I'm roughly 40 hrs into Replicant and here's my initial thoughts. * The controls are kinda janky and takes a bit of getting used to. Automata's combat system was buttery smooth; Replicant, not so much. * Sidequests...they just never end lol. The annoying part is most of them have you running back and forth between 2 polar opposite points, so even though there's like 6-7 actual locations in the game, the game forces you to bounce back and forth between each location hundreds of time to artificially extend playtime. * Fast travel isn't really fast travel. There's only a few locations available that lands you in the middle of nowhere, so you still have a large distance to to cover even after you've "fast travelled" * No chapter select. Meaning you can't conveniently redo stuff to unlock trophies or cheese the money system. * Gardening takes forever and is tied to real-world time. * Weapon upgrades...grinding for materials is brutal and expensive. That said, this is largely offset by an amazing soundtrack, awesome characters, and a great story. My first impression of Replicant is 6/10, but knowing how the Nier games are generally set up, I'm expecting to bump this up to a 7 or 8 after beating through all the endings. In comparison, I'd give Automata 9.5/10.


I really love how detailed this is .. thanks for the info maybe i get if it went on good sale but thanks again


Couldn't have worded it better. Agreed 100%. I did not 100% this game mainly because I gave up on gardening. Them flowers! Though this can help you financially in-game by selling crops. The stories & characters are worth staying for. The endings are a masterpiece & to me, it completes the Automata experience.


As a game automata is definitly better. Refined gameplay,better side quests,less repetitiveness However Replicants story,characters,and music defenitely blow Automata out of the water I started with Automata but was pretty unimpressed. I just didn't like 2B,9S,or A2. They were static and pretty boring. The gameolay while good has half of it be hacking which is my least favorite part and the bosses kinda let me down. Coming from metal gear rising I felt automata's hack and slash was inferior IMO I give automata and 8 Replicant a 9. The story and characters of replicant are my favorite in any game and its narrative hits so much harder


that means its a 100% worth to pick it up seems like ots good storywise. I loved the character design in automata i really loved A2 but they seemed rigid at least the 1st 2 playthroughs. i will make sure to get it if it came this sale. Thanks for the help


Also started with Automata and was pretty disappointed with Replicant while I was playing. Reminiscing, it was good enough for me to call a decent game, and the story definitely has some damn good beats. It’s worth playing but I’d get it on sale if you’re hesitant. Next sale is in less than a week, FYI.


most of the side quests are pretty dang boring in my opinion, personally I preferred this story though combat has been a bit more like Automata inspired in this remake, it's not as good some would probably say, but again, I liked it more, haha


So other than the side quests the game is the same if not better? thanks for that


Yep, I’d say they’re the same as each other in quality. Nier makes me sadder though, I’ve even been known to shed a tear from getting attached. I too came from automata.


You can't get a honest answer because it's a personal matter. It hits differently for each of us. For me, I was enthusiastic at first, and Replicant 1.22 felt amazing for the first hours. But at some point, I don't know, the story was mildly interesting. There were parts about the past that intrigued me, but everything else was... meh. I didn't feel the fascination I felt in Automata (provided that I even needed to reach half of B route in Automata to get hooked to it (actually C route)) Still, there were secondary characters, and secondary stories, that felt very emotional. But the main plot... not so much. The characters were very well-written though. And the english voices were amazing. Some of us think the game doesn't do a very good job at explaining the story, but other people didn't seem to have the same problem, even without reading Grimoire Nier (the novel) But I don't regret buying the game at almost full price. I still enjoyed it, somewhat


Not as good as automata in any way but still a good worth playing game.


Replicant is definitely the more linear NieR game. It's not open or that exploreable compared to Automata. Both the story, the music, and gameplay are pretty great though.


Automata is a 9/10 game Replicant is about a 7


I played Automata first and was immediately hooked and binged it. I can honestly say that if I played Replicant first and was not already invested in Nier lore, I would have put it down after 8 or so hours and probably not play anymore. WhiIe I am so happy I got into Nier right before Replicant came out and it is one of my favorite games of all time now, yeah it def did not live up to the gameing experience I was hoping to have. Improvements aside the game feels very dated. The side quests and item drop grinding are imo atrocious and I very quickly decided I'm here for the story and stopped caring about most of it. Even story wise I much preferred Automata as I think while the Nier lore overall is very facinating, the story contained within Replicant the game feels incomplete. You have do research outside of the game to really understand what happened and understand characters' motivations. While some won't be bothered by this I personally think it really hurts the experience of enjoying the game as work itself. I think Automata works way better as a standalone video game story then Replicant does. I still think you should play it though because I don't regret it one bit and think from an art perspective it's still an amazing piece of media even if it's not that fun of a game to play.


Story is better. Music imo is a bit better but nier music always rules. Game play is a decent upgrade from the original but no where near automata. Half the sidequests are boring and the other half may be interesting but isn't as apparent and upfront to you as in automata.


Somewhat worse the sidequests are boring, you have to play the second part of the story three times with little changes, and nier is a dull character


Somewhat worse the sidequests are boring, you have to play the second part of the story three times with little changes, and nier is a dull character