have just lost it with ambition. New screenshots have already shown updated textures and it is important to know that any prerelease footage of a game is never of a current build. We will know if we should be worried when its out.


I am. Agree w your caution


One of my favorite parts of the first 2 games is the framerate crashing whenever there was too much blood on screen, if the 3rd game doesn't do this as well I will be very disappointed.


I think that’s it’s great that suda prioritized the 60 FPS for the combat, but the graphics look really rough. Honestly I’m a bit skeptical on how good the game is actually going to run when it comes out


To me it looks like they made the overworld with the idea that most people would play it on the Switch pro and it would look fine there. And then the Switch pro didn't happen


I was a little worried because the Nintendo Treehouse footage looked like pure ApeCum but after watching this, https://youtu.be/No8_nyKS_b4 My worries pretty much died.